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BOGN Revival

BOGN Revival is a Medieval MC Fabric server which includes 200+ mods with features such as:

  • New Biomes
  • Quests
  • Bosses
  • Teams
  • Land Claim
  • New Weaponry & Armor
  • Attributes
  • Magic & Summoning
  • Storage Terminals
  • Better End
  • Better Dungeons
  • Better Strongholds
  • Tons of Structures
  • New Dimensions
  • And many more!
  • The current version of Medieval MC is 14.5
    To join you must use the Curseforge Launcher.
    Server is 24/7. Hope to see you there!
    If you have any questions, join our Discord community

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    Our New World

    Our New World ~ Introduction

    Our New World is a Survival/RPG 1.19.2 server. Our aim is to have a long-term rpg server with frequent content updates, including, but not limited to: new items, skills, enemies, bosses, worlds, story, etc.

    Your story will begin when a mundane day aboard the school ship Yamato quickly turns into a chaotic mess, as the ship gets spirited away to another world, with all the crew included… one of them being you.

    Try to survive in this new and unknown world, as you slowly unravel its mysteries and try to figure out a way to return home. However, the wheel of fate is also turning.

    What we offer:

  • A RPG experience without sacrifing most vanilla features. The world will have a few protected zones, the rest, is your canvas to build.
  • Some inspiration from Overlord, DnD and Terraria.
  • A challenging, Dark Souls-like upcoming content.
  • Active owner that will quickly answer to any feedback.
  • Frequent updates with bug fixing, improvements and new content, to keep the server fresh.
  • Custom bosses, mobs, dungeons, events and items.
  • Seasonal events with custom dungeons and raid bosses.
  • Big playable world, more continents with future updates.
  • 10GB RAM, capable of being greatly increased depending on server demand.
  • CoreProtect, we will rollback any action caused by a cheater.

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    ArchonMC | Guilds RPG | Elite Mobs | Dungeons | Custom Quests | 1.19.2 (Supports Bedrock)

    ArchonMC is a premier Guilds RPG Server! Designed by players for the players. Offering, Guilds Survival, RPG style fighting, Dungeons, and a huge custom exploration map called Badlands. Team up with your Guild and fight the enemy monsters first hand in huge dungeons! Become an Adventurer, today.

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    Speedwa Craft

    Jojo minecraft server with mods, in which the face of the server is Speedwagon! At the moment, our group in the discord is the main key to entering the server. The server also comes with our texture pack that contains the replacement of the music in the game, which gives a very good atmosphere. Version 1.12.2, visit us, we will be glad to everyone!

    Boss Bosses Dungeons Economy Skyblock Survival


    We are a cozy SkyBlock Economy Minecraft Server with a lot of customizability but maintaining this basic feeling of SkyBlock with quick navigation, premium plugins, Dungeons, Free Ranks, Custom recipes and more!!! We are here to stay, not a seasonal server which will shut down. Will always be open 24/7 no matter what. {Yes, free ranks which you earn while playing}

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    Welcome to OSHABERI

    This is a 1.19.x Modded survival server

    Join with: ´╗┐

    – Premium launcher

    – Cracked launcher

    -Java Edition

    – Bedrock edition

    Unique experience you can get from us:´╗┐

    – Custom enchantment

    – easy access menu

    – Dream realm(Boss arena)

    – Custom animated bosses

    – Claim and nation system with tax and daily upkeep

    Join now and ask our friendly Support Staff if you need assistance!

    Server IP:

    Server store:

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    New survival server (1.19 – 1.19.2)

    Community in English and Spanish!

    enchantment system
    – You can enchant any item multiple times up to level 8 (for each enchantment).

    protection blocks
    – Protection blocks that you can buy in the store.

    – Anyone can summon these bosses who, upon death, will drop special items.

    – We have clans where you can make alliances and make enemies.

    Support for version 1.19+
    – We have support for all versions from 1.19+
    – We now support Java and Bedrock

    level system
    – The more you play, the more you will level up and get more rewards!

    – This gives you the possibility to start a conversation with people who speak other languages! and so you can make more friends!

    There are also jobs, economic system and many more things to be added.

    It is mainly designed so that you can play it with friends and relax.


    PUERTO: 25730


    Boss Economy Factions Hcf Lifesteal Pve Pvp Smp Survival Towny


    A brand new 1.19 Lifesteal SMP server with Custom Bosses, MCMMO, KotHs, Kits, and so much more!

    To show our gratitude to our community, our server has various means of rewarding our players.
    For example, voting, which awards in game items/keys and vote points, which can be spent at the vote shop.
    We also have a battle pass that provides a multitude of loot for just playing!

    To become a part of the Minedoms community and learn more about the server, join the discord!

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    $ Terracraft Economy $
    The Enhanced Economic Experience
    What Is This Server?

    Terracraft is a unique server providing players with an enhanced experience compared to the vanilla game.

    Providing players with plenty of new content in all areas of the game to explore and have fun with! This includes

    Datapacks and plugins, Oh and did I mention voice chat?

    How To Join?
    Luckily our server is open to the public and allowing anyone to join! You can connect to our server on 1.18.2 with our server IP!
    Server IP:

    Server Features And Enhancements´╗┐

  • Insane new Overworld, Nether, And End Generation, Providing TONS of new BIOMS, Structures, And Dungeons to explore.
  • New advancements to work your way through completing the game!
  • Hundreds of NEW items!
  • Massive Amount Of Enchantments To Play With!
  • NEW Dimensions to explore
  • Economic System with Money, Shops, And Claims.
  • TONS of new quality of life improvements!
  • Dark Secrets, Become a Werewolf Or Vampire
  • Voice Chat supported via plasmovoice
  • Server Guide Here

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    Absolus: Magical Towny RPG

    Absolus MC is an immersive RPG with an ever-expanding list of cool features, such as custom monsters, skills, quests, economy, communities, and ect. The primary features will be skills and quests, land building, economics. Live how you see fit, this is an immersive, epic RPG.

    -Fun with friends or by yourself. Money, Magic, & Community.
    -Java+Bedrock Cross-Platform
    -Work an honest living
    -Become a real-estate tycoon
    -Be a wolf of Wall Street
    -Found an empire
    -Go drinking at a casino
    -Become a famed warrior
    -Become a feared bandit
    -Become a powerful sorcerer
    -Open a brewery

    Absolus is cross-platform between Bedrock and Java, meaning PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile can all play together on the server!

    BEDROCK PLAYERS, use port: 25565

    Monthly Updates: New features are added every month.

    Warning: This server contains some mature content, such as simulated gambling and drinking.