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Pixelmon Hunters

Land Rush.
Welcome to Pixelmon Hunters server. We are bringing you the latest in the Pixelmon Mod experience. Our server is dedicated to give you a live 24/7 experience with minimal interruptions. Our server will include but not limited too pixelmonextras plugin (evs/ivs/pokeheal…) Also will have warping, homes, safarizone, claiming, Pshout command for selling poke. Also economy with pay command.

Pixelmon Hunters is a server that will give you a pleasurable lowbie experience as well as a fun and busy end game experience. Becoming a Hunter is the main path on our server and it includes defeating npc trainers (hunters), scaling boss towers, and finding hidden treasure scattered across the land. Hunters will have events scheduled vs. npcs and players and will become the richest players on the server. With this being said we are proud to be a non-pay to win server. Ranks for hunters will be granted after certain tasks have been performed. You can also donate for a seperate type of ranking system however it is not required.

The server also caters to normal pixelmon play. We are a survival server that includes 8 NPC gyms, elite four and a championship tower. There are custom shopkeepers and a move relearner in spawn. We are still in land rush phase meaning non of the land is claimed. This is the best time to get into a server as you have have free reign on terrain choices and boss tower locations. Yes boss towers are still ingame.

npc training paths
npc gyms
player gyms
Hunter paths (npc leveling spots)
Hunter ranks
Hunter events
Hunter towers
Hunter treasure searches
Pshout (pokesell)
Elite four
championship Tower

So please join us on our server. My Ign is HeadbandOG and I am the owner. I look forward to seeing you ingame.

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ShadowOfThePast [1.11.2]

Remember how Minecraft was before, before everything got bombarded with messy plugins? If you do, then log in to the ShadowOfThePast and experience minecraft as it was before.

ShadowOfThePast is a 100% survival server, and no other. All plugins used are only a supplement to make survival-gaming more fun, but not easier, such as Jobs, McMMO and Factions.

The server is still in its early days, therefore, all new players have the opportunity to help during development to make this server unbeatable
– 24/7
– Minecraft version 1.11.2, for both cracked and non cracked users
– Stable core
– 100% Survival
– Server Address:

Fun Plugins


Come enjoy the sweet glow of the Moonlite on MoonliteMC. We offer a vast variety of plugins making every moment in game as fun as possible. We have a full dedicated staff team who is trained and ready to assist with anything. We invite you to check us out and enjoy the immerse gaming experience.

Free Plugins Survival

HogwartsMC – Pixelmon

A Harry Potter/Magical themed Minecraft Pixelmon server for Pixelmon version 5.0.0 release. On Minecraft version 1.10.2. We are 100% survival (With plugins and sidemods). There are no player gym and only a few NPC gyms. We have an in-game market where you can buy and sell items to make money and obtain certain items. It is not whitelisted so feel free to join and let us know what you think.

-HogwartsMC Staff

We have made some changed to the server to help make it more fair but also give those who pay some benefit.
-Legendaries do not spawn naturally
-You can get legendaries from ditto-ditto- breeding
-Shiny spawn chance is increased
-Global market
-Increased boss rate

Crates Custom Factions Plugins


1 –


1. Envoys
2. Rank Vouchers
3. Crates
4. Masks
5. Custom Enchants


Custom Factions Plugins Survival


Cracked and Premium Welcome to gabrielot. connect with we have skywars and spleef and bedwars and survival and factions right now. Welcome to gabrielot we will he sure you will enjoy your self on this server so please pop in and take a look and see what you think. We have a few custom things to help the server work properly. gabrielom is a custom beta messaging plugin. we also have some custom server messages too. i hope you will like this server.

Economy Plugins Pvp Rules Vanilla

Meliora Minecraft

Server Name: better Minecraft


Server Address:

Version: 1.14.4

Description: Meliora is a server with a vanilla baseline for mechanics but with quality of life improvements to make your experience better. We have a robust lineup of warps for you to try out including:

& multiple player/moderator towns

We cater to players of all skill levels and age ranges and hold events regularly (read: monthly or more), with regular updates to the server that include new game modes, towns, activities, and more.

Be kind and respectful
No griefing or other malicious behavior towards other players
No theft
Any Exploitive Clients or X-Ray is Strictly Prohibited
No modifications of any kind
No Harassments, Racism or Other Derogatory Means of Hate Speech
Keep PvP to the PvP world

Main Plugins:


Owners/Admins/Moderators: FilmSmith, Arsoarsh, Shadowette, LunaWolf, LadyJynx, JadenWolfos, Halariosis, Penguitoni

Pictures/Videos URL:

Social media:


Discord Plugins Raiding Rules Survival Vanilla

Survival Builders

Apply for whitelist on our Discord.

Features 99% Vanilla (List of plugins below)
Adult Community (Must be 21+ to join)
Hard Mode enabled PvE server
100% Survival Only, even spawn is built in survival
Community spawn project
Nether hub network for quick travel
Member builds features on our instagram page

Rules: no xray/hacks no griefing no raiding no destroying respect for others zero tolerance.

Plugins: Dynmap, Essentials, FarmLimiter, HeadDatabase, Logblock, Multiverse, PlayerHeads & TreasureHunt

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Plugins Survival Towny


TrekCraft is not an ordinary server,
We are a committed Towny/Survival server with tons of extra plugins to enhance your experience. Our towny server is one of the most immersive servers out there. We include Towny, mcMMO, LWC, auctions, chestshops, treasure hunts, amazing custom mobs, and much more.
Here at TC we have a growing community that takes part in events every week and staff that will help you through any situation.
When you find yourself on TrekCraft you feel like you are part of the family, and that is exactly what we want you to feel.

Take time today and come join us at
You can also visit our website at

Minecraft is an adventure, Trek it. -TC2015

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Crates Custom Plugins Survival Towny

XenoFlux Network

When first joining the Xenoflux network, you will enter our dedicated Hub server providing a direct route to all other servers within the Xenoflux family. Our main server makes use of the Survival gamemode with the inclusion of Towny and multiple other plugins to enhance your experience. Including Jobs, ChestShop, Custom Enchants, McMMO and Crates. Our other Xenoville server is inspired by the GTA gamemode and includes Quests, Vehicles, Apartments, Gambling and Gangs. With much expansive potential in the near future, Xenoflux provides a true Minecraft experience.

Visit for more information, browse our donation store and get the latest updates of upcoming features and events all taking place on the Xenoflux network.


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