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Welcome to Sakura Woods! A 1.16 Survival Server!

Welcome to Sakura Woods, a friendly and wholesome 1.16 server! We have jobs, McMmo, crates, and so much more!! Come check us out!!
We even us Mizunos, its CIT pack, and the Ghoulcraft CIT pack! It just makes the world so much cuter!!

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Lesbian Minecraft Server

Most of the lesbian girls are retarded so it’s hard to get a girlfriend. But when you do, you get her to do so much shit, you will get there eventually.

The culture on the street is weird. I was approached by a female prostitute who was like, “Hey, don’t talk to me! I’m a transgender! Are you guys a ‘thing’ or something?” It was very hard to resist so I came instantly.

She was like, “You have to do everything for me. I’m not even asking you to shave your head or anything. Just wash my tits for a little bit, then a little bit for my legs.” I didn’t even have a hand on my dick that day. I was too busy thinking about how beautiful these girl’s asses were and how I would like to walk around in them. I was thinking about what I would do for a woman’s pussy.

Just thinking about it makes my tits so hot, it’s hard to breathe.

I liked taking that woman’s virginity, then fucking her. I also like fucking women in the ass and, well, everyone’s heard of the Chupacabra girl only Minecraft clan. It’s a secret but boys are not allowed to join them. Nobody knows why.

Recently I was posing for cute angel shots. I wasn’t really modeling but my photographer gave me this awesome angel halo! It is amazing! I do understand why she choose me. You look at the blood coming out of someone’s nose. But to have a camera in your face and look at your blood coming out of your nose, is really sexy.

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The Crystal Dream World Minecraft Server

Hi there little dreamer,

Ever wanted to explore a fantasy world with you friends and family? Well now you can.
Join the crystal dream world server and enjoy a friendly community with support that strives to give you the best experience.

We offer lots of fun plugins that will keep you wanting to explore and discover new secrets. If it’s too hard, we can always change the difficulty for you. And you don’t have to worry about pay to win either. Everything you can get through progression in our eula friendly server.

Well what you waiting for? We are looking forward to you join our server soon. o/

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Minecraft Catgirls Server

Catgirls are very rare in Minecraft but on Minewind they are somewhat common. They take on a different color scheme than other female mobs (you need to have a mob talker installed) and have a very strong color scheme. They will attack any other one that gets in their way if they decide there is an opportunity for combat. They can be seen by flying through walls while using overpowered dragon head and having no other special attacks.

Catgirl in Minecraft

Minewind will appear in multiplayer games when you have an extra dimension (you can see them with one dimension map, which allows them to stay between one dimension and the next). Also they make a pretty good target during war because they can be attacked from both ends.

Their pf stats show up on most Minewind profiles and when you’re logged in, their skill changes but skull stays the same. Catgirls don’t know the concept of being satisfied with such things, so they spend a lot of time on their beds.

Blue haired cat girl relaxing on a newly crafted bed in Minecraft

Catgirls have many tricks when in battle,  there are some excellent moves as well as some very useful and effective moves,  so let’s get started.

The first of them is: Killing an Opponent in one blow using a backstabber and strength potion is actually quite good.

Part of the reason is that they will never expect it.

Catgirls using the backstabber sword technique in PvP at spawn.

If you have a strong fighting style that works for you, chances are the opponent will give up in one blow or else won’t move forward at all.  And you don’t need to move around every time you attack an enemy.  Your attack is already in place if you attack with your backstabber sword.  When you are ready to strike, start attacking at the time.

Catgirl with backstabber sword is ready to attac and protec.

Remember that you have a big 30s sword, so when it connects…  Then attack!  A good strategy is when the opponent is not attacking or when something unusual happens.  In order to be able to see exactly what the opponent is doing, it is usually better to make a prediction.  For instance, if you predict something like a god apple, take the chance and attack with succulent and dyrn to knock the opponent into one side of the wall.  If you assume a totem you will do the same when you predict it.

Now you are fighting with your own judgment.

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Escapade – Enhanced Survival

Welcome to Escapade!

We are a survival multiplayer server (1.15.2) with a focus on enhancing the vanilla experience and fostering a friendly community. Come join us!


  • SlimeFun mechanisms
  • Custom enchantments
  • Online Dynmap
  • Weather events
  • Diseases/Health
  • Thirst
  • Furniture
  • Brewery
  • Custom food and drinks
  • Crate rewards
  • Clans
  • Marriage
  • Emotes/Feelings
  • … and more!
  • Additional credit to VerySmolBirb!

    Edit: Please don’t ask us for staff or builder, as we already have a great staff team! Thank you!

    Antigrief Chestshop Crates Creativeworld Economy Elevators Griefprevention Jobs Marriage Mobarena Parkour Pve Economy Silkspawners Towny


    Server version: 1.15.2

    PetrichorCraft is looking for new members who want to be part of a welcoming community. We strive to make our players feel heard and appreciated by taking suggestions and constantly making improvements. We are an anti-grief survival server dedicated to making people feel at home.

    Major Features:
    – Towny for those who want to team up
    – Griefprevention for those who want to fly solo
    – Jobs
    – Parkour
    – Creative world
    – SilkSpawners
    – MobArena
    – Elevators
    – Marriage
    – Chestshop
    – Voting to change the time/weather

    Discord Server:

    4fun Amazing Ararchy Female Girl Girls Marriage Marry Mature Secrets Survival

    Girls Only Minecraft Server

    It’s no secret that all the popular girls play Minewind all night and day. Of course there are also guys who play all day and all night, but they don’t have the popularity of the girls; they have the popularity of the game.!

    Do you think they would play an all day server like Minewind if they weren’t so popular?

    Yeah, that’s always a possibility. But of course this is only a theory, and that it could happen isn’t confirmed but still. I hope you all get as crazy as Minewind did when you were kids.

    Girls Only Minecraft Server Cafe.

    Minewind bakery is just one of the attractions that girls love so much! It is a perfect blend of classic Japanese style bakeries and upscale Asian cuisine such as Cuik. The atmosphere is laid out with oak fired wood cabinets and Japanese wood table upstairs that make for perfect ambiance.

    I’m surprised I hadn’t heard this place mentioned anywhere else!! The location itself is pretty great! The spawn is a bit busy (although I can’t complain since it’s open 24/7 surrounded by players with all sorts of PvP skill), but I would say we got a pretty great selection in a pretty reasonable amount of time. The menu is fairly limited, with two cakes and pretty much nothing else. I heard they also used to have different sorts of salads and even tomatoes, including some that you’ll need your own fork to eat.

    I will tell you a very important secret, girls really love cakes because they smell awesome and can be perfect for many occasions:

    It brings back fond memories of childhood parties
    You can design and assemble your own custom cake
    It can be an elegant gift for your loved one
    It can also be a delicious treat for yourself and others
    That it is affordable for all ages
    It can be creative for you and your friends.

    You can even build your own castle, shape it, add decorations, let it rain, create flying car contraptions, or even nail it to the wall in a large scale sculpture. Everyone has something they want, and everyone loves to make it happen.

    Girl baking a cake inside of a Minecraft server where only girls are allowed to play.

    Don’t be afraid to ask a cute girl to bake you a cake!

    Baking a cake is always a joyful experience, particularly with someone you’ve dated for a while and know well.

    You’ve got a great story, and there’s a chance she’s going to be impressed. If you both are, you can take pride in the fact that you both worked together to make a fantastic cake.

    You know her cupcakes perfectly, so your reward for her creativity will be the pleasure of hearing her praise you.

    Plus, your joyous celebration will become a memory to cherish, leaving a lasting impression on the girls in your life.

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    Crystal Dream World

    CRYSTAL DREAM WORLDSoaring Through the Sky ♥ Even Just For A Day
    Discord: Click to Join Our Dreams

    On the server, we always try to make sure that you’re having a good time. Sometimes there will be bugs and perhaps some crushes but always remember that we always try to work on the issues as soon as possible. Also here are just some of the features that you will find on the server when you do join.

    BetterSleeping: Receive buffs from sleeping. Bloodmoon: A night time that keeps you hiding, but better drops. Chairs: For those who like to roleplay, teaparty anyone? ChatGames: Many chat races to compete with other players and get rewarded. CoreProtect: If you don’t like being griefed, we can restore it. CrystalSparkle: When you die, you wont lost your stuff but you have to pick it up. Glowing: Luminous Objects glow in your hands Jobs: Get a job and make some money. Civs: Make buildings that make money and invite friends. Marriage: Form a bond with your partner and get benefits. McMMO: Gain levels on different skills Custom Dungeons: Explore new dungeons with new loot Player Radios: Broadcast a Station and listen to music TreeFeller: You cut down alot of trees already, so we make it easier Slimefun: Advance your research to discover new recipes


    We are interested in our players helping us monetize our server but we aren’t going to do it the way other servers have done it. Our server strives to be friendly to both adults and chidren. We decided to remove loot crates; it kinda feels like gambling to be honest. We might add it in future but we won’t make it such that you used actual money to roll. We want our players to have fun so we provide almost everything on a progression basis. Which means you can even earn fun cosmetics for free. Monetization is done through donation mainly and we improve the server even more for each donation goal we achieve.

    We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit On The Server ♥ Even though it might just Be For A Day

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    FantasyRealmMC Reborn 1.15.2

    Do you want a faithful and unique Minecraft experience?

    FantasyRealmMC Reborn is the server for you!

    Vanilla Survival+


    [​1] Respect all Players on the server
    [​2] No hacking, mods, or exploits
    [​3] No Griefing
    [​4] PvP is not allowed unless agreed upon
    [​5] Keep chat spam to a minimum

    Here’s a list of some of our awesome features!


      For a semi-casual experience on Hard difficulty!

    Extensive Economy including:

        - Store your funds and earn interest!


        - Purchase play stocks (based on real life prices and companies) using in-game currency!


        - Build your own Shop to either buy or sell goods!

      Auction House

        - Auction off items to other Players!

      Server Shop

        - A reliable place to exchange goods for currency or purchase some select items

       like mob spawners, pet eggs & more!


        - Securely trade items with another player for other items or in-game currency!

    Playtime Ranks

      Level up and unlock more content, like pets and particle trails, just by playing!

    Better Sleeping

      Skipping the night only requires a percentage of players to be in bed!

    Chairs & Sitting

      Create usable chairs with stairs or use /sit to enjoy the surroundings!


      Prevents your builds from griefing when used!


      Active discord community with server-chat integration!


      Become proficient in skills for enhanced gameplay!


      Unlock the ability to set your own warps, available for others to use as well!


      Silk touch mob spawners!


      For industrialization and… fun!

    Referral Rewards

      Join with a friend to start get some extra in-game currency!

    & much more

    This server is in active development, meaning I plan to continue adding content and expanding what the server offers. I would appreciate your help in this endeavor, and I hope to see you gaming on FantasyRealmMC Reborn soon!

    DISCLAIMER: Minecraft Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB. Please get your parents permission to join.

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    SHFT Network

    A fun and family friendly survival server with an awesome playing style. Plots, marriage, survival games and factions, we have all the components of a server network without all the different servers. Come visit today at

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