Altdorf Castle Creative Empire Environment Fantasy Forest Giant Huge Kislev Land Map Mountains Old Sigmar Warhammer Warhammercraft World Worldpainter


WarhammerCraft is committed to accurately building the Old World continent as depicted in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The WarhammerCraft server is the ultimate unofficial recreation of Warhammer in Minecraft!

Players can fly around and admire our work, or apply to join our fantastic build team!

WarhammerCraft uses the standard Minecraft launcher, implementing unique models and pack resources to better our world visually. The map of the Old World is currently 73,728 x 46,592 blocks – approximately equivalent to 3,435 sq km of land and ever growing in detail and size!

Whether you’re a fan of Warhammer, buildings amazing castles in a massive map or just enjoy Minecraft, WarhammerCraft is open for all to explore!

We are always looking for builders to help with this gigantic project!

Join us on Discord for the latest info, how to build or just to chat!

1192server 18plus Birch Chill Dedicated Eyes Host Map Mcmmo Minecraft Multiplayer New Newmap Nolag Semivanilla Singleplayersleep Spawn Survival Town Uhc Vanilla

|| [Java 1.19.2] || Eyes of Birch || [Vanilla+MCMMO] || [Whitelist] || [18+] || [NEW MAP (8/20/2022)] ||

The fourth public reincarnation of a former small private server, Eyes of Birch aims to increase its player base while preserving in game tranquility and quaint atmosphere. Long term activity is sought, but the primary goal is to create a unique and enjoyable sense of community. This version of the server will be adding a few oldschool feeling tweaks to the vanilla game, and welcomes your nostalgia. Prepare to apply.


Freshly reset at the end of August, our spawn in this world is located in a pristine alpine valley between several towering mountains ranges. There we will begin to settle a spawn town. Your help–or at least your touristic interest–would be greatly appreciated. You may roam as you wish and build wherever, within reasonable consideration of your fellow players.


This server was initially made for Discord friends across several Discord servers, and now we are grouped together on one specifically made for this Minecraft server. We voice chat fairly often, and are always happy to hear new voices, or see new typists. Let me know in the application or elsewhere if you want an invite link.


I won’t lay down many solid rules, but rather trust you to understand the basics of a cooperative minecraft server. We all love vikings, pirates, and warlords, but please do not engage in destroying, stealing, or killing without some sort of understanding between players. Generally, do not make the game unenjoyable for others. I’m sure most of you have been through this before. Also, around the spawn area at least, please fill creeper holes, finish off trees, and keep the village and flowers preserved where possible. Thanks.


My in game name is IcedEmpyre. I am the owner and former operator. We are now instead running on a private server hosted from a physically accessible rig under the care of sneakysnek (aka AssassinRG). It is 24/7 and better performing than the old host. Specs at bottom of post. If you have any questions/suggestions regarding the server or game, feel free to contact either of us. Players of all experience levels are welcome. Players below 18 are not likely to be accepted, but you could certainly try submitting an application along with the rest:



Location (optional):

Your specialty skill(s) in Minecraft:

Your favorite mineral:

Something which consumes a lot of time in your life:

Would you like to join the associated discord server?:


We are looking to have some events in the future, including but not limited to boss fights, UHC, community builds, competitive mining, voice chats… We are running on paper spigot, but will not be using any major game changing plugins unless perhaps by overwhelming request of most members. The currently most substantial plugin is MCMMO.


The physical server is an R710, Dual x5650 processors with 72GB of RAM on a
fiber connection. The virtual machine has 2 virtual CPUs and 6GB of RAM provisioned right now, which can be increased as necessary. Running on a Raid 6 15K SAS array.


Whether beneath the hot desert sun, amidst the rolling ocean waves, sheltering from a high mountain blizzard, slinking through the dangerous night, or wherever else you might find yourself, I look forward to meeting you in game.


119server Map Maps Skyblock Test Testing Vanilla

Test Server Skyblock Classic Edition

hi guys today i need your help to test multiplayer. you have to enter the server here is IP: for the Skyblock Classic Edition – Worlds.

Apiary Bee Bees Bukkit Community Coreprotect Cottagecore Creative Creativeworld Discord Dynmap Essentials Essentialsx Friendly Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Howtojoin Hub Join Lobby Map Nice Original Paper Semivanilla Server Smp Smpdiscord Smpserver Spigot Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Wholesome Worldedit

Apiary 🌻 Community Survival Minecraft Server 🌻 1.19

apiary, noun; a place where bees are kept

Season 1 Opening July 2nd

Bee Themed Text Separator
Welcome to The Apiary! ✿ Java 1.19

{Join our Discord here to apply}

Bee Themed Text Separator
Hey! We get it.
You just wanna play some good Minecraft and let yourself get lost in it for a while.
Do what you love. We’re right there with you.

Here’s the buzz

The Apiary is a wholesome bee-themed server,
with quality-of-life tweaks and fun social features.
We’re like HermitCraft. Our community is our soul.

If you’d like to know all the server’s details like what commands we have
and what tweaks we use, check out the handbook we’ve made!

We also have a diverse and trustworthy staff team and distinct rules.
These ensure a pleasant experience for any players who just want to relax and filter out the nonsense.
If you’ve been looking for a nice little haven, you’re in the right place.

You can get whitelisted by reading our #welcome channel and following the straightforward steps to apply.

{Join our Discord here to apply}

Beehive Themed Text Separator

Community opened May 20th (International Bee Day)
Season 1 Opening July 2nd! 💐💐💐

Build City Community Crystalpvp Dreamsmp Earth Earthmap Factions Hcf Java Map Potpvp Pvp Smp Smppvp Smpvp Survival Towny

SMP Knight

SMP Knight is a towny and SMP server. SMP is Survival Multiplayer and Towny is a plugin that allows people to make towns, invite friends, make nations, claim land etc. There are also features like sieges and wars.

This server has a small friendly community which is moderated by an active staff team, it has a player based economy. Players can make shops, do jobs, PvP etc.

I hope to see you online, and have fun!

Advancedachievements Discord Discordsrv Dynmap Map Russian Survival Vanila Vanilla Gameplay Vanillasurvival

DanilDrem3 SMP Private server without wipes (Bedrock support)

Bedrock address:

Hello! Our server has been running for a whole year since version 1.16.3. We have a pretty active community of players building big projects.

Most importantly, our server is almost completely vanilla, there are no TPs or privates, but there are exceptions in the form of cosmetic chips. There are no wipes on the server, as well as world boundaries, and administrators always try to update as quickly as possible to the new version of minecraft.

To get on the minecraft server, you need to go to our discord and talk to the admins about access to the server. There are no privates or restrictions on the server, but it is forbidden to interfere with anyone or use cheats.

We are waiting for you if you want to play quietly on our small and cozy server!


Battleground Build Builders Callofduty Counterstrike Csgo Fortnite Gamer Gaming Gun Guns Map Minecraft Pvp Quality Qualityarmory Qualityserver Server Survival Survuval War Warzone Warzonefr Weapons

Warzonefr.Mc | 1.16.5 | ✔️

Health !

You play Minecraft and you are looking for a server with:

– 🔫 3D weapons,

– 🚗 vehicles,

– 🏛 beautiful structures,

– 🕹 a gaming community,

– 🗺 and a beautiful map,

So I recommend our server
Warzonefr.Mc | 1.16.5 ✔️

The ip and the textures pack are on the discord.

⚠️Attention⚠️ the first 100 discord members will have a money bonus, so don’t hesitate for a second and join our discord!

– 📡 Our discord:

– otOther tickets:

– 📷 Our Instagram:

-🐦 Our Twitter:

– 🗾 Our menu:

– Our Banner:

We are waiting for you on the battlefield 😉

Note wiki:

We strongly advise you to read the wiki carefully so as not to miss anything essential!

Good reading !


The server is in 1.16.5, it does not require any mode only a texture pack which you can download in the lobby
#【📥】texture-pack, it is advisable to activate the music of Minecraft because this one has been modified.
Here is the IP:

II. Goal and flow of the game

Warzonefr.Mc is a Minecraft server inspired by fps war games like call of duty, Battlefield, Counter Strike or Fortnite. The goal is to kill as many people as possible in order to collect stuff and money to be able to buy weapons and move up in rank.
Unlike many fps games, there are no games, ie there is no winner, no top 1 etc. The game is endless.
When you arrive for the first time in the server, you appear in the lobby, ie an aircraft port, and you have the choice to go to the map, to the shop or to return to the lobby by clicking on the pnj titled “Wars”.
Once in the map you spawn in a plane with the back open. To randomly spawn on the map and receive your starter kit you have to jump from the plane.
To return to the plane do /spawn,
and to return to the lobby press /lobby.
When you die you respawn in the plane of the map where you died, and when you reconnect to the server you return to where you disconnected previously

III. Fire arms

In the server you can get weapons from chests, by killing people, or by buying them from the shop with money you earn either by killing entities or by buying it from our online store.
There are over 80 weapons and 7 types of ammunition.
To shoot take a weapon in your main hand and left click,
To reload right click with the empty weapon in your hand, and the correct ammo in your inventory, and to aim crouch. WARNING you will not be able to aim if your inventory is full.
All weapon information is marked when you hover your mouse over the weapon in your inventory.
You can shoot through doors, windows and leaves.
Headshot multiple damage and make a noise.

IV. Coffers

The map is covered with structures (like villages, camps etc.) in which you can find chests containing more or less good stuff depending on which structure the chest is in.
Every 10 minutes, the chests fill up.
They contain: firearms, swords, armor, food, ammunition and sometimes vehicles.

V. Vehicles

Underground, the map is crossed by long roads on which you can move in vehicles such as cars, racing cars and many others that you will find at the entrance to the highways in chests.
In the military base you can find planes, tanks, helicopters and even functional combat robots!
To place a vehicle simply place the chest on the ground, and to retrieve it, right click on it while crouching.
To shoot with tanks or helicopters, you have to take fireballs in your second hand and right-click while looking at the place where you want to shoot.
To bomb with the plane you have to put tnts in your hand and click right to send them below you.
Finally, to shoot with the combat robot, you simply have to left click continuously and look where you want to aim.

VI. Economy

When you are in the lobby you can by clicking on the npc entitled “warps” and selecting the diamond to go to the shop.
There are two types of merchandise there: Hard weapons you buy with in-game money, and money you buy from our online store or earn by killing entities. To access it, click on a traveling merchant or execute the following command: /Store.
When you kill a player you earn $4 when you kill a zombie you earn between $4 and $5 and when you kill a soldier you earn between $8 and $10.

VII. Voice Chat

The server includes an integrated voice chat that you can join either by clicking on the message that appears when you enter the server marked “Click here to Connect to the online audio client” or by doing the /audio command. When you are on the web page you can change the volume or join the local voice chat by pressing the green button marked vc.join.
To leave the voice chat simply delete the web page.

VIII. online map

Our server contains an online map that you can access by clicking on the link found in the #【🚦】server channel, or by doing the following command:

Checkerboard Customenchants Custommap Enchants Enderdragon Experimental Map Pve Pvp Respawn Smp Survival

ExperimentalSMP [Checkboard Biomes] [Custom Enchants] [1.18.2]

Welcome to ExperimentalSMP! I love Minecraft, however the standard vanilla experience is getting boring lately. SO, why not make things more interesting? That’s where ExperimentalSMP comes in. We offer a mostly vanilla experience, while at the same time using experimental world settings along with a few plugins to make the Minecraft experience a lot more interesting. Here’s some of the changes we have to offer:

Custom Enchantments

Our server uses ExcellentEnchants to add some variety in the games enchantments. There are several new enchantments for each type of gear, and even some added features such as allowing more enchantments on Elytra, as well as guaranteed enchantment spawning with villager trades.

Some of the enchantments include:

Electric (Bow): Has a chance to strike lightning where the arrow lands
Exhaust (Sword): Has a chance to inflict hunger on a landed hit
Bunny Hop (Boots): Gives permanent Jump Boost I, II, or III depending on level

Custom World
ExperiementalSMP’s main gimmick is it’s world. It uses custom code to generate a unique checkerboard pattern of every biome in the game (except end biomes) and creates a really cool effect. While some of the biomes are slightly buggy, the world generation is mostly vanilla in terms of Terrain. Not only that, but some aspects of the Nether are found in the overworld as well; Basalt Delta’s will leak into nearby caves, bastions and nether fortresses can be found all over the overworld, and Piglins and Hoglins will even sometimes found roaming caves.

Enderdragon Fight

The Enderdragon, now renamed Alduin, has been changed somewhat in terms of difficulty and rewards. Upon death, the Ender Dragon will now “drop” some valuables, such as iron, diamond, and even a piece of Ancient Debris. Not only that, but the amount of XP dropped is doubled. Finally, the Ender Dragon will naturally respawn at random intervals (for now).

Some other features we offer include:

– /tpa
– Rank-up system based on time played
– Minimal admin interference
– Discord server under construction

Chestshops City Community Crates Currency Discord Dynmap Earth Earthmap Earthtowny Economy F2p Free Freetoplay Friendly Geo Geopol Geopolitical Geopolitics Guide Jobs Map Mcmmo Minecraft Money Playerbasedeconomy Playershops Playerwarps Ranks Rankup Roleplay Server Survival Town Towns Towny Townyearth Tutorial Voterewards War

100% FREE 1.18.1 ACTIVE | GeoEarth MC – Geopolitical Roleplay | 1:500 Earth Map | Nice And Tolerant Community! [ Towny | Earth map | Discord | Geo Political-Roleplay | World Building | Friendly ]

Hey Players! Welcome to GeoEarthMC!

On GeoEarthMC you have a lot of Stuff and a lot of possibilities! it is easy for beginners and is challenging for even more Advanced Players! You wont get bored. We have a great and nice Community and all of them will accept newbies!

-> We dont care about Nations or Continents, a person comes from, Everyone is accepted!
-> We are not Salty

With a great roleplay community, you can easily make Geopolitical Roleplay and make International Stuff like treaties or conflicts. There are no Limits for Creativity.

on our server you have:

– Towny
– a huge map of the earth
– a nice server community
– Jobs
– Playerbased economy
– Crates with custom Gear and Weapons (f2p)
– rankups / ranks (f2p)
– a 100% free2play server experience
– and Alcohol
and a lot of more…

Find it out, join now! or

The Discord: zBvM63MNrq or

The Dynmap:

IP: or

Have Fun!

Special thanks to all server members and the GeoEarthMC Staff Team

*you will need discord for playing on the server

Abstror Adagium Airport Apartment Apartments Building Capital City Complex Creative Future House Hubspawn Lake Large Library Map Metro Minecart Minecraft Modern Museum Port Square Stadium Subway Tenochtitlan Terminal Unmined Urban

Altepec Java 1.17.1 server (not available)

Please don’t try to access to server yet. We are working on it!
If you want to know the progress, visit the project

P.D.: When the project is 40%-60% complete, I will need help for build up to 20’000 houses, to give a sense of diversity. Later, I will decide if it can be in this server or by sending me the buildings.

Altepec is the official capital of Adagium, result of mutual cooperation between Gematia, Axis and Stravia. That is why it houses all the embassies, international organizations, and the nation government and its dependencies.

It’s a planned city built on a large meadow and next to the bay, it has an area of 49km². Its plan and urban design are inspired by places, like Brasilia, Songdo and Tenochtitlan.

Its buildings are based by international style and metaphoric architecture, and a lot of original ideas, which are a synthetic representation of each buildings function. Some interesting buildings are the national tower, stadium, cathedral, mayor’s palace, science and technology institute, art museum, and hospital.

The Altepec Subway (it’s really a “superway”, no underground), called Intervia, covers the transport service for population and important sites, with 10 coordinated lines and connections throughout the country. All railways pass over the ground level in color tubes.
Other transports are the international airport, able to serve crowded flights, and the passengers and container terminals of the port, which joins land and sea.

Altepec has green areas in every street and sector, to create a city in sinergy with its environment and develop creativity and imagination. The downtown is completely surrounded by a lake, where everyone can enjoy the amazing landscapes and take a boat ride. Further, there are a zoo, an acuarium, a large farmland and a natural reserve.