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Artemis smp [Survival][Whitelist][1.19][Vanilla][Anti-grief] Applications now open, read desc

Welcome to artemis smp
we are a small minecraft community focused on vanilla minecraft as it is, this server is actively maintained
in order to join you must fill out an application in application before applying please read all the rules and requirments!
server is whitelist only
server is private, but open to applicants

please leave your discord username and tag so that I know who is applying to join, thank you!

we ask that anyone applying is willing to commit 2-4 hours a week and partcipate in community events, so we can maintain acitivty
Have discord
mic is required
active for 1-4 hours a week

server is on 1.19 not 1.19.1 or 1.19.2 due to controversial updates

Below you will find a link to our discord server

Building Edating Realms Smp Survival Survivalcommunity Survivalserver Survivalservers Survivalsmp

Shawn Does

You will be require to join our Discord Here!

Survival based smp Server can be access through /menu or via server names


Each “Realm” will link Inventories while having their own Worlds them selves, allowing you to switch between 2 worlds for resources if necessary!

1.19, 1.19.1


Building Private Smp Survival Vanilla


Flatcraft is a Private chill vanilla superflat survival server for java 1.19
the aim for this server is to have around 10 players to push the limits of vanilla superflat survival
if you feel you have what it takes to push the limits of survival Minecraft then come join the discord server to find out more.
The server is up for testing right now as we build the 10 player…. player base? if we cant reach 10 players then once we have reached an agreed amount of players I’ll reset the world and we can start fresh and document our achievements. feel free to discuss plans and own goals in the discords general chat.

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Debunk SMP (Vanilla SMP)

This is The Debunk SMP! It is a vannila Java 1.19 SMP with a couple simple plugins like anti-combat log to make the game more fun. This server is focused on having a fun and active enviroment 😃. We want people that are going to be active on the server and make the server more fun. You can make teams, nations, wars 🗡️ and anything you want to, we also love building cool stuff. You can make shops, statues, community buildings and all sorts of stuff. There is no weird commands and no spawn hub so it’s just like a server you would see on YouTube! If you are interested, Join the Official Discord Server:

Owner: Flex

Brewery Building Custommap Customterrain Customworld Economy English F2p Freetoplay German Public Roleplay Town Towny World Worldbuilding

= EarthlikeMC = [Roleplay][Worldbuilding][FreeToPlay]

EarthlikeMC – A server for Roleplay and Worldbuilding on a custom giant Earth-like Planet

Do you like roleplay? do you want to write history? Did you ever wanted to have your own Empire?

On EarthlikeMC you are able to find that all. EarthlikeMC is a Roleplay and Worldbuilding Server with a full custom Earth-like map with full custom continents and everything being able to become part in your own History on the Server. Good and balanced Rules are giving structure to our nice and tolerant community. We offer:

– Nice Community
– Towny
– Custom Map
– Worldbuilding and Roleplay History
– Features and Additions for your roleplay
– Economy
– Alcohol

Info: Minecraft Java 1.19 vanilla
Discord (essential):

Beef Building Community Creative Creativewrold Diamonds Events Farms Fun Games Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikesmp Longlasting Minigames Mining Redstone Shoppingdistrict Slx Smp Survival Survivalworld Sus Toast Whitelisted

TrophySMP [Community] [Whitelisted] [Hermitcraft-like]

Are you on the hunt for a fun and welcoming SMP? Well, you’ve found the right place. Whether you’re more technical, into redstone, or love creating majestic builds, you’re bound to find the right thing for you on the TrophySMP. We are heavily inspired by hermitcraft and their community as a whole. We have proximity chat and an installation guide for it. This gives us a much larger sense of community. Of course, proximity chat is optional and isn’t forced. We also have datapacks that enrich the vanilla experience. You can find out more about this info in our discord. We are whitelisted and we have a way to apply. We strive to be the best SMP one could ask for. With our expanding staff and playerbase, we’re always looking for new friends.

Most images are from season 1 but we have a few gems from our current server :). We have a way to add custom model designs aswell as some datapacks to keep the server running smoothly and give it a bit of spice.


Join discord to apply!

Bedrock Build Builder Building City Craftyfoxe Creative Foxyard Geyser Java Realistic Server Town Train Worker

FoxYard Bedrock Realistic Build Server

FoxYard Bedrock Java Realistic Creative Minecraft Server

Build server for both Bedrock and Java builders since it’s a Java server running Geyser.
It’s a chill place to build things from real life: Towns, Railroads, vehicles, etc for fans of my YouTube.

To become a [​Worker]:
Simply take a trial where you build a realistic 1.5:1 scale diorama to be approved. More instructions at /spawn.

To Join:
For Java Edition: IP:

For MC Pocket Edition MCPE: IP: Port: 19132

For Console(Xbox One, PS4, Switch, etc.), please watch this video, you require extra steps to join.



FoxYard Bedrock Realistic Build Server Minecraft Server

*If you are interested in a stricter standard of realistic building, check out FoxShot (java only)

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Block Bodega ║ 1.19 Java ║Whitelist ║ Survival ║ Creative ║Semi-Vanilla ║ Discord VC ║ Woman Owned

Welcome to Block Bodega!

We’re a community that focuses on building and socializing. Large collaborative builds are the backbone of this server. Our discord is active, diverse and fun. If you’re looking for a server where you can make new friends, chat with others, and work together on cool projects, this is it. If you want to sit back, chill and play Minecraft, that’s fine too! you’re welcome to do anything you want as long as you follow the server rules.


Server Rules:

  • Griefing and theft are forbidden. CoreProtect is used to enforce this.
  • Hacks, Xray, and glitches are forbidden. TNT, Carpet and Rail Duping are permitted.
  • Spam and excessive self promo in the Discord are forbidden. This includes Mic Spam.
  • Discord TOS Violations will result in a ban from our discord.
  • Employ basic social etiquette in the VC
  • Community Projects:

    No matter who you are or what you enjoy doing, there’s always projects to work on. Currently we’re working on building our Nether Hub, remodeling the End island, building various community farms, and creating a proper town at server spawn with a museum, court house, and many other projects.

    Active Discord Chat and VC:

    Our Discord is active almost 24/7. Joining the voice call is not required but highly encouraged and adds a ton to the server experience. We’re a friendly bunch and always open to meeting new people.

    Diverse Community:

    We have players from the US, UK, Central America, etc. Everyone is treated equally(for better or worse) and nobody will care what you Identify as or why you are attracted to.


    Almost all decisions pertaining to the server are left to a vote. Map resets, staff appointments, rule changes, etc, are all left to a vote. Feedback is always welcome and sincere feedback is taken seriously.

    Free Speech:

    You will not be punished for having an opinion or making a joke. Criticizing staff, the server, or others and voicing your opinion is allowed and encouraged. We don’t take things personally, provided you’re not actively causing problems. We also have a plugin dedicated to removing cryptographic signatures from players chat messages, effectively making the chat-reporting system useless on both servers.

    Creative Server:

    Enjoy creating Prototype builds, redstone builds with full access to game-mode commands, WorldEdit commands and more on our creative server! Build Battles and other competitions are hosted regularly as well.

    Vanilla Experience:

    The server runs with Minimal plugins. We use CoreProtect to mitigate griefing and theft, and a few plugins to manage lag and facilitate server management. (Nothing that will break your farms.) There’s no land claims, economy plugins, or teleports. There are Warps you may use (./warp [​cardinal direction] to access the new land with the deep dark items. We also have the RealisticSeasons plugin to add some variety, but this can easily be disabled by the player.

    Competent Staff:

    All Staff members are over 18, Experienced, generally friendly and active in Discord VC. Mods and admins do not power trip and will be promptly removed from the staff team if they do. If you have any problems, we will solve them quickly and completely.

    No P2W:

    There’s no donation roles, buyable cosmetics, or microtransactions. You will never be solicited for money and categorically do not accept donations of any kind. You are welcome to boost our discord server, but the point of this server is to have fun, build and make friends, not to be profitable.

    Join us!

    To Apply, join our discord! Answer a few simple questions through the Ticket bot and we’ll get you whitelisted.

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    Alpha Realms [NEW! 1.19 Fun Survival]

    Are you looking for engaging, and social players that enjoy building or playing survival? You’ve come to the right place!

    Alpha Realms is a survival server offering a new, refreshing experience to Minecraft.
    We offer 100% grief protection (meaning all your builds will be kept safe) and features such as Jobs, Quests, Economy, Custom Terrain, Land Claiming, Crates, Player Warps and so much more!

    With a server difficulty set at hard and mobs that scale in level depending on how far you are from spawn, a challenging survival experience is guaranteed! However, fear not as you can earn some rewards that will assist you in your journey.

    We aim to keep the survival experience as vanilla as possible. However, if you can earn enough coins, you can purchase certain permissions.

    IP Address –
    Forums –
    Discord Invite Link –

    Building Creative Creativefreebuild Freebuild Multiverse Noplots Warps Worldedit

    Liberland Freebuild

    Howdy! We’re Liberland Freebuild, a creative freebuild Minecraft server where the only limits are your imagination. We’re looking for passionate builders and lovers of creative Minecraft to join our community of 200 players. We’re offering all the tools and resources you need to build anything you may wish for.

    This includes WorldEdit, ArmorStandEditor, HeadDatabase, and many more to give you the best possible creative Minecraft experience. We have no plots, meaning you can build anywhere you want. We have a custom multitool, which you can access by right clicking a clock, which gives you easy access to barriers, light blocks, invisible item frames, and more.

    We have a great vast variety of worlds for you to choose from, so you have the greatest possible choice of choosing the environment where you build. Looking for a vanilla Minecraft world? The two normalgen worlds are for you. Looking for a sandbox where you don’t want to deal with terrain? Try our superflat world.

    So come check us out, our server can’t wait to see your creations.

    Join our Discord at Once there, we can whitelist you through our whitelisting bot.