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ZymoNetwork | Always Free | Java 1.19.x

The Zymo Network is a Minecraft Earth Server that is built upon the premise of which the Players don’t have to spend a dime of their money on the Server, meaning that everything is completely free!

This server started from something I’ve wanted as a child back in 2013: A server that I can play on without having to invest any money in order to progress or have cool perks.

I’ve always stood for equality and this is what I’m doing now. Zymo is a small project, made by a player, for the rest of the players. I am paying the host and I don’t require any money from the server. I just want to see it populated with some great people. The Zymo team would really enjoy having more peeps around.

As well as this, we also have some fantastic features, which are listed down below:

  • Earth Server
  • Custom Gear
  • Custom Resource Pack
  • PlayTime Rewards
  • Leveling System and McMMO
  • Active and friendly Staff
  • Resource World
  • Voting Rewards
  • In-game Economy
  • In-game Shop (Players can buy items with cash generated by quests / jobs)
  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • Custom Menus
  • Live Online Map
  • No lag
  • Anti-DDOS Protected
  • Amazing Crates
  • Player Warps
  • And best of all, everything is completely free! Ranks and perks do not cost real money, you just have to play.

    There are also tons of other features that are to be discovered by the Players! What are you waiting for? Join the Zymo Network today!

    Join our Discord Server here!!!

    Community Economy Freebuild Hardcore Premium Survie Uhc Vanilla


    Litopia is a Minecraft Vanilla server in UltraHardCore (with respawn), currently in version 1.19 The PvP is active and the map unlimited in freebuild. Above all, we are a close-knit community, a group of friends who come together to share an adventure on Minecraft.

    To integrate our server, you will first have to read and accept certain rules. In the event of non-compliance with these, the players concerned will be sanctioned on the spot.

    247survival Cool Engaging Fun Noplugin Premium Shrootsmp Smallserver Smp Survival Vanilla

    Official LINK

    MC Server with no annoying plugins
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    Bedrock Capturethewool Clans Java Nopremium Party Pixelmon Premium Pvp Survival Thebridge Tntrun

    YekaCraft Network

    We are a Minecraft Network in Spanish

    Servidor Premium y No premium.
    Java Server and Bedrock (19132)

    Our Modalities are:

    Survival OP (1.8-1.19)
    Pixelmon (Mod 8.4.2-1.12.2)
    Minigames (1.8-1.19)

    Each modality has its respective characteristics such as:

    Survival OP:
    – Custom Mining System
    – Custom Fishing System (with tournaments and special fish)
    – Clan System (Levels, wars, lands, etc.)
    – Unique Rank System
    – Battle Pass System with 500 Levels
    – +200 unique enchantments
    – System of Mines and Dungeons (Maps, mobs and special rewards)
    – +500 Missions
    – Job System
    – Profession system with unique skills
    – Unique skills for the player
    – Much more!

    – Battle System
    – 8 Gyms
    – PokeHunt
    – PokeTrabajos
    – Tower of Levels
    –Modo Safari
    – Altars Area
    – Tournaments
    – Battle Tower
    – IVS area
    – And much more!!

    Versions: 1.8-1.19
    Base version: 1.8
    Available Games:
    – Party Games (11 Games in 1)
    – Bomb Lobbers
    – Block Party
    – TNT Run
    – Capture the Wool
    – TheBridge

    Come and join us, enjoy playing on our server, you won’t regret it!!

    IP Java:

    IP Bedrock:

    Bedrock Bedwars Cracked Java Premium Skywars Smp Spleef Splegg Survival


    Minecraft Proxy Server for premium and cracked players with many games like Survival,Spleef,Bedwars,Skywars and more with many features of every game so come and have fun !! Join now !!

    Awesome Custom Epic Finland Fun Lol Premium Pve Economy Server Survival

    Arcadia Survival | Native 1.18.2 | Custom World

    Arcadia Survival
    Page will be updated soon!
    Beautiful looking Spawn!
    Default & Donator kits (Starter, Claim, VIP, VIP+, GOD)
    Clean looking Chat.
    Chat Games. (Word unscrambling)
    Random Teleport.
    Land Claiming.
    custom server shop.
    Skills & Level System.
    Auction House.
    Clear lag.
    Voting Menu.
    Custom Commands.
    Warp Menu.
    Main Menu.
    Temp fly.
    Custom Recipes.
    Custom Menus.
    Anti Cheat.
    Chest Shops.

    Community Cool Cracked Discord Entertaining Friendly Gwainsaga Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Interactive Java Modlike Mods Nice Nonpremium Nonpremiumserver Players Plugins Premium Server Smp Survival

    Theme park

    a Survival server LunaPark, a server that has been running now for more than 4 years, but wasnt public for a long time, now, after restarting the community we decided to publish it
    our discord –

    Argentina Backpack Bedrock Bloodmoon Cmi Customadvancements Customenchants Dungeons Economy Fastlogin Java Jobs Mcmmo New Nopremium Premium Protectionstones Quests Rankup Rules Spanish Survival


    Survival server focused on putting a challenge when playing, that not everything is easy to obtain and the desire to play stays, that everything does not end when you have reached full netherita.

    Server features:
    /rankup system with which you rise in rank by meeting its objectives, earning commands and other benefits that make you want to reach the last rank, although it will not be easy.
    Skills with McMMO, new balanced enchantments, missions, jobs, balanced economy, Spanish server, protection ores, automatic login system for premiums, backpacks.

    Around the world there are new structures (dungeons), some have modified mobs, very good loot, and who knows what else it brings…
    New achievements were implemented that are in English by default, with the resource pack that is mentioned in the chat from time to time, the vast majority will be in Spanish, because not all of them come from the same datapack.
    Most of the achievements give rewards, in total there are more than 1000, if you are a fan of completing achievements you have for a while!
    There is an area to trade tools and armor better than vanilla, for that it is required to advance to the Trader rank. They are balanced because it is totally optional.
    Every certain night a special night is enabled where hordes spawn at random near the players, the mobs become stronger and have more life, their drops and experience are better however when you die on that night you lose all the xp, you don’t know can’t sleep either.
    A single VIP rank with buffs that don’t give you too much of an advantage over others, as is often the case on servers where they give you full armor with protection 4.

    Server hosted in Argentina. – 25565 port for Bedrock.

    1v1 Espanol Farming Minecraft Nopremium Oppvp Premium Survival Townysurvival Wars

    MidnightGG – SURVIVAL – TOWNY [1.8 – 1.17]

    We welcome you to the information from our server! 🙂

    • Hello, I am the person in charge of the server and I want to welcome you, our new user program and to come will be happy to welcome you into it.

    • The server currently has 2 modes: Survival 1.16.5 and Towny Wars 1.17, you can have fun with the wonderful community that it contains within it.

    • The server has many options for the convenience of users, such as messages through modalities, moderation, / premium among many other options that protect and make the player experience better.

    • Our server also has active events with real-time users, who will compete against you in various challenges to get totally challenging rewards.

    • The IP of our server is “”

    • Thank you very much for reading this if you have reached the end and we are waiting for you on our server.

    Anime Community Cracked Hermit Hermitcraft Latest Multiplayer Network New Premium Smp Survival Survivalmultiplayer

    ★ Anicloud SMP ★ | Unique World | Crossplay | Season 1

    Anicloud Middle School


    Gametype: SMP (Survival Multiplayer)
    Version: 1.17.X (Latest)
    World Generation like never seen before!
    Bedrock & Java crossplay!*


    Making friends should be easy, and we want to help with that. With fun and exciting games & incredible opportunities; the Anicloud network has something for everyone. We are one of the fastest growing Anime communities on discord and we have just began our Season 1 of Minecraft survival multiplayer (SMP) which features a unique world terrain, lag-free environment, friendly & welcoming community and many other features to keep our players entertained. Each season consists of a major Minecraft update and we are just at the beginning. We guarantee you will be amazed, just take a look at some of the screenshots!

    What are you waiting for? Hop right in and join the rest of our community in-game!

    * Bedrock & Java crossplay means that Xbox,PS4,Nintendo and Mobile bedrock edition players are able to join the server.
    ** Consoles require additional 3rd party software