Custom Maps Smp Survival Ukgb


Java 1.12.2
– Custom UK map
– Starter kit
– Set home, Spawn and Home
– Easy land protection with guide
– Easy chest protection with guide
– Warps coming soon
– Anti cheat plugins


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ChiliSMP Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Brand New

Enjoy Hermitcraft? Wish to play a server like it? Well we have you covered. Our server provides lag free, no farm limitations survival server without any Pay2Win features nor any land claim. We try to be close to vanilla as possible and if you are looking for a new SMP server to play on then this is 100% the one for you.
What differs us from other SMP servers? Simple we have No AFK limit. Meaning you can AFK at your farms all day and night without being kicked, other servers provide this option with payment. Not here, not us.

Sound interested? Apply Today:

Smp Survival Vanilla

Dullstaples SMP

Dullstaples SMP is a server where the community is the focus. Bringing together people from all over to build and have fun in a survival environment. We currently have land claims enabled to help prevent griefing and a few rank perks but that’s it at the moment.

Fun Hardcore Smp Survival

MythMC Hardcore SMP

MythMC is a hardcore SMP minecraft survival server. But, there’s a twist. When you die, you can respawn 12 hours after your death. (if you contact staff)
MythMC is a wholesome, happy community started recently with shops, homes, and plenty of friends on 1.17 latest snapshot. The server is updated to the latest snapshot within 12 hours of it’s release. Butd, because this is an SMP it requires application. Also, any player must be willing to use discord. To apply, join our discord server.
We hope you enjoy MythMC’s hardcore SMP.

116server 116survival Hemitcraftlike Hermit Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcrafttype Noafkkick Nolandclaim Shop Shopping Shoppingarea Shoppingdistrict Smp Survival Vanilla

Games N’ Chat (Hermitcraft Type Server)

Welcome to the Games N’ Chat Minecraft Server. We are an avid community that loves Minecraft. This is a Hermitcraft type server, for all ages, genders, and religions. We offer a 24/7 staff team and anti-cheat mods. With no AFK kick and no land claim,this is the best SMP server you will pass by. Plus a shopping district. Whatever this server brings you, we know you will love it.

Join our Discord to get whitelisted!

Anarchy Pvp Smp Survival Vanilla

The Vanilla Server

Just another vanilla server…
About: Old school vanilla server with no game changing plugins or mods, no map resets, and no bullcrap.

Rules: Do not hack, do not lag the server intentionally, do not spam, dox or use hate speech. Simple, right?

World: Survival mode, hard difficulty, generated structures, default world type with 100K world border.

Welcome to The Vanilla Server – created November 22nd 2020!



Minecraft Perfect Smp Survival

{1.16.4} CraftIdeal – Perfectly composed gameplay! (SOON OPENING!)

CraftIdeal – Perfectly Composed Gameplay!

CraftIdeal was started in June 2020, then known as AppleCraft, by FokaStudio as a small Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer) to casually play with other people.The first project was made terribly and was a total failure due to the bad host and lack of moderation knowledge.

Foka decided to countinue the project, after the change of host on July he started making the server once again (which ended making it again at least 4 times, as other were malfunctioning).The server’s name evolved few times, starting from AppleCraft. Then known as AppleRealms (but never released) and finally known with today’s name – CraftIdeal.

Two more people joined the project since the moment it was a scratch – GeneralDuckyJR and aimwar, who both are now Admins.
The project has expanded and now it is a perfectly composed SMP, with almost all aspects of the game highly expanded, starting from simple things, like fixing some bugs, adding simple features through Magic and more mobs ending at stuff related to world generation and improving Minecraft’s structures.

Yeah, that’s a lot of text!

But yeah, we are a small SMP (yes, Yet Another SMP). We know that Survival is the most popular game mode, so we wanted to expand it a bit…

OKAY, we have changed almost everything, and new changes are made everyday… :/

But well, it woul have been boring otherwise, right?

List of changes


Contact (My Discord): FokaStudio#7055

1164server Chestprotection Dynmap Map Pvp Small Smallcommunity Smp Survival Timber

Abominable SMP

A server dedicated to improving the feel of normal survival servers. We have optimizations including, timber, dynmap, chest locking systems, and more! Pvp is on and griefing is allowed outside of the chest locking program.

Griefing Raiding Smp Survival Vanilla

5000 Blocks Vanilla Survival

This server is a completely vanilla 1.16.4 Minecraft server with one added twist. The world is only 5,000 blocks in each direction.

That being said, you better build underground because raiding/griefing is allowed.

No hacking/cheating (xraying, hacked clients, dupping, etc.)
No racism, sexism or homophobia.


That’s it! Good luck have fun!

Hermitcraftlike Multiplayer Smp Streamerfriendly Survival Vanilla Youtubers Needed

CyberCraft SMP looking for players!!!!!!

Hello. My name is Aidan and I am one of the owners of the CyberCraft server.

I moved from an SMP owned by another person due to the lack of activity and quality. So we set out on a mission to make the best SMP we possibly could. This server is a Hermitcraft style server and it is welcome to streamers, hardcore gamers, and casual gamers alike. With minimum plugins we offer a Vanilla feel that is sure to bring back the good ol’ feeling of Minecraft! The server just started on November 23rd so hurry before you fall behind! The discord with application is linked below, please fill out the application and we will get to you as soon as possible.

new discord

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