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Welcome to DoomMC
The #1 LifeSteal experience, join us today and start your advertures
We offer many features:
– Jobs- Levels- Ranks- Skills- Teams
And many more to explore
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Crates Create Custom Dungeons Earth Economy Enchants Job Jobs Oney Shop Skills Spread Town Towny

DecidiaMC BETA

A towny server with custom dungeons(coming soon), skills, jobs and more! Jobs and /shop provide in-game money to afford to create your own town to conquer the earth! Custom enchants too are spread in crates and enchant tables.

Active Cross-Play Dark Etc. Featured Free Gui Java Job Lag Sel Shop Survival Survival Games World


DARK WORLD. featured – Java + Pe. 24)7. lagg free server. /job /shop /sellgui. Etc. DARK WORLD. featured – Java + Pe. 24)7. lagg free server. /job /shop /sellgui. Etc.

9.1 Crazy Create Don't Farm Fun Have Java Job Jobs Sec Store Thing Vote World

Adamantium Security

( JAVA -_- BEDROK ) World to have fun, create crazy farms and whatever you want. Paid Jobs, gifts, votes, checked armor and many more things, have a great time and enjoy (YOU DON’T HAVE MINECRAFT, GO BY THE STORE I’LL GIVE IT TO YOU)

Als City Discord Event Events Game Mode Idiot Job Mod Rol Roleplay Title Type Vehicle Vehicles


Roleplay server in a modern city, choose your own job join the discord. survival game mode. many events. weapons vehicles more animals and you name it

Ali Arin City Citybuild Ending Feel Job Joke Prop Roleplay Roleplaying Rps Som Towny Townysurvival



We are a small, blooming server with wonderfully kind staff and many kind players.
We love building and chatting! If you’re an avid builder, or if you just want a chill atmosphere and kind people, then this is the place for you!

The server is currently in-development, but we’re near-finished! The server is playable, and we just moved to a persistent, crash-free domain!
Our staff are open to suggestions to make this server as comfortable and fun for all players! Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you feel that something needs to be changed.

You can join as a normal player, or take our V.I.P. Membership test! Join the Discord at!


As a community server, we have some rules that players must abide by.

1.) No hacking/cheating!
  This includes Xray clients and flying, even if it’s not to attack people. /fly will be given — by staff — to builders or approved players.
  Visual hacks/cheats are allowed like FullBright or Hitbox-toggle.

2.) This is a roleplay server. Roleplay.
  This is a survival roleplay server, so you will need to gather materials from the wild, of course.

  You will not be punished for not roleplaying, especially as towns are still being built, but do follow the rules at the very least.

3.) No asking for admin, mod, op, etc.
  Staff applications are handled through Google Forms.
  The form is on the Discord Server at

4.) No swearing!
  Swearing and vulgar language (innuendo, inappropriate jokes, etc.) are generally not tolerated.
  Depending on which members are online at the time, swearing may be treated differently than at other times.

5.) No vandalizing!
  Griefing, attacking, or attempting to modify plots or people without their permission is considered vandalizing and will be treated as crime,
  including attempted vandalization of claimed areas. Our staff is tough on griefers, so don’t be that guy!

  Innuendo/Inappropriate builds is considered vandalism!

  There are designated PvP arenas. Ask staff for more information on such arenas if you want to battle players!

6.) No terrorism!
  Attacking individuals through PvP (in non-pvp areas), chat, or signs will not be tolerated.
  Opinions are respected, and people are treated like people regardless of viewpoints.

  There are healthier ways to express dislike of something.

(Interpretation of rules is subject to staff. Keep this in mind when thinking about breaking one.)


5/23/2023: Deleted broken QR Code and fixed Discord link
5/23/2023: Posted server

1.19.4 119 570 Beau Beautiful Cube Eau Job Jobs Kits Quests Realistic Rewards Survival Uests

HellCube Factions

Minecraft Server with Crates, Jobs, Quests, Rewards, Kits and much more…

From 1.8 to 1.19.4, the ip is:


Join this beautiful community now!

Cloud Economy Ender Enderman Items Job Pot Potion Potions Purchase Sitting Survival Survival Minecraft Survival Minecraft Server System

New Lemoyne

This is a semi-survival minecraft server in which you can brew potions, have a job, claim land and purchase unique items using the integrated economy system. Our server also includes niche features such as sitting.

Anti Bran Brand Brand New Factions Server Conomy Econom Economy Factions Factions Server Job Jobs Mcm Mcmmo Mmo Pay


WarswornCraft is a brand new Factions server! We are anti pay-to-win with jobs, mcmmo, economy and soon to be more! Come join us!

Different Eren Events Job Jobs Kitpv Kitpvp Mcm Mcmmo Oldschool Pvp Pvp Server Residence Skyblock Survival


This is new oldschool pvp server 1.8 version, in our server you can see many different things, like mcmmo, residence,jobs,kitpvp,skyblock , etc.. Come and play with your friends.
If you have any issues, you can join our discord server, and make a ticket, Events are everyday at 20:00 (UTC +3)