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DragonStone SMP

Welcome to DragonStone SMP 😄

Join our friendly community in a safe server to play on and have fun in!
Protect your builds from griefers, join a town or go it alone.
Whatever you want, you can do!

In this server, there’s an ever-growing economy that
you can choose to participate in.
You could open a small shop selling crops
and custom items, or you could
fully monopolise a certain trade in
just a few weeks!

The most important thing:
Every player matters here ❤️

[​PS The chat is monitored]

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[1.18.1] MC Gardens – Survival [Fantasy][Magic Powers][Java & Bedrock]

Welcome to MC Gardens We are a friendly, survival server focused on creating a magical, fantasy-like experience in Minecraft 1.18

We do not tolerate discrimination against religious belief, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation! Come join us today!

Make sure to join our Discord to connect with our online community!

– Add a new server (not a realm)
– IP:
– Port: 25558


• Explore the Enchanted Gardens, a fantasy world created with custom terrain generation! Features: • Enchanted forests with blue grass and spiraling trees • Pink, purple, & blue leaves • Volcanoes • Dragons, demons, & other custom monsters • Mystical, winding caves

• Choose a Magic Class consisting of many unique and gameplay-enhancing abilities. Use /magic to select the following types in-game:
  • Water: naiad
  • Air: fairy, angel
  • Earth: dwarf, elf, hobbit
  • Slayer: dragon, demon

• Collect rare, powerful items including magic wands, swords, and ancient treasure!
• Purchase cool, custom items in /pointshop !
• Enter in on quests using /battlepass (coming soon)

• Join one of the 🏰︱kingdoms to claim a room/base in a tight-knit community, and secure a personal Vault for your items and wealth! All kingdoms are visitable via /pwarp
  • Grotto: lush caves and rich mines forge the perfect home for dwarves, hobbits, and elves alike!
  • Black Sea: naiads and merfolk live far below within depths uninhabitable to even the most magical of creatures…
  • Harbor: a point of safety and trading; all are welcome! (coming soon)
  • Midnight: castles and strongholds make up the royalty-class… (coming soon)
  • Inferno: a kingdom built in the deepest, darkest pits of the Underworld, venture in at your own risk… (coming soon)

24hours Advancements Apply Brandnew Comminuty Coreprotect Dedicated Devs Discord Free Friendly Friends Hermitcraft Jumbo Lin Minecraft Minecwaft Mumbo Needed New Nolag Nolandclaim Nopay2win Noplugins Notoxicity Now Plugins Poa Prelaunch Prerelease Rinon Safe Semivanilla Server Smp Sol Staff Vanilla Vote Whitelist

Spice SMP ~ Pre Launch | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | Brand New

Do you watch Hermitcraft or any other SMP style youtubers? Ever wanted to try out that gameplay? If so this server is here for you. So why us? The answer is pretty simple; there are a lot of SMP servers out there however, majority of those have land claim and pay2win. Not us, not here. We strive ourselves on the main aspects of Minecraft. The grind, the builds, the community and friendships. We have 0 land claim plugins, you are free to roam at will. No pay2win, we do not offer kits for people to purchase. This gives an unfair advantage on others. We like to keep things equal and fair.

In what ways are we “Semi-Vanilla”? Well we dont have mods and game changing addons, just simple ones to keep things flowing easily and keep players motivated. For example a chat name system based on progress. The more you play and complete the vanilla advancements the higher you are. However, someone at the top tier does not have any advantage over those who are new. Those who work are those who gain.

Sound interested? We release soon so join the discord and apply now. Have your say in how the server can run. We are a community. Everything is fair.

Check out our Rules:

Apply at our Discord:

Club Clubpenguin Community Creative Custom Fun Map Minecraft Mmo Other Penguin Recreation Roleplay Safe Server Survival


Experience Disney’s Club Penguin, in Minecraft!

ClubMinePenguin is a Club Penguin based server, made for all ages. We aim to bring a friendly, safe, and fun Club Penguin experience into Minecraft!

In CMP’s Club Penguin, we have monthly parties/events, mascot meetups, minigames, igloos, and all of the other features that were in the original game. Waddle around and meet new friends!

Join the community and make memorable experiences with other players. We’d love to have you.


Make sure you’re in the loop. You can follow and join all of our socials. Including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, etc.
[url=”[​u][​style size=15px color=#36f][​/style][​/u]”][/url]

Classic Cow Economy Farm Farming Friendly Minecraft Safe Simple Small Survival Vanilla

Cow Craft (New, Small & Simple, Vanilla/Survival)

This is a new server I just started, it is a fairly small and simple server for just survival. Come check it out you might like it! My friends and I are on it right now.

Fly Protections Pvp Safe Sky Skyland Survival Teamneo Worlds

Team-NeO’s Survival Server With A Twist [Discord][1.13-1.17]

Welcome to Team NeO. We offer everything you could possibly need from a minecraft server and more! Most of our plugins are custom made to keep things unqiue!

We welcome you to join us and try us out – we try our hardest to cater to the needs of everyone and as such, if you feel something can be improved or changed. We’d love to hear it using our /feedback command!
Some of the cool features that Team-NeO has (but many more exist) are listed below:


See below for a few more cool features:
o PVP Arenas
o Minigames
o Friendly Community & Staff.
o Parkour
o Challenges(QUESTS)
o HungerGames
o Land Protections to enable you to safe guard your amazing creations.
o Custom made Currency System to allow you to trade effectively with other players.
o Jobs/Careers to allow you to earn money.
o Much Much more….

o Join now at:

116survival 116x 247server Bluemap Dynmap Eco Economy Economychestshop England English Friendly Friendlystaff Latestversion Nice Nocheat Nogrief Nolag Pve Safe Secure Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Semivanillasurvival Smooth Smp Survival Unitedkingdom Vanilla

Nations SMP | Safe Semi-Vanilla Survival | Friendly Community | Always Online & Lag-Free | 1.16.2 | U.K.

Nations SMP

Just became public!

Survival, Resource World, Economy
Respect, Community, Enhancements, Performance.

Website – Find out more!


Autorepair Border Box Create Creeper Enderchest Faction Faction Pvp Factions Gates Herobrine Hysteria Inventory Manage Minigame Minimap Mod Monster Multiverse Peaceful Plots Plugin Public Pve Economy Pvp Roleplay Safe Shopkeeper War Warriors World

The Hysteria Network 1.16.1

Come and join in the mass hysteria! Create and manage your own faction as you war it out with your friends! Join us today!

IP address:

Our site is or

Updated for 1.16.1

Check out our Adventure world with many cool minigames such as TNT spleef, Parkour, Mazes, and much more!

Introducing Hostility as a pure survival world without Factions or mcMMO for the souls that wish to build on their own, also with Grief Prevention.

And Sanctuary, where the sun always shines and monsters stay away. It is pure survival with a twist; no PVP and the ability to build in peace.

A few Plugins listed for example:

Multivers-Core with Inventories

And Much more!

Application Carpet Communityoriented Communitysurvival Fabric Mature Private Pve Safe Scicraft Semivanilla Server Smp Survival Tech Technical Whitelist Whitelisted

EnderSMP [Whitelisted] (Ages 15+) [1.16.1] [Fabric] [Carpet]

What is EnderSMP?

EnderSMP is a community-focused technical Minecraft server for 1.16.1. The main goal of the server is to create a safe environment where we can create massive community projects and farms while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. EnderSMP needs technical players and great builders like you so we can create an expansive technical community!

How do I join? To join EnderSMP you need to fill out a simple application to join. You can find the application on the discord. This server is for Minecraft Java Edition.


What to expect: Awesome technical community projects like perimeters, a custom end island (maybe Star Wars / space-themed?), and much more! The world was started about a week ago and will never reset, so now is the perfect time to join!

Mods the server uses: Lithium, Phosphor, Carpet, Carpet Extra, I-am-very-smart, Servux

Vanilla Tweak Data Packs: Double Shulker Shells, Custom Nether Portals, Dropper to Dispenser, No Enderman Grief, Silence Mobs

Enabled Carpet Settings: stackableShulkerBoxes, shulkerSpawningInEndCities, renewableBlackstone, combineXPOrbs, onePlayerSleeping, missingTools, defaultLoggers (mobcaps, tps), ctrlQCraftingFix, lagFreeSpawning

Recommended Client Mods (optional): Carpet, Carpet Extra, Sodium, Logical Zoom, Tweakaroo, Minihud, ItemScroller, Litematica

Mods and data packs are subject to change. For more information about the server, join the discord.

Admin Boyz Builders Community Corona Custom Disguises Economy Free Friendly Fun King Kingboyz Kingdom Lore Market Medival Minecraft New Pirate Professional Protectionstones Pve Pvp Quests Safe Staff Survival


Dedicated 24/7 Survival server with 12Gb Ram > SSD > Latest Paper- Spigot Builds!

Want a server thats quiet but has high volume server quality? Welcome to KingBoyz! Our dedicated staff and state of the art hardware provides the unique experience you and your fellow minecrafters have been looking for in a survival server! At KingBoyz we strive to provide as close to vanilla experience with the added benefit of anti-griefing protection, custom kits and gear, mini-games, quests and much much more! We like it nice and simple at KingBoyz! – No crazy colored names overloading chats – No 50 million tags/ranks – No underage immature staff members – No plugins that take weeks to learn commands. Simple to learn simple to love! As for Ranks they’re FREE! Ranks and higher commands are earned through time played!


Custom Quests/Dungeons
Mini Games
Player Controlled Economy
Custom Gear
Custom Kits
Free Ranks
Mall with 300+ items (Buy/Sell)
Advanced Anit-Griefing System
Friendly Professional Staff
No Stupid Rules

Bring your friends! Create an Empire! Join our growing community and call the KingBoyz Server home!