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We are a Minecraft Java and Bedrock server with the game modes CityBuild, OneBlock, SMP and later more.
We recommend the silidurs vibrant shader.

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Mevolent ❤️ Creative | IP ⇨ ⭐ » 【1.16 bis 1.18】 « ✅

Mevolent ❤️ Creative | IP ⇨ ⭐ » 【1.16 bis 1.18】 « ✅ Minecraft Server

Mevolent ❤️ Creative | IP ⇨ ⭐ » 【1.16 bis 1.18】 « ✅ Minecraft Server
Mevolent ❤️ Creative | IP ⇨ ⭐ » 【1.16 bis 1.18】 « ✅ Minecraft Server
Unser Creative

The focus of our server. Creative. A generated plot world with large plots of land awaits you here. You can build on them in the creative mode and have complete control of your property. With our plot system, you can, among other things, change your biome and make individual border, wall and floor settings. So there are no limits to your creativity.

keyword creativity. Numerous AddOns give you the opportunity to generate your own pets, transform yourself into animals or use popular building plugins such as WorldEdit.

You can claim up to four lots. You can also combine these to form a large property. You can then let your imagination run wild on the property. Of course you can also play and build with your friends on a plot of land.

We also support large construction projects and provide the required plots of land. Special rights can also be assigned if required

Our CityBuild

Our core of the server. User shops, auction houses and an individual property system await you here on our CityBuild, where you can set flags, use flags and individual edge, wall and floor settings, among other things. Manage your friends on your plot so that there are no limits to your creativity when playing with friends!

Your first three properties are free with us, so you have an easy start. There you can build a small farm or a shelter. Of course you can also invite your friends to your property and play with them! The possibilities of setting options are almost unlimited.

If you have earned enough money through quests and trade, you can buy more plots of land and even increase your plot limit. In addition, you can of course connect your plots. If you are no longer happy with them, the fun doesn’t stop there: simply separate your properties or sell them. Just as you like.

To make sure that you can get everything you need to build quickly, we offer you a huge custom-generated farm world with random teleport, so you don’t have to walk far every time! So that the farm world always remains attractive for you, it is reset regularly – this of course also includes the Nether!

Because we attach great importance to self-programming, we will surprise you with custom items, among other things.

So after you’ve been farming for a while and have earned your first money with it, you’ll probably notice that you don’t need everything, but what do you do with all that stuff now? Create a user shop. Scam-free and easy to sell your unnecessary assets.

If that’s not enough for you or if you’re just not having any luck with your user shop, that’s no problem at all. Where your hands would be tied with other servers, we’re just getting started! In the auction house that we offer you, it is possible for you to offer your items. Every player on the entire server can then see them and bid on the items! So no one will overlook your offers.

We can also remedy the hour-long search for a specific item: With our filter options in the auction system and the user shops, you can quickly find what your heart desires and can compare offers and buy from your trusted dealer.

In general, we also organize extra events at our CityBuild for celebrations such as Easter/Christmas or Halloween. But we don’t want to tell you everything just yet! Why don’t you join the network and see for yourself!

More game modes
On the other hand, we also offer some minigames. For example Hide&Seek, where you either have to hide as a “hider” or as a “seeker” to find the hidden players.

As a Seeker you have to find and kill the Hider. You have special items and you can buy improved items in the Seeker shop if you have enough gaming experience.
As a hider, on the other hand, you have to hide. You are a random block and you have to adapt to the environment as well as possible. If you have enough experience, you can also buy other items that you can use to change your block, for example.

Another minigame is BuildFFA. The map change system gives you a varied gaming experience. Compete with other players and try to be number 1.

Another minigame will come in the future. Everybody knows it. BedWars. The game mode is self-programmed and we will incorporate all of your ideas and suggestions. Team upgrades, a fast shop system and many special items are already planned.

Of course there will also be a Classic BedWars game mode. Just like before the BedWars revolution with beautiful self-made maps and a fascinating gaming experience.

Our friendly team and community are happy to help you get started on our network.

TeamSpeak: ts3server:// or
Website: Coming Soon

Still not fed up with us?
Then come and visit us at the IP:
We would be happy to welcome you as a new player!

Citybuild Other

netunium network

We are a German Minecraft network.

The server is currently under construction but will be released towards the end of February.

Come on ours Discord. We look forward to seeing you 😄

(By the way, we are actively looking for team members)

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Alive Unvierse

Then you’ve come to the right place at AliveUniverse!
We not only offer the typical citybuild, we have Battle Royale, Partygames, Parkour and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Don’t feel like farming?
Then try to earn money with jobs or in the auction house!!!

Do you need ingame cash???
Do quests, jobs, build a shop, trade, sell items, sell services, put things on the auction house OR INVEST!
Want to stand out from the crowd?
Make a youtube video, stream or do a tiktok to get the Content Creator role! (No matter how many followers or subscribers you have)

Are you looking for ways to get in touch with us?
-Visit our discord at
-Reach our team lead on Discord via VerseMonkey#1375 or our Head of Development 𝕳𝖊𝖓𝖗𝖞#4647.
-open a forum entry at

You want to fight against other players?
Jump into one of our many PVP oriented game modes:
-Battle Royale
-Partygames (A game mode where you play against other players in 23+ different minigames)

Do you want to unlock certain skills?
With certain activities you level up things like resistance, damage and many more.
Here you will get skills like Freeze, More Hearts and Treecutter.

Are you a SCI-FI or Star Citizen fan?
Our full server is inspired by the Sci fi and Star Citizen Aesthetic!

Wondering how to take the Alive Universe experience to a new level?
-Download the resource pack “Norzteus Space pack” below down.
-Download the “SEUS renewed Shaderpack” under down.

We’re also looking for great new mods, by the way!

We are not just any server. We are Alive Universe.
What are you waiting for? Join today!

To ask? look at our website at or at our shop below in the forum or at the WIKI after!!!

Active Citybuild Survival


Welcome to Backdoor!
We are a relatively new Minecraft server with different modes such as Citybuild and SMP. we
are now maybe like any other server at first glance, but we
offer more. On our Discord server, the focus is on the community and
can vote on what should happen with the server. you want a new one
plugin? Let the community vote on it! What? would be a new game mode
beautiful? No problem! Backdoor offers you everything you can imagine.
Through interesting plugins, our server always offers new reasons to
to play! Become the richest player, the strongest or just the most creative
with us. Build a castle or a city in a modern style Everyone is with us
Welcome and can contribute. Even as a team member you can
apply and contribute. And no, we are not a shabby server like some
other. We offer best performance around the clock with regular backups
and good moderation. Our servers are in Frankfurt, which is great for you
provides good ping. You have a problem? Then come back to us! We offer
you on Discord prompt support and are on the spot as soon as possible.
So if you enjoy Minecraft and a small but nice community with
super cool server and other events, you’ve come to the right place! Since we
take care of everything ourselves – from support to setting up the server to
to provide the server capacities – the entire power lies in ours
hands and we can adjust everything perfectly for use! Since you always
have a say, it is in yours too! Also stream on our server
Streamers from every area. Whether Twitch, YouTube or Tiktok: we are everywhere
represent. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Gain experience, meet new people
know or just have fun. Join us and become a part of Backdoor!
We look forward to you!

Build Builders Building City Citybuild Creative Metro Realistic Tram Transport


Welcome to Feria !

RP and Community Cityworld, Feria is not your regular city server. We aim to build the most realistic country we possibly can.
This implicates using various styles around the numerous cities of our four provinces. Ranging from Paris-style or European-style buildings, all the way to soviet-looking high-rise districts.

We’ve only been a team of two builders working on this project for the past few months, and we can’t deny great progress has been made! But given the size of the project, if you’re a builder and you’re interested in joining us in this adventure, please apply at the following link and you’ll be more than welcome to help us!
Visitors are also welcome to join!

NaileGames and Natoricreator, owners of the server 🙂

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SuperCraft – Marvel Minecraft Server

SuperCraft is an open world Marvel themed server. You can explore our custom made map and obtain and or upgrade character suits with custom made abilities. Fight players, do quests, and play as your favorite Characters!

Citybuild Craftattack Minigames Survival

We are Universal Rebirth, our current main mode is CityBuild and we also offer some minigames such as. Bedwars/Paintball.
Would you like to support social projects? Then you are exactly right with us! Just actively gamble with us and, if necessary, support us financially, all income goes to social projects and of course to server development.

Joint Jetzt!!

Euer UR Team

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RolePlayMc [Cracked]

Welcome to this server! This server offers you everything that a premium server would offer you!

We have the following points for you:

  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • plots
  • Adminshops
  • player shops
  • Banks
  • pets
  • Clans
  • Trains
  • elevators
  • Various minigames:
  • Hungergames
  • Football
  • Paintball
  • OneBlock
  • SkyBlock
  • AcidIsland
  • Chess
  • Spleef
  • It is also possible to play from the Bedrock Edition! (Bedrock from PC or from mobile)
    However, port 19132 is required for the Bedrock Edition!

    On our server you have different possibilities to get money:

  • accept a job
  • complete quests
  • play minigames
  • build store
  • Store money in the bank and earn interest
  • Buy land and then rent it out
  • All mobs and monsters also drop money when you kill them
  • Of course there are also rewards for voting, which can sometimes be money and sometimes items!

    Create or join a clan! Clan wars are also possible!
    Both in the survival world and in the PVP arena! The system
    recognizes which clan you belong to and thus gets points! No
    fear, clan members can not harm you! So uninhibited
    off to battle!

    There are also weekly events!
    These can look different… be it a huge labyrinth where the
    first 3 players who escape this get a nice reward,
    or be it in the form of a football tournament. Now and again
    but we can also give you the good fortune to build a plot of land
    to hide many different items in this, and you are allowed to do the whole thing
    demolish property! and of course keep the collected items!

    The pets are normal mobs and monsters that you can buy. each
    Pet has its own pros and cons, so think about it carefully
    what you want!
    Of course you can too
    sell it and buy another one, but then you lose it
    Levels you have already reached with the old one! And the levels are
    important for pets! The higher the level of the pet, the better
    greater is the advantage it brings you!

    We also have a discord server where you can create a ticket, which is
    then look at the admins or the owner himself and try best
    possible to solve your problem!
    You can also use these tickets to make suggestions or wishes!

    There is also a channel for applications on the Discord server! So
    if you like the server and want to be part of the team,
    then just have a look at #application!

    We look forward to you! See you soon!

    Your RolePlay team 😀

    Bedwars Citybuild Minecraft Minigames Survival


    Hello and nice that you found us… we offer: Bedwars(Duels) CityBuild and Survival. So stop by 🙂 We look forward to seeing you
    Emn4torDE network