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Hello Welcome to the new MC Bending Avatar Minecraft server!! So you probably are asking you’re self, why would u want to join this server? Well first of all we have Custom Plugins,! We have top Builder’s and Developer’s working daily on the server! Also there are custom bending abilities for you to use. Unlike other servers like this we do NOT make payed roles for in game advantages, we think as making a fair and balance avatar Minecraft server for everyone to enjoy! If you think u have what it takes to join we will see you in game!! ´╗┐

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Naruto Block

Naruto-Block is a Minecraft Mod Server for 1.16.5 But you would know that if you are here. There is plans to add in all content from Naruto PTS and Naruto Shippuden. So why don’t you stop on in and check out the server and the amazing members we have to offer

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Rhyno Survival

We are a feature-packed multiplayer survival server. We have our own discord community server. We have quests, bosses, McMMO, Grief Prevention, Bloodmoon, CrazyCrates, Tokens, Shops, PlayerWarps, ChestShops and so so much more! Come join and say hi! MY discord is RyGuy#3333

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Danganronpa RP FR BETA -> 28/05

28/05″ title=”Danganronpa RP FR BETA -> 28/05″>

French :

DanganRP is a minecraft 1.16.5 roleplay server inspired by Danganronpa games. 17 slots
If you want to join the whitelist and join future seasons join the discord:

All the information is on the discord but here is a little introduction:

Danganronpa is a killing game
You wake up in what appears to be an academy with 15 other students. A strange character (the host) tells you that to leave
your place of detention you have to kill someone without being discovered.

We don’t have much knowledge in server creation but we tried our best to create a game containing

– A day night system impacting the map
– A shop (with game money of course) to buy cosmetics and customize the room
– An escape game part to escape without carrying out a murder
– Staged murders
– A proximity voice without mumble with a web page
– Background music on the map
– A whole graphic charter accompanies the map with displays and others
– A role system like in the werewolf game
– A different story and mystery each season!
– A motivation system to push players to murder
– Executions for every murder

The first season will take place in June. and the first test part on 05/28/2022. The game sessions will often take place in the evenings and sometimes on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons depending on the availability of the players. If you register you can of course miss a game session, it does not matter.

The features are made with the means at hand and there will surely be bugs. We trust the players to stay
rp in their actions with other players even if sometimes it can be frustrating. People who have never done rp are welcome.

The primary goal is to have fun and create a small, tight-knit and friendly community.

What you must need:

– Internet
– Minecraft premium
– A micro
– Have a pc that can run minecraft 1.16.5 + discord + an internet page at the same time
– Be at least 10 years old
– To be nice

Hello, this server was made for french speaker but if some english people want to try (more than 10) I can host game in english.

DanganRP is a server minecraft 1.16.5 roleplay about the Danganronpa games. 17 slots
If you interested about this rp -> message me on discord : pikaSKIN#0069

P.S The texture pack is a mashup from different pack and we have created some texture too. And nothing is commercial on our server we are doing that just by passion on our free time.

We are opened too any idea you can have to upgrade this server.

See you.

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PastelMC is an Economy, Survival, and Roleplay server where the goal is to become the richest player on the /baltop while having fin with the community! Other than that we have so many perks and options you’re sure to find something you like. Whether it be PvPing in the area, enjoying the community, or grinding for gear and money, Pastel is a great server to start your exciting journey at. All of us as Pastel will see you there!

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Alcatraz Network


A reminiscence of the past, we are a Minecraft Network aiming to bring back old game modes that are packed with new trendy features to expand your multiplayer experience and entertainment.


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Zhaibus: Fun SMP Server

*** A survival multi player server filled with adventure and mystery. Join a welcoming community and have a good time completing quests, getting cool prizes from in-game slot machines, opening your own shop, and so much more! We are dedicated to creating a great experience for everyone and love getting to play with you. Come with us, as we create fantastic new realities in Zhaibus! ***

  • FUN! Fair, drama free and well rounded for the best experience.
  • Welcoming! We are compatible with both Java and Bedrock.
  • Unique! Tier Leveling, Player Shops, More Bows & Arrows, More Enchantments, Keys, Voting, Lottery, Magic, Mob Arena, Ships, Slot Machines

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    Minecraft Skyblock Survival

    CrystalMC [1.16 – 1.18] – Feature Packed Skyblock – $140 Seasonal Payouts

    CrystalMC [1.16 - 1.18] - Feature Packed Skyblock - $140 Seasonal Payouts Minecraft Server

    CrystalMC is a feature packed skyblock server, that offers fun for all the community. We have a staff team dedicated to the improved development of the server and creating a fun space for everyone to enjoy their time. We offer many features across the whole server to keep you entertained, and even rewarded for grinding out some of our features. We offer a returning streak bonus so the more days you log in, the better your reward gets!

    As it stands, CrystalMC currently isn’t open to the public, this will be on our official launch which happens on 1st June 2022. We are focused on building up a strong community of players who are going to love playing on CrystalMC and we hope that is you, yes you.. the one reading this ­čÖé

    If you are interested in joining us for the start of season 1 then an invite to our discord will be below! Along with some more information about the server. And don’t forget, we are currently offering invite rewards over on our discord server, along with a bunch of giveaways when we hit 50 discord members. I can’t wait to see you over there!

    6 Week Seasons
    6 Man Islands
    $140 Seasonal Payouts
    Daily Koth & Warzone with amazing rewards
    Many grinding aspects with some amazing rewards
    & Much more to discover!


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    Fishcraft is a friendly community based from the UK. Though this server started in 2022 our original server began in 2019, after a 12 month hiatus (due to me finishing university and starting a games studio) I have returned!

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    This is a brand new server looking for active players to help test and improve our server! We currently have factions, we have a quest plugin and many more! We plan on adding game modes in the future and would love your help!