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Kaysen is a cross-play Minecraft server that allows players from both Java and Bedrock Edition to play together in the same world. It is a unique kind of Lifesteal server that provides various activities to keep players entertained. Join the Kaysen Lifesteal SMP server with your friends for a fun-filled time and never get bored again!

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Red Obsidian SMP -> Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates

Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates” title=”Red Obsidian SMP -> Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates”>

Red Obsidian SMP -> Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates Minecraft Server” width=”40″ height=”46″> YOU MUST BE WHITELISTED VIA OUR DISCORD TO PLAY <img decoding=Lootr mod so that you can almost always get loot.
4. You can make your own team on our Discord with special benefits, or join an existing team.
6. There is NO pay-to-win anything in this server. Only a few cosmetic benefits for server boosters.
7. We have No Chat Reports installed. You won’t have to deal with Mojang’s chat filter.
8. Have fun! That’s the most important part. 😉

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Tranquility Online / Reopened / RLcraft / Fantasy / Horror / PvP & PvE / Factions / Marketplace / Events / Discord /


Welcome to Tranquility Online, where the fusion of a challenging Hard-difficulty SMP and the exhilaration of competitive survival Minecraft awaits, promising to enthrall you for countless hours. Our server is a symphony of Heavy Fantasy & Magic, Dark Horror, and Breathtaking Realism, tailored to immerse you in the unique essence of our vibrant community.

Forge alliances to topple mighty Factions, stand solo to showcase your prowess to even the mightiest clans, or indulge in the creation of a bustling player marketplace for the exchange of goods and services. Tranquility Online is meticulously crafted, offering an unparalleled environment that rewards you generously at every turn. If you yearn for the adrenaline rush of a fiercely competitive, semi-Roleplay, PvP Abundant SMP/Survival Minecraft server, your quest ends here – Tranquility Online extends a cordial invitation. Join us, and may the gods themselves oversee your journey….

*What can we offer?

➢ **Treasure Trove of Content**: Experience PACKED with diverse and captivating content, ensuring every moment is an exploration of excitement.

➢ **Empathetic and Dynamic Staff**: Join a positive and open-minded Staff Team that not only upholds a welcoming atmosphere, but is also on the lookout for new talents to join their ranks.

➢ **Thrilling Competitive SMP**: Test your skills in our fiercely Competitive SMP – where strategic alliances and solo triumphs are the keys to success.

➢ ** Your Voice Matters**: Participate in Polls and Voting, shape the server’s future with our Suggestion System, and witness your ideas come to life!

➢ **Safe Space Guarantee**: Enjoy a community with ZERO tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment – a haven for every player.

➢ **Extravaganza of Events**: Delight in regular Events, exciting giveaways, and unexpected freebies, adding an extra layer of joy to your journey.

➢ **Economic Marvel**: Engage in a thriving Economy and Player Marketplace, where your ventures reap rewards and create a bustling trade.

**Server Info**
➢ RLcraft Modpack
➢ 60 slots
➢ Scripted Ingame Events
➢ Online 24/7
➢ Optimized Render Distance
➢ Quest Boards and Rewards
➢ High Performance/Low Ping & Lag
➢ Player Owned Shops
➢ Clan/Faction Creation
➢ Semi-Roleplay
➢ PvP/PvE
➢ Huge World-border
➢ World “Wipes” Quarterly to Semi-Annually (Majority Voted, and to always give fresh starts every season)
➢ 180+ mods

Join for a tutorial on how to properly join!

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Welcome to Sparox – The Ultimate Survival Experience!

Embark on an epic adventure in our immersive survival world. With a dedicated and friendly community, Sparox offers a unique and challenging survival experience like no other.

– Community-driven Economy: Engage with a thriving player-driven economy. Trade resources, build shops, and amass wealth as you forge your path to success.
– Friendly Community: Join a welcoming community of fellow Minecraft enthusiasts. Team up with others, make new friends, and embark on group adventures.
– Regular Events: Participate in exciting events that range from epic battles to challenging quests, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to experience.

Join us today and let your adventure begin!

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Welcome to our Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server!

Dive into a fantastic, family-friendly world where players can enjoy the pure essence of Minecraft in a safe and welcoming environment. Our server is tailored for all ages, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for both new and seasoned players.

We prioritize a grief-free experience and provide robust protection measures to ensure your builds and progress remain safe. Embrace the true essence of survival gameplay without the worry of griefing or unwanted destruction.

Earn ranks through your dedication and progress in the game, as well as through voting, which grants you access to exclusive perks and features. These ranks are designed to reward your commitment and enhance your gameplay experience.

Discover a world where you don’t need mods to enjoy a unique twist – we offer custom items and features that add a touch of excitement and diversity to the gameplay. However, rest assured that these additions do not compromise the core vanilla experience.

Join us and experience the pure joy of Minecraft’s survival mode, meet other players, build, explore, and thrive without the need for mods or extensive setups. Our community is ready to welcome you with open arms and help you embark on your Minecraft journey!

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OsirisCraft Slimefun

OsirisCraft Slimefun is a survival server with a lot of new features and very focused on pvp, we have been online for less than two weeks and we are evolving the server together with our players! Come join our family!

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The Scramble Modpack Server

The concept of The Scramble is to have a good version of Minecraft which is realistic that isn’t about graphics, instead it’s about gameplay. I want to bring Minecraft into an experience of realistic possibilities, dangers, methods, wars, power, diplomacy, war and patterns dependent on the person much like real life. The idea of building and mining, crafting is completely changed into a “more realistic” version of Minecraft by making the perfect recipe of mods.

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BUCKETRY MINECRAFT SURVIVAL – Custom Enchants, Dungeons, Ranks, Claiming, Vote/Envoy Crates, Quests, and Much More~ [1.20.2] Java


Server IP –
Store –
Wiki –
Discord –

1) No griefing other player’s belongings. Unclaimed towns/settlements/chunks/blocks are fair game. Destroying blocks, placing lava, water, etc. Any form of modifying someone’s belongings is prohibited. Stealing from your own land and then leaving it is also not allowed.
2) No advertising servers and irrelevant links. Do not talk about other servers or products. Self promotion in general.
3) No spamming, cheating and abusing bugs/glitches. If you find an exploit, report it ASAP. Prolonging a report when you’ve obviously already taken advantage of it is bannable. This includes but is not limited to duplication glitches, money glitches, any form of exploits that gives you an absurd amount of items and/or currency within a short amount of time. Any form of clients that give you an advantage over a player.
4) Modified clients that give you an advantage over other players. Such as x-ray, blinking, reach hacks, etc. Example include but are not limited to If you can kill players easily, or find diamonds without even making an effort, it’s a no go. Minimap and waypoint modifications are allowed.
5) Be respectful towards others. No racism, bigotry, sexism, or slandering of others. Treat others the way you expect to be treated. Even the slightest toxicity in mannerisms or in a sense perceived as rude- gradually building, CAN get you banned. Watch your tone, realize this is just a game, and play nice.
6) No massive farms that can potentially lag the server. Having a large amount of anything that lowers TPS (Mobs, items, etc.)
7) Do not ask for staff positions on the server. **We will decide when to ask the player base for staff applications when necessary.**8) No deliberately TP trapping players, or unfair PVP tactics in general. This includes but is not limited to: player warps, land spawns, and combat logging.

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Origins Reborn MC

Origins Reborn MC is spigot vanilla Java / Bedrock Minecraft server that is based around the Origins Mod with new enhanced versions of them. Some great features we have are:
– Custom origins
– Support for Bedrock, Java, MCPE, and Xboxplayers.
– Custom World Gen with new structures to loot
– Towny-centered economy with advance display shops.
– Weekly updates to continue improving content.
– Much more on the way!

Bedrock Address: