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MiniGameRealms | Parkour, Non OP Prison, KitPvP and more!

Hi everyone!

Today is the release of my server MiniGameRealms. I posted about it a few weeks back for basic testing on the server, and thanks to the few people that did help out!

While the server is still in a early stage we are slowly starting the advertising part. Which is starting right here on the forums of planet minecraft!

The server has multiple gamemodes, all completely custom and built to be unique to other servers. These gamemodes include Parkour, Prison, KitPvP and a donator only SMP style survival.
The server is fully non pay to win, with all donator perks being completely cosmetic. These donations go towards keeping the server running and helping with the development of new gamemodes!

Join today and enjoy the fun!


Thanks again, and hope to see you there!

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Fortress Wars (Team Kit PvP Mini-Game)

Fortress Wars is a custom-coded team PvP game mode in which two teams build fortresses to protect their team’s beacon. After the build time, your kit comes into play. Each kit has its own unique abilities and you must use those abilities to defend your beacon, all while trying to break the enemy beacon. There are three game mode types: Classic, King of the Hill, and Attack and Defend. In Classic and Attack and Defend modes your build a fortress to protect your base. In King of the Hill, you and your team’s objective is to control the center beacon.|


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Kingdom of Anomaly

Kingdom of Anomaly
Survival >>>=<<< Multiverse >>>=<<< Creative
Monthly Updates >>>=<<< Seasonal Events
Server Features
• Backpacks
• Custom Crafting Recipes
• Custom Structures
• Dynmap
• Enchantment Solutions(Custom Enchantments)
• Even More Fish
• Jobs
• Key Crates
• mcMMO
• Mob Arena
• Player Portals
• Quests
• Quickshop(Chest Shops)
• Silk Spawners
• Spawn Shops
• Towny

We are a small community that is working on expanding our player base. We have frequent updates and seasonal events where players can redeem event currency for items that are custom made by our staff. Our goal is to add onto what Minecraft already has but still keeping it simple like vanilla Minecraft. Some of the plugins we have are Build Portals, Custom Crafting, Enchantment Solutions, Even More Fish, Jobs, Magic, mcMMO, Mythic Mobs, Towny and more! If you are looking for a unique experience on a vanilla server we can guarantee you have never been on a server like ours. Most of our community used to play on a yaoi server together which is why we are an adult server. Anyone is welcome to join whether you are straight or lgbtq as long as you are 18+.

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G C Network

G C MINECRAFT NETWORKA Muli-Game Mode Minecraft Server
Supporting Minecraft version 1.12.2 and above.

Stunning Maps, High-Quality Mini-Games, Modded Servers, and Game Mode Systems.

There is a large variety of popular Game Modes, Mini-Games, Modded Games, and Multi-Player Adventure Maps in our network, as well as some of our own unique Game Modes, Mini-Games, and Custom Servers. – Here are a Few… Survival (SMP), Skyblock, Creative, Prisons, Factions, Sandbox, Deep Space, Skywars, The Bridge, BuildIT, Goldwars, Bedwars, Pixelmon, GTA 5, Cops and Robbers, Cows & Rats (First Person Shooter).

G C Minecraft Network is equipped with more than 1,000 known, unique, and loved cosmetics.
Join us on Discord!

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MineClick – Incremental Game Server

MineClick is the only incremental game server in Minecraft
Come check it out for yourself!



Gameplay Information:
You are given your own island where you can mine special blocks, upgrade your pickaxe and workers,
and unlock buildings and islands!

Your workers will collect gold for you while you are offline!

For starters, every mined block gets you 1 gold. In order to speed up your progress you can upgrade your Pickaxe and hire workers that do the job for you. By upgrading your workers you increase their income rate.
There are also upgrades that you can do to your island which give a variety of perks such as worker efficiency increase or an additional Pickaxe.
When you’ve made enough gold you can unlock a new island which gives you an increase to global gold multiplier and new island upgrades.
Tons of quests, achievements, and rewards for you to discover!
Friendly Community and Discord Server!
Custom Spleef Arena!

Buildings (Island Upgrades)
MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

Enhanced Kumpelcraft Minigame Survival


We’re a pretty new server with a brand new 1.19.2 world filled with some extra structures and loot. Also supporting Simple Voice Chat and currently working on more minigames. Come take a look 🙂

NO PAY 2 WIN! NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! Just a couple of dudes trying to make a cozy place

119server Deadbydaylight Fun Horror Minigame Minigames Multiplayer Playwithfriends Publicserver Pvp

Deception R – Fear Strikes

Public Server is now Available!
Version 1.19.x

Your fear strikes you when you’re not aware…

Pick your side…

| Runners |

Objective | Fuels: Fuels are randomly distributed throughout the map. Aim at the fuel pot and [​sneak] to pick it up. Upon picking up, the runner is to the killer until they deposit it in the generator.
Fuel shards will not recover upon death.
A Fuel will respawn at an empty fuel spot every minute into the game

Objective | Generators: Runners are required to repair a certain amount of generators before unlocking keys to open exits. Using fuel, runners take 10 seconds to repair a generator. Generators are completed when 3 fuels have been added to them.
Generators are always revealed to you.
Note that you can come back to continue generators.

Objective | Keys: Keys can be unlocked once all generators are completed. Upon picking up a key, runners holding the key will be revealed until they are dropped or are used to open exits.

Objective | Respawn Points: When there are any Runners eliminated, the remaining teammates can respawn them. Respawning teammates take a maximum of 12 seconds. The speed at which runners respawn can be increased based on the number of runners dead and runners active on one respawner.
Respawning teammates will only respawn 1 randomly eliminated teammate.

Endgame: The Endgame phase puts a timer on runners to their escape. During this time, they have 90 seconds to escape and save their allies. When the timer runs out, all runners will be eliminated.

| Killers |

Objective | Elimination: There are 4 runners on the map, and the objective of the killer is to not let any of them escape. By using [​LClick] or on collision, killers can instantly eliminate a runner out of the realm.

Objective | Doors: Killers are slowed for 0.9 seconds when they sprint open doors, but they can avoid this by walking or holding an open door.

Opportunity | The Mastermind: Killers can create the opportunity to end chases faster by breaking doors in the map. Doors are permanently destroyed and can only be repaired by some perks.

| Perks |

There are 20+ perks for both Runners and Killers to use.

| Amulets and Curses |

One-time use items players can craft with in-game currency.
Can be used multiple times if used with certain perks.

| Maps |

There are currently 10 maps in the game, with different themes and tactical opportunities.

Landclaim Minigame Pvp Survival

Glacial Moon SMP

Glacial Moon Smp is medieval Themed smp by Reckon Soul Studio. Its java+bedrock server. With Numerous of new things in smp.

Whats New
✅ Rank: Supporter, VIP, Warrior, Lord, God
✅ 24×7 Server
✅ For Survival and Competition
✅ No build limit
✅ Friendly Users
✅ Land Claim
✅ No racism
✅ Discord Server
✅ Economy System
✅ 700 players slot
✅ Play as Survival
✅ Parkour
✅ Maze
✅ Arena for PvP
✅ Shop

❌ Griefing
❌ Stealing
❌ Offensive Language
❌ Spamming
❌ Toolbox or hack Client (you will be banned automatically forever)

Website :

Adminshop Ciytbuild Farmwelt Farmwelten Farmworld Games Hub Hubgames Hubserver Lobby Lobbygames Minigame Minigames Nether Netherupdate Playershops Plots Quickshop Shop Survival

❤️GamePlay.Vision⭐ CityBuild and Lobby Games ✅

Hey, we are GamePlay.Vision
We’re a small server network with a huge bang.

you get to know us a bit, you will quickly notice that we are very
are familiar. You will mostly become the two owners, Hutch79 and Baeumchen
with other players on our TeamSpeak Server (IP: GamePlay.Vision)

But why do we actually claim that we have a bang?
Oh well,
above all, Hutch79 often has crazy ideas that
Unfortunately, implementation is always a different topic, because he can
don’t program ^^
But even Baeumchen can sometimes come up with pretty crazy ideas. And together, the two are unbeatable.

By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet!
I’m GamePlay.Vision’s personal server goblin, and I go by the name Knuffel.
I might annoy you a bit 😉
That includes writing messages on your behalf, mixing up your items a bit, or otherwise getting on your nerves ^^
But I have my good points too, don’t worry.

Uff, it’s so late, I have to annoy a few players, or maybe give out a small reward.
So hop onto the server and visit us at GamePlay.Vision, we look forward to seeing you!

Our servers

– King of the Leather – Try to be the first on the top and don’t let anyone push you down!

Jump & Run – Nobody in the lobby? Jump & Run is a super
Pastime, maybe you’ll make it to the top 5 list too.
– Bomberman – Blow up your friends using TNT. But watch out, you only have 3 lives
– Network-wide MSG system so you can message your friends anywhere

– Player trading through crate shops
– Adminshop (You cannot buy items, only sell them)
– Skill Level System
– Network-wide MSG system so you can message your friends anywhere
– Farm worlds (Normal & Nether, you have to earn the end first)
– Special admin kits which you can buy with ingame money
– Various Vote rewards

Chess Factions Minigame Paintball Pve Pvp Survival Survivalserver

MineWorld 1.8.X-1.16.X

We are a small Minecraft community with big aspirations and a lot of desire to entertain you and have fun. For now we have the Survival modality but in the not too distant future, we will open more modalities.

Our server Discord to which you can join and be aware of all the weekly news and events