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Just an Earth Server 1:500 Towny + MCMMO



NEW 1.16.3 Survival opened literally 5 hours ago.
Towny server with MCMMO. 1:500 Earth Map, donator ranks, nations, towns, claim plots and towns, SHOPS, wars coming soon. Cosmetics, particles, mineable mob spawners all around the world, NETHER BIOMES UPDATE!!

Online 24/7, Lag Free, large view distance, custom plugins, /tpa, new nether, GOLD-Based Economy. Voting gives high rewards.

FAST START, BRAND NEW MAP, visit the place where you live in real life!

We are looking for helpers and mods. Join our discord listed above.

Yes, Just an Earth Server, that’s it.

Economy Pve Roleplay Survival Towny

Mushroom Meadows

We are a modded cottagecore server that operates via Technic Launcher. We are survival/towny based and have a lovely. active community that is open to new members.

Economy Parkour Survival Towny


Nations facing each other on a server, where you have to build your own country and survive the wars that take place every Friday, there are several streamers on the server with their own countries. Will your country be the best on the entire server?

Pve Pvp Survival Towny Vanilla

KoalaZ Survival Internet

———————————-KoalaZ Survival Internet————————————

———————-Amazing Community!—————-
=-Bedrock X Java Compatibility-=
=–BuyCraft Packages Usability–=
=—Great Staff With Friendly Communication!—=
Join This Amazing Server For More Stuff!


Bedrock Connection:
Port: 25565

Survival Towny


join my server 🙂
it fun survival you can your town or make money
create plots and maybe make city
join now on meowcatsmp much things to do

Economy Guns Survival Towny


We need a playerbase!!!

I recently started my server and am looking for active players.

All suggestions are appreciated and thought over.

Server discord –

” rel=”ugc nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

Ip –

The only admin at the moment is the owner, this is to prevent staff abusers. From previous server experiences there have been entire teams of staff abusers.

Keep in mind im not very experienced yet, but im trying my best. This is my first server working on let alone creating but i’m doing good for my first time.

We have: Battering rams, greatswords, daggers, wood armor, bone armor, emerald items, redstone weapons!

Currently 1.15.2

Economy Survival Towny

Tubular Towny

Tubular Towny is a server where you collect materials and sell them for money to purchase a town. Then you can make a farm and slowly progress through while building structures.

Chestshop Economy Elitemobs Mcmmo Ranks Survival Towny

Emerald Isles MC

We are a new towny server looking to expand our community and player base! We have 2 staff members that are’nt the original founders and could use more!

We have:
Elite Mobs
Auction House
An Economy
Chest Shop
Wars (If Wanted)

and More!

Join now to earn 5 crate keys and an extra $5,000!

More Rewards for recruiting players!

Economy Mcmmo Roleplay Survival Towny

Just an Earth Server

Just an Earth Server… yes, thats it :/

Earth Map 1:500
Survival Towny, McMMo, towns, nations, gold economy, lot of cool events and more…

Economy Mcmmo Roleplay Towny

Flaming Muspell

Minecraft Server [1.16.3]

Earth Map | Towny | MCMMO
Come play with us and have fun!
We are currently looking for new staff members. If you wish to be part of our Staff Team, join our Discord Server.

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