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Abominable SMP

A server dedicated to improving the feel of normal survival servers. We have optimizations including, timber, dynmap, chest locking systems, and more! Pvp is on and griefing is allowed outside of the chest locking program.

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Turtlecraft [1.16.4] [SMP]

Server IP:
Turtlecraft Official Trailer: Here
Server Spawn Reveal: Here
Discord Server: Join

Welcome to Turtlecraft, which offers multiplayer fun for everyone! Feel free to hang out on this SMP and build, explore, socialize, and generally just have a good time! This server has no whitelist, either, so as long as you agree to follow the rules, you and any friends or family members are welcome to join the game and write your own legend!

– A small but beautiful spawn filled to the brim with turtles (obviously)
– Plugins to claim land, monitor player activity, and get rid of trouble-makers
– Simple commands like /tpa, /sethome, /home, and /spawn to get around more easily
– A 10,000 x 10,000 block map, all pre-rendered and with a Dynmap, so you never get lost
– DiscordSRV, so you can stay connected even when you’re not in-game
– A custom resource pack for every season, switched accordingly with (Northern Hemisphere) seasons in real life (current pack is Autumn)
– No whitelist, meaning anyone can join at any time without having to apply!
– A day/night cycle twice as long as in a vanilla world- A sleep plugin that advances the night faster the more people are asleep (instead of 1 player sleeping and it instantly turning to daytime)
– A toggleable inventory/chest sorting system so you don’t have to spend all your time organizing your belongings!
– An efficient system for getting rid of trouble-makers (first strike is a warning, second strike is a ban)

1.) Be respectful and civilized (in Discord and in-game).
2.) Use common courtesy in-game and don’t cheat/exploit the game or other players in any way.
3.) No prohibited content.
4.) Follow Discord’s TOS and Community Guidelines.
5.) No spamming (unless you’re in #spam).
6.) No advertising.
7.) Stay on-topic.

These rules are elaborated upon both in our Discord server’s #rules channel and in an in-game Rulebook you receive upon joining.
Come say hi and vibe with us on the Discord server and in-game!

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Umbril Roleplay

umbril server banner

Umbril Roleplay is a fantasy apocalypse survival roleplay server with hints of scifi .

We’re in open beta phase, constantly improving our system, join Enjin !

The server is whitelisted, and is as easy as making a character bio and posting to the enjin forum! You can find all the info on races HERE, as well as info on professions and skills. Then you head over to Character Bios Forum, fill out the provided template, and wait for a staff comment. You’re approved if you see an EXP LOG comment, and may then join the server! If there’s any issues staff will work with players to correct them.

We host a variety of races, many standard high fantasy races, such as Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Halflings, Gnomes and more.

We have unique world and race lore, a new 10k x 10k+ custom map, and host the opportunity to become a vampire lich overlord or even just a simple farmer!
The Basics:

Umbril is a hardcore roleplay server, recommended 16+, everyone playing on our server is always IC. Pvp is thru roleplay and our custom combat system. We enforce whitelist, but it’s not hard to apply. Be sure to check out our rules!
Our server allows for unique creation of characters, we do not function off of a class system, but rather a Skill and profession system. This allows players to remain balanced and creates a large variety of options. Our server also has custom skill abilities, and race skills and abilities which shake things up!

Spoiler – click to reveal

A map of the world of Umbril Roleplay. Artwork ©empiredog

If you’re interested in following the status of the server, please subscribe or join our Enjin!

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[1.14.4] MiamiRP Official | The Official CityRP Miami Server

Welcome to MiamiRP Official!
We present to you our latest minecraft project called MiamiRP!

The environment in which this roleplay is involved in is based on the city of Miami, although it is not an exact copy of it, since there are some features that we thought it could be appropriate to add in order to improve the roleplay experience!

In MiamiRP, you’ll be able to explore our map, go to high school, apply for jobs, take part in events, get money, buy apartments/houses for yourself, and much more!

However, the best way we can show you this is by showing you our trailer! Enjoy!

However, in order to apply, you’ll need to fill in an application. Don’t get us wrong! We want to allow as many people in our server as possible! Nonetheless, we want to prevent trolls/raiders to come in just so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Do not worry, though! Our applications are fairly easy to fill in, and more than 80% of the applicants pass!

Join our discord server to get yourself started!

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Experience Disney’s Club Penguin, in Minecraft!

ClubMinePenguin is a Club Penguin based server, made for all ages. We aim to bring a friendly, safe, and fun Club Penguin experience into Minecraft!

In CMP’s Club Penguin, we have monthly parties/events, mascot meetups, minigames, igloos, and all of the other features that were in the original game. Waddle around and meet new friends!

Join the community and make memorable experiences with other players. We’d love to have you.


Make sure you’re in the loop. You can follow and join all of our socials. Including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, etc.
[url=”[​u][​style size=15px color=#36f][​/style][​/u]”][/url]

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– YomNetwork – DayZ – Infernal Realms – WarZone

InfectedRPG DayZ
WarZone PvP
Infernal Realms
Website Donate
NEW Players are always welcome into our community!

InfectedRPG DayZ
InfectedRPG is a DayZ based survival PvP PvE server with guns and much much more. Your ultimate goal is to survive and thrive starting from nothing and ending up an unstoppable veteran survivor. Zombies are a threat to your survival and will kill you or worse infect you and turn you into one of them. Other players may be friendly and help you survive, or they could be a bandit and murder you for your supplies. We have over 200 different types of custom weaponry including guns ranging from pistols to RPG’s, over 12 different types of melee weapons including minecrafts default swords, a huge arsenal of explosives for you to use and blow up, and even nuclear bombs! Explore massive cities or abandoned military bases and loot the supplies people left behind to help you survive! Find and drive boats, horses, and even helicopters! Earn tokens by killing zombies and rank up to unlock new kits and more! Find sleeping bags, barbed wire, barricades, and storage boxes to build your own base and defend it from zombies and bandits! There is endless things to do on this server so enjoy and goodluck!

WarZone PvP
WarZone PvP is a massive Kit PvP type server with guns set in a massive destructible city. You start off in a C130 Aircraft and choose your loadout and kits then Skydive out of the plane into the WarZone. You fight 100’s of other players with over 80 types of unlockable guns and weapons. Use bombs to blow up buildings, snipe people from 100 blocks away, fly through the city, make a team, build a base. Kill people to earn money then use that money to rankup and unlock more guns and kits. Are you ready to join the fight?

Infernal Realms
Infernal Realms is an MMO RPG PvP Adventure server! You pick a class, fight monsters, level up, conquer dungeons and bosses, create and rule towns, command armies, unlock gear, wage war and become King of the realm! The fun never ends on Infernal Realms!

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PikaBlox (v1.10.2) (v5.1.2) FREE SHINY PIKACHU!







PikaBlox is a new approach to the Minecraft PixelMon community. Unlike many other servers, we have custom features that manipulate PixelMon from the core! These additions allow things like proper Nether and End Pokemon spawning while enabling things such as custom Pokemon particles, unique rarity mechanics, and even levels that increase cleanly as you explore the vast survival world. We have an economy system, a town system, a beautiful spawning area, and constantly updating content. Along with our survival theme, we include an RPG theme, having our own lore and the start to an entirely new, non-canon region. This region is called the Caro Region which includes our spawn, the Malia Islands. As the server progresses, we will be adding more catchable legendary Pokemon and more RPG content to a big adventure world. Eventually, we hope to establish many things for players to enjoy, but we first need your help to make that happen!


Our staff are friendly, helpful, and willing to resolve any issues that may occur. We also regularly contribute code to Sponge projects, supporting us enables our ability to support the Sponge community.

Our website will be listed below along with some other useful information!


TeamSpeak3 Server:

Technic Launcher Pack:

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Voxel Town


Voxel Town is a realistic creative server for all ages!
We are currently running on version 1.16

Come join our friendly community as a Player, and explore our cities and unique warps located all over the server. Complete a Builder Trial to participate in our server-wide projects and warps, as well as collaborate with others. For those who are better at building and looking to help lead projects and help other builders, ask a staff member about our Architect rank! We’re excited to have you on our server, and look forward to seeing what you can do!

For more information, join our Discord:

To view server progress and other projects, visit our Dynmap:

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PhantomCraft – Minecraft Kingdom server.

Welkom op PhantomCraft, dé Minecraft kingdom server.
Jouw avontuur begint op PhantomCraft, kingdom ANNO 2020.

Wij zijn PhantomCraft, een Nederlandse Minecraft kingdom server.
Wij hebben veel features, dit op gebied van plug-ins, maar door ons
-unieke concept en geweldige storylines is jouw bezoek er een om nooit te vergeten!

Wij zijn op dit moment nog onze koninkrijken op aan het bouwen op gebied van verhaal
-en achtergrond. Als deze af zijn heeft elk koninkrijk een uniek verhaal.

Onze server heeft twee verschillende chat kanalen, roleplay en normaal.
Hierin kan jij makkelijk wisselen door middel van chat modes.
Het is geen verplicht stuk van onze server, je hoeft je dus niet telkens
-aan de roleplay te houden.

Discord (invite-link):
Twitter: @PhantomCraftNL
– Status: Onderhoud.
– Status: Geplant onderhoud.

Server informatie:
Intel© Core® i9-9900k

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The Rol of Dead is a dedicated minecraft server which has 2 special game modes, The rol of dead and the survival of dead.
Inside our server you will be able to know the world of the walking dead, travel around it, interact with characters, do missions, make your base, survive, found a clan and make your own story.

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