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Halloween Town 2022

Basic Information about the Server.

$kellies(money) can be earned to purchase various products in the park. Money can be WON in different games or even the MOB ARENA!

NPC’s: We have them all over the place. SOME OF THEM HAVE SECRETS! Right-Click an NPC to see if they have anything special to offer.

Rollercoasters at a click. No need to carry a Minecart, just RIGHT-CLICK the rail and press forward in the direction you’re moving to ride.

Join now to see what it’s all about!


*this server is best enjoyed with Shaders. We recommend Continuum 1.3 or BSL shaders as these support 1.7.10.

Customdimensions Economysurvival Hardcore Rpg Survival Town Towny


The Midnight SMP is a cross-platform, RPG, towny based server with emphasis on economy and exploration. In the MidnightSMP, players are encouraged to explore, trade, and complete quests to progress further into the storyline. We offer a unique experience with custom dimensions, quests ,a 1 hour deathban, over 100+ NPCs, player shop, and builds that you will never forget. There are no pay-to-win features, a store full of custom cosmetics, and a great community only just a click away.

Crates Mekanism Modded Nuke Other Pvp Ranks Roleplay Technic Thermalexpansion Thermalfoundation Town War

AetherNetwork Modded Town “Roleplay”

+ THIS IS A Survival MP SERVER. Raiding and Stealing are allowed when at war, and you CANNOT claim land. Do not ask about claims. There is NO WAY to make a claim. I WILL punch you.

+ Duplicated (“Duped”) items are considered contraband. If you are discovered with a dupe stash it’s a ban (temporary). Your second offense will be permanent. If you happen to discover a duplication glitch, either report it to the staff so we can ban the item, or keep it your personal secret. Keep ALL duped items off of the market. Duplicating weapons, including bombs, will flat out get you a ban.

+ We allow free speech, by all means. However, if a conversation goes too far, it will be cut short by moderators or admins. Religious/Political discussions have no place here. Bullying and harassment will also not be tolerated. Memes are fine. We love a good meme. Just keep your memes, like.. vaguely civil.

+ No spamming! This includes all forms of large text paragraphs. Ignorance of warnings from players or staff will result in a mute, and eventually a ban if you don’t learn your lesson. Got something long as fuck to say? Take it to Pastebin, or just elsewhere in general.

+ Do not bring external drama into the chat. This INCLUDES the discord. If you don’t take it to PMs i’m gonna post the fuck up.

+ Crashing the server intentionally without reporting it will result in a permanent removal from the server, don’t try me.

+ Racism and Anti-Semitism have no place in this community, Take that shit to your iPhone memos would ya?

+ Any and all war declarations must come with a reason, if they don’t have a reason associated and somebody reports that you have been raiding them, you will be temporarily removed from the server.

+ ‘Bookbanning’ people will also get you banned. Think of the consequences before you go throwing forbidden knowledge at people. Trust me, forbidden knowledge and I go waaaayyy back.

+ Obey staff requests and warnings. Do it or I’ll peel you like an onion.


– Discord Server
– Modpack is in the Discord

1192server 18plus Birch Chill Dedicated Eyes Host Map Mcmmo Minecraft Multiplayer New Newmap Nolag Semivanilla Singleplayersleep Spawn Survival Town Uhc Vanilla

|| [Java 1.19.2] || Eyes of Birch || [Vanilla+MCMMO] || [Whitelist] || [18+] || [NEW MAP (8/20/2022)] ||

The fourth public reincarnation of a former small private server, Eyes of Birch aims to increase its player base while preserving in game tranquility and quaint atmosphere. Long term activity is sought, but the primary goal is to create a unique and enjoyable sense of community. This version of the server will be adding a few oldschool feeling tweaks to the vanilla game, and welcomes your nostalgia. Prepare to apply.


Freshly reset at the end of August, our spawn in this world is located in a pristine alpine valley between several towering mountains ranges. There we will begin to settle a spawn town. Your help–or at least your touristic interest–would be greatly appreciated. You may roam as you wish and build wherever, within reasonable consideration of your fellow players.


This server was initially made for Discord friends across several Discord servers, and now we are grouped together on one specifically made for this Minecraft server. We voice chat fairly often, and are always happy to hear new voices, or see new typists. Let me know in the application or elsewhere if you want an invite link.


I won’t lay down many solid rules, but rather trust you to understand the basics of a cooperative minecraft server. We all love vikings, pirates, and warlords, but please do not engage in destroying, stealing, or killing without some sort of understanding between players. Generally, do not make the game unenjoyable for others. I’m sure most of you have been through this before. Also, around the spawn area at least, please fill creeper holes, finish off trees, and keep the village and flowers preserved where possible. Thanks.


My in game name is IcedEmpyre. I am the owner and former operator. We are now instead running on a private server hosted from a physically accessible rig under the care of sneakysnek (aka AssassinRG). It is 24/7 and better performing than the old host. Specs at bottom of post. If you have any questions/suggestions regarding the server or game, feel free to contact either of us. Players of all experience levels are welcome. Players below 18 are not likely to be accepted, but you could certainly try submitting an application along with the rest:



Location (optional):

Your specialty skill(s) in Minecraft:

Your favorite mineral:

Something which consumes a lot of time in your life:

Would you like to join the associated discord server?:


We are looking to have some events in the future, including but not limited to boss fights, UHC, community builds, competitive mining, voice chats… We are running on paper spigot, but will not be using any major game changing plugins unless perhaps by overwhelming request of most members. The currently most substantial plugin is MCMMO.


The physical server is an R710, Dual x5650 processors with 72GB of RAM on a
fiber connection. The virtual machine has 2 virtual CPUs and 6GB of RAM provisioned right now, which can be increased as necessary. Running on a Raid 6 15K SAS array.


Whether beneath the hot desert sun, amidst the rolling ocean waves, sheltering from a high mountain blizzard, slinking through the dangerous night, or wherever else you might find yourself, I look forward to meeting you in game.


Brewery Building Custommap Customterrain Customworld Economy English F2p Freetoplay German Public Roleplay Town Towny World Worldbuilding

= EarthlikeMC = [Roleplay][Worldbuilding][FreeToPlay]

EarthlikeMC – A server for Roleplay and Worldbuilding on a custom giant Earth-like Planet

Do you like roleplay? do you want to write history? Did you ever wanted to have your own Empire?

On EarthlikeMC you are able to find that all. EarthlikeMC is a Roleplay and Worldbuilding Server with a full custom Earth-like map with full custom continents and everything being able to become part in your own History on the Server. Good and balanced Rules are giving structure to our nice and tolerant community. We offer:

– Nice Community
– Towny
– Custom Map
– Worldbuilding and Roleplay History
– Features and Additions for your roleplay
– Economy
– Alcohol

Info: Minecraft Java 1.19 vanilla
Discord (essential):

Bedrock Build Builder Building City Craftyfoxe Creative Foxyard Geyser Java Realistic Server Town Train Worker

FoxYard Bedrock Realistic Build Server

FoxYard Bedrock Java Realistic Creative Minecraft Server

Build server for both Bedrock and Java builders since it’s a Java server running Geyser.
It’s a chill place to build things from real life: Towns, Railroads, vehicles, etc for fans of my YouTube.

To become a [​Worker]:
Simply take a trial where you build a realistic 1.5:1 scale diorama to be approved. More instructions at /spawn.

To Join:
For Java Edition: IP:

For MC Pocket Edition MCPE: IP: Port: 19132

For Console(Xbox One, PS4, Switch, etc.), please watch this video, you require extra steps to join.



FoxYard Bedrock Realistic Build Server Minecraft Server

*If you are interested in a stricter standard of realistic building, check out FoxShot (java only)

Active Claim Community Diamond Discord Economy Java Landclaim Lush Lushsurvival Mcmmo New Playereconomy Playershops Pve Pvp Semivanilla Shops Survival Town Vanilla

Lush Survival | 🏠Land Claim | 🏪Player Shops | ⛏️mcMMO | 🗺️Server Map | 💵Economy |

🏠Land Claim
🏪Player Shops
💎Diamond Based Economy
🐦Fly in claims
⚔️Toggle PvP
❌No Crates
🛒Auction House
📦Chest, Inventory, & Hotbar-Sorting
⛅Vote for Time & Weather
✅EULA Compliant (Not Pay to Win)

Economy Economysurvival Events Npcshops Survival Town Towny


Civilization is a Towny Server with a very welcoming community. There is an economy with NPC’s you can sell and buy items from. We also have a unique way of doing wars where your builds will not be damaged. We plan to host events twice a month if possible. Staff are respectful and you can open a ticket at any time for any reason in the discord. Please consider joining as we are looking to make our community larger and more fun!

Aesthetic Chill City Community Cool Friendly Friends Fun Hangout Meet Roleplay Town

Clarecraft – The best Minecraft hangout server

Server ID:

This server is a fun community hangout, own a house next to the breathtaking views of the lake or even get a cup of tea at the cafe in the heart of our town.

Perhaps relaxing isn’t quite your forte, we also have jobs available. Fishing and grinding for cash. By doing so you purchase a sleek new elytra and flex it on all your fellow server members.

No matter what your interests, we are the right place for you.

Dude, you can even get in-game money for sitting down and doing nothing, what’s not to love,

This place is paradise!


Having problems joining?
Type out: without 25658

Interested in becoming a mod?
Fill in this form here!

Buildingcompetitions Crates Customenchants Customizedexperience Customplugins Keepinventory Playershops Rewards Shops Survival Survivalmultiplayer Survivalserver Town Towny

The Dark Side of the Moon [Towny] [Custom Survival]

            Create. Craft. Customize.

The Dark Side of the Moon, or most commonly referred to as “DSOTM”, is a Java Minecraft server developed in 2019.
The aim of the server is to run a custom survival Minecraft environment, that spans over multiple platforms and caters
to all types of Minecraft players. While staying family friendly, expansive, and intertwined.

Inspire others while inspiring yourself

“We are all creatives in this world, and deserve a free place to express that. -Kickroqs 2019”

Addition information expected soon.