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The Fallen Stars

This is a Minecraft for The Fallen Stars discord server. Rules include generally not being a jerk. Just be nice and have a good time. We do have plans to make a shopping district and have currency. The server is fully vanilla except some datapacks

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The Refused

Welcome to our brand new minecraft server, The Refused!

Join our discord here :

We are currently a small community looking for more players to join us.

When you join, make sure to read the entire rules before filling out a whitelist application.

More details to come soon.

Server start date is slated to be 6/20/23

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Creatopia SMP


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A server created for me and other people who want to spend a nice time together 😀

It is a quiet place; I haven’t added any plugin for earth protection, but there is one that allows you to remove all damage, as well as find information about their cause. Using Skript, I coded some cool functions, e.g. Marketplace, or various Events (and of course, new things are added every day!).

If you would like to join, just add me on Discord using Aesis#2612. Have a nice day (or night <3).

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NosUnumSumus Survival

We aim to provide the best Minecraft experience possible for our community. At NosUnumSumus we pride ourselves in being user-friendly. Come check us out, visit our Discord and maybe you’ll like it here.

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Cherry SMP

One of the FIRST 1.20 SMPs. Vanilla for now, but will move to spigot as soon as plugins are available. Survival SMP, come and join!

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LovelyCraft [Semi-vanilla] {18+} {Whitelist} {Discord} {New} {LGBTQ+ Friendly} {1.20} {Crossplay} {Bedrock} {Java}

Welcome to LovelyCraft!

Lovely Craft is a new 18+ semi-vanilla cross-play SMP. the server is running on 1.20 and we offer some fun QoL features such as deathchests, safari nets, /home and more!

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming community where everybody is welcome to come hang out. We try to keep a fun, friendly, and casual environment and we do not tolerate harassment of any kind. The server is currently only about a week old but we already have a small handful of active players. We have a short application process and a whitelist to make sure no trolls can access our server too.

Join our Discord to apply and get whitelisted on the server!

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon. ♥

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G-Block Survival | Casual Survival Reimagined | 1.19.4!

G-Block Survival | Casual Survival Reimagined | 1.19.4!

Welcome to one of the most casual enhanced survival servers for Minecraft Java edition ever synthesized!

Our mission: What originally began as a private multiplayer server amongst a group of friends evolved into what we now know as G-Block Survival. Our server’s goal is to improve on what Minecraft already has to offer by including versatile, innovative features into the game that upgrade the vanilla SMP experience while also staying true to the true style of Minecraft survival.

Our server includes:
– Backpacks
– Land Claiming
– More Dispenser Mechanics
– Trading / Auction House
– Custom Crafting Recipes
– SilkSpawners
– TreeFeller
– ConcreteMixer
– HorseTpWithMe
– ArmoredElytras
– And much, much more!

Grab your pickaxe, gear up with your friends, and let the adventure unfold!
Join today:

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[ChosenGaming] MC SMP {1.20} {SMP} {Active Staff}

Welcome to ChosenMC SMP 1.20, a fresh survival multiplayer server that has just launched with the latest Minecraft update! Join us as we explore the exciting features and updates of Minecraft version 1.20 together!

🌍 Server IP:
🔥 Discord:


  • Active Staff: Our friendly and attentive staff members are always available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • Quality-of-Life Plugins: Enjoy enhanced gameplay with a carefully curated selection of plugins designed to improve your Minecraft journey, providing convenience and exciting new features.
  • Join ChosenMC SMP 1.20 today and embark on an adventure like no other! Survive, thrive, and create unforgettable memories in a server that values your enjoyment and satisfaction.

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    Lands of Ethelia | 1.19.4 – Survival w/ Dynmap | Lands | Terralith | and more!


    Lands of Ethelia is a new SMP built around exploration, building, and roleplay.

    Our server is NOT modded, and as such you can join without any prior install on the 1.19.4 Java client.

    On our server we bring the works of Stardust Labs to every single dimension, utilizing their datapacks to greatly enhance terrain generation and variety to give our players a breathtaking experience, whether they are building their home, exploring the countryside, or marching an army.

    Our server encourages roleplay, specifically between groups of players, and as such our server utlizes the Lands plugin, to not only allow you to claim land and protect it from grief, but also to form nations and interact with other nations. We also encourage building great works of art, whether it be massive castles and medieval cities, or a huge skyscraper, we’ll even showcase awesome builds made on our server on our website!

    We have:
    Dynmap, Lands, Terralith, Incendium, Nullscape, Continents, Treecapitator, Essentials, CoreProtect, ChestShop, and more!

    We want any and all willing hands to come play on our SMP and build it up as one of the greatest experiences for yourself and others, join today!