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🐝 The Colony SMP (Bedrock + Java) [1.19.3] 🐝


The Colony SMP
A 1.19.3 SMP Survival Server [​Bedrock & Java]
IP [​]

Welcome to The Colony, the premier pure vanilla Minecraft server with a twist!

Our server is designed to provide a unique and creative environment for players of all types, from the casual player looking for a place to build and relax, to the creative builder, to the experienced PvP veteran. We offer a variety of features to keep the game interesting and challenging, such as a custom world generator, custom mob spawning, and custom enchants.

The Colony server is hosted on both Bedrock and Java editions, allowing for a wide range of players to join in on the fun. We feature an extensive economy system, with auction houses, custom shops, and player-run businesses. We also have a unique resource management system, where players must manage their resources to get the most out of them.

The Colony server is purely vanilla SMP, with no additional plugins or modifications, making it a great place to experience the true vanilla experience. Despite this, we still offer a unique twist on the classic SMP experience through our custom game mechanics, such as custom mob spawning, custom enchants, and our unique resource management system.

We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all players, and we have an active team of admins and moderators who are always willing to help out with any questions or issues that may arise.

So what are you waiting for? Join The Colony today and experience a unique and creative twist on the classic Minecraft SMP experience. See you in-game!

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Welcome to our semi-op factions Minecraft server! We are excited to offer a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Our server is designed to strike a balance between player freedom and server protection, allowing for a fun and fair gaming experience.

One of the main features of our server is the factions plugin, which allows players to create or join a faction and claim land, build and defend their base, and raid other factions for loot. This adds a whole new level of strategy and teamwork to the game, as players must work together to protect their faction and expand their territory.

In addition to the factions plugin, we also offer semi-op gameplay. This means that players have access to some operator commands, such as the ability to teleport and set home, without the drawbacks of being a full-fledged op. This allows for a more level playing field, as all players have access to certain advantages without giving any one player too much power.

Another feature of our server is McMMO, which allows players to level up their skills and gain special abilities in combat, mining, and more. This adds an RPG element to the game and gives players something to work towards and strive for.

We also have a player-driven economy, where players can sell items and earn money. This adds another layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, as players must weigh the cost and benefit of different items and actions.

Finally, we have custom enchants, which allow players to enchant their equipment with powerful and unique abilities. This adds another layer of customization and strategy to the game, as players must choose the right enchantments to suit their playstyle.

Overall, our server offers a unique and engaging gaming experience with a balance of player freedom and server protection. We have a dedicated community of players and staff, and we welcome new players to join and become a part of our growing server. So come and join us for some fun and adventure in the world of Minecraft!

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BOGN Revival

BOGN Revival is a Medieval MC Fabric server which includes 200+ mods with features such as:

  • New Biomes
  • Quests
  • Bosses
  • Teams
  • Land Claim
  • New Weaponry & Armor
  • Attributes
  • Magic & Summoning
  • Storage Terminals
  • Better End
  • Better Dungeons
  • Better Strongholds
  • Tons of Structures
  • New Dimensions
  • And many more!
  • The current version of Medieval MC is 14.5
    To join you must use the Curseforge Launcher.
    Server is 24/7. Hope to see you there!
    If you have any questions, join our Discord community

    Bedrock Bedrockjavacrossplay Bisexual Bukkit Creative End Gay Lesbian Lgbt Lgbtq Modified Nether Survival Trans Transgender Vanilla

    Queercraft – LGBTQ+ friendly server (Java, PC Bedrock, Mobile)

    Server IP:

    Queercraft is a Minecraft server for LGBTQ+ gamers and allies!


    Follow us on Instagram

    Visit our website

    Join our community group on Steam

    Follow us on Twitter @queercraft

    Like us on Facebook at

    We hope to see you soon!

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    IP: (Bedrock Port: 19132)
    Welcome to RapidCraft!

    Join our online survival community! Play with your friends on any version of Minecraft. Explore the infinite world, build your home, a shop, or a farm and claim it. Fight off other players near your land and compete for resources. Custom events are hosted every other week.

    Join Today!

    119server Bedrock Crossplatform Custom Custommobs Dungeon Dungeons End Fiveworlds Geyser Geysermc Java Jobs Labyrinth Minecraft Mythicmobs Nether Parkour Personalized Pvp Quests Races Ranks Rpg Rpgitems Shop Staff Survival Survivalserver


    ●▬๑۩ FIVEWORLDS ۩๑▬●

    Geyser server compatible with Java 1.8-1.19 and Bedrock 1.19.1!
    We are a community that seeks to form experiences, fun, friendships and with which we will always be promoting harmony between users, and thus maintain warmth in our family. Our purpose is to be improving every day through your help, be part of us!
    We offer:
    Survival con Jobs y Quests!
    End y Nether!
    RPG style dungeon world full of custom dungeons, items and mobs!
    Parkour, Races and Events!
    Pvp and colosseum!
    And above all… an open and inclusive community!

    IP Java=
    IP Bedrock= ip: puerto: 25570

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    $ Terracraft Economy $
    The Enhanced Economic Experience
    What Is This Server?

    Terracraft is a unique server providing players with an enhanced experience compared to the vanilla game.

    Providing players with plenty of new content in all areas of the game to explore and have fun with! This includes

    Datapacks and plugins, Oh and did I mention voice chat?

    How To Join?
    Luckily our server is open to the public and allowing anyone to join! You can connect to our server on 1.18.2 with our server IP!
    Server IP:

    Server Features And Enhancements

  • Insane new Overworld, Nether, And End Generation, Providing TONS of new BIOMS, Structures, And Dungeons to explore.
  • New advancements to work your way through completing the game!
  • Hundreds of NEW items!
  • Massive Amount Of Enchantments To Play With!
  • NEW Dimensions to explore
  • Economic System with Money, Shops, And Claims.
  • TONS of new quality of life improvements!
  • Dark Secrets, Become a Werewolf Or Vampire
  • Voice Chat supported via plasmovoice
  • Server Guide Here

    1181server 1181survival 118cave 118server 118survival 118vanilla 118x Cities Discord Dynmap End Homes Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Playershop Playershops Ranks Smp Survival Timber Tpa Vannila Vienminer War Wars

    Corruption SMP {1.18.1} {Player Shops} {Player Warps} {Dynmap} {Vienminer/Timber} {Custom generation} {Extreme difficulty}

    Friendly survival server
    Chest claim
    Magic Wands
    Player Warps
    Player Shops
    Land Claim
    Drop Heads
    Player Warps
    Come join Corruption SMP, A modified survival server for just about anyone.
    We have plugins that make the survival experience simple and fun for everyone!
    Come join us at
    Thanks!- Abom

    Corruption V2:
      The growing of the corruption ceased due to the limited energy in the area. In search of said power, the islands have floated towards a new area. The world here is much different than Machadva, with new biomes and structures for people to find. The islands seem to be linked to this place, like it lived here long long ago. The settlers of Machadva followed the islands for unknown reasons. Explore the new region of Dorlandsvis in Corruption V2.

    – Fixed multiple issues with plugins.
    – Moved the server to a new area.
    – Brand new non-vanilla structures and biomes.
    – Insanely high difficulty (Harder mobs, bosses, new bosses/loot, pretty much for the worthy in Minecraft. [~6 hits to kill a normal zombie with a sharpness 10 netherite sword.])
    – Shrank borders.
    – 1.18.1
    – Bedrock crossplay
    – Realistic item dropping
    – Hundreds of new advancements
    – Fortune on diamonds nerf (at most get 2 diamonds per block)
    – Netherite dungeons to make netherite mining harder and more interesting.
    – Bundles can be crafted
    – Nether portals can be any shape
    – More statistics
    – Wandering traders have a use now
    – Blood moon (Makes mobs more dangerous)
    – Festival night (Makes crops grow faster, axolotls and glow squids spawn on the surface.)
    – Nether moon (Nether mobs invade the overworld.)
    – Zombie horses can spawn.
    – Glow berries make you glow
    – Mark enemies with spyglasses.

    tutorial on how to survive Corruption V2:
    1. Don’t fight mobs. They will kill you.
    2. Don’t let your ego take you over. That mob will kill you no matter what you do.
    3. Don’t fight bosses with low gear, for example, the ender dragon can not be killed with stone equipment like it can in normal Minecraft.
    4. Always overprepare.
    5. Keep away from glowing mobs unless you 100% know what you’re doing.
    6. Build a house as soon as possible. Make it strong. Blood moons can and will happen and you will not be able to sleep through the night.
    7. Stick to large caves. Fortune isn’t as powerful so make sure to go for areas with multiple veins over strip mining.
    8. End cities are nearly impossible without good tools. Be careful.
    9. Team up, its the only way to survive.
    10. Build walls, big walls around any cities or bases you have to protect yourself from blood moons.
    11. Absolutely avoid any mobs possible early game. They are fast and strong and will kill you.
    12. Try to get advancements, they usually come with rewards that will aid you during your survival.
    13. Stay away from fortresses and large scary castles.
    14. Netherite is both harder to find and comes with a surprise every time you find it. Get good gear before you go out.
    15. Take a spyglass with you. They give you temporary night vision and can outline mobs for you and your teammates.
    16. Stay safe and have fun.

    Special thanks to:

    Build Building Community Creative Decade End Flatland Freedom Freeop Guild Guilds History Nether Network Ops Other Overworld Plots Public Pve Pvp Roleplay Smp Survival

    Total Freedom

    Total Freedom
    -Over a decade old, and one of the oldest Minecraft servers in existence!
    -Multiple gamemodes, FreeOP (an original gamemode), and SMP!
    -Many fun plugins such as bending, and our own custom plugins!
    -Many large and detailed worlds to explore and places to build!

    Total Freedom is a decade-old server where players are free to explore, build, and chat with each other in a free-choice environment. All players have access to a variety of plugins including WorldEdit, TFGuilds, and CrackShot! We also use our own custom plugin, TotalFreedomMod, to allow all players permissions usually restricted for operators, such as changing gamemodes and giving unlimited items.

    Want to switch to survival for a PvP match? Go for it. Feel like free building with your friends? That’s encouraged. And whatever you decide to do, you don’t have to separate yourself from other players. Our guilds plugin, TFGuilds, allows users to collaborate and play together. You can build in creative in the same world as people who are PvPing! We offer a plot world for people who prefer a more organized approach to their fun, as well other maps you can freely switch between. Our oldest world, a map full of creations made over several years is free for all players to explore and interact with!

    TotalFreedom has been online since November of 2010, making it one of the oldest servers in the entire Minecraft community. Come join us. You get the choice of what you want to do here. Whether you want to build, chat, fight, use hacked clients, or anything else, it’s fair game. Want to play survival instead? We also have an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) if you prefer a more difficult survival adventure!

    You have the Freedom. If that’s something you would enjoy, then fire up Minecraft and join us! Our IP is – we can’t wait to see you!

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    SHIBACRAFT NETWORK - SURVIVAL EARTH MAP |  SKYBLOCK |  SKYWARS | [1.8 - 1.17] +NoPremium Minecraft Server

    SHIBACRAFT NETWORK - SURVIVAL EARTH MAP |  SKYBLOCK |  SKYWARS | [1.8 - 1.17] +NoPremium Minecraft Server

    What is Shibacraft?

    Shibacraft is a Minecraft Network with several modes that include Skyblock, Skywars, Vanilla, Creative, Parkour … and the mode par excellence, the mythical Survival (with economy and the map of planet Earth at 1: 100 scale, let’s go, one pass !, that is, you can literally build your house in your house and protect it from other users as well as be part of cities) and much more!

    In addition to the cities around the world, we have indicative maps where the materials can be found:

    SHIBACRAFT NETWORK - SURVIVAL EARTH MAP |  SKYBLOCK |  SKYWARS | [1.8 - 1.17] +NoPremium Minecraft Server

    This is so because the creator of the map made sense to do it this way, as for example the diamond is mostly found in Africa. (all information in discord)

    We also have mini-games (wipeout, arena, etc), shop, auction shop, lottery, web map of course, custom plugins, anti-cheat system which has few servers and many more things, and you know what? this is the beginning only in our journey with Shibacraft the best is yet to come.



    Discord : IP-Server: Site map:

    Version: 1.8 – 1.17


    – Is it a free server or do you have to pay to play?

    The server is made to play without having to pay for vips, memberships, typical web stores etc, but we have a section for vips with exclusives for a better experience and thus maintain the server with improvements and good maintenance for the future.

    – I have a bedrock, can I come in?

    Yes, our server supports versions from 1.8 to 1.17 in addition to bedrock.

    – Will the server shut down in 2 months like many others?

    If the server was created for something, it was to maintain it for a LONG time, right now it is standing for 1 year with a dedicated server with one of the best CPUs on the market, so you can worry about when you enter the game if the server is there online or has closed and if it is lagged or not lagged.

    – I have the pirate launcher, can I play?

    Yes of course, one good thing it has is that it is a NoPremium server with its respective login which is quite secure.