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✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft – Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨

✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft - Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨ Minecraft Server

✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft - Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨ Minecraft Server
✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft - Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨ Minecraft Server



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Melon Survival

MelonSurvival is a semi-vanilla survival server on 1.20.1, with a chill and growing
community. We are always adding new features to the server and building
onto spawn. We look forward to playing with you!

Important information:
Chat Reporting is disabled server-side
Hard gamemode – survival. Never pay to win.
Raiding & PVP friendly. Nothing disabled except Phantoms.
No hacks, No griefing, no claims, no back, no keep inventory.
Owners are active and involved, and neither Owners nor Admins are permitted to raid.
Use /sethome instead of beds to save your location. Players have 2 homes by default.
/rtp to teleport up to 5000 blocks away from /spawn. We suggest that
you build outside of this range to avoid being raided easily.
World border is 20k and will expand with new terrain releases.


  • No cheats/exploits.
    includes: x-ray, game algorithm exploits, hacked clients, mini-maps,
    replay mods autoclickers, macros, intentional glitching, other
    unapproved mods, item duping, book&quill exploits, block rotation
    calculations, simultaneous alt use, seed related endeavors, and more.
  • No major griefing
    This includes destruction of another player’s builds, farms, etc.
    Explosive pvp within a town or an array of builds will be considered major grief.
  • No access or use of the nether roof.
  • No Lag Machines or intentional lagging of the server
    Attempting to crash the server results in a permanent ban.
  • Respect all fellow players. no political or religious discussion.
    excessive swearing or offensive language. Hate speech, racism,
    scamming, and threatening behavior are all considered toxic. Trade
    swiping and being dishonest while using official server facilities is
    also considered toxic. No role playing politicians. doxxing and
    ip-grabbing will result in a permanent server and discord ban.
  • No advertisement or links in-game
    Do not advertise other servers. Do not post any links in game chat.
  • No spam
    Do not use excessive caps or otherwise spam chat. Do not flood the chat with several messages.
  • No NSFW/sensitive content.
    Do not use or encourage sensitive or inappropriate content, including builds, names, and skins.
  • Do not evade a ban/mute.
    or mute evasion by any method will result in a permanent server ban. If
    you wish to contest any disciplinary measures taken by our staff, do so
    in appeals.

    We reserve the right to ban any player we deem harmful to the community.

  •   Arena Guidelines

  • Teleporting out is disabled.
  • Elytra are disabled
  • Crystal and anchor pvp are enabled within the cpvp arena.

  • Categories
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    WanderCraft Semi-Vanilla (1.20.1)

    WanderCraft is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. We have friendly staff and this is a fresh 1.20 seed.

    A list of features is below:

    50k Border
    Set Home
    Teleport Requests

    Atm Create Downloaded End Even Events Free Grief In The World Mini Games Plugin Plugins Rights Sem Versi

    AngelokCraft (1.17.1) Minecraft server

    The best FREE server! Our privileges do not include admin rights, creativity and other nonsense that interferes with a comfortable game! Events are taking place on the server, the lobby changes depending on the time of the year, which is built by the team of our project INDEPENDENTLY! Mini-games in the face of bridges and duels are already waiting for you! The presence of paid plugins, the lack of a downloaded assembly, a fair administration, the fiercest atmosphere, legalized griefing, the latest version and much more are already waiting for you! The server was created for the sake of people, of whom there are not so many in the world! Come on in, we’ll be VERY happy!

    Discord Discordrequired End Fun Hop Java Javaedition Javarequired Joy Minecraft Survival Text Uptodate Vanilla Voicechat


    AxelCraft is a Vanilla Minecraft Server up 24/7 for all of your friends to come and have fun! I hope you enjoy our servers and if you have any problems, contact me!

    Der Dude Ele End Fun Minecraftserver Play Play With Friends Read Sel Smp Survival Text Type With Friends

    Epic Smp!

    Fun Survival!
    Play with friends!


    Community Creative End Good Mcmmo Mmo Mypet New Play Plugin Plugins Skills Store Survival Title

    Summertime MC

    Welcome to the brand new Summertime MC, a Minecraft haven that offers endless summer vibes all year round. Dive into our immersive Survival and Creative worlds, enriched with a GUI store, McMMO and MyPet plugins, for an unparalleled gaming experience.

    We’re not just a new server – we’re a dynamic, player-driven community. Our survival and creative worlds await your footprints, whether you’re honing your survival skills or freeing your boundless creativity. But we’re not stopping there. We’re on the lookout for passionate players who want to contribute more than just gameplay.

    Say goodbye to fluff and hello to pure, authentic Minecraft gameplay at Summertime MC.

    Also Build Community End Friends Main Make Small So I Staff Survival Text Title Vanilla Vanilla Survival

    Phil’s Vanilla Survival server

    looking for staff, or someone to help maintain the general public. Other than that I’m just trying to build a small community and make friends along the way! hope to meet most of you on the server! also i dont know what else to say so heres eggs,

    Amazing Community Cross-Play Discord Economy End Friendly Mcmmo Mini Games Pvp Raiding Staff Store Survival Website


    Welcome To Krytonian PH!

    Krytonian is a server that gives you premium quality gameplay, we have a friendly community that welcomes you warmly. We also have an active staff team that will guide and help you in your journey. Krytonian is one of the most voted server in South East Asia, we have tons of game modes that you can choose from.

    Join now!
    Available Gamemodes
    – Survival
    Join now and meet our amazing community!
    Important Links
    > Visit our website
    > Join our
    > Visit our store:

    Active Adventure Bar Dragon Economy End Endless Experience Game Haven Lit Mcmmo Player Realm Survival


    Embark on an extraordinary adventure in a realm filled with endless possibilities. At DragonHaven, we have curated a server that caters to the desires of every player, offering an immersive and exhilarating gameplay experience like no other.