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Non pay-2-win Minecraft Network!

– Skyblock
– Anarchy/Survival
– Prisons

– Factions (Coming soon)


Anarchy Hacking Hacking Allowed Raiding Survival


pvp , anarchy , hacking
do anything raid bases play survival hack do anything.

Accounts Anarchy Cracked Hacksallowed New Nolag Pvp Survival

Unlimited Anarchy

We are a new Minecraft Anarchy Server created on 29/10/2020.
We provide quality Gameplay with no lag and any studdering.
The server is on 1.12.2 and allows hacking!

Anarchy Creative Other Pvp Skyblock Survival


We have many different game modes with more to come! Including, Skyblock, Anarchy, Creative, more+ to come!

Ultimate Skyblock Experience! Featuring IridiumSkyblock, Epic spawners, Anti-Cheat, and more!
Take your island to the top of the leaderboard!

Build your heart out! Featuring PlotSquared, WorldEdit and more! Dont want your builds destroyed? No Problem! Just claim a plot!

Featuring a custom world generator, this is anarchy like you’ve never seen! Anti-cheat is also enabled along with some basic commands for the best anarchy experience.
We have much more to come in the future, so stay tuned!

Anarchy Cheatingallowed Europe Hacking Allowed Hard Java Legit Norules Norulesanarchy Survival Vanilla


💎Java Anarchy 1.16.3 💎

♥️Hard difficulty, but is it a problem for anarchy server? ♥️

♦ Pretty new, spawn is only lightly griefed ♦

✅No cracked accounts✅

🎺Absolutely no rule breaking! Wait what? It’s an anarchy, there are no rules to break!🎺

Anarchy Prison Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla


Free 41Free4all is a Anarchy server with no rules.
Meaning you can, Hack, Greif, Dupe, Raid, CrystalPvp, And Much More.
We Are A Small Community That Is Hoping To Grow.
We Don’t Patch Duplication Glitches, We Don’t Have AntiCheat, And We Keep It As Vanilla As Possible.
We Have No Admin Incured Bullshit, As Long As You Keep The Server Playable, Meaning No Lag Machines Period The Admin Has A Current And Forever Jihad Against Any And All Lag Machines, Terrible Things Happen To You If You Build Them Please Trust Me On This One.
So Get On Today And Do What Ever You Want!!!!!



Anarchy server with a couple gameplay bettering plugins!
Plugins included: Luckperms,Unlimitedanvil,Images,XPtome,Bettergiants,Zenchantments,Vault,Spigot,FloodgateBukkit,Slimefun,Mythicmobs,Goldenenchants,Modelengine,Wild,Actionhealth

Anarchy Survival


BRAND NEW ANARCHY SERVER! Join today for prizes and more! Hacks are allowed! Join our discord today!

Anarchy Pve Pvp Survival

Survival Status

Survival Status is a new semi-anarchy server with only three rules.

– No hacking

-No third party clients

-No cheating

This will be a true to form survival server. Choose your friends wisely and build far from spawn.

Anarchy Pve Pvp Vanilla


(if we get big we will patch all the dupes so its more fun to play we will try our best to not remove vanilla shit though)

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