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Welcome to AxoCraft!! The new smp is Now out! the smp has commands like sethome, tpa, jobs and lots more! it even has its own shop! players can also put items up for auction to get some cash. players can use this cash to open the shop gui and buy items and blocks! did I not say LAND CLAIMING!! this serevr has landclaiming so your hard work dose not get greefed! COME PLAY ON AXOCRAFT

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[1.18] The Mushroom Co. Survival Server

Welcome to The Mushroom Survival Server,

This server is freebuild pure survival, with factions so you can work together with others! Our aim at Mushroom Co. is to provide the best server experience for any player. We have many plugins such as Factions, to allow you to create a team and work together with others.

We try to cater for any Minecraft playing style, there’s a pvp arena for PVP and an awesome shop where you can buy and sell! We have the ChestShop plugin to allow you to create your own shops.

Come join and be a part of our closely-knit community and join in the fun of a wonderful server where everyone respects each other’s opinion.

I am an owner who previously ran a server for a year. I started with hamachi then gradually moved to port forwarding and now have my own hosted server. About time!

Older IP:

Old IP:

Current Numeric IP (if hostname is down):

A nice little village is developing close to spawn, and I would love for you to be a part of it. Or you can go create your own life out in the woods. Don’t forget to create a faction and protect your stuff by claiming the land with /f claim!

Griefing is not allowed, and griefers will be dealt with accordingly. A full list of rules can be read on the rules board in the server. We now have coreprotect so we can rollback greifing!

I have installed the chestshop plugin, so anyone can create their own shop and sell things.

Come join me on a survival adventure!

Additional NotesA nice friendly small server. This server is freebuild pure survival, with factions so you can work together with others! Our aim at Mushroom Co. is to provide the best server experience for any player. We have many plugins such as Chestshop, to allow you to create your own shops and earn sell items!

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mSMP | 1.18 | Adult Staff

🆕 Come join my new server, mSMP for 1.18.
🌍Featuring the new terrain, anti-grief and a fresh world, you will not be bored for a long time!
🛑We have no plans to reset/restart the server, so you can build huge things without worrying about a random reset/restart.
🚨Our staff are very active to monitor for any griefers/hackers/trolls/minges. We have a anti-grief plugin in place to prevent any griefing, and we have anti-xray installed to prevent unfair advantages.
🎂 Have fun and enjoy!
📝 Note: If a staff member is not online, you can always create a Support Ticket in our Discord that will mention/ping our staff to help you!

Bees Freshworld New Survival

Happy bees

Hello, all!

Happy bees is a survival, building, and community-focused server. We are live right now with a brand new world! We will be having regular events like building competitions, monster arenas, and many more with lots of awesome rewards. The server is running a few mods included EssentialsX which will allow for teleporting to set homes and other players, TreeAssist and we hope to set up Dynmap a bit later down the road.

Our hard rules include no hateful comments, no griefing, limit world destruction and be respectful of other players. There will be more details if you’re whitelisted.

To get whitelisted we do have an application, please answer the questions and comment or private message me and if you’re accepted I will send you a link to our Discord. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or PM me.

  • Why do you enjoy playing Minecraft?
  • What are you looking for in a server?
  • Do you have any screenshots of one of your builds? If so please include a link.
  • Do you agree to be respectful to other players and follow the rules?
  • Thanks and I look forward to playing with y’all!

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    Hello Adventurer!

    Welcome to the PheonixBlazing server!

    Endeavour on your Pixelmon journey with us at your side. Whether you are looking to play competitively or for fun, this is the server for you! We have an amazing, friendly community who always help each other out (Not to mention our awesome staff!). We are constantly working hard to add more features to the Pixelmon server whilst also hosting engaging events with prizes to be won!

    Features: RaidDens,Daycare,Shards,PlayerGyms,Gyms&Cities,MiniGames,Events,Pokehunt,
    BattlePass,MMOSKILLS,And So much more (actually ran out of room)

    Be sure to bring along your friends as we always have room for more!


    Bestskyblock Beta Grinders Grinding New Other Pog Skyblock Survival

    Arcadia Skyblock

    I’ve decided to open a unique skyblock server that you’ve probably not seen before but might have seen similar ones. Hence I’d suggest yall to try it out

    118server Cavesandcliffs Cavesandcliffssmp New Smp Survival Vanilla – 1.18 Vanilla SMP

    OOF.LAND 1.18 Vanilla SMP

    Server IP:

    About this server:

    This is our new standalone 1.18 Vanilla Minecraft server.The new Server will not have any change in game rules or add plugins as of now. This means this server will not have ‘keepinventory’ activated PvP is turned on, players will not be compensated for lost items in any way. As the name implies, we will not add plugins and buildings will not be protected, although this is not an anarchy server. Please respect other players and their property. A close-knit survival server network. As a community driven server, we use multiple different applications to stay in touch with our friends on the server, most notably Discord. Feel free to join our discord server at Alternatively, you can join our forum at

    Please read our rules here before you join.

    We make our servers for you!

    We always listen to our player’s feedback. You can influence our server’s future by submitting your ideas, suggest features, or ask for something to be changed. We decide this in user polls on our discord and forum.

    You can read more about us on our website,

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    DarkxCraft : caves and cliff update 1.18

    DarkxCraft is a new survival based server providing a fun enviroment for players to enjoy, our server isnt and will never be pay to win and we will be updating to caves and cliffs update on the hour for players to enjoy the new version and features within minecraft, We provide a fun enviroment for all types of players,

    Survival Mode: Our survival mode is a semi-vanilla survival world , we hope to do many pvp events in future to win different types of prizes, we have 0 hacking allowed and it will result in a 7 day ban for anyone seen cheating. DarkxCraft will have many other fun features to create a more enjoyable experience, griefing,raiding, killing and free speah will be allowed on the server.

    Players can create teams with friends or anyone they meet to teamup and have a private chat to talk and plan their journey together!




    -private chat

    -no admin abuse

    -anti hack

    -not many rules



    Epic Multiplayer New Smp Survival

    New SMP You need to join the discord!

    hi welcome to the shafty smp survival minecraft server form page this a very new minecraft server so dont worrie about the player size! we would be happy to have a tone of new members on the server we might even add some new admins! we also have nations! when you join you will get 24 oak logs to get you started and i will personly give you a tour after you can go mining build a casle the skys the limit! and our 1. prority is that you have fun YOU MUST JOIN THE DISCORD

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    Scylla’s Rock

    Have you ever played on a SMP where everyone live so far apart that it’s almost like playing single player?
    That’s a common problem, especially on raiding allowed servers.

    Here at Scylla’s Rock we’ve set out to fix the common issues faced by many servers out there while giving it our own unique touch.
    Our plugins and design encourage player interaction. When you join the server, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join one of three existing
    teams, more will come in the future. All teams are lead by regular players. Two of which are seeking new leadership.

    Here’s a few of the things that make us special:

  • Custom plugins, including team mechanics better than factions.
  • Community-based
  • No Pay to Win {non-for profit}
  • Increased difficulty!
  • Lore & Role-play that isn’t in your face
    Staff applications welcome.

    **Currently re-designing new player welcome areas, and gearing up for season one, hope you’re ready!**

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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