Anarchy Survival Vanilla


A cracked semi-anarchy server. It has aspects of anarchy, but with certain rules like no hacking. Griefing is allowed. No WorldGuard-like protection.
Travel, build, grief, fight, team up, conquer.
Release soon!

Anarchy Economy Survival


This server has variety of plugins to enjoy and play around with such as EnchantmentsExpanded, an Elevator plugin for your bases, a economygui shop for those that just want to farm and buy the things they want. This server also has nice staff and no admin abuse what so ever. Everyone is welcome 🙂

Anarchy Pvp Survival Vanilla

Saved SMP

Salvos is an unique server. I wanted to create a server with low amounts of rules
but at the same time offer some form of protection for the player so it’s not
complete anarchy. Many Minecraft servers fail in this regard, as they over protect
the player by burdening them with limitations and rules or with lack of rules allowing
things like hacked clients.

There’s very few, if any, servers that allow a sane balance in my eyes.

That is why I’m creating Salvos. It fits this criteria perfectly. Salvos has
very few rules but at the same time protects the player through plugins like claims
and anti-cheat.

It also isn’t a hub or a network, it’s a passion project, the ideal server I would
like to play on and I hope you find it an ideal server too.

Anarchy Pvp Survival Survival Games Vanilla


A new type of server, rust style game, wipe after 2 or 4 weeks and after every wipe we got an update with new plugins and new maps (Pre-made open world maps)

Anarchy Cross-Play Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla


Our first update is finally here! Hop in-game right now to enjoy all the new custom items that have been added. These items include:
-Emerald Armor
-Ruby Armor
-Obsidian Armor
-Emerald Hammer
-Obsidian Pickaxe
-Obsidian Sword
-Glass Sword
-A mysterious new pickaxe that can be used to obtain Bedrock!!
If you can’t figure out how to craft these items by yourself, a link that shows you how to craft them, will be provided here shortly. Also, head to spawn right now for a small surprise!
Dynmap Map Link:
If you’re looking for a simple Minecraft
SMP with some unique twists to it, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. This SMP features cool things like being able to be revived before you die and lose all of your stuff, dualwielding, which means you can use the tool in your main hand and offhand at the same time, automatically healing sleeping players, and of course, being able to play from both Bedrock and Java Edition(together). Don’t think that’s all yet though, since we are actively working on different seasons(summer, winter, fall and spring), graves that will keep your items safe, in case you die, cool custom weather events like rainbows or northern lights, and a climbing mechanic.
If you think that all of that might be worth a try, come join us at players should also use this adress, along with 19132 as the port).

Anarchy Pvp Raiding Survival

brapfart anarchy

brapfart anarchy 1.18.2

Australian hosted anarchy server with no rules.

Server offers voting rewards, semi-vanilla experience and no anti-cheat.

join now its fun bro xo

Anarchy Mcmmo Pvp Survival


Survival anarchy server with mcMMO. No map or player resets ever. Plugins are subject to change but mcMMO is here to stay forever.

Anarchy Bedrock Crossplatform Crossplay Extrememinecraft Hardmode Java Javabedrockcrossplay Norules Norulesanarchy Survival

Black Mesa – Java-Bedrock Crossplay – Extreme Mode – Laid back rules

Black Mesa

IP: Port: 25585

Join the discord if you like (not forced to):

So far my server is fairly new, and ill be fully honest I do not have many players, but I really do want to have a decent playerbase and see if the server can grow.

Welcome to one of the hardest servers in Minecraft. And I like to say the server is in an ‘extreme mode’, a mode above hard mode in a way. This server forces players to their limits, natural disasters and the hardest mode of difficulty offers a more extreme Minecraft gameplay, there is a focus on laid back rules and minimal moderation, allowing people to do what they like in a free environment, this server is very challenging overall but I hope to see what people can do!

Anarchy Hardcore Pve Pvp Vanilla


6g6s is a vanilla anarchy server without commands like /tpa and /home. Hacking, swearing and griefing is allowed too.

Java IP:

Anarchy Hardcore Pvp Survival Vanilla

Literally Vanilla

Getting tired of spawning into a server just to find there are a bunch of hoops to jump through just to begin? Serverception, an economy you could care less about, spawns that are so big you don’t know where to begin, and still the longing for a server with good ol’ Vanilla is there. Say no more. Our server is literally vanilla. That’s it. Spawn in, get going. Griefing and PVP are allowed. Hacking in any way is the only thing that’s not allowed.