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we invite you to server minecraft, proven by hundreds of players since 2013 survival, creative, vanilla. Craftapple is one of the oldest working Minecraft servers in Poland, and it still works for you.

Spoiler: The whole truth about CraftApple
gangstar he wrote:

It’s fun to play on this server because there is a very nice ViceAdmin Administration, fashion helpers and players. I know that […] this server is just cool :) and I would like to play it.

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Server Anarchy My World server Minecraft

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Anarchy Pvp Vanilla


Welcome to the TikiHut! We are a very small smp survival server on version 1.19.2! Our server is semi-anarchy with minimal rules and plugins. We have a lovely community but we are always looking for new members! Join the community!

Anarchy Lifesteal Pvp Survival Towny Vanilla

Dank Towny

Custom Towny Server!
Ip –
Custom Enchants
Need Staff!

This server is a new upcoming towny server with features, unlike any other server! Create custom Redstone contraptions with mod-like plugin slime fun! Unlock new enchants and become the most powerful player on the server!

Anarchy Lifesteal Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

Hadeon Lifesteal

Hadeon is a unique take on the Minecraft Lifesteal SMP genre. We seek to provide players with a highly enjoyable play-to-win experience and a unique take on the Lifesteal genre. Through custom features and exciting gameplay, we offer an experience like no other. On this server, killing another player grants you one of their hearts. At the end of the season, a server-wide Free-For-All event will be held in the End dimension to determine the sole survivor and winner of the season. For more information, visit our FAQ on our Discord.

2b2t Anarchy Factions Grief Nocheat Nohackingallowed Nohacks Pvp Semianarchy Survival Vanilla

Power Vanilla

Power Vanilla — Vanilla Anarchy Without Hacks!

Join Our Discord :

Want to join a anarchy with no hacks allowed?

Power Vanilla is Made to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended it to be. This means there are no gameplay-alterting plugins, no tpa, no playerhomes and Your left with your own determined economy. Everything is left up to our players to decide. Griefing is allowed and there are no grief-prevention Plugs.
We offer 1.19.2, no chat report system, 24/7, Vanilla anarchyThis Server intends to be like a normal anarchy BUT Without Hacking Clients being allowed, This therefore means our server to be unique Than the servers who dupes and hacks. We serve Pure Vanilla Gameplay• JOIN US TODAY!

Anarchy Discord Discordserver Factions Factionserver Plugins Semianarchy Survival Vanillasurvival

RegionMC SemiAnarchy

RegionMC is a very new up and coming semi-anarchy 1.19.2 Minecraft server. We have a few plugins that add interesting aspects to the vanilla experience, including tons of custom enchantments, custom weapons, custom structures, and magical books.

Semi-Anarchy, as the use of exploit clients or xray is not permitted, but griefing, stealing, rk, ect, is allowed.
With a world border of 10,000, to keep players in a general area for now, you will never run out of interaction and fighting if that is what you seek.

There are many goals of RegionMC, which you have full control of. You could start a faction, make it official and keep yourself in power. Get some friends or a faction and create cities, protecting said city from people who want to bring you down. Create allies, interlock cities, create maps and trade routes. Get rich with the in game currency of gold, powered by a plugin. Become a nomad, creating a secret base and protecting your gold from others. Become a trader, collecting rare custom enchantments and selling them to others. Make friends, or enemies, within RegionMC and see how it all turns out.

Anarchy Norules Survival

The Wild West

Anarchy server. Brand new. Come start a legacy. walls @ 20k so you’re bound to cross paths with others.

See if you can brave the wild and thrive

Anarchy Free Mini Games Shops

9B9T Anarchy on phone and pc Minecraft server Minecraft server

9B9T – Minecraft anarchy server. The main game mode is anarchy! On the server you can build your global large-scale projects, traps, farms.

About the server: Wipes on the server are held every two months. Many players organize themselves and form clans. Pistons are not prohibited on the server, due to this, many players build traps. There is also a raid spawn on the server, which means that players can build farms

Donate goods, privilege shops: Donate privileges are sold on the server, they are all balanced. That is, it means that there are no admins, lords, OPs, creatives.

Players can get a free donation case for the time played, which means that all players have the same gaming experience, whether you donated or not

Mini-games: There are no mini-games on the server.

entrance to the server is absolutely free, all you need is to add our IP to the “add servers” tab, you can connect only on 1.19.2 The server works on both pirated and licensed minecraft

Phone connection possible!

Our IP:

Phone port 19132

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