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I guess I need to add some server description content for now… ok ok so like, I am going to change this in a little bit but the server isn’t even ready to be opened yet.

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Franset is a Russian-language pirate anarchy server that was launched on October 23, 2022
For all the time there were no wipes.
For the most part, the server is filled with a toxic audience that uses cheats, and griefing and killing are commonplace.
There is no privacy here

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We are waiting for you ForgeGrief, MineTowny, lobby
Free rewards /ac
Free rewards /vote
join us

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Power Vanilla

Power Vanilla — Vanilla Anarchy Without Hacks!

Join Our Discord :

Want to join a anarchy with no hacks allowed?

Power Vanilla is Made to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended it to be. This means there are no gameplay-alterting plugins, no tpa, no playerhomes and Your left with your own determined economy. Everything is left up to our players to decide. Griefing is allowed and there are no grief-prevention Plugs.
We offer 1.19.2, no chat report system, 24/7, Vanilla anarchyThis Server intends to be like a normal anarchy BUT Without Hacking Clients being allowed, This therefore means our server to be unique Than the servers who dupes and hacks. We serve Pure Vanilla Gameplay• JOIN US TODAY!

Faction Faction Pvp Grief Hardcore Magic Pvp Raid

CherryMC | 24/7 Classic Magic Factions

Welcome to CherryMC!Discord:

Hello! Do you like survival/factions but want to add a little something extra? Are you looking for a new place to make friends and hang out? – CherryMC! We provide a unique survival experience, if you think factions/survival is boring, you just haven’t tried out CherryMC!
Major Features
– Fully custom magic system to enhance vanilla experience- Custom world generation with beautiful natural landscapes (as seen above)- Balanced Economy- Full GUI Shop- Classic Combat Mechanics- Very Few Rules, More Freedom- Warps- Crates- Friendly Community- Active Staff
Rules- No cheating
– No DDoS/Dox threats
– No racism/gore unless in #nsfw
– No spamming/advertising
– Have fun

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Arcadia – 1.19 Semi-Vanilla Java & Bedrock Compatible – Practice PvP

PvP & Raiding | No Land Claiming | No Grief Prevent |

Arcadia is a well-known semi-vanilla, semi-anarchy Minecraft server that has existed for seven years. Our server is designed to give a unique survival experience with as close to a barebones survival experience as possible. We offer all our players access to tpa and set homes (you can also vote for more set homes) to make the vanilla experience a bit easier so you don’t have to travel far distances. We have some other QoL plugins as well. We offer no land claiming and no grief prevention except at spawn. So remember to keep your base hidden and far away!

Server Details:

– PvP Practice Server (Sword/Crystal)
– World border is at 150k, Nether is at 50k, End is at 50k
– Running on 1.19
– NA East Server
– Active Playerbase (60+ player at peak)
– Server Location: Ontario, Canada, NA East
– Crossplay Bedrock and Java


Server address:
Discord: [left][style b=false i=false size=16px color=#000 bgcolor=rgba(4,4,5,0.07)][/style][/left]

Grief Griefing Hardcore Smp Survival Vanilla

Hotdog Water | Hardcore Vanilla Survival | Semi-Anarchy

This server is hardcore.
The experience here is meant to replicate, as closely as possible, playing hardcore Minecraft with a group of friends. To this end there isn’t a fixed reset date/time period. Instead, world reset is determined democratically. A vote on whether or not to reset the world is held every day on discordand 2/3 majority (subject to change) is required to reset.

This server is vanilla.
Again, the goal of this server is to replicate the experience of playing hardcore Minecraft with friends. So the server is vanilla. We do launch using fabric for optimization and moderation reasons, and there is an optional custom resource pack. It turns water buckets into hotdog water buckets, just for a bit of branding.
A vanilla scoreboard is used to show player hearts in the tab list. It’s fun to watch people die or almost die when they’re in a tough spot.
Otherwise there are no game changing modifications.
There is no random teleport.
There is no teleport to bed.
There is no land claim.
There are no factions.
There is no economy (except that built by players).

PVP is allowed.
Griefing is allowed.
Fun is allowed.
You can curse and swear and joke around, just don’t be a total jerkface/bigot.
No cheating/hacking.


Anarchy Grief Griefingallowed Pvp Survival Survivalpvp Survivalserver Survivalworld Vanilla – 1.19.1

Anarchy Survival is a Minecraft server that promises its players vanilla gameplay with no admin interference. The world is newly reset (last map was over 100 GB large). There are no rules.

With focus laid mainly on ensuring that gameplay is entirely vanilla, we also maintain a small touch of uniqueness to differentiate the server from others.

On top of vanilla Minecraft, a few features we’ve added to make this server unique are:

  • Player heads (Heads will drop from your enemies! When you kill another player, you have a 50% chance to receive their skull.)
  • Free progressive ranks (Entirely cosmetical and only function as a way of separating veterans from newcomers.)
  • No sethomes, warps, or tpas (All forms of travel are completely vanilla. This makes the world feel much bigger and gets players more immersed in the environment.)
  • IP:


    1191server Anarchy Anarchysurvival Grief Griefingallowed Pvp Survival Vanilla

    Munity – 1.19.1 Anarchy

    Hello everyone,

    Mutiny is an anarchy server created on the very basis of preserving the authentic vanilla experience with exception of minor plugins (not available to players) to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience without disruption. We value the importance of community and our obligation to form a welcoming environment for players who desire a true vanilla experience. The world launched 5/8/2022, leaving a small fraction of the world touched and many resources, biomes, and achievements yet to be explored in the newest update yet.

    The following are not permitted:

  • No rules found
  • Server Information:

    Version: 1.19.1

    Difficulty: Easy

    Discord: Coming Soon..

    How to play?:

    Simply hop on the server and do whatever you want.

    Auctionhouse Crates Economy Gadgets Grief Hard Mcmmo Pvp Skyblock Survival


    Hello and welcome to UniPlex!

    Our Server consist into couple different game modes!

    * Survival
    * Skyblock
    * Griefing is allowed!
    * Anti-Cheats
    * MCMMO
    * /RTP
    * CRATES