Custom Plugins Survival


DeepSMP is a great smp server to play tweaked vannila survival you can use /search to spawn a random tresure chest in the world and go on an adventure to find the loot you can also use /wild to teleport somewhere random in the world to start your settlement. With custom plugins and our dev BitNorth anything can be added to the server

Anarchy Mini Games Plugins Survival

[Pocket Edition] SURVIVAL on ELITE-MC.RU Minecraft server

ELITE MC – Minecraft game oriented project for survival. This is not anarchy or mini-games, only survival, only the necessary plugins, only hardcore!

Java Edition – v1.9.0 – v1.16.40:

Pocket / Bedrock Edition – v1.16.0 – v1.16.201:

This project is “privatka”. Details about access can be found in our VK group.

The server is opened “for everyone” while “streaming” on the channels:

Free Plugins Survival

♥ ️ Free Donate Admin | Grief, Minecraft Survival server

ஜ═══════ஜ ۩[FullMine]۩ ஜ═══════ஜ

– For the game on the server give from Fly to the Server Owner !!!

– IP:

– Port: 19132

– Version: 1.1.0 to 1.1.5 and 1.1.7

– Server group –

– Honest donation

– Auto-donate:

– No lags. Big online

– For every 10 minutes spent on the server, they give a secret

– Useful plugins. There are clans, Bonuses, Gifts, Cases, Prizes, Free donation !!!

– Kind Admins

– We are waiting for you on our server! Good luck 🙂

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1.5:

Servers added immediately

Economy Plugins

ArtCreative Minecraft server

Did you ever know about a plugin for creativity?

So behold the miracle, the plug-in is already in your pocket.

What this plugin has:

1. Construction mode.

2. Built-in kitpvp game, with 5 whales.

3. Economy (under development).

4. Coding mode (in development).

5. Antimat system.

6. Server names can be changed with this plugin only.

7. PermissionsEx is already in the archive.

8. Beautiful design.

The same disadvantages are:

1. Small config

2. You need to know at least a little java script and bukkit API.

We’ll fix it over time! Together – we are force!

Custom Discord Economy Plugins Russian Shops

Russian Minecraft server Minecraft

Welcome to the Russian National Server!
Here you will find:
❗Sophisticated economy
❗Shop with all the items
❗Voice chat
❗Unique role system
❗Custom music discs
⚡Custom items
⚡Improving items
⚡Custom enchantments
❗Unique system of laws for the Role-Play system
❗Plugin for buying / selling shares
⛔Unique grip protection
⭕️Server Map
⭕️Emoji chatting games
⭕️Custom interface
⚠️Convenient site that describes the functionality of the server
✅Discord where you can get support
✅VK group with memes

Plugins Vanilla

Gorbachew Minecraft server

Vanilla server with minimal plugins. Improvement after coordination with other players. Everyone can do new changes and laws.

Parkour Plugins Survival

InopCraft ✩ Battle Pass ✩ Donate for Currency ✩ Minecraft server

InoplanetCraft is a server whose developers were able to achieve really comfortable survival. Here you will not find unnecessary plugins that in any way can interfere with a comfortable game. A balanced donation will not allow ordinary server players to feel discomfort in relation to privileged players, although any player can afford the privilege, since the prices on the server are very low and you can always snatch a delicious promo code for a discount of up to 50 percent or knock a cool donate out of cases. which are also present on the server. We have taken care of players who, for some reason, cannot purchase donation on the server, so you can purchase several privileges for game currency on the server. You might think that their prices will be exorbitant, but they are not! There are several types of currency earnings on the server, ranging from works already known to everyone, ending with parkour for currency and auction. Working on the server is not stupid farming, they are completely redesigned and have pumping levels and their own menu for convenience! We also want to note that there are no donate administrators on the server, so you can not be afraid that you will be banned by the player whom you have touched in some way during the gameplay. The ambitious and constantly improving project InoplanetCraft is waiting for you!

Custom Economy Factions Plugins

Players Assembly – SMP Faction


Players Assembly is a community oriented factions, warfare, economy, and RPG server. Weve been operating since 2012. Players Assembly places an emphasis on mods related to technology, warfare, transportation, and general aesthetics. A full list of plugins are available on the our servers website, under the mod list tab. We continuously update all features on the server, including the base MC version, mods, plugins, and client side addons.

Economy Plugins

MineDay – Minecraft server Minecraft server

MineDay – Minecraft server 2020-2021



| ✪ Our Ip:

| ✪ Kind admins

| ✪ Server work 24/7

| ✪ Stable server economy $

| ✪ Self-written plugins [+]

| ✪ Random teleport across worlds

| ✪ All buildings are made by hand

| ✪ Server site:



☑ High guarantees in buying donut

☑ Best Tech Support

☑ Low prices for Donat


Our server is primarily about quality!

© MineDay


ALEX-MC World Minecraft server

ALEX-MC World Tubestyle Server

Attention! There are no Antigrif plugins on the server at all, so please protect yourself from griefers by using traps and privates. Redstone is allowed.

– Your ALEXANDER_SIL, admin of ALEX-MC World

Piglin Minecraft server

Piglin Minecraft Server

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UA MC girls only server.

United Angels – Girls Only Minecraft Server No Boys Allowed

Only girls are allowed to play on this Minecraft server because Minecraft servers are place for boys only. (Regeneration is ...
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420 Weed Minecraft Server

420 Weed Minecraft Server

I really like smoking weed in public with my girlfriend. When I'm at the bar I smoke weed, and even ...
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Hentai Furry Minecraft Server

Minecraft RP Furry Server

My Minecraft teacher was a cute swedish furry doggy who explained to me how to use my computer to play ...
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Queen Bee Minecraft server

Minecraft Bee Server

Be careful around bees as they are not always nice and will attack you if you act a fool, or ...
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NSFW Minecraft Server

NSFW Minecraft Server

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