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BluAnarchy is a Minecraft anarchy server hosted on the East Coast of the United States. We offer an anarchy experience with nearly no limits at all. You may freely grief, battle others in PvP, and socialize with any other online players.

Note that we are still a new server, so do not expect many members joining.

1. No lag machines/anything that will drop the server’s TPS.
2. No duplicating items with glitches.

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Solo’s SMP

Join our Semi-Anarchy SMP Minecraft server. Everyone can join! Runs 24/7. No Map Resets! Cool Commands & Abilities. All Griefing, PvP and Raiding is allowed!

When joining the server, type in-game /help

Java Edition:
Bedrock Edition:
Bedrock Port: 19132
Running on version 1.18.2

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The Lads Den

A SMP Where you can raid grief pvp thats it nothing more nothing less

If you are looking for a bloated plugin filled server look elsewhere

PvP Raiding Griefing is allowed at all times

No item refunds are given on pvp kills

there are deathcoords so no /back command

we have a discord

Anarchy Anarchysurvival Grief Griefing Pvp Server Smp Stealing Survival

Advanced Survival | Anarchy | No Map Resets | Griefing | Season 1 | Now with ViaVersion! |

A TRUE Survival Experience! Advanced Survival is a (mostly) Vanilla anarchy server, with NO WHITELIST, and a rich history, that offers a 100% Survival experience. There are no rules, grief, PVP, steal, lavacast, and play at your own pace, your own way! Join us today and start your own empire, or survive alone in the wilderness against all other players, the choice is yours!

Q: Can I join on bedrock?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Does Advanced Survival have 1.18 world generation?
A: In fact we do!

Q: Do you have a discord?
A: The link is-

Arena Auctions Build CTF Economy Free Grief Mcmmo Minecraftex Mob Prevention Pve Pvp Survival Tdm

MineCraftEx – McMMO – Jobs – Grief Prevention – PVP/PVE – Minigames – New: Biomes / Armor / Enchants / Monsters / Weapons / NOW CROSS PLATFORM!!! – CONNECT VIA PC, CONSOLE, OR PHONE!

MineCraftEx - McMMO - Jobs - Grief Prevention - PVP/PVE - Minigames - New: Biomes / Armor / Enchants / Monsters / Weapons / NOW CROSS PLATFORM!!!  - CONNECT VIA PC, CONSOLE, OR PHONE! Minecraft Server

Connect to play:

Add me on enjin:

MineCraftEX is a unique MMO Towny and survival server with one of the friendliest community’s you’ll ever meet! We have a lot to offer, Have a look below:

– Towny OR Survival:
You can either join a town or wander off into the survival world and setup a home some where! If you don’t feel like being adventurous then you can claim a plot outside of spawn.

– Self-serve protection and anti-grief:
You are given a Protection block when you join, this can be used to claim land which prevents other players placing/destroying inside the area.For extra measure, you can lock your signs, doors and chests by placing a sign on them. If you forget to protect your land and do get griefed, Keep calm and open a support ticket, One of our friendly and trained staff members will fix everything!

– Custom mobs and bosses:
Take on a new challenge with our 10 unique mobs and 4 new bosses for you to kill.Each boss has unique drops such as Speed boost gear, shield that grants bonus health, Collectable pets and chat tags!

– Keep items on death:
You will no longer lose your hours worth of mining by falling in lava or losing your items from a sneaky creeper. You keep all of your items on death.

– Good Economy with player shops:
Choose a job and earn money from doing tasks or earn money by setting up your own store!

– Chat Tags/Titles
Earn unique tags by reaching max level on jobs, Killing bosses, Buy with in-game money and taking part in annual events, there is over 75 different chat tags to be collected!

– McMMO:
Level up skills to gain extra powers or Become #1 on skills leaderboard. Your total level appears below your name so you can show off your skills.

– Earn and upgrade your own Tiered gear/weapons:
Killing Mobs in the spawn Mobarena, custom mobs and bosses around the world may drop tokens, These tokens are used to buy powerful gear and weapons. There are 3 tiers of gear/weapons to progress through.This gear has a unique feature called Sockets which can be filled using Socket gems. Socket gems are found randomly when killing monsters and come in 5 levels with level 5 being extremely rare.

– Very friendly community:We strongly believe that the community is the heart of a server, Our community members come first and we will make sure everybody feels like they are part of it!We have built up a strong community over the past 2 years and we’re always looking for mature and friendly players to join us!Be warned that if you break rules, scam, grief or bully other people.. You will be quickly punished, We don’t allow somebody to ruin other peoples playing experience. Although this sounds serious, We’re definitely not a boring bunch.. We’re very lively and bonkers! πŸ˜›


Server Specifications:
16 GB vSwap
8 CPU Cores
2 x 480 GB SSD RAID Storage
4 TB Premium Bandwidth
1,000 MBit Port
Lightning Fast!

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Goodcraft [1.16.5] [SMP]

Goodcraft is a dedicated server to start new explorations with your friends or by yourself.

We provide an easy going environment for you to play on with the expectation that you are mature and respectful.

117server Anarchy Grief Hard Newserver Other Survival

Waffle anarchy

Anarchy, No rules 24/7 Dedicated. go to for fourms for the server! please leave comments good or bad will always help!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

Chestshop Chestshops Economy Economysurvival Family Familyfriendly Fun Grief Griefing Griefingallowed Plots Pve Pvp Realestate Steal Stealing Survival

Mwester Studios Official Minecraft Server

At it’s core, Mwester Studios is a 1.17.1 survival minecraft server that hopes to bring back some of the same spirit of community that seems to be lacking nowadays. Join other players in a common purpose to play the game the way it was meant to be played (with some minor tweaks of course).

With an easy to understand yet deeply complex economy system in place, players now have goals other than those of the base vanilla game. Players have the option of becoming merchants, hagglers, or even real estate agents buying and flipping plots!

Speaking of plots, the server hosts a fantastic plot system, in which all players by default are entitled to one free plot! Players can harvest materials in the dangerous and risk-filled survival world and bring them back to build on their own plots without worrying about getting griefed or stolen from.

So come on down and experience what it’s like to have genuine fun on a good-old-fashioned minecraft server with players just like you!

Welcome to the official Mwester Studios Minecraft Server!




Anarchy Grief Griefing Hack Hacks Survival Vanilla

πŸ‘‘1King OnlineπŸ‘‘ – Anarchy | 1.17.1

We can guarantee players a 100% lag-free anarchy experience due to many performance optimizations without impacting gameplay! This means players are still free to hack, bully and grief others, without sacrificing their gameplay experience!

– The map will never reset, started on 16th May, 2021
– Hacking is allowed, but some hacks are limited to help keep players closer together.
– We can guarantee a 100% lag-free and high TPS when playing our server!
Join now!

Additionally, feel free to join the discord at:

If you get this error message: “(You are sending too many packets!)” you need to disable any hacks that send high amounts of data packets.
Examples of such hacks include:
– Multiaura
– NoFall
– Regen
– Nuker

Grief Hard New Noplugins Survival Vanilla


This is a vanilla server with a fresh world. I didn’t see anyone else with just a plain vanilla server so here it is. Everything but hacking is allowed so feel free to grief or whatever else.