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this server is a survival server witch claimblocks jobs and more coming voting soon

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❄ GraphicsCraft ❄ Factions ✳ PvP ✳ Raiding ✳ and much more!

Former known as ImperiorCraft!
Our IP: Play.GraphicsCraft.Net

Were GraphicsCraft, a server that is growing! We make sure that many people have a fine gaming experience. We have a 24/7 uptime server turned on 8GB of ram and cannot be hacked therefore makes our server good quality server! In addition, we have set up all the plugins for the convenience of our players and maintaining good quality server! The server has Factions PvP addition, we have some things set so that there is good and fun gaming experience with this category! For example, you can buy in the shop spawners! The server you also offer to vote for the server and then get extra good stuff that you can make your first start for the server and approach the ultimate experience! The server also has a custom world that we offer you for the beautiful grounds and something different than normal Minecraft! Furthermore, the server also have custom plugins that we use to make the server just Slightly different from other serversen. And therefore, the server would be very nice for you!plugins:
The server uses good quality plugins put on good manners in the server and properly set up the server to be 24/7 uptime ! We want to bring you an anti lagg experience and for that we have taken action on the server. We make a few plugins and we make sure that the server is made 24/7 ! We can give you an example of the quality plugins that we have: Crate Loaded premium , MoneyMobs , StackedMobs . These plugins will make you nice and fine charge, can play on the server and may thereby have a nice good start raiding of mobs and the voten.How to begin:

You start with a starting balance of 5,000, this amount you can /shop or spend more on keeping your couch! Youre there yourself very free ! The server also offers you immediately to buy a spawner so you have something nice to start with . You also start with 10/10 power , That means that you can start faction and many can claim on the server ! You can invite friends to have more faction power and therefore more land! Furthermore, you can try to find other factions and trying to raid ! Thus, you get more stuff to do and make overpowered greater your faction, you get the real feeling factions on our server!

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Minecraft Harem Server

Having your very own harem of robo sluts just doesn’t add up to an assortative mating system for males, is it? Anyways, this same argument is often presented as a rebuttal to why men are not attracted to women who are into the harem lifestyle.

If I want to fuck and finger my succubus harem, I’ll take it. Don’t go around thinking that “that’s the only way I could do it,” because she’s a hell of a woman, but I will take her pussy in every possible way. It would be an honor to screw a succubus, but I will also take her friends.

Sometimes I fuck normal girls from my harem while maintaining my harem status, but I don’t have to just do that if I don’t want to. I can also do wild duels if I want. There is nothing too hard about it.

Being a generous harem god I even let my boys fuck the sluts ! That’s my way of showing them that I’m still just as kinky as ever. But there’s only one problem: I can’t seem to get them to come back from their wild nights.

I pride myself for having a harem of horny bitches with big tits, real big tits. Girls who are curvy and hot as hell! I’m sure you can relate to that.

Harem whores must obey their master ‘s every command. Dominating a herd of women is a lot easier when you know the women’s reactions.

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Slime Girls Minecraft Server

It’s not a secret that girls love being violated by slimes because slimes are HOT and SPICEY. You’re right, they really do that to you. But their intentions are to make you a better person.

They swarm around her naked body like the savage slimes they are. The bite is so raw she can barely move. Patches of slime gather above her naked chest. Her heart stops and then she starts. This is like the different sensations she had in her “Minecraft dungeon” that she was alive and now an adult. The sensation of finally being naked and true. A refreshing sense of liberation. The pleasure is something her brain cannot fathom. A pleasure so intense that it is almost unbearable.

Slimes taming a bunny monster girl inside the villagers jail in Minecraft.

Bunny girl likes having slimes around when her toiletries need to be cleaned up. They want to clean off her soft cotton panties and holes so she lets them slither around her hands before they do so. She probably hates the fact that they are slippery and pucker her hands around, but it feels great! That is, until she smells them and they have to be washed. She can’t get enough of slimes. They are so dirty and slimy, but she doesn’t mind it. She loved to get to clean off the slime off her mouth! The carrots add even more magic to the futa transformation.

Slimes successfully tamed a bunny.

Slime girls are different from regular girls in boob size, pussy color, and/or breast development.

But boobs do not mean that a slut is a slut, but it does mean that a girl who is smaller than average is less likely to be part of a community. However, if there are exceptions to this rule, we’ll need to find them. (i.e., fat girls who still support the lifestyle of having sexual relations and we have not yet identified an example of a fat slut!)

Furthermore, not all fat girls are big breasted. Other things besides boobs can indicate a fat girl’s power, especially the ability to manipulate men in various ways. But no matter how many other traits these girls might have, large breasts are still slimes favorite.

Slime monster girl and Alex playing with each other in Minecraft.

Some girls pretend to be real but ive seen a lot of girls who look pretty but act bad as if they are fake. I felt this really affected me, I was able to save some girls from shifting into slimes a while ago but honestly it makes me not want to give up just because it’s difficult, as the slimes are getting more active they make me harder and harder, this is sad. She even forced my hand to touch her big bazoongas and had no shame like she had something on her mind.

Steve touching slime girl on a Minecraft server.
3d Architecture Art Baroque Build Building City Classic Classical Creative Design History Landscape Medival Minecraft Modern Renaissance Server Servers Shaders Spawn Structure Town Urban

TimeToBuild | Architecture School | Creative server 1.13 – 1.16

Hello my friends, today we’ve got some very good news for you! We have opened a first international creative server in Minecraft where everyone can build (from the beginner to the most experienced builders). Admins: ChamplainMC studies for the 3rd year at the university of architecture, and Crytek_RUz_ just fineshed an architectural college and recived a prestigious diploma. We have 10 years of buildng expierience in MInecraft and will be able to teach you how to create a beautiful constructions on the server. For experienced builders, we have a Dalenberg project (european architecture) which will allow you to develop your full potential by coworking with us.


What makes our server different from the rest?

  • Smart urban planning based on architectural education
  • Compliance with road and street design standards (road signs, traffic lights, road markings)
  • The best walking experience (high level of detail of shops, restaurants, banks, on the ground floors of buildings, real shop signs)
  • Insane level of architectural details
  • Dälenberg is the capital city of the fictional EU country Dalerland

    На нашем сервере сможет строить каждый. От новичка до самых опытных строителей. Администрация имеет архитектурное образование и сможет вас обучать красиво строить прямо на сервере. Мы имеем несколько категорий, но новичков в строительстве мы будем обучать различным крутым приемам, чтобы научиться лучше строить и удивлять всех своими творениями. Так же мы создали свой уникальный текстур пак, который позволяет майнкрафту выглядеть в разы реалистичней чем он есть. К опытным строителям у нас будет другой подход, который им очень понравится. Так же будут проходить конкурсы по строительству на различные донатные позиции и прочее. В русском сегменте Minecraft серверов это уникальный проект, присоединяйтесь, и будем творить красоту вместе!

    Bannerman Best Blacksmith Boat Bookmerchant Butcher Canteen Claimland Comeplaytoday Discord Farmer Fun Goodseller Grief Junkcraft Newserver Opentosuggestions Poggers Semivanilla Shopkeppernpcs Spawn Spitgot Survival

    JunkCraft | 1.16.1 | McMMO | Shopkeepers | Economy | Back-pack | Leveling | SpitGot | Discord


    {Server IP}:

    | Fresh Survival Server | GB | Come and play today!
    Plugins ( a few):
    MinePacks, Essentials, AdvancedAchievements, DeadChest, ChestShop, Shopkeepers, GriefPrevention.

    General Rules:
    No Racism, No cheating, No spamming, No exploits.

    Economy Griefprevention Homes Landclaim Pve Shops Spawn Survival Vanilla

    The Kingdom of Valyndria

    The Kingdom of Valyndria is a minecraft server based around Vanilla Survival gameplay, with a few tweaks.

    The current version is 1.16, so enjoy the new Nether!

    We offer Land claiming, Sethomes, Diamond based Economy, Shopworld, Wild warping and a few more small improvements to support vanilla gameplay.

    Castle Gaming Kingdom Kingdoms Map Minecraft Nederlands Plugins Pvp Regels Rijken Roleplay Spawn Website

    PhantomCraft – Minecraft Kingdom server.

    Welkom op PhantomCraft, dé Minecraft kingdom server.
    Jouw avontuur begint op PhantomCraft, kingdom ANNO 2020.

    Wij zijn PhantomCraft, een Nederlandse Minecraft kingdom server.
    Wij hebben veel features, dit op gebied van plug-ins, maar door ons
    -unieke concept en geweldige storylines is jouw bezoek er een om nooit te vergeten!

    Wij zijn op dit moment nog onze koninkrijken op aan het bouwen op gebied van verhaal
    -en achtergrond. Als deze af zijn heeft elk koninkrijk een uniek verhaal.

    Onze server heeft twee verschillende chat kanalen, roleplay en normaal.
    Hierin kan jij makkelijk wisselen door middel van chat modes.
    Het is geen verplicht stuk van onze server, je hoeft je dus niet telkens
    -aan de roleplay te houden.

    Discord (invite-link):
    Twitter: @PhantomCraftNL
    – Status: Onderhoud.
    – Status: Geplant onderhoud.

    Server informatie:
    Intel© Core® i9-9900k
    8Gb DDR4 RAM.
    120GB NVMe SSD

    Citybuild Creative Plots Plotsquared Ranksystem Spawn Survival Worldedit

    SleekCommunity | Modern Cities, Survival, PlotWorld |


    FOLLOW US ON OUR TWITTER PAGE: @SC-CreativeMCPE For more updates, pics, news, and much more to come!



    116server Farmworld Freebuild Multiworlds Shop Spawn Survival


    Wilkommen auf Asterra


    Wir sind noch ganz frisch auf dem Server-Markt und freuen uns, dass du uns gefunden hast! Aktuell befinden wir uns noch im Aufbau und entschuldigen uns für evtl. auftretende Fehler.

    Aktuell bieten wir dir mehrere Freebuildwelten an in welchen du dich frei austoben, dir ein Grundstück frei suchen, abstecken und bebauen kannst. Mit viel arbeit und Geduld kannst du in diesen Welten dein eigenes Königreich erschaffen. Deine Bauten können auch gegen feindlich gesinnte Spieler geschützt werden.

    Damit es zu keinen Ressourcenengpass kommt gibt es eine extra Welt zum Farmen. Hier solltest du jedoch nichts Bauen da die Farm-Welt regelmäßig zurückgesetzt wird.

    Und da währe noch die Welt Asterra.
    Asterra ist die Survival Großprojekt . Das Ziel ist es eine riesige Fantasy-Mittelalter Welt mit mehreren großen Königreichen zu erstellen. Um auf dieser Welt bauen zu können musst du jedoch erst Zeigen das du das Zeug zum Meisterbauer hast.

    Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt? Hast du Lust dich auf unserer Reise anzuschließen?
    Dann komm in unseren Discord-Channel und schnuppere schon mal etwas rein!

    Auf unserem Discord-Channel wirst du über alle Events, Änderungen oder Ankündigungen auf dem Laufenden gehalten und bist immer Up-to-Date.

    alle Features Kurz und knapp zusammengefasst:
    + Es gint mehrere Welten zu erkunden und zu bebauen
    + Jede Welt besitzt ihre eigenen Dimensionen (Nethet / End)
    + Es gibt eine Farmwelt um einem Ressourcenengpass zu entgehen
    + Freebuild -> Du kannst überall bauen
    + Du kannst deine Bauten schützen und in ruhe mit deinen Freunden Spielen
    + Es gibt hilfreiche selbst erstellte Befehle
    + Timber / Veinminer erleichtern dir das Leben
    + Shops mit vielseitigen Angeboten
    + Votesystem mit tollen Belonungen
    + Regelmäßige Events
    + Der Server wird regelmäßig um neue Features erweitert
    + …

    -Ich bin immer für Wünsche und Vorschläge offen

    Mehr Informationen findest du auch auf unserer Webseite

    Mit freundlichem Gruß
    Das Team vom Asterra

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