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Goodcraft [1.16.5] [SMP]

Goodcraft is a dedicated server to start new explorations with your friends or by yourself.

We provide an easy going environment for you to play on with the expectation that you are mature and respectful.

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Waffle anarchy

Anarchy, No rules 24/7 Dedicated. go to for fourms for the server! please leave comments good or bad will always help!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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Mwester Studios Official Minecraft Server

At it’s core, Mwester Studios is a 1.17.1 survival minecraft server that hopes to bring back some of the same spirit of community that seems to be lacking nowadays. Join other players in a common purpose to play the game the way it was meant to be played (with some minor tweaks of course).

With an easy to understand yet deeply complex economy system in place, players now have goals other than those of the base vanilla game. Players have the option of becoming merchants, hagglers, or even real estate agents buying and flipping plots!

Speaking of plots, the server hosts a fantastic plot system, in which all players by default are entitled to one free plot! Players can harvest materials in the dangerous and risk-filled survival world and bring them back to build on their own plots without worrying about getting griefed or stolen from.

So come on down and experience what it’s like to have genuine fun on a good-old-fashioned minecraft server with players just like you!

Welcome to the official Mwester Studios Minecraft Server!



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👑1King Online👑 – Anarchy | 1.17.1

We can guarantee players a 100% lag-free anarchy experience due to many performance optimizations without impacting gameplay! This means players are still free to hack, bully and grief others, without sacrificing their gameplay experience!

– The map will never reset, started on 16th May, 2021
– Hacking is allowed, but some hacks are limited to help keep players closer together.
– We can guarantee a 100% lag-free and high TPS when playing our server!
Join now!

Additionally, feel free to join the discord at:

If you get this error message: “(You are sending too many packets!)” you need to disable any hacks that send high amounts of data packets.
Examples of such hacks include:
– Multiaura
– NoFall
– Regen
– Nuker

Grief Hard New Noplugins Survival Vanilla


This is a vanilla server with a fresh world. I didn’t see anyone else with just a plain vanilla server so here it is. Everything but hacking is allowed so feel free to grief or whatever else.

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Fair n’ Square is a semi-vanilla survival server, featuring all the basics of survival experience with minor QoL additions. Start off with nothing but your thirst for blood, explore the vast wild and build to your heart’s content.
Trust and forge new friendships or take fellow survivors down solo, the choice is up to you. Nothing’s off limits as long as you keep it Fair and Square!

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PureSurvival- [ SMP || 1.17.1 || Land Claims || Random Teleport || 6+ Years Online! ]



Website –
Service Status –
Discord Invite –

Home of the best survival experience since 2015!

PureSurvival is focused on providing the ultimate no-frills multiplayer survival experience. There are many players who are looking for the original, unmodified survival experience which so many servers have strayed so far away from. With high performance hardware, a small team of professional staff with over 20 years of combined experience and a wonderful community, there is simply no comparison.

Join our Discord to keep in touch with other players and stay up to date on everything going on at PureMC! Click here to join the Discord!

The Basics

  • Hard difficulty
  • Single Player Sleep
  • Celeste (Shooting & falling stars!)
  • No whitelist
  • High performance servers
  • Daily, offsite backups
  • Minimal modifications
  • Professional staff
  • Anti-Cheat & Anti-X-Ray
  • Player Claims
  • Wild Teleport
  • A ton of fun
  • PureSurvival has very simple rules, just use common sense! Our rules can be found in game by typing /rules, or in the Discord under #rules.

    We are not a pay-to-play or for-profit server in any way, however, any contributions are greatly appreciated and go directly to supporting the server. High-end server equipment is expensive, but well worth it. That’s how we’ve been providing the best survival experience since 2015!

    Can’t wait to see you on the server! -Axite





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    True Hardcore [1.17.1!] – MCMMO HARDCORE

    “The only TRUE multiplayer hardcore experience.”

    True Hardcore is unlike any other hardcore server out there, not only is it much more difficult, there is no offline grief prevention and deaths incur temporary bans. Not to mention that Bounties can be placed on other player’s heads and killing others can result in a life bonus to yourself, so forming together into factions may be the only way to not just survive, but thrive!
    Complete with many exciting and awesome plugins such as:
    ExtraHardMode (Much harder gameplay mechanics and mobs)
    LiteDeathBan (Ban on Death, anti-combat logging)
    CustomEnchants (Does what it says on the tin)
    EliteBounty (Put bounties on other player’s heads to encourage multiplayer gameplay)
    Anti-Cheat (Looking out for hackers, dupers, bots and x-rayers to keep the game fair)
    RandomTP (Randomly teleport around 10k blocks away through the command /rtp)
    LevelledMobs (Harder mobs the further out you go)
    DiscordSRV (Minecraft <> Discord Chat) [Discord Link]
    Votifier (Voting for the server gives in-game rewards)
    ChatControl (Prohibts swearing/cussing and keeps the server friendly and communal)

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    Crafting Crafter [Factions] [1.8 – 1.17.1]

    Crafting Crafter – 1.8 – 1.17.1 clients can join – Running Factions Minecraft version 1.17.1 with 1.8 style PvP!

    Quick Info: 24/7, Uptime: 99.87%, 99.9% Lag free, DDoS protected, Great experienced staff!

    Crafting Crafter is a newly renovated and released Factions server! Come join our amazing community today and compete to be the best Faction!

    Here’s a list of some of the great features we have:

  • Crates
  • Supply Drops
  • Vote rewards
  • McMMO
  • Economy/Shop
  • 10k x 10k world border
  • TNT Bank
  • Auctions
  • /randomtp
  • Obsidian destroyer
  • Custom donor perks.
  • +much much more!

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    2b2tg ANARCHY SERVER !!!! NO LAG !!!! 20 TPS !!!! #1 !!!!

    rule the world with 2b2tg NOW !!!!!!!! no lag !!!!!!!!!! full anarchy !!!!!!!!! DONT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Make the next big thing NOW !!!!!!!!! do everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hack allowed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    discord :

    Redit : soon………

    Note : please consider voting the server to boost the player-base ( you will eventually get a reward in our discord sever if you vote 10 times ! )

    Note2 : if the server says that it is offline it is a false positive the server is always online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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    Minecraft is good for your brain?! Well, at least according to Google.

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