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Welcome to our Minecraft Survival server, where the adventure never ends! Whether you’re on Java or Bedrock, our server embraces both platforms on version 1.20 and above, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

Key Features:

– Universal Compatibility: Enjoy seamless gameplay on both Java and Bedrock platforms.
– Land Claiming: Protect your turf and build without worries using our intuitive land claiming system.
– Bounties: Spice up the survival experience with bounties! Hunt down targets, earn rewards, and become a legend.
– Community Port (Bedrock: 8068): Connect with fellow players on Bedrock through our dedicated port (8068) for a truly global and friendly experience.

Important Note:
⚠️ Server Still in Development: Please bear with us as we continue to enhance and optimize the server. Your feedback is valuable, and we encourage you to report any issues or suggestions to our dedicated staff on our Discord server.

Why Choose Us?
🌐 Cross-Platform Unity: Java and Bedrock players come together for a unique and inclusive gaming environment.
🔐 Land Protection: Your creations are safe with our land claiming system, ensuring a secure and enjoyable building experience.
💰 Bounty Hunts: Exciting bounties add an extra layer of challenge and rewards to keep the survival spirit alive.
🤝 Friendly Community: Join a welcoming community where collaboration and camaraderie thrive.
Dive into an immersive survival experience like never before! Join us now and let the adventure unfold. Java or Bedrock, the choice is yours—because gaming is for everyone. See you in the world of endless possibilities!

Java IP:
Bedrock IP: – Port: 8068

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OJ Vanilla + Server

spawn hub/ ranks and perks/ discord live chat
huge community (over 1000 people in discord )
we run vanilla and modded servers !

1.20.1 Vanilla+ Server join today!

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Nexus-Craft | Survival, Creative, One Block, Build Battle, Prison! | Economy, Crates, Teams, Claims, and much more!


Explore Nexus Craft, your ultimate Minecraft destination with Java and Bedrock crossplay. Dive into a thriving economy, toggle PvP, and enjoy a range of fun plugins like Better Teams and Chest Shop. Engage in epic minigames, protect your land, and trade safely. Our server offers reliability and exciting features.


Discover the exciting world of Nexus Craft – your ultimate Minecraft destination! We offer Java and Bedrock crossplay, fostering a unified gaming community. Dive into an immersive experience with a thriving economy and player-run shops. Engage in epic PvP battles or opt for a more peaceful existence with the ability to toggle PvP on or off.

Customize your adventure with an array of fun plugins that elevate gameplay. Level up your skills, earn money for PvP encounters, and list items for sale through the Auction House. Create teams, wage wars, and protect your territory with land claims. Safely trade with other players, all while enjoying the thrill of minigames such as Survival, Creative, One Block, Build Battle, and the upcoming Lifesteal mode.

Our server is powered by a selection of awesome plugins, including Better Teams, Chest Shop, Better RTP, and many more, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience. We’re constantly evolving and planning to introduce exciting features like voting rewards, a Lifesteal game mode, server events, and community-suggested improvements.

Nexus Craft offers reliable performance, with servers hosted on Apex with ample CPU power. If you experience any issues, our support channel on the Nexus Discord is there to assist you. Join us at, Bedrock players can connect using a port 25565. As a new server, we appreciate your help in spreading the word and building our community. Join our official Discord server here and embark on your Nexus Craft adventure today!

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Middle School Quttor

Welcome to Quttor SMP!
Our brand new server has just launched and players are already diving in. Quttor SMP is an engaging and community-centered survival multiplayer experience. Immerse yourself in our economy system featuring a convenient shop (/shop), an exciting auction house (/ah) with a user-friendly sell GUI, and much more.
Connect with friends through tpa requests, teleporting to their location or playing pranks by trapping them. Form clans and teams using the powerful command /teams create (exclusively available with certain ranks). Whether you’re on Bedrock or using versions 1.8 to 1.20.1, you’re welcome to join our server and be part of the fun.
Stay tuned for an upcoming lobby featuring a thrilling parkour challenge. Stake your claim, construct mighty bases, and shape our growing community together.
Youtubers also welcome with a Youtube rank provided.
Ready to begin your journey?
Port: 25525
Adventure awaits – see you online!

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Melon Survival

MelonSurvival is a semi-vanilla survival server on 1.20.1, with a chill and growing
community. We are always adding new features to the server and building
onto spawn. We look forward to playing with you!

Important information:
Chat Reporting is disabled server-side
Hard gamemode – survival. Never pay to win.
Raiding & PVP friendly. Nothing disabled except Phantoms.
No hacks, No griefing, no claims, no back, no keep inventory.
Owners are active and involved, and neither Owners nor Admins are permitted to raid.
Use /sethome instead of beds to save your location. Players have 2 homes by default.
/rtp to teleport up to 5000 blocks away from /spawn. We suggest that
you build outside of this range to avoid being raided easily.
World border is 20k and will expand with new terrain releases.


  • No cheats/exploits.
    includes: x-ray, game algorithm exploits, hacked clients, mini-maps,
    replay mods autoclickers, macros, intentional glitching, other
    unapproved mods, item duping, book&quill exploits, block rotation
    calculations, simultaneous alt use, seed related endeavors, and more.
  • No major griefing
    This includes destruction of another player’s builds, farms, etc.
    Explosive pvp within a town or an array of builds will be considered major grief.
  • No access or use of the nether roof.
  • No Lag Machines or intentional lagging of the server
    Attempting to crash the server results in a permanent ban.
  • Respect all fellow players. no political or religious discussion.
    excessive swearing or offensive language. Hate speech, racism,
    scamming, and threatening behavior are all considered toxic. Trade
    swiping and being dishonest while using official server facilities is
    also considered toxic. No role playing politicians. doxxing and
    ip-grabbing will result in a permanent server and discord ban.
  • No advertisement or links in-game
    Do not advertise other servers. Do not post any links in game chat.
  • No spam
    Do not use excessive caps or otherwise spam chat. Do not flood the chat with several messages.
  • No NSFW/sensitive content.
    Do not use or encourage sensitive or inappropriate content, including builds, names, and skins.
  • Do not evade a ban/mute.
    or mute evasion by any method will result in a permanent server ban. If
    you wish to contest any disciplinary measures taken by our staff, do so
    in appeals.

    We reserve the right to ban any player we deem harmful to the community.

  •   Arena Guidelines

  • Teleporting out is disabled.
  • Elytra are disabled
  • Crystal and anchor pvp are enabled within the cpvp arena.

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    Aurora Balkan | 1.8 – 1.20 Survival | Sezona 1

    Aurora Balkan | Minecraft Multiplayer
    Java , Crack MC
    Klanovi i jo mnogo toga!
    Nas Discord:

    Ugodnu zabavu vam zeli Aurora Balkan Community

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    Message smp

    PMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17 bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b1 7bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b17bbcaPMC72c334cc1357869bf32290102b 17bbca

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    Middle school history


    – What is Historia SMP?

    Historia is a nations SMP with an aspect on World Building🗺️ , Wars ⚔️, Fantasy🧝 and as the name suggests, History📚.
    In the Historia SMP, You can be anyone! Be it a barbaric Orc, a tiny Dwarf or a swift Elf!
    But thats not all! You can also create your own Nation, connecting multiple towns into one big entity, working together to create history, thrive, and go to war!
    With TRULY endless lore possibilities to create and explore, anyone can start an empire in the Historia SMP! 🔥
    Join our discord at

    Block Build Creative Crossing Discord Dynmap Edit Free Freebuild Map Plot Spawn Title World Worldedit

    Turtle’s Crossing

    Turtle’s Crossing is a plotless freebuild creative server with large biome world generation started on 1.20 with plenty of Cherry Groves around spawn~

    We have WorldEdit and Dynmap for your convenience.

    If you’re interested, you can apply on our Discord Server!

    Build Crates Don't Economy Ence End Fun Join Rant Rating Rtp Shop Spawn Survival Title


    Join our server for an exhilarating experience! With RTP, a fantastic spawn, a shop, crates, and ample build space, we guarantee endless fun. Don’t miss out!