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Ip java:
Ip bedrock: Puerto: 27015

————————————————————★ 10BEASTS ★——————————————————————–

Be part of our community and come have fun with us in a world full of adventure, laughter, fellowship and much more!

10Beasts we are a server that listens to the community with your suggestions and we have just officially opened, we are also looking for staff.

RPG,Roleplay y survival:

➤ 5 races (to choose)

➤ Free tenders

➤ Teams

➤ Events around the world

➤ Daily Rewards

➤ Protections

➤ Nightmare Mode

➤ Missions

➤ Summons

➤ Crates

➤ skills

➤ Monsters with levels

➤ Bosses

We are waiting for you to be part of this community that is just beginning with all the adventurers who want to come with us!!!

Economy Friendlycommunity Giveaways Rewards Smallserver Survival


The Ultimate Minecraft Survival Experience. Economy and Quality of Life with Dungeons and McMMO. Play now and join The Dragons.S

Discord ->

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Matzouni [Greek/English SMP] [1.16-1.19]

Hello fellow player! Tired of faceless pay-to-win servers? Well no more, Start making friendships and memories on Matzouni, a cracked Greek & English SMP server with lots of achievements, rewards, free ranks!


Featuring: MCMMO, Custom User-Friendly Menus, Jobs, Auction House, Achievements and more!

Tired of huge faceless pay-to-win Servers?
Start making friendships and memories in Matzouni, a Greek & English SMP with lots of achievements, rewards, free Ranks and




Hardcore Homes Pvp Raidingallowed Rewards Survival Votingrewards

Joshlands Hardcore Survival

Joshlands is a new 1.19 Survival/PvP Server.
WEEKLY END WIPES (Come fight the dragon!)
Elytra allowed!!

Our focus is to bring the Australian community back to Minecraft and give everyone an experience they won’t forget.

Based on an old Australian server (Mikelands) we aim to have PvP gameplay with a focus on raiding / grinding. Anyone is welcome to join and give us a try.

Few plugins to keep the gameplay as close to vanilla as possible.
Plugins installed on server: EssentialsX, EssentialsXChat, Worldguard, Worldedit,

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Schattered Factions

This is a FACTIONS server above all. To succeed in this server you should create a faction with as many players as you can recruit so that you can create a strong base. Then raid other’s faction’s base, while also maintaining your own.

We will attempt to always have staff around 24/7 to support our players. You’ll be able interact with many different events & structures within our 800 x 800 spawn area for extra challenges and rewards. Within this area, we provide a PvP arena which all can fight, eight 1v1 Duels Arenas & all outside of Spawn for players to PvP. The remaining of the 12,000 x 12,000 map will be available for factions to claim and destroy at your will. Both the Nether & End are also available for your use. Come play!

First users to join will receive free kits : First server referrals receive FREE Rank upgrades

Here is a list of plugins you can use on our server:

• Factions • MCMMO • Loot Crates •
Old Combat • Anti-Cheat • CombatLogX •
• Flying Carpet • Silk Spawners • Duels •
• AJ Parkour • Ultimate TNT • Libs Disguises •

About Us
Schattered Factions begins with an OG 2013 factions group with years of PVP, base building and destroying, our top servers died out and we had fell out of the factions scene for a bit, but are now back to give you all the sickest and most interactive factions server of all. We’ll be following an original style of old school factions, with 1.8pvp, and a 1.18.2 world.

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The Dark Side of the Moon [Towny] [Custom Survival]

            Create. Craft. Customize.

The Dark Side of the Moon, or most commonly referred to as “DSOTM”, is a Java Minecraft server developed in 2019.
The aim of the server is to run a custom survival Minecraft environment, that spans over multiple platforms and caters
to all types of Minecraft players. While staying family friendly, expansive, and intertwined.

Inspire others while inspiring yourself

“We are all creatives in this world, and deserve a free place to express that. -Kickroqs 2019”

Addition information expected soon.

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Skydistricts – Skyblock [NEED STAFF MEMBERS]

Skydistricts is a Skyblock server that just opened its doors with a different approach than other skyblock servers.

This will give you a unique experience from the moment you play on this server. Experience it yourself and give us a chance. Try our server today and give us feedback.

We are currently in a beta phase, so your review really still counts! With your advice we can only improve our server and we can build a nice community together.

Staff applications are open.

Boost Customcurrency Events Jobs Mcmmo Nogrief Rewards Survival

JDSCraft – 1.18.2

Welcome to JDSCraft!
Hello everyone, my name is Jake and I would like to introduce you to JDSCraft. We are going to be a survival server with many features such as boosters, buyable warps, voting rewards, rewards(daily, weekly, monthly), quests, and maybe a rank system where you can level up your main character.

Currencies – Released (Red Essence, and Influence Points)
We currently have two currencies. The first currency is Influence Points, which players can use to buy in-game items that they earn through jobs. You will also eventually be able to buy commands with Influence Points. The other currency is Red Essence. This is our donation currency. You will be able to buy many things. Some stuff you can buy is disguises and other cool stuff. We will probably add a voting currency, which will be called Blue Essence, which can be used to redeem donation features and other get cool rewards. Alright, that’s it for currencies. I hope you are excited! There is more stuff to explain.

Warps – Not Released Yet
You will be able to buy warps to speed up the process of traveling. You will be able to instantly travel to a designated area of your choice. The warps will cost IP (Influence Points) anyone can use that. Become the most popular player and be able to travel to many warps and areas! The price of the warps is not determined yet. The thing is there is so much more to tell you!!

Boosters – Not Released Yet
This is fun, you will be able to spend influence points to buy boosters for Jobs and Mcmmo! You will be able to get 2x experience and money for jobs. Mcmmo will level up 2x faster. Hopefully, you enjoy that. The prices are not yet set in stoned, but I have an idea in mind. You will also be able to buy voting boosters with influence points to earn better rewards!

Rewards – Not Released Yet
JDSCraft would like to welcome you to the amazing rewards you get for logging in and you will be able to claim the rewards daily, weekly, and monthly. The rewards will probably be a key or items or something. We really appreciate players playing our server. We want you to feel welcome. It means a lot that you are playing our server and giving us a chance. I hope this server can fit your needs and you all have a blast!

Quests – Not Released Yet
Well, this is going to be interesting. I have never made a quest before, but I am wanting to learn how so my goal is to add a quest to JDSCraft. The quest will probably be basic then it will get more and more advance as times go on. Questing will be able to get you more features and you will even be able to claim rewards! I am thinking of having a separate world for the quest. I’m so excited!

Our main plugins are Mcmmo, Ultracustomizer, and some others. Ultracustomizer is a great plugin that lets you customize your server and do custom stuff. If you are a server owner I 100% recommend it. We also have Jobs, and PyroFishing, along with PyroMining and PyroWeather. None of the Pyro’s are configured, so it’s not released.

Red Essence Emporium
One last thing before I forget! The Red Essence Emporium is what the donation shop is called. This can be accessed with /red or /menu > Red Essence! We will soon have an IP shop where you can buy many items, but for now, the Influence Points Emporium is not released. You will soon be able to buy items from the in the game shop with ShopGuiPlus+ (which is separate from the Influence Points Emporium)

Special thanks to anyone who read this far!
You are truly amazing if you read this far, but if you scanned through it that’s fine too! I hope you have a spectacular day.

One last thing…..
We are recruiting staff. We currently only have one other person than me that is working on the server. If you are interested please let me know! Builders also are appreciated! Omg, I forgot. We are a no griefing server.

Staff team
JDSCraft – Owner
Swolp – Admin

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MythMC | Skyblock! Survival! & MORE!

MythMC is not your ordinary server, we take classic game modes and put our own little spin on them to keep you interested & coming back for more. We are community driven & designed for the players, with constantly adding new & creative ideas to be designed for all. We are also Non-Pay-To-Win!

1.8 -> 1.18.2 are supported!

Current Features:

IP : Play.MythsMC.US

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Solo’s SMP

Join our Semi-Anarchy SMP Minecraft server. Everyone can join! Runs 24/7. No Map Resets! Cool Commands & Abilities. All Griefing, PvP and Raiding is allowed!

When joining the server, type in-game /help

Java Edition:
Bedrock Edition:
Bedrock Port: 19132
Running on version 1.18.2