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An innovative and modern Minecraft server? You’ve come to the right place on Zitroplay! We are a citybuild and freebuild server that is mostly completely self-coded!
Both modes are on 1.19, but of course you can join any version. has been around for over 6 months now and has always grown sustainably.

real money
One thing that is very important to us is that everyone can earn everything for free.
Of course, like most servers, we also have an online shop, unfortunately there is no getting around that, since we also have to finance ourselves somehow,
but with us you can buy everything that you can buy online, regardless of whether you play on Freebuild or Citybuild, with ingame currency.
Of course, this doesn’t happen that quickly, but it’s important to us that there’s a chance at all, so that every player can achieve everything!

Nowadays there are of course thousands of citybuilds that claim to be the best, so why should you play on the Zitroplay citybuild?
We not only have a nice team and a friendly community, but also many unique and self-written functions,
Such as: custom items, unique skills, custom chest shops, all sales shops and much much more.
On our city build you can already claim 2 plots with the player rank, so that everyone has enough space for their creativity!

Although Freebuild often doesn’t get as much popularity among players as Citybuild, it’s a really wonderful project for us.
In Freebuild you have a world in which you can build wherever you want, of course you can also work together with your friends on a house and thus achieve success faster. Furthermore there are in Freebuild: quests, auction houses and custom items.

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PLAY.OFUNNY.WORLD – SMP CITYBUILD MINIGAMES – DISCORD: offers several awesome game types within a large server network via cross-play for Java and Bedrock clients.

We’re not like other server admins, we don’t patronize you and don’t ban anything that’s fun – our server is made by players for players, so new ideas can always be suggested directly on our discord server:

» Survival ++
Lands protection including wars, nations and more.

» Citybuild
PlotSquared based building server – build the best plot.

» Minigames
Several mini games like Skywars, Arcade (constantly being updated).

» Anarchy
Coming soon!

More than 530+ items can be unlockedsuch as Hats, Animated Hats, Particles, Suits, Gadgets, Pets, Miniatures, Morphs, Banners, Emotes & Cloaks.

Live Minecraft maps:


(default port 25565)

(default port 19132)

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WeeGamers Minecraft Server

We the WeeGamers (Weekend Gamers) are a small German multigame community that has existed since 2011.
Our community attaches great importance to comfortable and relaxed play for young and old.

Build your empire or found a whole nation in our great outdoors.
Alternatively, you can also use one of our plots of land.

Our server is fully NPC and GUI controlled, so only a few commands need to be used.
This ensures easy handling and a relaxed game flow without much hassle.

Shortage of raw materials? Not with us!! With our farm worlds, which are automatically regenerated on a regular basis, this is not an obstacle.
Minigames are firmly integrated into the gameplay with us, so that events are activated at regular intervals, which are
Chat can be joined. A teleport back will be provided!

You can unlock cosmetics for yourself via our VoteShop as well as via events.
All ranks can be reached using in-game currency and unlock additional bonuses for you.

WeeGamers Minecraft Server

What do we have to offer:
  ✦ Survival + Freebuild Server
✦ Genuine 1.18.2! Use all new blocks and features
✦ Create zones and set rights yourself
✦ (Everything is automatically safe in the zone, from boxes to animals. Give rights to friends and build together.)
✦ Speech bubbles above players simplify communication between your companions.
✦ Pets and Pets
✦ Family community
  ✦ Pures Angel-Erlebnis! (LvL, Enchants, Crafting uvm.)
  ✦ Minigames
✦ Dual wield battles
✦ Revives for real team play
✦ Trade safely (no drops on the ground)
✦ Enemy level system and skills
  ✦ NPC Shops (Shop-City)
✦ Quests and Dailies
✦ Player auction house
  ✦ Jobs (Woodcutter, Miner, Farmer, Hunter … +10)
  ✦ Reittiere (Mounts)
✦ In-game currency
✦ Regular events and games
  ✦ Teleports
✦ GUI based play without commands
✦ Experience since 2011
✦ Active TeamSpeak³ and Discord community

Our worlds:
Main worlds: Freebuild + plot world
Farm worlds: World, Nether and End
  Minigame-Welt: TNTRun, Parkour, Jumpdown, Dropper, FishSlap, HotPotato, Arena, Horse Run …
WeeGamers Minecraft Server

Citybuild Economy Roleplay Server

City Craft Online

🏙️🌇 🌆 Build a City with us! 🌇 🏙️ 🌆

– Jobs 👨‍💻

– Roleplay 👤

– Events 💥

– Citybuild next level! 🚗

– Have fun together! 😄

Play CityCraftOnline – 🇨 🇨 🅾️

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Euro Blox is a server network on which you can TNTRun and play Bedwars, much more, you can also find lots of Easter Eggs and consequently Find the button level unlock. We also offer a mining game and the opportunity to practice MGLS. Recently, we also have a City Build! We hope you visit us!

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Welcome to the server side of the Minecraft network!
On our server you can use both the Minecraft

Play Java Edition as well as Bedrock Edition!

Java: Address:

Bedrock: Address: – Port: 25565

There are many cool game modes on our server!

With us you can play games such as Bedwars,

Arcade (FloorIsLava, Survivalgames, Smash, BlockParty),

SquidGame, BuildFFA, CityBuild, …

Discord Server
There is also a Discord server where important information is always available
or updates are reported.
On the Discord server, players will also answer questions
about the support helped and on the
Minecraft servers exactly the same.

At CityBuild you have the opportunity to earn money with jobs,
to trade and to cultivate their own plots of land,
you can even expand it.
CityBuild keeps the fun going!
Of course, there are also rewards for voting.
On the CityBuild, the ingame currency is $ and is
understandable after a while.

The always different events
give you the opportunity to get great ranks
great benefits up for grabs!
This is all free!
Not only can you win ranks, you can
also gain advantages for the Skyblock and CityBuild server!

Come by!

Adminshop Chestshop Citybuild Discord Events Freebuild Plots Quest Shop Survival Vote Minecraft Server

Welcome to Builders Paradise – or BuPa for short!
A place where Minecraft lovers of all ages can feel comfortable.

Performance, dynamics, fairness and above all fun – we want to design our network with this in mind.

Together with you we want to be strong, constantly develop and create a great gaming atmosphere!

The performance comes mainly from our medium-sized infrastructure

– which form a powerful and functioning network from several servers and network technology.

That – together with our performance, which we build as a team and players – gives a strong foundation for BuPa.

As far as we can, everything is kept at the best possible level and is constantly being further developed.

Dynamism is the power with which we continue to improve our network and make new things possible.

The prerequisite here is the willingness of everyone to stay on the ball and that

Advancing the network through determination and cohesion.

Fairness is an important point in dealing with each other – in the team, but above all with you, the players!

It is based on appreciation and respect and is a basic requirement for successful teamwork.

And finally, the fun of the game, without which we wouldn’t be here.

To achieve together that everyone on our network has fun playing – our biggest goal ever!!

Our promises to you:

→ Communication – simple, direct and at eye level!

→ Treat each other with respect – This applies in both directions, team to player and player to team!

→ Appreciative and non-judgmental – everyone is accepted just as they are!

→ Best possible development of the network – thanks to our strong team, which is constantly developing and training, our network will continue to grow.

→ Simple gameplay – Everyone should be able to find their way around our network, so we pay attention to simple operation and traceability.

→ Reliable availability – thanks to our good infrastructure.

And now a few more details about our network:

Our network can be reached around the clock thanks to our good and reliable hardware.

On our network we offer you, among other things:

– CityBuild

– FreeBuild

– Minigames – including Spleef, Bedwars, TNTrun and BuildBattle

– Quests

– Autonomous economic system

– Booster

– Regular events

– Quests

– Voting system – with interesting rewards

– Animal transport boxes – take animals with you to other worlds or servers

– Own mail system – send items to friends

– Bank – depository for money, items and EXP

– Invite System – Invite friends to our network and get rewards

Overall, we want a clearly visible, comprehensible and above all

easy-to-use gameplay, enable. That also means

Beginners and minors from the age of 6 will feel at home with us. For parents

we still have some information here (

With our team, various security systems and your help, we want to

harmonious, respectful, but also fun interaction.

Become part of our BuPa family and be part of it!


Playing on is and will remain free of charge and free of advertising and also EULA compliant.


Minecraft IP: (1.17.x – 1.18.2)





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AlphaBlocks is a survival city build server
Java x Bedrock Cosplay
Here you can build, trade and play with friends and other players

AlphaBlocks is a survival city build server
Java x Bedrock Cosplay
Here you can build, trade and play with friends and other players

Citybuild Community Survival Vote

Vote now for

Welcome to EntenCity. We are a new server, want to have fun and build a large community. If you’re up for it, you can even apply here as a teamler, just go to our Discord link and write an application there. We look forward to you!

We have cool features on the server. There are also ranks that you can buy, you even get 8 plots as a normal player!!!!

We even do Youtube, so there’s trolling, granting wishes and other stuff.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, write something down on Discord and we’ll see if we can implement it 😉

We wish you a wonderful day.

LG: EntenCity