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Hello, I am CatzX_ the server Owner of CatBlockMC!

Here at CatBlockMC we want to give you the best skyblock experience.

Quests that you can complete for Money & Skycoins (other server currency)
Skycoins are the 2nd currency we have on the server, use them in the shop to buy special perks and items.
Custom Enchantments are special enchantments better than the normal ones in minecraft
The Mine Hub contains mines (4) that you can upgrade to obtain better ores.
You will see more features on the server, not just the ones listed here.

Minions are little companions to help you on your island.
Autosell signs are signs that sell items in a chest every 90 seconds.

We are in beta so expect some bugs/glitches to occur!
We hope that you enjoy our server! 😀

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SagaMC ~ Survival

SagaMC is a small survival/vanilla survival server. We hope to bring together a very awesome community and expand the game mode we’ve chosen. We’re looking to add Play-Time ranks soon as well.

Server Information:
= Discord:
= IP:

NOTE: The server is in BETA versions. We do not plan to stay Vanilla. We plan to stay Survival, but enhance it to make it more enjoyable. We plan to reset once we’ve added a lot more features.
You might experience server lag, glitches, bugs, inconveniences. We’re expecting this. We’re opening early to hopefully have more testers and for bugs to be reported faster.
We plan to add Crates, Play-Time ranks, Kits, Donator Ranks, Custom Enchants, Economy /shop, and way more. Please keep this in mind when joining. SagaMC Founder’s and staff reserve the right to add to, remove, edit, change any feature on SagaMC. SagaMC’s Founder’s and staff reserve the right to remove anyone from the server for any reason at any time.

Beta Bukkit Mmo Survival

Wolf Survival

Our home page is currently experiencing downtime.

This server is a mostly vanilla server, still in development, now reaching the beta phase. This server is a mostly vanilla experience with a few extra features. Features we currently include for players include the following:

A discord chat bridge, Dynmap World Map, Werewolves, CoreProtect, Economy, Mobhunting, a customized version of nossr50’s McMMO, and a custom server shop powered by Server Signs (currently under construction).

Server Rules:

  • No greifing / stealing
  • No NSFW
  • No Racsim / Sexism
  • Approved mods only
  • Do not share personal info
  • Listen to staff.
  • Agree to the full rules on the discord and in game.

    Approved ModsVoxel Map, Optifine, TwitchClient Bridge, DiscordRPC, Durability101.
    Dynamic Map

    Beta Crates Discord Economy Gems Jobs Kits Lootcrates Mcmmo Mcmmosurvival New Pve Pve Economy Ranks Rewards Shops Survival


    GemshineMC is a new, in beta SMP server with a unique themed ranking system based around some of the worlds most stunning, shining gems!

    On our server we offer you a fun and exciting survival experience with a fresh, brand new 10k x 10k world with Rank kits, McMMO, Jobs, NPC shops, loot crates, land claims, custom recipes, stacking spawners and so much more with even more to come!

    We invite you to join us on a thrilling adventure as you work your way up from a tiny little pebble all the way to a glorious, stunning gem everyone will be envious of!

    !!! Please note, this is currently a whitelisted server and will be open to the public soon! If you are interested in becoming a part of our beta team to get special privileges and first-time access join our discord here: [b=false][/b] !!!

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    [1.16] Daily.Dose.Club | Softcore Survival PvP | 1.7.3 Worldgen | F2P | Player Trading Economy | Faction Protections

      This server is focused on survival, while still keeping the features of a general PvP themed server. It’s a bit softer than the usual faction server, as teams have higher power, and there are some restrictions in place to make raiding more difficult for the attacking team.
      The server is targeted toward adult players and those with more experience with the game. I made this because I wasn’t happy with how other servers were setup, the lack of traditional PvP servers, and how often PvP gamemodes were only made to scam children of their parents money. I’m not sure if other likeminded people exist who want this type of server, figure I’d see for myself.

    The world map is generated using the Modern Beta world generator. Which keeps most new features of the game while adding a 1.7.3 beta inspired terrain. The Nether and End are generated with the normal 1.16 settings.

    Some general things to know before playing

    – There are minimal in game rules. Just try not to cheat, intentionally spam chat or build massive lag machines. Say what you want and do what you want.
    – The world map is 20,000 to -20,000. The Nether is 2,500 to -2,500. The End is 10,000 to -10,000.
    – Faction land can be damaged by TnT, but is protected from everything else
    – Offline factions are protected from TnT. A faction is considered offline 20 minutes after their last member logs out
    – Factions can overclaim eachother if their power goes below their total land
    – Each player has 16 faction power, and loses 4 on death
    – There is no digital economy, Trader NPCs can be hired by players by giving 10 emeralds to wandering traders.
    – Trade NPCs will trade items for you with other players. You can setup shops, their storage can be raided if not protected.
    – Logging off in PvP combat will kill you. Try to avoid that
    – I will not try to sell you anything. It’s really stupid how bad microtransactions got in this game.

    Please use if the domain doesn’t work

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    The Cattery MC

    —-♥ The Cattery MC ♥—-
    –The Purrfect Server for you!–
    ♥ Brand new towny/mcmmo server with custom lore, crates, and more coming this week! ♥
    ♥ Launching now in beta so come give us a peek! ♥

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    The Basics – MC Server **BETA**

    The Basics server is a place where you can be you and play with your friends and family. This is a new server with a small community. We keep the server at a max 10 players to prevent crazy chat spam and lag.

    If you have a plugin that you would like added, you can ask Thunder and the community will vote.

    That’s It!

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    ✦ SURVIVOR NATION ✦ Is a new network in beta, we currently have PRISON and SKYBLOCK, available on 1.9 – 1.16!

    We welcome all players to join us and help grow this new community. We plan on making loads of new improvements and adding new features soon!

    We are also now looking for helpers and staff, depending on the roles and experience.

    We also have a discord server where you can chat with other players and give advice, opinions and suggestions on things like bugs and future updates e.t.c.

    We look forward to seeing this community grow 🙂

    Join us on discord @

    Beta Betaserver Cosmetics Crates Custom Custombuilds Economy Friendly Friendlycommunity Gamemodes Guns Hub Indevelopment Menus Mines Needstaff Network Networkserver Networkserverneedstaff New Newserver Pets Plots Plotsquared Prison Prisonserver Pvp Pvping Server Servernetwork Shops Skyblock Skyblockserver Survivornation Tokens


    ✨ SurvivorNation ✨ is a new network server that is now in BETA, it currently has two game modes: 

    Prison, and SkyBlock.

    The prison server is now currently ready for players and is needing testers/helpers and staff. It now has tons of new fun mechanics, including guns and gadgets!

    The server is also full of custom menus to help make it more easily accessible.

    The SkyBlock server will now make fast progress as I can give it more attention. with more help, I will be able to finish it sooner.

    I am now looking for helpers and testing to help fix all bugs and permissions. other roles could be available too if interested.

    follow us on discord @

    hopefully, I’ll see you online! 😊

    Beta Chill Clan Clans Complex Crates Cratesreloaded Custom Mcmmo Pvp Roleplay Survival Terrain

    MirageMC 1.16.2 — Towny and McMMO —

    Mirage is a Minecraft server with the goal of designing a tranquil and fulfilling Minecraft experience.

    We are a Towny server that uses playing the game and time committed to the server as a currency in order to receive rewards and other survival benefits. We hope to push this experience further with an open Alpha that will iron out many of the defects which would be encountered upon a full server release.

    Alpha Stage

    This Alpha will be treated as any build would. Suggestions moving forward are appreciated.

    The goals of the Alpha are

    – Maintain a balanced gameplay with a functioning economy.
    – Reduce glitches and bugs in a more lenient environment.
    – Lay the foundation for PvP and PvE gamemodes.
    – Create a unique UI experience through the Inner Harmony interface.

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