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Project Eden – Classic Prison – Non OP – PlayerEco – Player Shops

Project Eden is an Old-School Non OP Prison. Work your way through four wings, each with their own unique ecosystem , loot table, and design. Work hard and gather resources, or use brute force and trickery to rob from those honest few. No matter the strategy, you’ll have to form alliances if you wish to feel truly safe.
C-Prisoner- Fresh out out the cyropod right into an alien planet, this is your first step to see if you will earn your freedom, or toil away incaptivity.

B-Prisoner – You’ve proven yourself capable and have begin to make a name for yourself. Finally, you can assert some “authority”

A-Prisoner- You’ve seen many shapeless nights, the chaos on the enclosure is routine to you now, in fact your starting most of it. Here you should have strong alliances made and rivals to target.

Elite-Prisoner- You are the Apex Predator of this Ecosystem, will you control your turf with approachable business, or cutthroat schemes. Freedom is almost in sight.

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Super awesome fun prison 9000

Come join a one of a kind crafted server experience.


RP-Prison features

  • Quests to feel a great sense of immersion.
  • Fight players in the centre courtyard. or start a fight with the guards anywhere.
  • Rank system to progress through the prison and earn respect.
  • A constant hate for the warden and his minions.
  • Extreme frustration when guards find your contraband.
  • Mob arena. We have it.
  • Feel like being a rich prison king-pin. Shops, auctions, trading and more included.
  • Scheduled events all around the prison.
  • A underground Ratrun for all the lawless players.
  • Role-play and lots of it.
  • Boss fights.
  • RP-Prison rules

  • No cheats or hacks, obviously. We use anti-cheat.
  • No advertising other IP addresses.
  • When outside role-play scenarios, respect staff and do as they say.
  • No spamming in the chat.
  • No racism, Ever.
  • One large, one small prison cell per player.
  • Abuse of flawed plugin mechanics is strictly forbidden.
  • Never ask for admin.
  • A message from the warden

    Welcome to my prison. This is my domain and will be your hell for the rest of eternity. If you step out of line I will not hesitate to end your miserable life. You are scum. Worst of the worst. Its my duty to make sure you have a horrible time. Something I very, very much like doing.

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    Bastille Prison

    BastillePrison is a classic take on Prison Servers. Tired of all the OP Prison servers out there with too many ranks which are all way easy to achieve? Check out Bastille!

    We have only 4 ranks, leading up to the Free rank, where you earn you ticket back out into the world! The prison is staffed with Guards who will take your contraband and put you in solitary confinement if you’re not behaving.

    Join other inmates in this Vanilla Prison Experience!

    IP Address –

    Forums –

    Store –

    Discord –

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    Amazing Custom Builds • Gangs • Black-market • Guards • Cells and more coming soon!

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    I-Prison (1.8 – 1.15)

    I-Prison is a server dedicated to bring excitement to the players. Equipped with many different alternatives to earn money and rank up, the players are never bored or alone. Guards watch over you throughout the day and with the presence of guards come the arrival of brutes and fighters ready to break the rules and take over. Do you have what it takes to survive throughout the day Or will you fight for your freedom instead?