Anarchy Pve Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Arashi Network

Here on the Arashi Network, there’s something for everyone!
Developed, built by hand, and ran by XRyciaX.
24/7 Uptime, version 1.13.2+

(Still in development!
However, it is still fully functional and configured.)

Here’s what we currently feature;
We have a running fresh Anarchy that will never reset– survival without laws!

For those casual players, we also have a basic survival world that allows /home and /claim with PVP disabled.

In the mood for some roleplay? We have After The Flash: Sandstorm, a fully fleshed-out post-apocalyptic era map featuring a custom texture pack, working guns, a ton of more, and more.

Join our Discord server to see what we’re planning!

Anarchy Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla



Anarchy Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla

Nanse Istorija

– No Lag – 100% Vanilla – Never Reset –

Deltaverse is the latest anarchy server in Minecraft created in October 2021. Deltaverse is actually heavily inspired by Minecraft’s oldest anarchy server, 2b2t, due to its nature, community, and history that defines 2b2t as a whole.

Anarchy Pvp Survival

100k Anarchy

Welcome to 100kA!

100kA is a no-rules anarchy server where anyone can be anything! Build a swastika! Build a giant d**k! Worship Satan! Do anything! In 100kA, you are free to roam around our 10 million square blocks of unexplored land. Build the biggest base and rise to the top as the most legendary 100kA player ever!

Anarchy Mcmmo Pvp Survival Vanilla

Middle School Disarray

A brand new 1.18 SMP server, full of mischief and disarray!
This server runs like vanilla with a few enhancements and quality of life changes, including mcMMO for RPG-like skill progression, Plasmo Voice mod (optional) for proximity voice chat, support for Minecraft Bedrock players, Discord integration, and more! Players are free to play however they choose (as long as they aren’t cheating!), so bring your friends and enjoy the disarray!

Server version: 1.18

Anarchy Factions Hardcore Pvp Survival Vanilla


Elyiatra is a high-quality Vanilla Factions server with land claims, a wonderful community, helpful staff, and fantastic players like you!

Anarchy Hardcore Pvp Raiding Survival Survival Games Vanilla

Minecraft Anarchy Server
Grief, Hack, Troll.
Zero f*cks given.
I made it for me. You can play if you want.

Anarchy Economy Pve Pvp Raiding Survival

Crazy Anarchy

OP Anarchy Server. Next level anarchy server experience.
– No map reset
– Constantly updating the server to improve player experience.
– No rules/ no bans.
– No pay to win
– Custom plugins
– Abusive staff

Anarchy Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla


Karasique – anarchy server 1.17.+ The server has been run since April 2020 and has never been reset Map size over 5.4 tb Over 60 000 players visiting at least once No rules, No map reset, No pay2win

Anarchy Economy Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival


LifeStealMC is a fun & exciting server offering the best LifestealSMP experience. With our fully custom coded core, constant updates & frequent community events & wars there is no reason to play Lifesteal anywhere else. So What are you waiting for? Come and play on the number 1 LifestealSMP server today at!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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