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EpicQuestz – Middle-Earth Creative Server

The Build Team
The EpicQuestz server is home to the EpicQuestz Build Team. Our principal aim is to recreate locations from Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Middle-Earth from Lord of the Rings in a way that is easily available to the Minecraft community. We aim to build in vanilla Minecraft, however, we do build our maps using custom resource packs, which can be found at

Joining the Server
Join the server using the address
Our server offers creative plots, where you can build anything you want with access to FAWE (Fast Async WorldEdit) and other creative tools, such as VoxelSniper. These creative plots can come in a range of sizes from 65×65, 175×175, 501×501, although 501×501 plots are only available for donors.
It would also be handy to join our Discord server to keep in touch with the community, learn how our team works behind the scenes, and stay up to date with our latest announcements:
You can find out more about the team & our ranks on our website:

Joining the Build Team & helping with Middle-Earth Builds
If you are willing to join the build team and help us build “Lord of the Rings” maps, read this article which explains how to apply:

Viewing our Previous Creations
To explore what we’ve created over the past 11 years, be sure to check out our main PlanetMinecraft submissions page, as well as the downloads page on our website. Our YouTube channel also features a lot of content, from cinematics and building tutorials to narrated videos by our founder, Lockrules. Whilst we readily admit that some of our older creations do not live up to current standards, we also believe it is important to keep these available as a record because it is part of our precious history.

The Future
As we progress into the time, the server leadership has a lot of exciting plans for the server. Be sure to keep an eye on our news channel on our discord server. We also regularly release updates on our website, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Join our Discord server:
Join our creative build server @

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Dauntcraft SMP

[​WARNING TO BEDROCK PLAYERS: you wont be able to get the full experience with the custom textures but you still can play]
(also go play the original inspirion of this (dauntless by phenoix labs)

So youve somehow stumbled upon my smp welp might aswell tell you

this smp is a unique one its a mix of rpg monster hunter and floating islands and exploration with dozons of islands, monsters, and bosses
youll have stuff to do forever (and secrets, lore and events) best part is its multiplayer compatiable and bedrock compatiable to a certain extent
but you didnt click on this for just some description you came to got ammused right? i got ya covered

Ways To Win At It.

so every island has different difficultys ranging from tutorial and freebuild to extreme and MAX(keystone difficulty) choose the one youd think would be best for you so you dont die.


so in the place you originally spawn there are villagers some will be custom with unique trades that can help take down behemoths (btw there called behemothologists)

Consequences for Death

now yes, even death has consequences by when you die you lose your items until you go back to were you died to get your tombstone (this give thats hardcore smp feel with multipule lives)


if you step outside of the islands youll die, so what do you need. A BOAT, the boats nw travel on the killer aetherfield below and as long as no one destoys it while your in it youll live (p.s also the tombstones become unuseable if you die in the voidy waters)

Aetheric Elements
so every behemoth in the game has a aetheric element and there are 8 there neutral(raw power),blaze(fire & heat),frost(ice&snow),shock(lightning&storm),terra(earth&poison),radiant(light),umbral(darkness), and hydro (water)(my fanmade one) every one is unique will abilitys and drops and rewards for killing them.


so in every element theres 1 boss called a keystone all have around 900 health but with te custom weapons i provide its a walk in the park (ehhh maybe not but still CONFIDENCE IS KEY(stone))
lets meet them

a large flaming silverback gorilla

a suppost to be extinct feline that likes freezing you up


a urban legend come to life in the middle of a maelstrom were it lurks


a very well rooted indiviual that is a fungi to be around


one mantah ray like boss youll have a **** of a TIME with that loves blinded by the lights (not the song either)


a monstorus creation of the void itself


ready to make a splash

and thats pretty much it also the server gets updated live too so you can play and find new islands being constructed. welp please come and join us wed live for you to make your legacy here!


Questline smp by Ins0mn1a
port: 2208

Ast Code Goodvibes Look Mes Pvp Raid Res Sco Smp Smp Server Survival Tails Team Weve

NoobCraft – SMP


This is NoobCraft – SMP

A SMP Server where anything goes really! Wether you want to Build,PVP,Raid, Roleplay or work together. You are free to play how you like however you can’t be mad if your base ended up getting raided as this is allowed. Also respect all players/staff! Treat them how you would like to be treated!

In the future this server will have a website, voting and we will be looking for staff.

The long term goal is eventually to branch out to custom coded games/minigames (I will be trying to learn java)

That’s it!
Hope to see you guys there! πŸ™‚

VERSION:1.20.1 (Will always be the latest version!)
We also have a gmod server if you like to play gmod, a sandbox server. you can find details to that in the discord in due course.

(Sorry if you’ve seen this over the last few days, this has been reposted a few times because of server issues lol, but everything is working now!)

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Welcome to DoomMC
The #1 LifeSteal experience, join us today and start your advertures
We offer many features:
– Jobs- Levels- Ranks- Skills- Teams
And many more to explore
Join now IP:

Base Based Data Economy Ect Enjoy Lmao Mall Pve Survival Tea Team Terra Terrain World

Astral Sanctum

AstralSanctum is a small survival server based on 1.19.4. PvE and Team based survival server. Custom terrain in the overworld, nether and the end. Come and enjoy the server with us!

Bounties Bounty Chill Currency Easy Economy Fun Greifing Grief Kill New Pvp Pvpsurvival Raid Raiding Shop Shops Smp Survival Team Vanilla War

πŸͺ“ PlutoCraft | Public SMP

πŸͺ“ PlutoCraft | Public SMP Minecraft Serverplutocraft

Why Should You Join?

  • Dedicated Community
  • Daily Crate Keys
  • In-Game Shop
  • Bounties
  • & Much More!
  • Join today!
    We will be glad to have you on!

    Anti Bedrock Economy End Faction Feat Features Friendly Greif Grief Java Semi Survival Team Unique


    Welcome to PebblesSMP! A Crossplay Server Java and Bedrock! This server is unique smp, semi faction! A friendly server. It can be PVP SERVER IF YOU ENABLE YOUR PVP! We have so many features in this server you can team with others or make your own base, it’s no griefiing here we proctect your base by anti greif! Join now! And enjoy.

    2017 Anarchy Server Anne Ban Hack Hacking Joe King Let Read Survival Tea Team Title Type

    anarchy no hacking

    this is a anarchy server but the 1 and only rule is no hacking aswell teaming is completly alowed i will banned you id you do hack anyways welcome to my server πŸ™‚

    A Minecraft Aternos Bat Battle Com Come Disco Discord Eam Leo Sco Tea Team Teams Welcome

    Welcome to Battle of Teams discord.ggEzxUspqA Minecraft server

    The server owner “Welcome to Battle of Teams discord.ggEzxUspqA” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

    Comment Comments Create Eam Gestion Mur Murder Normal Rot Rules Suggestions Survival Tall Team Teams


    Join the PROTONICSMP

    There are no rules in this, just a normal survival.
    Create teams and greet other players, or brutally murder them.
    Add suggestions in the comments!