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Server Name: AfterLifeSMP
Port: 54693
Server IP:*

**Whats the server about? Plugins / Playstyle / Commands?**

– AfterLife is an SMP/Survival group that allows PVP and has grief

⚪️ Anti-Lag Servers(tested with 10+ people, no block duplication or
⚪️ Cracked is on
⚪️ Many cool plugins.
⚪️ Easy to start: Start when you join. You can build in the borders in
the main base, or even further.
⚪️ Low Ping.
⚪️ Active Admins
⚪️ Via versions and Via Backwards.(U can join with 1.9 to 1.18)
⚪️ Keep Inventory: Keep inventory is on.
⚪️ Nations, and wars.
⚪️ Active staff and server.
⚪️ Levels & Abilities
⚪️ Shop & Economy
⚪️ Discord SRV
⚪️ Suggestions Channel
⚪️ Activate VC

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SurvivalCraft Network

SurvivalCraft has been around for a little more over a year now, and in that time we have created a friendly, community-driven server that welcomes all new players. Our staff-team is dedicated to make sure every player has a fun and fair playing experience. We can guarantee this by keeping the community relatively small, which in turn makes sure we are able to monitor what is going on at all times. At the moment we offer:

– Survival
– Skyblock
– Minigames (Party Games, Bed Wars, Hide and Seek and Bomberman)

We have a Discord server where we have channels for anything from memes to server suggestions. This ensures that players have a platform to have a say in the discussions.

Griefing is not allowed on the server and we will roll it back for you without you having to deal with the hassle of claiming land. This allows for a great deal of freedom while building your builds.

All your belongings are locked away from other players through LWC so you don’t have to worry about players stealing from you.

A few of the plugins that give our server it’s unique characteristics are: CoreProtect, LWC, MCMMO and SilkSpawners.

Some other features you might check in for are: vote crates, daily bonuses and the economy system.

If you’re looking for a vanilla server with a bit of spice this is the server for you.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Crates Custom Discord Plugins Prison Pvp

Paradox Prison

Welcome to ParadoxPrison.

I see youve been convicted of murder…

Do you think you got what it takes to face the horrors that await you inside the prison?
Dont bet on it…

In prison here, it isnt easy. You start off with nothing and progress your way to become the top inmate.
You have a story. A story that is well uncertain.
You have forgotten your memory and cant remember what happened.
Clues throughout the prison will help you regain your memory.
What do you say? Do you think you have what it takes?

I didnt think so…


– PvP
– Custom Enchants
– Custom Plugins
– Crates
– Plots
– Cells
– BlackMarket
– Bombs
– Quests

Server: ParadoxPrison
Server IP:

Custom Discord Economy Fun Plugins


🐶 WolfPlaza 🐶
➥ Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to read this

➥ What do we all offer?

Real Life
👥-「A Serious and a Fun Community」
💼-「Custom Jobs」
🔧- 「Professional Staff Members」
🗺️-「Custom Map」
🌍-「Dutch and Belgian」
📕-「Custom Plugins」
💶-「Realistic Economy」
🕐-「24/7 Active Staff Members」

➥ What are we all looking for?
🤝-「Discord Partners」
🎙️-「Content Creators」

➥ You can join via
🔗- Ip :「Play.WolfPLaza.NL」
🔗- Discord :「 」
🔗- Website :「 」

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The Democratic Republic of Minecraft

Welcome To The Democratic Republic of Minecraft

This is a new server and will have issue – I am only one person and some of the feature will break

A social experiment, where we based this server for the people. Make groups, cities, empires, and more with your friends. This server is almost entirely based on voting so your voice matters.


1. Be Respectful to all people

2. No hacking or cheating of any kind

3. No real-world problem since we want this to be a place to get away from the problem of the world

4. Respect nonpvp zone and peaceful groups (some places might be anti PVP depending on the group)

6. Don’t grief just to destroy the server (sometimes griefing is will not be enforced by the server and but keep it to a minimal, just to keep things interesting)

7. Spawn is mainly for shops so keep houses to a minimal/small.

8. Have fun at the end of the day this server is for the fun of everyone…


Community Modified Plugins Smp Survival

New Crazy Craft SMP

hi welcome to the shafty smp survival minecraft server form page this a very new minecraft server so dont worrie about the player size! we would be happy to have a tone of new members on the server we might even add some new admins! we also have nations! when you join you will get 24 oak logs to get you started and i will personly give you a tour after you can go mining build a casle the skys the limit! and our 1. prority is that you have fun YOU MUST JOIN THE DISCORD

Custommods Customplugins Mods Naruto Plugins Pvp

Naruto Legacy Online

Naruto Legacy Online is a plguin/mod server, using mods like Naruto anime mod, damage indicators, custom npcs etc. And plugins like Vulcan anticheat, vault, essentialsX etc. And commands like /sethome /tpa /warp pve etc. Come join our adventure!

Ps: Staff applications are open on our discord thank you 🙂

Chestshop Friendly Marriage Playershops Plugins Rtp Slimefun Survival Towny

GaelCraft – Survival | Towny | MCMMO | Jobs | Slimefun

GaelCraft is a new survival/towny server with tonnes of features!

We are currently in open development and we are looking for player suggestions to better our community.

Join now on – (Dedicated IP coming soon)

Full staff team will be recruited as we go on.

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Are you looking for an amazing NEW Bending server? Well you’re in luck, cos you’ve found your answer. AppaCraft offers a fun and enjoyable bending mechanic that utilizes pvp and technical aspects of the game. Whether you’re sturdy like eearth, go with the flow like air, heated like fire, or calm like water, I guarantee you’ll be a great fit for AppaCraft. Aside from the bending aspects, we have a few datapacks that are to add a little fun to the game. Some of these include but are not limited to: More Mob Heads, Armor Statues, and Craftable Spore Blossoms! We also offer SMP-like qualities while maintaining our originality. We have a custom rank-up system based oon playtime. The more you play, the stronger you become! We have a dev who gladly devotes his time and effort into the server for FREE! With the AppaCraft community, there’s always fun to be had. Our server is just now beginning and we hope to expand ASAP.

Apply here:

Action Auctions Bedrock Bedrockedition Bedrockeditionserver Faction Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Minecraft Modified Nolag Plugins Pvp Ryzen Server Slots Survival United

1.17.1 UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, Bedrock edition support!

Logo United Factions
1.17.1 UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, Bedrock edition support! Minecraft Server Facebook United Factions Visit United Factions website Twitter United Factions United Factions Instagram Planet Minecraft
Dear Minecraft community, Player, NPC, entity or Factions player, Bedrock Player,

United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today,

United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today,
We try to serve our players the best gaming experience
possible on a faction server!
We also try to get the best faction players on

United Factions so the challenge is exciting enough

for you to raid, and defend your bases and belongings!

Building a strong base is absolutely one of the first things you should do to keep your stuff safe!
Try to get some obsidian to secure your base, TNT cannons are around yes, so be prepared!

Raiding and Defense are part of the game! We offer it all! From Factions to PVP, to economy to raiding! And from Arenas to Weed! 🙂 We have it all! Raising money is easy with our guidess!


Wallpaper United Factions

Server specifications:

AMD Ryzen 3950X
100 Slots
24 TB backups
500 Mbps connection
Why play on United Factions?

– Hourly Backups
– Discord channel
– Dedicated and active staff
– 100 slots
– Website
– Almost 10 years old on Minecraft Servers
– No lag
-100 Slots
– Plugins and support
– Factions server
– TNT allowed
– Anti hack measures
– Trading and shops

Constant action!
Constant updates on the blog!
We are 24/7 uptime, at 96.9%! Want to know more on the server?

Additional NotesThe best Minecraft Faction server you will ever see and find! We are 100% behind our users! We have a lot of plugins! And try to give you the best faction experience!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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