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EnderPlanet MC

EnderPlanet MC is a RPG-Focused Survival Adventure that wants to give you a fun time while experiencing RPG in first person inside Minecraft.


  • RPG Elements
  • Skills Grinding
  • Dungeons
  • Duels 1v1
  • Pets
  • And much more!

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    1.19.4 Bedwars Chestshop Cities Coinflip Cross-Play Hestshop Lifesteal Lucky Mini Games Monthly Petshop Skyblock Skywars Survival

    GwmCraft Season 7

    GwmCraft is the first Survival, Skyblock, Lifesteal and mini-games Server set in version 1.8-1.19.4 supporting all Bedrock Devices and Java. Our
    server offers many unique features tor all three gamemodes including Economy and CoinFlip Enchantments, PetShop, Auction House, Land Claim
    ChestShop, Cities, Teams, Crates, CoinFlip, Lucky Crates, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Giveaways and much much more! We suggest
    players join in 1.19 for the highest quality experience. if you do not enjoy 1.19, we support some of the eariliest versions of minecraft as

    5gbuilds Abilitys Auctionhouse Bedrockedition Claims Community Crossplatform Customenchants Javaedition Mobsdropcash Mobstacking New Petshop Pve Economy Ranks Skills Smp Survival Tags4fun Trading Votecrates Vrsupport


    5G Network is a high-quality Hardcore Survival, SMP, Skyblock server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you!


    » BEDROCK IP: 5G.MC-PLAY.ORG:25565
    » 1.17+ are supported!

    » AND MORE

    The Network:
    » Friends & Parties
    » Cosmetics
    » Crates
    » Ranks
    » And a lot more awesome features!

    Staff Team:
    » Saturnlv
    » Mr_Nipz
    » Almond
    » Hypothermix282
    » Aliceburrr
    » Frifrajr
    » Hackman

    Need Support:
    Discord: Click Here!

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    HollowCraft Survival Server [1.16+]

    Enter a new world of adventure to discover the wonders and treasures that this server holds. Go on epic journeys, have the adventure of a lifetime and discover a whole new world! Create a place that feels like home and make new memories with friends!

    Come join us on HollowCraft!



    Buy Keys to unlock Crates and get custom items, spawners and keys to unlock higher tier crates. We offer 4 crates; Gaia, Tempest, Aquanaut & Inferno.

    Supply Drops

    Every 3 hours, 10 Supply Drops will fall from the sky into Spawn. Players will have 10 minutes to explore the area to try and find the supplies. There are 3 tiers of Supply Drops and they all have different tiers of rewards. If you are near a Supply Drop you will be able to see or hear fireworks in spawn.

    Hollow Craft Supply Drops

    Hollow Super Store

    Buy furniture and decorations at the Hollow Super Store. We offer a wide arrangement of chairs, tables, appliances and other decorations to bring your indoor and outdoor builds to life.

    Hollow Super Store


    Choose from a selection of /warps for you to use to travel around the spawn faster and efficiently!

    Resource World

    Running low on materials for your recipes or builds? Why not gather what you need in the Recourse World? You can access the resource world by typing in chat /rw tp.

    World Resets

    We reset the Resource World every 14 days while the End and Nether reset every 28 days. There is a countdown timer in the tab menu to see when resets take place.

    Fishing Areas

    Visit one of two fishing areas for your chance to win reward pearls that can be exchanged for in-game money.

    Hollow Craft Fishing


    Pick from our large variety of pets to have roaming the server with you as you work your way to the top! You can purchase multiple pets on our server and choose one to have with you while you explore the wild. Pets can be mounted or used as a hat. Adopt today at the pet shop located in Spawn behind the cosmetics shop.

    Art Gallery

    At the Hollow Art Gallery, you can buy paintings uploaded by the server or view local players’ work. If you would like to buy a painting simply click on Bob Ross and he will help you find your pick. If you have map art you would like to display, drop it off in the drop box and a staff member will put it on display for others to see.


    To vote for the server type in chat /vote, proceed to the links provided in GUI and vote for HollowCraft. By voting, you win a Vote key which u can trade in at the vote NPC in spawn for cosmetic items or a chance at winning an Aquanaut key.

    Vote For Hollow Craft

    For more information on our server, please visit

    Adventure Crates Customenchant Customenchants Minecraft Mypet Particles Petshop Pvp Ranks Towny Townyserver Townysurvival Vanilla Votingrewards

    Stathford Towny – The BEST Upcoming Towny Server (LOOKING FOR STAFF)

    Welcome to Stathford Towny!
    The BEST Upcoming Towny Server!
    Includes our very own CUSTOM 4k by 4k Map!
    VERSION: 1.12.2
    We offer many exciting plugins and features for you to check out!
    Plugins you will enjoy:
    CustomEnchants (200 Custom Enchants)
    AuctionMaster – Auction House
    Custom Crates (Voting Crates, Rank Crates etc)
    MyPet – Custom Pet Store!
    OldCombatMechanics (1.8/1.7 PvP)
    Player Particles (Custom Particles)
    Player Vaults (More Storage!)
    A FULLY config’d Anti-Cheat with machine learning to stop any cheater
    Voting for extra rewards!
    Wild Plugin to travel around our custom map at no expense!


    Classes Customenchants Custommap Custommobs Customplugins Customworld Dungeons Dynmap Earth Earthmap Earthserver Economy Eventrewards Events Fantasy Graves Mcmmo Minecraft Minecraftserver Mmo Parties Petshop Quests Questsystem Questworld Rpg Seasonalpayouts Seasons Server Shops Story Storyline Survival Towny Treefeller Unique Uniquefeatures Uniquegameplay War Weeklyevents

    ✰TheAbyss✰ 》Featuring: ⋆Earth 1:1000⋆MMORPG⋆Quests⋆CustomMobs⋆CustomEnchants⋆《》Versions: 1.8-1.16《》✰JAVA⋆BEDROCK⋆VR✰《 JOIN NOW!

    Good Day!
    I am Sunny, the Owner and Developer at TheAbyss.TheAbyss is An Earth Server with Unique Features. We support Java, Bedrock, And VR Players!
    Discord Invite ➞
    Server Trailer ➞

    What Features our Server offers?
    The Earth Map is 1:1000 with 7 Kingdoms scattered across the 7 Continents. Towns would capturethe Outposts to get Boosts on Exp’s, Money, and more! These events would be held weekly. To preventOverpowered players bullying new players, We used the plugin AdvancedEnchantments, and turned off the Vanilla ones!These would be obtainable from the Quests and The CustomMobs at the Fantasy Map. The FantasyMap and Earth Map areIntegrated with each other, meaning you can transfer your items from the FantasyMap to the EarthMap and vice versa.

    ◈125+ Custom Enchants◈Unique Storyline and Quests◈Unique Mobs◈Weekly Capture the Outpost event◈Paypal Payouts at the end of the Season◈Dungeons◈Earth Map 1:1000◈Fantasy Map 6k x 6k◈And much More!
    We are also one of the first Towny/Earth server that will Introduce Payouts at the end of the Season!

    What to Expect?
    TheAbyss hopes to establish A network that will feature GameModes such as
    And Much More!


    Friendly staff and Players,
    Toxicity is strictly prohibited,

    Hope to see you there!

    Advancedportals Donate Donateshop Mobcatcher Nick Nickname Pets Petshop Plotssquared Portals Pvp Pvpsurvival Randomtp Shops Signshop Spawneggs Survival Ultimatecatcher Vanilla Vanillasurvival Vote Voterewards Warp Warps Wild Wilderness Wildernesstp


    A new Survival plots server where the objective is to go out into the wild and gather resources then come back to your plot and build away to show off.

    Addicting Badass Factions Farms Humour Ideo Mobfarm Mobfarms Petshop Prison Pvp Secret Secrets Survival Video

    Rock Diamond Prison

    An amazingly addicting prison experience like never seen before! Secrets and crude humour makes this an enthusiasts choice!

    Wicked little prison server, we have just started up, lots of fun! Come join us and bring your friends, we will convert you to the dark side and you wont look back.

    Ranks A-Z, then Freedom! MCMMO! PVP Arena! Woodshed, Petshop, Tree farms and Mobfarms!

    Diamonds and Badass Items for voting!

    Introduction Video Here:

    Action Actions Active Ass Class Craft Discord Economy End Erver Event Evento Eventos Fac Faction Factions Google Job Jobs Mana Mascotas Pet Pets Petshop Pvp Rvival Server Shop Staff Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Ter Tienda Vip Vips


    Server Survival actualizado a la versión 1.15.2 con Factions
    Tienda actualizada acorde a la versión
    VIPS (Información en el discord)
    Mascotas (/petshop disponible para vips)
    Eventos cada semana
    Staff Activo

    Age Ages Block Class Craft Enjin Inecraft Join Lag Magic Magicspells Mcmmo Mine Minecraft Mmo Mob Mobhunting New Noop Open Ops Pet Pets Petshop Rvival Server Shop Shops Spells Survival Title Town Towny Townysurvival Website World

    MysticalAges [Magicworld]

    New MysticalAges Minecraft server 1.15.2 IP:
    *Survival*Pets*Towny*MagicSpells*Shops*MCMMO*MobHunt + More
    Join NOW!