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SunRise NetWork

SUNRISE – one of the best cracked servers in the world!
We offer you an incomparable Minecraft experience, whether you prefer PvP, PARKOUR, or want to hang out with your friends!

We have tons of game modes waiting for you!

So what are you waiting for? Join our Network right now!

Anarchy Hardcore Pve Pvp Raiding Survival


6b6t is a cracked (offline-mode) non-vanilla anarchy server with commands like /tpa and /home. You can join with 1.7 to latest Minecraft version. Hacking, swearing and griefing is allowed too.

Factions Hardcore Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp Skywars Survival

PvP School

PvP School Network is an upcoming PVP practice server. You will be able to test your abilities with 10+ different
gamemodes including a whole new gamemode showcased only on PvPSchool called SkyRangers. There will be payouts for
the top 5 most competitive gamemodes, giving you a chance to earn real money prizes and in-game prizes.

Hardcore Pvp Survival


Death will set you back 2 days time. Server bans you 2 days every death. Join this pseudo-hardcore server now!

Economy Hardcore Mcmmo Survival

Nullwork event server

Play along in the early beta nullwork event server! events nearly every day! custom ranks and skills, 2000+ wip quests! 200+ bosses and 537+ minibosses! hypixel themed items! custom abilities, mana and more!

Economy Hardcore Mcmmo Pve Survival Vanilla

The Undead SMP

This isn’t a normal SMP we define in trying to be better by adding stuff to make your life easier while this being hardcore. Learn more in our discord.

Creative Hardcore Skyblock Survival Survival Games Vanilla


Dynamic Map:
10 Simple Rules:
Treat others with respect.
Offensive content is not allowed.
Keep chat family friendly.
Advertising is not allowed.
Allow moderators to do their jobs.
Cheating is not tolerated.
Cheating in any form is not allowed.
Griefing is not allowed.
Griefing is considered destroying or changing another player’s property or buildings without their consent
Do not scam other players, or try to.

Hardcore Pvp Survival

BmarkBois 24h deathban

BmarkBois Offical server!

Bmarkbois official 24 hour deathban server!

If you die you get banned for 24 hours!

1. No hacking!
That’s pretty much it.

Join today and see how long you will survive!

Hardcore Survival Vanilla


Hi! Come play survival with us! We welcome all with a well taken care of community, java and bedrock a like! Claims, No lag, active staff, New gamemodes, and in-game cosmetics! From seeing your in-game stats to starting the next big farm build! we have it all and would love for you to join us !

Anarchy Hardcore Pve Pvp Roleplay Skyblock


a fun server to come and enjoy for yourself or whit friends.
hope you find yourself a fun server to start your adventure,
we have sky-block, hardcore and survival

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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