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Savage Reborn [1.19.3] [RPG] [Ecomomy & Towns] [Magic and Custom Items]

ꜱᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ ʀᴇʙᴏʀɴ
connect @

Over 10 years of Minecraft Server Experience.


  • A play-type for everyone!
  • Events held daily.
  • SMP-RPG Elements
  • Custom items, furniture, pets.
  • Magic!
  • This will be replaced with more information soon! Sorry for the inconvience.

    Challenge Cow Event Events Filo Filoya Fun Lava Mcevent Minecraft Minigames Parkour Server

    Funny Events

    Hosting an event just for fun in minecraft. Please join so we can have fun. Server is cracked. The event is mini-games and other things. Event host is ItsFiloya_YT so do not listen to anyone else telling you to do something. If you die, you go to the jail but every round or two there is a revival round which ItsFiloya_YT will tell you about. Have fun!

    Bigserver Minecraft Newserver Plugins Server Survival



    –we have tons of cool plugins–

    discord is in progress

    server is very new so kind of bad

    I’m looking for admins apply on discord when completed

    if join use /kit but not working until i add it to ranks (luckperms)

    discord will be put on server and on here when updated and when I get it soon lol

    COME PLAY WITH US AT if needs port do it like

    come play!!

    Bedrock Crossplay Java Minecraft Pvp Smp Survival Youtubers Needed

    Shide Middle School

    Shide SMP is a Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for Java and Bedrock. The server is up 24/7 with an active community and discord. There are no game-changing mods like Claims or TPA. Bedrock and Java players are supported on the server.

    Minecraft Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Modded Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Modified Mods Surivival Survival Survivalserver

    Farlands Modded Survival

    Farlands is a brand new lightweight modded server that has just started! Join now and you can get ahead
    Like a normal origins smp but better
    We have mods such as Create, Origins, Better End, Adorn, and a couple more.

    We have Features such as:

    -The server is Lag free
    -Weekly events
    -Custom Origins
    -Curseforge profile
    -Friendly community
    -Support all communities
    -Custom Enchants

    Argentina Colombia Espaol Latam Mexico Minecraft Rpg Servidor Super Survival


    Me again, to inform you that we already have the survival rpg modality just 1 day after its opening ✨
    We have a limited quota of 80 people online at the moment, the more support we grow the more we grow 🫂❣️
    Premium y no premium, ☃️⚡🎮
    🔺 The server is always 24/7 🔺
    Available for Version 1.16.5 until 1.19.3 ✨
    We moderate to have a healthy community: 🫂🫂♥️
    🔺 Free of toxicity
    🔺 Respect
    🔺 Zero discrimination
    🔺 The use of hacks is prohibited
    🔺 Avoid controversial and controversial topics
    Without more to say, welcome and have fun WE HAVE:
    ✓ Jobs
    ✓ New enchantments
    ✓ Protection block
    ✓ Economy
    ✓ Mercado
    ✓ Contracts
    ✓ new mobs
    ✓ bosses
    ✓ Dungueons
    ➸ And much more!

    Chill Fun Minecraft Minigames Murdermystery Skywars Smp Survival Vibe


    AsianSMP: The Perfect Place To Vibe!

    Check out our discord:

    Server IP:

    Welcome to AsianSMP, a chill Minecraft SMP that has absolutely no paywalls! We offer a welcoming environment where you can make new friends and vibe with others, in this Asian themed map.

    Originally, this server was just a fun place for my friends to hangout at (its Asian themed because our friend group is primarily Asian), as a barebones SMP, however I decided to release it to the public as a very minimal SMP that is quite literally just a Minecraft survival server. However we also include,

  • 1.19.3 latest version support
  • Upcoming new minigames! (Murder Mystery, Skywars, etc)
  • Factions creator
  • Marriage Command!
  • Active PvP community
  • Homes, Warps, and Player Teleportation
  • Anticheat System
  • A fun community waiting to get started!
  • This server is in EARLY DEVELOPMENT! Which means there could still be a few bugs that could appear here and there, if you find a bug please report it to the discord server!

    So what are you waiting for? Come join this oriental themed SMP!

    Bedrock Bedrockedition Chunk Chunktv Chunktvlive Floodgate Geyser Griefprevention Griefprotection Java Javaedition Keralis Minecraft Randomteleport Randomtp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

    Chunk TV! Production Team! Java / Bedrock [1.19.3]

    Server is in BETA / Under Construction but joinable and playable.

    Enjoy! Production Team! Java / Bedrock v1.19.3 – VOTIFIER ENABLED! –

    BUYCRAFT AVAILABLE! Visit our page on to purchase Donator Packs! (Temporarily unavailable…)

    Chunk TV! is an media organization that supports The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.

    Production Team! is our Minecraft server!

    Server supports PC Java and Windows Edition, PSN, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile!

    Mostly we’re a 21+ community. We do allow younger players to join, but they must act maturely and respectfully. We make videos, feature builds and definitely like getting to know players. We’ve got a great community and we’d be glad if you’d like to come join us!



    Respect admins
    Play fair
    I’m not even going to list things like no spamming because that’s common sense.
    Disputes will be moderated via in-world Court.

    Server Location: U.S. East

    Owner: Chunk_TV

    Also please like our FB page for updates and easy contact with owners and admin!

    Arena Combat Custom Cyber Dystopian Futuristic Kitpvp Magic Minecraft Minigames Mythic Pvp Scifi Skywars Smp Spigot Spleef Survival



    GameHawk is more than a Minecraft server. It’s a community. A family. We offer a non-toxic, all-are-welcome, and easygoing community of gamers, game makers, artists, graphic designers, programmers, and everyone in between.


    The GameHawk Minecraft server includes three main gamemodes:

         The Mythic SMP
           Mythological Survival

    The Mythic SMP is a Greek mythology survival server in which players can explore the map, craft custom magic items, battle players in epic duels, and forge alliances! Join today and start building amazing structures, obtaining Mythic armour, tools, and weapons, becoming a Greek God, enchanting your gear with custom enchantments, and setting up amazing farms! Build a base, build an empire, become the best!


           Sci-Fi Kit PvP
    Who will come out on top? Forge alliances, break alliances! Battle your friends, battle your enemies! Battleground is a fun, interactive combat arena game in which players select a kit, then battle it out over precious loot. There are loot chests scattered through the map that refill every few minutes, and players must fight to gain the game-changing gear in those chests.

         Dystopian PvP Minigame
    CrimeBlock is a mashup of SkyWars, Spleef, and Kit PvP, in which players fight to survive in an abandoned building controlled by the Union, a powerful and corrupt government. The only ones who have a chance against the Union call themselves the Insurgence; a fight-for-what’s-right rebellion that intends to restore justice to the world. Which side will you choose? Power and order, or freedom and chaos?

    18plus Craft Duck Essentials Minecraft Rules Semisurvival Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Server Smp Vanilla Whitelist Whitelisted World


    Welcome to DuckWorld SMP, a semi-vanilla survival server running on 1.19.3 Fabric.

    Creating your own story and playing with others. Build, farm, grind, make your shop, organise events, plan an insane base, visit other’s creations… this is Minecraft, the possibilities are infinite. Thats the entire essence of this SMP server

    DuckWorld SMP is a +18 community. We are searching for mature and long-term players. If you want to join us in this adventure, you can apply through the discord linked below. The end is already open so no need to wait to get your elytra’s! We currently have a small community that we would love to expend.

    Play on a full dedicated machine with a Ryzen 9 5950X (32 cores) GPU and 128 GB RAM. The server is located in Germany.
    You can play no to minimum lag, we use Fabric and not Paper.

    We value the freedom of the players. You have nearly no restrictions on what type of farms you want to make, or how big your base will be. Freely build and create on this server.

    We have some small (quality of life) mods and datapacks like:
    – Carpet
    – Lithium
    – MoreMobsHeads
    – Armor Statues
    – Fast Leaf Decay
    – Cauldron Concrete
    – Player Head Drops
    – Silence Mobs
    – Wandering Trader Mini Blocks
    – Custom Nether Portals
    – One person sleep

    This server is mostly vanilla.

    The only big addition, and technical players will love it, is the possibility to spawn a bot to act as an AFK player. These bots can even auto-attack. No need to afk your farms any more, you can play and have proper rates.

    We hope to see you soon on the discord and on the Minecraft server!