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CrystalAnarchy 》》》


》PVP and Chaos never end! There are never any rules. He has been one of the top anarchy presenters for three years. Join the battle now!

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Modern Warfare MC

Modern Warfare MC is the first of many segments of this new, early access, warfare server.

Make teams and war others,
See everything on a live map!
Experience modern weapons.
Build a community.
Looking for staff.
Suggestions are actually viewed!


Anarchy Economy Jobs Mcmmo Pvp Survival War


About Untopia MC

Untopia is a new anarchy server with a large map on v1.19. The map will not be reset. We only have a only a few rules giving you almost total freedom to play you want. We don’t allow hacks/cheats, lag machines or extreme chat spam but almost anything else goes.

Enjoy the challenge of surviving while building hidden bases far away from spawn, making allies or enemies, PVP combat with other players, forming your own groups to work on projects or bases together, conquering other players bases and anything else you can think of. Unlike many anarchy servers we have some plugins to add a little more to the base game (nothing to overpowered or game breaking).

– We have some custom items you can obtain from crates. You occasionally get crate keys from fishing, mining, digging, farming, and tree cutting.
– You can join a job which gives you the ability to earn coins while you dig, mine, smelt ores, farm, fish and more.
– We use McMMO to add some additional skills and a leveling system to the game.
– You can use coins to purchase new ranks, which allows you to get more perks. Coins are also the currency for buying/selling in the auction house with other players.
– /homes and /playerwarps are available to certain ranks, but limited, to help encourage exploration and travel.
– When you die, your inventory will go into a grave chest, and you are provided a compass enabling you to go back to where you died. Grave chest can be looted by anyone.

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Spectre SMP

This is the Spectre SMP! A minecraft server where you have unique abilities! All you have to do to join is make an application! This is going to be one of the next upcoming smps so make sure to stick around! Everyone on the server makes content so if you dont feel like you can join, you can always just watch the content we make on it. You can be a streamer or a youtuber it doesnt matter. We are currently looking for streamers so if you are one, you might be in luck. You can also fill out a form of why you should get in the smp!

Economy Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Survival Termina Towny War Wartime – The Best Towny Experience! [SMP] [PvP] {Towny} {mcMMO} {1.19.3}

Welcome to – The Best Towny Experience! (1.19.3)
Termina is a 1.19.3 Towny / Survival server, focused on supporting a very tightly-knit community and an enjoyable place to relax, PvP and raid with your friends!

First launched in 2014, and now relaunched in 2023, Termina has been a favorite Towny server for hundreds of players.

Featuring mcMMO, an extensive economy with auctions and trading, CUSTOM Towny Wartime, random teleport and so much more. Our custom Wartime is activated once a week, every Friday at 8 PM EST. During Termina Wartime, you can ONLY place Creeper Eggs in enemy towns to raid – destroy enemy plots and raid chests for loot!

Join Termina if you’d like to experience a new Towny server to call home, make friends and create an empire! Explore the wild, PvP in the wilderness or one of our many arenas and start your legacy.

Connect today:

Adventure awaits!

Termina – The Best Towny Experience Since 2014.

Hypixel Lifesteal Lore Rank Smp Survival War

Wompo’s Vanilla SMP (WARS)

Welcome to our vanilla SMP with up to 4 plugins only!!

Join our discord for Exclusive updates! :



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Hbm Nukes Scp Survival Tech War

DogCraft II: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to DogCraft Pt. II: Electric Boogaloo!

This server was created by cadets at the Citadel, which is a military college within Charleston SC.

This modpack was created for the sole purpose of causing chaos with an overabundance of technology and mechanical nonsense, which is something nice to pre-occupy our heads whilst in the middle of mid-terms or finals.

The modpack includes mods such as:

HBM’s Nuclear Tech (Nuclear Door Mod)
Ends IO
+ ICBM & Galactic-craft integration
Industrial Craft 2
Applied Energistics 2
Immersive Engineering
Industrial Foregoing
– Dimensions Addon (due to lag)
Thermal Series
And Much More!

The modpack is located on the discord:

(As of making this post the server is still really new)

Factions Kingdom Pvp Raiding Survival War


EmpiresAtWar. a fun and unique experience for every minecraft player! When a player first log into the server, they get the choice to choose any kingdom of their liking. these kingdoms include Fire, Sea, Land and Air. Each faction has their unique attribute listed at the end of this message and in-game as well. Once the player has decided which kingdom they want to join. they walk on the pressure plate of their chosen kingdom and get all the things that make their kingdom unique applied to them. The player will also get teleported to the chosen kingdom their capital city. From there they will work together with their fellow kingdom members and either fight, or make peace with other kingdoms! with many features such as mcmmo, custom enchants, attributes and even lore aswell!

Newzealand Newzealandsmp Peace Smp Survival War

Onslow Network | New Zealand | Staff Needed

Things we can offer, a nice community, New Zealand based players, an SMP (explained more below), Voice Chat support (NOT WORKING SORRY)

Whether you’re a peaceful builder, or a fierce warrior, there’s something for everyone on our server. Join our community of players and experience the thrill of player versus player combat, or build your own peaceful haven. With a friendly community, War and Peace is the perfect place to explore your favorite Minecraft playstyle. Along with custom land generation with no mods required!

Website WIP

We are currently looking for staff on the Minecraft Server.

You can see the rules at

I am looking forward to see you on the Onslow Network!

Discord Link