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CSEarth – Politics, Guns, Wars, Custom Blocks & Much More!

This server is in open beta. This page will be filled out soon!

Combat Semianarchy Vanilla War


Dollarwars is a server that takes the classic Mine and PvP gamemode and combines it with a type of box survival. Dollarwars also allows you to craft your own armor, although we have shopkeepers in the spawn area which hold more powerful weapons.

There are 2 Dollarwars gamemodes featured so far. These are the Light and Dark words, also known as the Keep Inventory and Non-Keep Inventory worlds.

Hope to see you soon!

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Gods & Kings

Welcome to Gods & Kings!


Gods & Kings is a 1:2000 Earth Towny server that revolves around trade, diplomacy, and war. Here is some basic info that is important.




—Towny prices—
64 Gold to start town, 256 to start a nation. Claims start at 15 gold and increase by 7% per additional claim and max out at 64 gold per claim.

The currency of this server is gold. Please do /sell hand while holding a gold ingot and you will receive $1.

There are no admin shops, however, you can create your own chest shop. To do this, simply follow the below image. The sign will need to be placed on a chest!

PvP will be disabled during the weekdays and will be enabled only on the weekends. Official war events will take place only on Saturdays (the time for this is yet to be determined).

War on here, unlike other towny servers, is meant to be fun and minimally destructive. TnT will be enabled, however, all destroyed blocks will regenerate within your town! Losing town blocks to the attacker will not cost you gold and people will not be allowed to destroy your builds in war time, it will be mostly focused around pvp.

The more kills, nations, etc., you conquer, the more points you receive. Nations with the most points will receive a gold bonus!

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Welcome to Elysiums!, a geopolitical/war/towny server with a built in rank system!

Hate P2W? Elysiums’s ranks are purely in-game money based, so you can get the exact same benefits that donors get with in game money!

We are constantly updating and have tons of features and new suggestions coming in all the time, and unlike so many other servers we actually listen to and respond to suggestions, so come on down and try us out!

– Bounty hunting
– Dynmap
– Towny
– Town war system
– Treasure hunt
– Rankup system with unique perks
– NPC Shops
– Playershops
– Jobs
– Marriage
– Custom lore sets (Can you get them all?)
– Vote Crates
– Vanilla-based
– Earth Map
– Resource world
– 1.16.3 (Soon to support 1.9+)

Join today and be a part of our amazing community!

Join our discord!

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Wisheon Technologies

We have a Minecraft server!
Keep in mind the server reboots at midnight!

Our Minecraft server is a Forge 1.12.2 server running a couple of mods.

There are currently no moderators other than myself on the server and rules are
relaxed as this is intended to be somewhat of an anarchy server with a mod twist.
Intentionally crashing or lagging the server will earn you a ban however.

The intended theme of the server is building with some elements of war, hence the building mods
and weapons mods. However you may play any way you like.

How do i join?
Simply copy the website domain “” and paste it into the server section in multiplayer.
The mods for the server may be downloaded below. You will need to extract the .zip into the mods folder
in your “.minecraft” directory. If you have never modded minecraft before scroll to the bottom of the page
for a simple tutorial.


If you are experiencing any issues with the server please dont hesistate to ask for help on our discord server!

Installed Mods:

  Adds programmable computers and robots which are all upgradeable as well as many other gadgets!

Build Craft
  Adds pipes, machines and new ores!

Industrial Craft 2
  Adds wires, machines, tools and new ores and energy!


ICBM classic
  Allows you to blow up other players with large missiles of times ranging from nuclear to antimatter!

Lost Cities
  Adds abandoned buildings and cities which make the world a bit more interesting. some have loot!

MrCrayfish’s Guns
  Adds modular guns to the game!

Modding your minecraft
Here is an easy to follow tutorial to help you get started
Modding Tutorial

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Player’s Assembly – Modded Factions Server [Custom Modpack]

Player’s Assembly is a community oriented factions, warfare, economy, and RPG server. We’ve been operating since 2012. This modpack places an emphasis on mods related to technology, warfare, transportation, and general aesthetics. The server also features a working proximity voice chat that allows players to talk to each other in-game. A full list of mods & plugins are available on the our server’s website, under the mod list tab. We continuously update all features on the server, including the base MC version, mods, plugins, and client side addons.



*Dynmap (Live Map):*

*ATLauncher Page:*

*Technic Launcher Page:*

*CurseForge Launcher Page:*

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Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

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BraveHeartRP Survival

Welcome to BraveHeartRP Survival! This Server contains many features that are open to every player. We offer old school survival with a mix of Towny, Economy, Shops, War, Alliances, and Role-Play between players! Our goal is to bring features into a survival server where people can own their own towns/kingdoms and go to war with other towns/kingdoms or create alliances or simply trade between one another! We hope to see you here soon and hope you enjoy!

Discord Fight Quest Roleplay Town Towny War Wars

StoneWorks Towny RP

“World Building in Minecraft- In the world of Rathnir, we roleplay, build, go to war, and record our history. There are towns, nations, coups, religious wars, diplomatic missions, profound religions, alliances, libraries, secret recipes, and world wide council meetings. The world has a deep lore where the villagers are invaded and taken over by players who now fight amongst themselves. With towny, bounties, breweries, and more, Stoneworks MC is full of friendly and cooperative players triumphing over a hostile world full of bandits and wars. The whole history of Rathnir can be found at, where players’ actions and creative lore are all recorded and brought into the culture of the server.”

Colonize Faction Pvp Tech War Worldmap

War on the Block Front

Our modpack is a war/tech based pack with HBM’s Nuclear Tech Mod, Flan’s, and Galacticraft, among others. Our official country based war server has a real Earth map and and active community. Check it out!

Technic Page:

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