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PolyCraft – Semi-Vanilla Mature Survival [Active Discord] [Welcoming Community]

Poly-Craft (Semi-Vanilla, Greylisted, Mature, EVENTS!) Newly Reset Nether!

Looking for a fun friendly active Minecraft community to be apart of? Look no further! Poly-Craft is a greylisted , semi-vanilla survival server that focuses on having a tight knit community.

Server Settings:
• Hard Mode
• Survival
• 1.16.1

Server Info:
• All Inclusive server. No Racist, homophobic, or any hate allowed! We love having people from all different walks of life.
• Staff monitored Greif and Theft Plugins
• Greylisted – We keep out the trolls.
• Weekly PvP Events with Awesome Prizes! : We have a whole section of spawn dedicated to these weekly events! Every Saturday, twice a day we go at it!
• Daily Voting Rewards
• Discord and Websites : See below for the information.
• Supporter Perks : Cosmetic non-game altering. Heads DB, Trails, etc.
• Active Staff!!!
• Much, much more!!!

So come check us out, fill out a quick application, and get greylisted today!

Rules: Our rules are found on our applications.
You can apply to join here:
Join our server IP:

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MCValley Hermitcraft | Whitelist | Season 2 | Less than 24 Hours old | New

We just reset our server, as of this post the server will release in 10 hours (8pm gmt+1) so quick come join the adventure and start out brand new with everyone else. Make your friends and play together as a community. Join the discord and apply. The journey begins here. Join the discord and answer a few questions, then get accepted and boom you’re in to play.

We have a dedicated staff team that does their job free of charge as we are a small community that just enjoy the vibe that hermitcraft gives off. Come make your shops now. We also have a free developer that works actively to ensure there is no lag on the server. We stick closely to vanilla play style with no plot claims and no pay2win


How old is the server: Not even started yet
How do I join: Simply join the discord above and answer the questions in the apply channel
What do I do when I play: Survive

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HynixMC | OP Prison | Factions | Skyblock | Creative | Survival | 1.8-1.16

HynixMC is a Minecraft Network that provides a fun, lag-free, community-focused experience for everyone who decides to join!

– OP Prison
– Factions
– Skyblock
– Creative
– Survival




Application Carpet Communityoriented Communitysurvival Fabric Mature Private Pve Safe Scicraft Semivanilla Server Smp Survival Tech Technical Whitelist Whitelisted

EnderSMP [Whitelisted] (Ages 15+) [1.16.1] [Fabric] [Carpet]

What is EnderSMP?

EnderSMP is a community-focused technical Minecraft server for 1.16.1. The main goal of the server is to create a safe environment where we can create massive community projects and farms while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. EnderSMP needs technical players and great builders like you so we can create an expansive technical community!

How do I join? To join EnderSMP you need to fill out a simple application to join. You can find the application on the discord. This server is for Minecraft Java Edition.


What to expect: Awesome technical community projects like perimeters, a custom end island (maybe Star Wars / space-themed?), and much more! The world was started about a week ago and will never reset, so now is the perfect time to join!

Mods the server uses: Lithium, Phosphor, Carpet, Carpet Extra, I-am-very-smart, Servux

Vanilla Tweak Data Packs: Double Shulker Shells, Custom Nether Portals, Dropper to Dispenser, No Enderman Grief, Silence Mobs

Enabled Carpet Settings: stackableShulkerBoxes, shulkerSpawningInEndCities, renewableBlackstone, combineXPOrbs, onePlayerSleeping, missingTools, defaultLoggers (mobcaps, tps), ctrlQCraftingFix, lagFreeSpawning

Recommended Client Mods (optional): Carpet, Carpet Extra, Sodium, Logical Zoom, Tweakaroo, Minihud, ItemScroller, Litematica

Mods and data packs are subject to change. For more information about the server, join the discord.

116server 116world Activecommunity Activestaff Astrocraft Creative Creativeserver Creativeworld Mature Normalworld

[1.16] AstroCraft Creative – Normal World – GriefDefender – DynMap – Active Community – 16+

There’s currently two ranks, Default, and Trusted.

Trusted has access to WorldEdit with a 10k block limit – To be raised as necessary. You gain this rank when we deem you trustworthy.

Feel free to join us on

OR Discord

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Wolfpackmc – MODDED ANARCHY [1.7 – 1.16]

📶 [​1.7 – 1.16]


❗️Welcome! So we all know 2b2t, the OLDEST anarchy server to exist but I think we can all agree that it’s quite outdated. That means that is for you!


📶 is a modern anarchy server with…

🚫Next to NO anti-cheat

⚠️No queue

💯Comes with all the versions (1.7 – 1.16)

🔐More mods and plugins that you’ll have to find out on your own…

✅and all of the other OG anarchy features!


❗️We are planning to add more to the server so make sure to join and get your base founded and become the strongest on the server! Mabye even make Minecraft history!

👋See you there!


Discord –

Casual Chestshop Economy Griefprotection Lands Mature Maturestaff Survival

Comfy Server [Mature 18+]

This is a survival server with Lands for property claiming. It is brand new. The goal is to have a primarily player-run economy. There are no pay2win mechanics. There are a few other plugins for fun and convenience, such as:

– tree cutter
– chestshop
– lands
– others

Griefprevention Laidback Mature Pvp Vanilla

BuildMC [1.16.1] | Vanilla | PvP | GriefPrevention

BuildMC is a PvP Minecraft Server that aims to provide a MOSTLY Vanilla Minecraft experience to mature players.

Limited Plugins:
– GriefPrevention
– NoCheatPlus
– AntiXRay

– Since there are no teleport or /home commands, a mini-map mod like VoxelMap is highly recommended:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the 1.16 Nether Update, we have reset JUST The Nether. This will ensure that new features in the update are available to players.

All builds/items in The Nether were RESET/DESTROYED. Your existing claims should remain, but the claimed land has been RESET.

More info on 1.16 can be found here:

The Overworld was NOT affected, only The Nether.

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Athelstan MC
is a new minecraft server that wants to focus on building a fun
community for people interested in anything old times for example
medieval ages, vikings, tribes etc. You can create your own
kingdom/democratic nation/tribe/clan the possibilities are endless ! We
also add a bit of realism by adding thirst, the ability to brew
alcoholic beverages, animals reproduce naturally in the wild and more.
We also remove phantoms because they are just annoying! We believe
players should have more freedoms that’s why all out war(s), politics,
player chosen currency and more are allowed.

creative plots world will open soon as well for those looking to just
chill. Our server will also provide fun events such as parkour
competitions, karaoke and more 🙂

Note: We
would like for mature and experienced players to join our community
but as long as you follow our rules and avoid being too toxic you will
be fine. Our preferred ages would be 16+ because swearing will be
allowed and among other things.

Rules for Medieval age Factions Survival World:

  • Hacking in any way will not be allowed
  • No spamming
  • Do not use glitches to gain an advantage such as duping items.
  • Factions must have a border to be legit. for example a river sorrounding it, a wall, ocean..etc
  • A
    leader of a faction or leaders have the right to have total control
    over the land of the faction and can kick out citizens, remove their
    homes, tax them etc.
  • Wars are allowed between factions even if one faction doesnt want war, they can be invaded.
  • Stealing
    and griefing will be allowed, it is up to players to prevent this and
    keep the order, wiping out a whole faction with tnt will not be allowed
    though and another faction cannot grief/steal unless the faction they
    are targeting has members online at the time.
  • You may curse and speak about religion,politics etc but racist offensive words will not be allowed
  • Offensive builds such as swastikas or genitals are not allowed.
  • Factions
    must have serious names and no copying from real life nation names. For
    example do not name your kingdom “The Penguin Kingdom”
  • A United Nations type organization is banned from being made.
  • You may start your own religion/cult within the server as long as it doesn’t promote racism
  • A faction can absorb another if they succesfully invade militarily or force the faction to surrender in other ways.
  • A faction can have any gov. type such as democracy, monarchy or a made up one.
  • Do not disrespect staff
  • Do not act childish and use common sense.
  • No modern themes
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    FunnyApple Survival

    Hey, this server really isn’t anything special.
    We’re a simple, small server with really no rules other than common decency.
    Pillage, destroy, loot, do whatever you have to but just be a human.
    We’re always looking for people to help build things, and we’re (kinda?) giving out staff positions.
    Feel free to join, we’re fun. Or don’t. Doesn’t really matter.
    Images will be put up as they are taken. Server is super new so I have nothing at the moment.

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