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A building survival

A survival server hosted on that’s based off a high-scale map of the Earth with nation’s borders intact and has the Towny plugin for players to claim chunks of land. It’s an Earth SMP type of server with very few rules.

There is a dynamic map generated with Dynmap and hosted on the server’s address in your browser.

Make sure to join our Discord server in order to get together with the community.

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We’re SaberMC! A small 18+/mature community of players who love to build and fight with each other!

On our server you can:

  • Create Moving ships with MoveCraft!
  • Participate in build competitions
  • Engage in PVP
  • Trade with players via command or by use of chest shops
  • Create playerwarps to make shops or farms public
  • Level up skills with McMMO
  • Make money with PyroFishingPro and Jobs
  • Construct lands to protect and expand your territories
  • Test Builds in creative mode on a creative plot world with separate inventories
  • And much more!
  • We would love to see you join, so give us a try !

    Note: 18+ rule is enforced, we like our community this way. We will ban users breaking this rule.

    Server IP: (Minecraft 1.18.1)

    Based Survival


    Become the kewl Kid in Skewl. Become the Fatcockian you always knew. You are a CHAD. Join the most BASED server known to man. Enjoy the shops made by chadwick. Enjoy the spawn made by thadwick. Who even likes mini-games anymore (if you do you are a beta cuck)
    But if you want to stand with big chungus (bruh) come become a kewl kid at skewl. Don’t be like kyle a flippin notkewl. Dont be the poor kid in skewl, get some yeezees and drip. You know what they say : Drip or drown. Thats our motto

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    Viceroy’s Economy Server

    Viceroy’s Economy Server is a player based economy server, where players control and contribute to the flow of the economy through jobs.

    We provide ways to sell goods, and protect you builds.

    We do our best to foster a good community and try to make everyone have a good experience!

    Join the discord over at here

    Rules of the Server:

    1. No offensive builds, names, or skins.
    2. No spamming chat in any sort of way, shape, or manner.
    3. Keep innapropriate language to a minimum.
    4. No non-consensual griefing or pvp.
    5. Absolutely no harrasment towards any other players.
    6 Ask permission before building close to another player.
    7. Impersonating an admin is a bannable offense.
    8. Attempting to crash the server in any way shape or form is a bannable offense.

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    ✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪ Building-based Ranks | No-PVP Survival | Creative | Contests

    ✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪

    We are a family friendly minecraft network, rooted in the creativity of building in minecraft.
    We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity.

    ✪ Our main servers feature a unique building based rankup system ✪
    where each rank earns you more perks to help make your next project even better than the last!

    ✪ Our Survival Servers have no PVP ✪
    So you’re safe to go ahead and build whatever you want
    with no fears of other players ruining your fun!

    ✪ Survival and Creative feature multiple building worlds ✪
    Whether you want to build in a flat plot, vanilla terrain, custom terrain
    we have a world for you!

    ✪ Survival has separate worlds for resources ✪
    We have extra worlds which we can reset more regularly, so theres always
    access to resources without the need to reset everyone’s builds!

    ✪ We run regular build contests and other events ✪

    ✪ We’ve existed for over seven years! ✪
    ClownerCraft was started back in 2013.
    We don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

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    Steinercraft – Vanilla Survival | 1.15.2

    Welcome to Steinercraft’s server page!We are running a survival Minecraft server. Our aim is to preserve vanilla gameplay mechanics as much as we see fit, with the exception of teleportation commands. There are no claims. Griefing, raiding and PvP are allowed. More information can be found by joining the server.

    Discord server: