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Forfeited SMP Factions – 1.19.3


This is a very fresh factions server with a very different world generation that makes exploring more interesting and beautiful. I can guarantee a different and more interesting survival experience.

A few highlighted plugins:

Foundations like: Essentials (sethome, economy, tpa etc.), Skilling (abilities and permanent stats), global live map showing players & layout.
Additional exciting mods featuring magic and new enchantments.
Mini-gamemodes for times of boredom like parkour, mobarena and more to come.

I encourage anyone to try and let me know of any needed improvements as it is very early and would appreciate all feedback.

Hope to see you!

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Creative Kitties

Creative kitties is an mc server that meows and mrps and rose and ari are epic, you can vote, you can build, you can be creative, you can be nice. we all love eachother no homo or yes homo it’s honestly your choice. we’re very accepting to all race religeon sexuality and gender and i think this is enoughn charachaters

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Oasis Craft

Welcome to Oasis Craft! Here we have an anti grief survival server, both with a kind community and caring staff. Come join us for a fun time! We take players opinions very seriously as well, join our discord at to stay updated on any announcements/updates we may have!

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Bread’s Bakery

This is a LGBTQ+ Safe Space for people to enjoy Minecraft Survival, make friends, and earn in-game dough! You can join up in teams, fight deadly monsters like the Warden, or play alone and hunt for diamonds! This server is inclusive of everyone and we believe that mental health is number one priority. We are here for you if you need us!

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Come hang out and chill in our fun little community. We’re wanting to build a friendly and open environment to relax, have fun, and mine together. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to OblivionCraft! 😀

We are a BRAND NEW survival server and cannot wait to have players like YOU come and join us! We have an outstanding, friendly community of players that welcome every new player.

We currently have a variety of plugins installed that make player experience even better but still keeping that OG Survival vibe.

To List a few:


We are open to any suggestions and cannot wait to see you on our server! 😀

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Roman Network | Minigames | Kitmap | Factions Coming Soon | Prisons Coming Soon | Skyblock Coming Soon | Custom Enchantments | Bosses | Events | PvP

Our Server Has Many Features/Gamemodes
That U Can Try Out At:

Current Gamemodes:
Murder Mystery

Gamemodes In Development:
In prison
Sky PvP
& More

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Royal Society

Survival Minecraft Done Right.
It’s no secret that Minecraft was designed to play with friends. That’s why we strive me make your multiplayer survival crossplay experience our top priority.
We have a abunch of anti-grief plugins to insure your builds don’t get destroyed Advanced portals
Plugins installed on server: ViaVersion, Geyser, Essentials, World Guard, World Edit, LuckPerms, AdminCMDS

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Custom vanilla plus server, we have a lot of unique features to offer.
The premium experienced way to play minecraft. This server is an enhanced version of survival minecraft with
custom enchants
player vaults
worldguard protection
custom resource pack

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Satiz Factions

Satiz is a Factions & PvP server. Not exactly an original idea, we know. However, this server was brought to life because me and a friend thought back to the nostalgic times of playing faction servers in the ~2014 era and we wanted to catch some of that simplistic feeling again. We went searching and searching, but never managed to find what we were looking for: A server solely focused on factions combined with the core minecraft gameplay. No giant spawn with holograms every corner, no flashy pay2win ranks, and no easy ways to get ahead in the game without earning it. With this server we hope to find people who share the same need as us, and if you’ve missed out on the earlier era of faction servers, we hope this server will create some of the same joy it did for us!

If you’re unfamiliar with the faction concept – don’t worry! You can find more information on the server/discord, just be aware of these things: Destroying and stealing others in-game properties is allowed, and so is killing other players. This, at times can be the most frustrating thing, but it can be equally rewarding, and thankfully there’s plenty of ways to prevent it. Either way, these are the rules everyone has accepted when playing, and what makes factions a game of skill is knowing who you can trust to help you progress, and who you can’t.

So come join us, and contribute to making your own, as well as others time on the server a new future nostalgic memory =)