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EONA – Join the world where you can do anything!

Eona is a Minecraft server founded in 2011, where particular emphasis is placed on the community, as this is what gives Eona its special charm.

But Eona also stands for creativity, architecture, friends, mini-games and, above all, fun.

At the beginning of the game you have the opportunity to let your ideas run wild on large, expandable starter plots. You can also share your lots with friends and connect them to their lots to create something great. If you still find it too cramped on plots of up to 120×60 blocks, then simply found your own city! Alternatively, you also have a theme-based survival server with quests and a creative freebuild world at your disposal.

You can get raw materials at any time in the farm worlds, public farms or simply in numerous shops. Of course, you can also sell goods and earn money. But you can also do this with one of the many jobs available.

If you want a little variety every now and then, you can let off steam with other players in Skyblock, Spleef, Paintball, MobArena and other minigames.

Do you want to get to know Eona? Us too!

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Welcome to the website

We are a new Minecraft server with version 1.20.2

We guarantee you a lot of updates including new game modes.
Many servers only offer one mode, but we stand out from that.
The upcoming game mode will be BedWars and Skyblock.

We were founded so that we could give something back to you as a community.
With your feedback we will achieve what no other server offers.

What do we offer you?

We offer you a great running economic system.
Ranks can be purchased in-game using the in-game currency.
With us, all modules run via interfaces, which means less writing work for you in the chat.
Of course we also have player shops.
There is also an admin shop.

We also have a very well-developed job system, which allows you to get money quickly in a very short time.
With our booster system you have the opportunity to support yourself and your fellow players.
With every rank expansion that you can buy in-game, you receive additional advantages; each rank brings additional plots and perks.

You can earn extra money with daily tasks.

Depending on your rank, you also have the option of collecting rewards, either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your rank.

We also offer our players a small casino at CityBuild Spawn. Where you can bet either alone or with friends.

Using our voting system, you will receive your reward for voting directly in-game after a vote; depending on the number of votes you receive, you will receive higher rewards.
When a certain number of votes are reached, a tournament begins in which all players have the opportunity to get extra money and items.

Using the plot GUI, you have the opportunity to make many basic settings yourself.

There are 4 ranks on our server, Player, Premium, Ultra, King, with the King rank being the highest.

We carry out regular updates to keep our systems running optimally and to offer you the best gaming experience.

This is how you reach us

>> Server IP > Shop MainTopia Shop > Discord Discord Server

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Discover the thrilling world of LumeniaMC, an advanced premium Minecraft server designed specifically for players aged 12-18! Exciting adventures and unforgettable moments await you in the captivating realm of Minecraft.

LumeniaMC stands out from the crowd by offering innovative features and exciting game modes you’ve never experienced before. Say goodbye to dull resource packs – we’re all about delivering a fresh, authentic Minecraft experience!

Step into a world of endless possibilities and explore thrilling game modes like SkyPvP, Citybuild SMP, and Lifesteal SMP. Whether you’re eager for intense PvP battles in the floating city or prefer to unleash your creative building skills in urban development, LumeniaMC has something for everyone.

Our community is vibrant and welcoming, ensuring you’ll feel right at home from the moment you join. Your adventures begin here, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our Minecraft world. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and dive into the ultimate Minecraft experience at LumeniaMC!

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World of Starknight [Economy City] [MCMMO SMP]

The World of Starknight is the oldest Xbox city server now on JAVA!

We started our journey in 2012 building a grand city with an economy and intricate story mode.

If that’s not your style we also offer:

– MMO Economy Survival
– Hardcore Apocalypse Survival where you have to survive through the ruins of a city fighting through hordes of zombies with guns!
– Plots
– Build Battles

WOSK Flows HD Texture Pack

We’re a small team putting all this together so we are also looking for builders/admins!

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Welcome to – your ultimate Minecraft adventure!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of, the server that offers everything your Minecraft heart desires. Breathtaking adventures, unforgettable events and a community of players who are just as passionate as you await you here.


Create your own city from scratch and show off your creative skills. Build magnificent buildings, erect impressive monuments and design the city of your dreams. Trade resources with other players to build great things together, or challenge them to a building battle to see who is the ultimate builder.


Survive in an unforgiving world where you must prove yourself against the dangers of the night and the challenges of the wilderness. Collect resources, build shelters and explore the vast landscape. Cooperate with other players to experience epic adventures and battle the elements together.


Our events are legendary and always offer an extra dose of fun. From contests and mini-games to special holiday events, there’s always something special for you to take part in. Win great prizes and show off your skills in our exciting events.


Face your fellow players in our exciting Bedwars matches and defend your own island. Collect resources to upgrade your equipment and work as a team to defeat your opponents. Only the smartest and most tactical players will emerge victorious.

Hunger Games:

Enter the Hunger Games arena and fight for survival. Gather resources, find allies and use your skills to be the last player standing. The excitement is unmatched, and only the most skilled will emerge victorious. is more than just a Minecraft server – it is a vibrant community of like-minded people who come together to enjoy the world of Minecraft in all its facets. Join today and be part of this exciting journey. We look forward to welcoming you to our Minecraft family!

IP Address:

Website: /


Come and discover the endless possibilities of! See you on the server.

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Are you looking for a new revolutionary Minecraft server?

Then you’ve come to the right place on
We have been building this server for months and are now proud to be able to present you the result. is a diverse Minecraft server with many self-written functions.
We will have 2 different game modes at release. Namely Citybuild and Skywars. However, we have already planned for the first major update.


Citybuild Survival


Welcome to our CityBuild Server – your epic Minecraft city awaits you!
Our CityBuild server offers a unique and exciting gaming experience in the Minecraft world. We have a thriving city waiting for you to discover and expand. Immerse yourself in our world where creativity knows no limits and friendships flourish.
A vibrant city to explore:
Our CityBuild world is full of stunning buildings, streets and gardens created by our talented players. Whether you’re an experienced builder or a newbie, there’s always something to do here. You can find your own place in the city, build your own house and design it the way you want. You can also work on joint projects and help make our city even more impressive.
Real Money Ranks:
On our server we offer the opportunity to purchase ranks for real money. These ranks offer a variety of exclusive benefits, such as access to special construction projects, unique cosmetic items, and much more. We appreciate the support of our players in helping to keep our server running and improving.
Reporting Bugs and Troubleshooting:
We always strive to make our server error-free and entertaining. That’s why we encourage our players to report errors and bugs. We have set up a dedicated bug reporting system that makes it easy to identify and fix problems. Your contribution helps us improve the gaming experience for everyone.
Streamers and mod applications:
Our community is made up of talented and dedicated players, including streamers and mods. If you are a streamer and want to present our epic world live, you can apply to us. We are happy to support our streamers and offer special benefits and collaboration opportunities.
If you are interested in becoming part of our moderation team and keeping order and fun on the server, you can also submit an application. We are looking for committed and responsible individuals who want to support our community.
Join our thriving community:
Our CityBuild server is more than just a place to play. It’s a vibrant community of players who share the joy of building and exploring. Whether you play alone or with friends, you’ll find like-minded people here to experience epic adventures together.
Come and join our city, become part of our growing community and help us continue to improve our world. We look forward to welcoming you to our CityBuild server

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Hey we are a German city build server that wants to work its way up…
You can expect from us:
– A friendly server team
– alles free to play Erreichbar
-Ear for ideas
-Friendly support
-Custom Plots

Citybuild Germany Happy Plot Plots Survival


Hello everyone, we are happy that you have found us the team and I wish you a lot of fun on LeanderGaming (currently on Vision 1.19.4) From the beginning it was our goal to create a server on which everything is possible. So we got together and came up with a concept that you haven’t seen before. We offer you an “All-In-One” server. As soon as you join the server you will land in our lobby, from there you can go to the different game modes: ​ -Citybuild: A large part of the server is based on Citybuild. You can grab a GS (62×62) and get started immediately after grabbing materials from the farm world, mine, nether, or shop. Then you can design the city with other users. -Arcade: You love minigames like AmogUs or SkyBlock and badwars? Then don’t wait any longer let’s goo !!!!: (More games are already being planned) -PVP games: Another large part of the server is based on various PVP games. For example, we are planning Paintball, MobArena, Spleef […] and many more depends on the community itself 😉 -Economy: Of course there is also an economic system on the server. You can earn money by voting, killing mobs or through shops, and you can then spend this money on new weapons/tools or building materials. design your land according to your own preferences and be rewarded for your buildings -property evaluation by the team -rewards and much more -regular events and easter eggs -currently 2 active CityBuilds (more are planned) -active support -active team we address you and make you hot so convince yourself 😉 everyone is welcome on the server our goal is just to have fun and that’s all we care about here we don’t want to enrich ourselves with you we’re happy if you play on our server and have fun ^^

1201server Citybuild Communitydriven Jobsystem Minecraftserver Survival

Together instead of next to each other and that’s exactly why your opinion as a community has weight in the design of the server.

Find your home on Moonlight
and become part of a great community
who are on hand to answer any questions or problems. Minecraft Server

As a player, you have the option of buying or renting plots of land,
to create stores. Build an enclosure and level up your animals to get more resources later.
The cityscape is completely in your hands.

The supporting element for such a server is the economy.
Therefore, we offer you numerous opportunities and, above all, freedom to earn money.
Among other things, this includes the professions system, the admin shop, numerous player shops,
individual contracts but also options such as lottery participation.
In addition, you can acquire a loyal companion who is always at your side
and provides you with special effects, such as faster dismantling or running.

You can get variety, teamwork or even PVP with our wide range of events,
We always offer new minigames on our game server
and expand our range according to the wishes of the players.
Our large events team organizes new events for you every week.
Special events are offered on holidays where you can obtain special items. Minecraft Server
Get started quickly and easily

Create/accept orders
Job offers &
Weekly community meeting
Family server concept
adult team
We want to grow together with you and vote together on everything we want to do.
in weekly com meetings
Of course it’s still difficult at the moment, because we’re currently in the test phase and we’re still looking for team members who want to or can implement it. We’re happy if you want to join our family server community and of course want to belong to it
we are also currently looking for developers and builders who could give us a lot of support. we look forward to seeing you