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HillCrest MC

Welcome to Hillcrest! We are all going to be building and developing a huge city together. You will have a range of jobs to choose from. You are at your apartment building. This is your first living space. Go up the stairs and find a vacant apartment. Then place a sign next to the door with your name on it. After that head over to the bank to get your starter check. To see how much money you have do /balance. You can ask a server admin on how to start building, or if you would like to work in one of the shops we have built a admin can help you with that aswell. Thanks!

Please Follow These Rules

1. No Griefing

2. No Trolling

3. No Making Fun Of Other Players Builds

4. No Building Without A Admins permission

5. Only Build On Designated Plots

6. No Hacking

Admins have the right to ban/kick anyone if they think they are breaking any of the rules. If you would like to submit a ban appeal join our discord server!

Community Fantasy Medevil Roelplay Town

Ember Isles

Welcome to Ember Isles will you find the Truth behind the Entity 000, or will you join her Army, You Embark on a Advent on the Ember Isles. In a World filled with Fantasy, and Medevil, castles, towns, a fun econmy come and join our Discord We are currently looking for staff message the owner if interested. Enjoy your stay.

Earthmap Nation Roleplay Survival Town Towny Vanilla War World


Welcome to Elysiums!, a geopolitical/war/towny server with a built in rank system!

Hate P2W? Elysiums’s ranks are purely in-game money based, so you can get the exact same benefits that donors get with in game money!

We are constantly updating and have tons of features and new suggestions coming in all the time, and unlike so many other servers we actually listen to and respond to suggestions, so come on down and try us out!

– Bounty hunting
– Dynmap
– Towny
– Town war system
– Treasure hunt
– Rankup system with unique perks
– NPC Shops
– Playershops
– Jobs
– Marriage
– Custom lore sets (Can you get them all?)
– Vote Crates
– Vanilla-based
– Earth Map
– Resource world
– 1.16.3 (Soon to support 1.9+)

Join today and be a part of our amazing community!

Join our discord!

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Replay Roleplay & Creative

Welcome to Replay, a server that seeks to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have features such as custom plugins, custom built maps, and multiple things you can do during your stay. We constantly work to improve and create new content based on YOUR suggestions. Feel free to check us out and we hope you have fun on Replay!

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Just an Earth Server 1:500 Towny + MCMMO



NEW 1.16.3 Survival opened literally 5 hours ago.
Towny server with MCMMO. 1:500 Earth Map, donator ranks, nations, towns, claim plots and towns, SHOPS, wars coming soon. Cosmetics, particles, mineable mob spawners all around the world, NETHER BIOMES UPDATE!!

Online 24/7, Lag Free, large view distance, custom plugins, /tpa, new nether, GOLD-Based Economy. Voting gives high rewards.

FAST START, BRAND NEW MAP, visit the place where you live in real life!

We are looking for helpers and mods. Join our discord listed above.

Yes, Just an Earth Server, that’s it.

Economy Events Pvp Server Survival Town



Pure Minecraft game-play and a lot of fun!


Cities City Creative Fantasy Medieval Medievalrealism Medievalserver Medievaltheme Plots Town Towns Worldedit [1.16.3]

The Altyria Server is a passion project with the purpose of creating a realistic, yet stylized fictitious medieval world based on the pre-gunpowder middle ages. On Altyria, we build using a resource pack that doesn’t stray far from the default textures. We are building an immersive medieval world in Minecraft, after all, so we prefer to embrace the game’s natural charm associated with it’s default look. If you’d like to join and tour the expansive, atmospheric world, or build a plot and try to become a member yourself, you can join us here ➡ SERVER IP: - Make sure to enable server resource packs!
Altyria Discord:

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The Atlas Network

Join The Atlas Network, a 1.16.3 server with Earth, Kitpvp, and Creative Plots!
– Fictional and Non-Fictional nations
– Wars
– Bustling Economy
– Quests and Lore Events
– Warp Envoy & custom plugins
– Large plots
– Cosmetics
– Large Kitpvp Arena
– Weapon Upgrades

IP: TheAtlas.Network

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Casual vanilla server with good community town building were not here looking for Donors were here looking for new players and staff.



We look forward to seeing you on our server!

Discord Fight Quest Roleplay Town Towny War Wars

StoneWorks Towny RP

“World Building in Minecraft- In the world of Rathnir, we roleplay, build, go to war, and record our history. There are towns, nations, coups, religious wars, diplomatic missions, profound religions, alliances, libraries, secret recipes, and world wide council meetings. The world has a deep lore where the villagers are invaded and taken over by players who now fight amongst themselves. With towny, bounties, breweries, and more, Stoneworks MC is full of friendly and cooperative players triumphing over a hostile world full of bandits and wars. The whole history of Rathnir can be found at, where players’ actions and creative lore are all recorded and brought into the culture of the server.”

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