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🌟 Welcome to Suralt – Your Ultimate Minecraft Survival Experience.. 🌟

Dive into the immersive world of Suralt, where adventure knows no bounds. We offer a unique and exciting Minecraft survival server packed with a plethora of awesome features and plugins designed to enhance your gameplay.


🔹 Custom Enchants: Unleash the power of custom enchantments to give your gear an edge in battles and exploration.

🔹 Jobs and Skills: Choose your path and master various skills to earn in-game currency and unique abilities. Whether youre a skilled miner or a master builder, Suralt rewards your expertise.

🔹 Leaderboards: Climb to the top and showcase your skills on our leaderboards. Compete with friends and fellow players to earn your place among the best.

🔹 Auction House: Buy, sell, and trade items with other players in our dynamic auction house. Discover rare treasures and create your own economy within Suralt.

🔹 Bluemap: Explore our vast and visually stunning world using Bluemap, an interactive map that lets you discover every corner of our server.

🔹 Discord Integration: Stay connected with our community through Discord. Join discussions, participate in events, and never miss out on the latest server news.

🔹 Player Shops: Set up your own shop and become a thriving entrepreneur. Trade with other players and create a bustling marketplace right within Suralt.

🔹 Ranks: Progress through our unique ranking system to unlock exciting perks, commands, and abilities. The more you play, the more you can achieve.

🔹 Crates: Test your luck and win amazing rewards from our crates. Every crate opening is a chance for epic loot and valuable items.

🔹 Lands: Claim your territory and build your dream home. Protect your land and create a space that truly reflects your creativity and style.

Connect with us:
Server IP:

Join Suralt today and forge your own legacy in the ever-expanding world of Minecraft.. 🌍

Explore, create, and thrive – Suralt awaits your adventure.. 🚀🎮

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Java IP:

Welcome to Astoria, an exciting server built from the ground up with the player experience in mind. The Astoria server is laid-back, has strict no-grief/no-troll rules, and is an SMP style server where the community is valued more than anything else.

Even though Astoria offers a huge variety of features, and plugins, to enhance your gameplay such as Custom Enchants, Lands Claims, Boss Dungeons, and more we always strive to preserve the authentic Minecraft experience. The survival world has a border of 20k x 20k, meaning plenty of room to find the ideal build spot, and both the End and Nether worlds are completely borderless. You can support the server by voting daily, every vote is a step closer to ranking up and gives you awesome rewards like money and flight time.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Economy Ranks Towny


Claim land using Towny and invite your friends to create sprawling cities along with you. Become the king or queen of your very own nation and band together with cities across the server. Make your own shopping center and dominate the 100% player run economy. The possibilities for expansion are endless.

-70+ Custom Enchants
-In-Game Ranks
-Jobs, McMMO
-Friendly Staff
-And More.

Come visit MythicHaven and start the ULTIMATE Towny adventure today.

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—– ⚔《 Battle World 》🛡—–
🎉 Survival – RPG – Custom version [1.17-1.20.1]
🔷🔰📣 Features 📣🔰🔷
🔶 Meteorites
🔶 New Armors
🔶 New Swords
🔶 New Minerals
🔶 Jobs
🔶 Pets
🔶 Skills
🔶 Dungeons
🔶 Economy
🔶 Custom Accessories
🔶 Contracts
🔶 White
🔶 Graves
🔶 Protections from different areas
We moderate to have a healthy community:🫂🫂♥
🔺 Free of toxicity
🔺 Respect
🔺 Zero discrimination
🔺 The use of hacks is prohibited
🔺 Avoid controversial and controversial topics
🎮♣ Join our Discord ♥🕹

Community Custom Quest Smp Survival Town Towny

Experience MC

Grand Opening In just a couple Days

Experience MC is a minecraft SMP centered around community and collaboration.
With our custom built plugins for towns and quests players are encouraged to work together as they advance and grow. All of our ranks, skills, items, boosters etc. are FREE. Pay to win servers can ROT.

The server is packed with experience enriching plugins that bring custom enchantments, skills, boosters, items, jobs, quests, towns and town quests.

Each month towns compete for the highest quest level, in order to earn their players massive rewards, on top of the rewards given for personal quests.

We will host regular building contests both in creative and survival and publish videos recording such.

Custom Discord Dungeons

Distortion Craft [❗Читайте описание❗] Minecraft server

❗❗❗The server is under development. Without having the role of a tester, you will not be able to log in❗❗❗

The project combines the classic RPG part: custom items, dungeons, quests, economics, as well as RP elements, such as the powerful geopolitics of clans, and the hierarchy within clans and nations.

Information on the project and communication between players is on our discord channel, in telegram, as well as in the VK group. Come visit us, everyone is welcome 🙂

Server web map:

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Sentinels Network

Sentinels SMP is a Survival Minecraft Server powered by the Sentinels Team and Gamester Team.

The server boasts various features,
from custom biomes and enchantments to teams and ranks. Its staff even provides players with

support 24/7. Come check it out now, and for any additional information, please refer to the Sentinels SMP Discord.

💠Discord :

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THE WASTELAND| Cracked | anarchy | Hacks allowed | no claims

Welcome to The Waste Land, an extraordinary OP Anarchy Minecraft server like no other! Step into a post-apocalyptic realm where chaos reigns supreme and survival of the fittest is the only law.

The Wasteland is not your typical Minecraft server; it’s a thriving anarchy realm where chaos and creativity unite. Here, players delve into a post-apocalyptic world, crafting their destinies amidst the ruins. The server boasts an array of unique features that set it apart. Custom bosses lurk in the shadows, challenging even the most seasoned adventurers. These formidable foes guard coveted treasures and rare items, enticing players to band together or test their mettle solo.

In The Wasteland, progression takes on a new dimension with a comprehensive leveling system. As you explore, battle, and conquer, your character grows in power, unlocking abilities and enhancing your prowess. What truly sets The Wasteland apart is its commitment to constant improvement. The server’s dedicated team tirelessly works on updates, introducing fresh content, refining gameplay, and expanding the possibilities for players.

The Wasteland beckons to those seeking an anarchic adventure, an ever-evolving world where the thrill of discovery and conquest never wanes.

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The Old Land [1.20.1]

Are you ready for an adventurous Minecraft survival journey with a flair for adventure? Welcome to The Old Land server – which offers an unparalleled survival experience like no other. Let’s walk through its key features, making the Old Land server an outstanding option for players of all ages and levels of play.

Welcome to The Old Land
At The Old Land server, we aim to offer an engaging Minecraft survival experience suitable for players of all ages creating an adventure-rich Minecraft survival environment where exploration, building, and survival come hand-in-hand in an unpredictable and thrilling virtual environment filled with endless challenges and surprises.

Survival with a Twist
Survival in the Old Land features some exciting elements that add extra challenges and fun. Hydration plays an essential part in gameplay. To stay alive, you must find clean water sources to remain hydrated throughout. To succeed at survival, you will have to find ways to stay hydrated at all times.

Survivalists seeking to master their art of survival may benefit from consulting the server for recipes for the use of a Filtering Machine. This indispensable survival tool purifies water for safe consumption. The server provides instructions for this revolutionary filter that purifies it before becoming part of your survival toolbox.

Claim Your Territory
In the Old Land, life goes beyond survival you thrive. The Lands plugin gives players access to create and manage territories whether your goal is establishing a quiet cabin in the woods or an active community, taking control over a piece of Old Land is within your hands by claiming its territory and managing it well.

Managing your land and territories becomes paramount as your presence expands within a server. Will you become a nomadic wanderer or ruler over vast territories? Ultimately, that decision lies with you alone.

The Old Land server provides an appealing blend of survival, adventure, and RPG elements tailored towards players of all ages providing plenty of exciting gameplay moments every moment in this expansive open-world environment. Stay hydrated as you battle custom mobs or explore dungeons for maximum excitement in The Old Land server.

Join the Old Land on an incredible survival journey unlike any other. Your story in this stunning world awaits being written.

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The Condemned Tekkit Main

Active, Fun Community
Lumy Tools™ for Server management
Custom Vote Party and Vote Crates
Custom Resource World with Marble, Basalt, Nether Ores, and Hidden Prizes
Moon, Mars, Space Stations
Limited Banned items

Server IP: