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Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

Companies Custom Economy Freebuild Java Pve Pve Economy Survival Warps (survival, economy)

Introduction Welcome to! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, and we offer a strong coin-based economy and the ability to teleport. The server is semi-whitelisted, as you will have to take a quiz upon joining for the first time. You’ll be accepted if you answer five answers in a row correctly, with as many attempts as you need. The quiz is supposed to filter out bots, hackers and griefers.

Survival The map is fairly fresh and expands automatically when new players join. You will be spawned at a random location in the map as soon as you finish the quiz. The server is mainly PvE (player vs. the environment), but you can enable PvP (player vs. player) if you’re into that. However, PvP is not enabled by default. Griefing is not allowed, and you can claim your land to protect from griefs with a golden shovel or with /claim. We also offer a resource world which resets monthly.

Rules A very quick and short overview of the rules:

  • Griefing is not allowed in any way, even in unclaimed areas.
  • Tools to locate blocks and caves are not allowed, like x-ray.
  • Do not idle (or avoid the AFK-system) for farming or rewards.
  • Redstone that lags the server or keeps chunks loaded are forbidden.
  • Build at least 150 blocks from another claim.
  • Do not spam, have respect for each other, and do not scam.
  • See “/rules” in the quiz or in the server for more.

    Ranks We do have ranks: Traveler, Settler, Citizen, Artisan, Magnate, Loyalist and Veteran. You can rank up through this system mainly by playtime, coins, and by doing some tasks. Ranking up gives rewards and new perks.

    Economy Our economy is very stable and exists out of integer coins. You can create a company, with which you can create chest shops to sell items to other players. Reach buyers by setting a warp to your shop. All shops are listed on the website @ with their warp. You will get a basic income of 200 coins every day that you log into the server, and killed mobs will drop coins.

    Features A quick and short list of the features we offer: Chairs, ChestShop, Companies, Dynmap, Trades, AuctionHouse, Warps, HealthBar and UltimateTimber. With many more custom-coded addons, in fact: more than half is custom. We do plan on adding features like: Marriage, a parliamentary system, a House Market and Share Market, the ability to sell claims and animals and a lot more. Features we will never add include McMMO and Slimefun. These addons simply ruin the gameplay.

    Creative Verified players on Discord will be able to claim a plot in the Creative server that we also have. The plots are 128 by 128. The Creative server is meant to test out build styles and redstone, however you are free to do whatever you want.

    Discord // Website // Twitter // Reddit

    Adminshop Bukkit Capturetheflag Citybuild Events Portals Survival Warps

    Projekt Chaos Theorie | CityBuild

    Eines Tages spielten SeroX Gaming TV, J_User und JaTiTV Minecraft und unterhielten sich darüber wie es theoretisch denn währe einen eigenen Server zu eröffnen. 2 Wochen Später war er da, Der Server.
    Und 6 Monate später sind wir hier und eröffnen den Server.
    Von einer Chaotischen Theorie zu einem Projekt.


    Herzlich willkommen bei Projekt Chaos Theorie
    Bei dem Server von Projekt Chaos Theorie handelt es sich anerster Stelle um ein Citybuild.
    Weitere Games / Maps sind geplant.

    Unsere Priorität ist es, allen Spielern den bestmöglichenSpielspaß zu bieten. Aus diesem Grund setzten wir für den Minecraft Server nur
    Marken Hardware ein. Diese auch in einem Zertifizierten Rechenzentrum in
    Deutschland steht. Die nur von uns genutzt wird und nicht von vielen anderen.
    So wie es bei fertig Hostern der Fall ist. Die Pflege und Wartung übernehmen
    unsere Developer
    die natürlich auch vom Fach sind.

    – CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core 6 Kerne, 12Threads, bis zu 4,2GHz
    – Mainboard: ASRock B450M Pro4
    – RAM: Samsung 32GB DDR4 ECC
    – Speicher: 2x 512GB Samsung NVME-SSD Hardware-RAID1
    – Anbindung: 1Gbit/s inkl. DDos-Schutz
    – OS: Debian-Server 10 64bit

    Komme auf unseren Server, tritt unserer Community bei undbaue das was dir gefällt und Teile dies mit der Community. Verkaufe oder Kaufe
    dir das was du brauchst oder farme es dir selber auf der Farmwelt. Und Baue
    damit auf deinem Eigenem Plot dein Reich

    Was euch der Server zu bieten hat?

    – Viele leere Plots (Grundstücke) um eure Ideen umzusetzen
    – Du kannst einzelne Plots verbinden um diese zu einem großenPlot zusammenzufügen
    – Handel mit anderen Spielern mit Ingame-Währung
    – Signiere Gegenstände um diese Einmalig zu machen oder alsDein Eigentum zu markieren
    – aktuell einnormaler Citybuild (PlotWelt)
    – geh einfach farmen in der Farmwelt oder im Nether

    Verbessere mit deinen Ideen den Server, trete der Communitybei und erweitere ihn dadurch oder werde Teil des Teams

    Status Seite:

    Ein Projekt von:



    116server Arena Arenapvp Economy Economysurvival Friendly Friendlycommunity Landclaiming Lands Nolagg Shops Survival Vanilla Warps


    ExperienceCraft is a friendly; Economy, Survival, Land Claiming experience. We enforce and host a friendly community with a required no toxicity environment. ExperienceCraft provides a vanilla Minecraft experience but with enough flavor to keep you entertained forever. Come join us and find the Minecraft experience you have been looking for!


    Economy Essentials Landclaim Sethome Signshop Survival Towns Warps

    Community Craft 2

    Come join our community based server, make new friends and enjoy playing minecraft we have many plugins like Land claims, sign shops ,economy and more to make your experience fun!!, come into our server town and build a house, or if you prefer to be a lone wolf venture out and find a good spot to build 🙂

    Economy Mcmmosurvival Minecraftserversurvival Minecraftsurvival Multiversecore Playerwarps Survival Technology Warps

    The Fluhf Network

    —————————————The Fluhf Network—————————————

    Welcome to The Fluhf Network! We are a Minecraft 1.16.3 Server that has multiple worlds, including Creative and Survival worlds.

    We have many game-enhancing plugins like Craftory Tech, which adds tech-mod style systems to Vanilla Minecraft, EcoEnchants, which adds many custom enchantments, mcMMO, which adds a skill and leveling system, a LandClaim system, and a full Economy system, with player-created shops. We have a whole host of worlds you can play on, offering different experiences, playstyles, and plugins. We are looking for more players, because we have a powerful server and almost no players. More information can be found at our Discord server at This server is not online 24/7, but don’t let that be a deterrent. You can start the server in our Discord in the bot commands channel with “!start”. This will take 30 seconds to 1 minute. To join, use the IP “”. Make sure to use the server resource pack or certain plugins may not function correctly on your screen!

    Although this is a Minecraft Java server, you can join on Minecraft Bedrock with the same IP address. This server is in Ireland to give people around the world similar ping. We also have proxies all over the world to hopefully give you lower ping. All of our rules are on the Discord, + more info, and we hope you have fun!


    ——[​GriefPrevention] – Claim your land! Most of the worlds will have free GriefPrevention Tools at spawn. ——

    Tools + Commands and their functions

    ——[​ArmorStand Editor] – Edit armor stands for cosmetic purposes.——

    ASE Tools and their functions:

    ——[​Essentials] – Basic server functions.——

    Essentials Commands and their functions:

    ——[​Economy and SlabShops] – Create shops to buy and sell things from/to other users, and interact with others with money.——

    Economy Tools + Commands and their functions:

    ——[​PWarps] – Visit and set player-created warps.——

    PWarp Commands and their functions:

    ——[​Craftory] – Adds a technology and energy system to Minecraft.——

    Craftory Commands and their functions:

    ——[​Elevators] – Adds simple and intuitive elevators to Minecraft.——

    SimpleElevators Commands and their functions:

    ——[​EcoEnchants] – Adds hundreds of custom enchants to Minecraft.——

    EcoEnchants Commands and their functions:

    ——[​mcMMO] – Adds skill leveling and abilities to Minecraft.——

    mcMMO Commands + Actions and their functions:

    ——[​DiscordSRV] – Links Minecraft and Discord chats. Join——

    DiscordSRV Commands and their functions:

    —————————————Other Info:—————————————

    Server Owner/Host: SizzlinSeal#1616
    Server Partners: Ⱡ¥₸̵Ɇ₴ΓΣΞÐ#6754, Asian Alex#6609, and Melina Jasmin#6740
    Other Contributors: MinisterMeme#7608, M€T€ØR#4124, Mr.Doorknob887#6192

    Icon creator: Ⱡ¥₸̵Ɇ₴ΓΣΞÐ#6754

    Server address: (message an online admin and/or ping them in #|support for help if you can’t join)

    We have IP checking and grief rollback, don’t try malicious things!

    Anticheat Chilled Community Communitydriven Communityoriented Essentials Funserver Nogrief Plugins Pve Pve Economy Pvesurvival Spigot Survival Warps


    Welcome to Slendcraft!

    A new and exciting PvE server for a classic community driven survival experience!

    We aim to create a community where players can trade, chat and interact. We are open to any suggestions/improvements and believe that players are worth their weight in Diamonds!

    So come along for the journey and introduce yourself today!

    Kit Proteccion Survival Tienda Warps


    Bienvenido seas cuando entres al servidor pon /register ejemplo /register 12345 12345.

    Es un servidor creado el 30-08-2020 con 0% lagg y cuando salgas del survival recuerda dejar tu inventario vacio, ya que tenemos un pequeño bug y puedes llegar a perder las cosas que tenias en el inventario, asi que dejalas mejor.

    Cuando entres por primera vez podras poner /jobs browse y mira los trabajos, puedes presionar click derecho al trabajo y te uniras, comienzas a laborarlo y cuando ganes dinero y llegues a $100 pesos podras proteger tu casa poniendo /chunk claim, tambien puedes poner un kit poniendo el comando /kit, no te contaremos màs sorpresas y mejor entra _D si quieres aprender màs pon el comando /shop. o /menu.

    Customitems Economy Griefing Homes Jobs Mcmmo Pvp Resourceworld Survival Towny Warps


    A Towny pvp server with jobs and Mcmmo . Build a town and protect yourself or Roam the wilds Griefing and fighting your way to the top.We have something for all players.

    115server 116server 18server Build Builders Bukkit Claim Comingsoon Competitions Competitivebuilds Creative Creativeplots Discord Easygoing Economy Epic Essentials Friendlystaff Fun Games Griefprevention Landclaim Opvis Opvisgaming Plots Pve Pvp Pvparena Quick Ranks Shop Shops Smallcommunity Staff Survival Top Unique Warps World Youtube

    OpVis Network – Survival, PVP, Creative

    Welcome to OpVis Gaming!

    Whether you are looking for a slow-paced survival with your friends, a creative server to compete in build offs, or a ruthless PVP server with a custom map, we have it all. We are a small server community where we put the players first.

    Here are the three main servers we have to offer:
    Survival: Slow-pace Minecraft survival with an economy.
    Creative: Flat plot world where you can build for fun or take part in our build competitions
    PVP: Anything-goes PVP custom map. No claims, no shops, no worries!

    Make sure to join our discord!

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