Anarchy Cross-Play Hardcore Pve Pvp Raiding Survival

Anarchy Hardcore

Anarchy, as the name implies, is an Anarchy Minecraft Server that is designed for players who enjoy playing in an open-world, hardcore, no-rules environment. The main focus of this server is to provide players the freedom to do whatever they want ingame with little to no staff intervention. All players can travel anywhere, build structures or bases, establish their own groups or clubs, gather or trade resources, organize insane incursions, you name it! The server strives to be the best minecraft server for anarchy genre and provide a 2b2t-like experience but with small exciting additions of content and the server being updated to the latest version of Minecraft.

Here are some notable additions that are present right now on the server:
• Proximity Voice Chat like in Hermitcraft (Utilizes mod, optional)
• Deathbans and Lives — a rewritten version of vanilla hardcore

The current server version is Minecraft 1.19.2 and is hosted in Asia 24/7. There will be further addition of features, still under development.

Hardcore Lifesteal Pvp Raiding Survival

thegigasmp lifesteal

a lifesteal smp server where you can make alliances and rule the server, or you can go alone and betray your comrades. you can do anything on this server besides used a hacked client and swear. we encourage you to use the feather minecraft client for voice chat but if you dont no problem. Have fun!

Anarchy Cross-Play Hardcore Survival Vanilla


BattleAnarchy is a no-rules, no-vanilla anarchy server that lets you do anything, including hacks from 1.8.x to 1.19.x (recommended 1.12.2)

Cross-Play Hardcore Pvp Raiding Survival


Fair N Square
Experience minecraft in a semi vanilla server, competitive pvp with raiding / stealing allowed!
Due to the nature of the server, many people will play but only the strong will survive!
[Server is not for the light-hearted]

There are 20 minute deathbans (in pvp only) where your opponent can choose to revive you.
Keep inventory is disabled.
If you are looking to test your skills in a competitive environment, then choose Fair N Square and you wont choose wrong.
We have 0 p2w features and never will.

Cross-Play Economy Factions Hardcore Mcmmo Pvp Survival


h a r d c o r e
Served Java and Bedrock 24/7
1.19+ 0 Lag

We have:
◾Dungeons◾Revive◾MobsOP◾Tombs◾Ranks◾Jobs◾Protections◾Economy◾Clans◾Blood Moon◾Pvp on/off◾Daily rewards◾Crates◾Events◾Chill mode to build quietly ◾Warps: Jail, ArenaPvP, ArenaPvE, Shop , Boxes,

+Invite your friends and you will get rewards.
+Active Christmas Event with Reward VIP Rank



Welcome to QuarterStoneMC! We are currently in the process of building the server but you can of course come join and be apart of the changes!

The only server that is up fulltime is our HARDCORE server. We plan to open a survival server or, If we can, Make one server where this is a hardcore world, survival world, and more!

2b2t Anarchy Hardcore Optimized Survival Tps20

Winds Anarchy | 2B2T | 1.19.2

Winds Anarchy
A 1.19.2 anarchy server of minecraft

Allow 1.7.2 – 1.19.2 to enter
Recommend to use 1.19.2 to join server
Extreme high performance with 19-20 TPS and no lag
Allow to cheat or hack, only limit flight, timer and etc.
Cracked or Online acccounts are both ok.


Bedrockedition Bedrockjavacrossplay Clans Griefprevention Hardcore Hungergames Javabedrockcrossplay Javaedition Pvptoggle Rankup Revive Semihardcore Smp Survival Survivalgames Twitch Vote

Zatiejo’s Semi-Hardcore SMP (Twitch Server)

Welcome to my official Semi-Hardcore SMP!
This is my official Twitch based SMP server! We are both JAVA and BEDROCK compatible!

Java and Bedrock Crossplay
Got a friend you want to play with, but can’t because they don’t play Java Edition, and only have Bedrock Edition? Well, today is your lucky day!

Both Java AND Bedrock players can join my server. Not only that, but Bedrock players DO NOT need a Java account or UUID to join the server!

Here’s how you can get your Bedrock buddies to join:
1. Go to the ‘Servers’ Tab
2. Scroll to the bottom of the Server list, and select ‘Add Server’
3. Type in anything you want for the Server Name
4. For Address and Port… Type in ‘’ for Address. Type in ‘25584’ for the Port. After that, click either ‘Play’ or ‘Save’ (Save is recommended.)
5. Feel free to join, and have fun!

We can’t wait to invite and welcome our new upcoming Bedrock community!

Ranks and Permissions
First of all. I just want to point out that I’m gonna remake the permissions as of writing this, as the current permissions in the ranks is a mess.
There will still be a rankup system!
It’s almost similar to our last rankup system, but more simplified and less OP.
– The default rank.
– Will have basic starter perms such as /sethome, /tpa, etc…

Citizen (requires 5 minutes of playtime, and 64 cobble)
– Permission to change nickname /nick
– Earn 1 Diamond

Cleric (requires 5 hours of playtime, and 64 cobble and 64 coal)
– Have 2 sethomes.
– Earn 1 Diamond

Knight (requires 12 hours of playtime, and 64 cobble, 64 iron ingots)
– Permission to /craft or /workbench
– Earn 1 Diamond
– Earn +100 claim-blocks

Grandmaster (requires 1 day of playtime, and 64 cobble and 64 gold ingots)
– Have 3 sethomes.
– Earn 1 Diamond, 1 Totem of Undying

Regent (requires 5 days of playtime, 64 cobble, and 64 diamonds)
– Permission to use /enderchest or /ec
– Permission to chat in colors
– Permission to rename items with /itemname while holding the item
– Earn 2 Totems of Undying

You can also Donate to get the donor heart! Once you donate, you’ll have a little heart in front of your prefixes!
Donors have:
– Nickname permissions
– Colorful chat permissions
– Use /workbench or /craft
– Change and Disguise into mobs

Hardcore Changes
We’re using a revive system! Players, whether in a clan or not, can revive other players that are dead/still in spectator.

However, if you’re in spectator, make sure you’re not in the ground once you get revived.

Players can revive dead players by doing /revive while holding a totem of undying!

Won’t this be an issue with raid farms?
Don’t worry, we got that covered! We have put a raid cooldown on the server to prevent such. We will also kindly ask that you don’t use any exploits or insanely OP farms to gain massive amounts of totems of undying.

Hardcore Pvp Skyblock Survival

SN Craft

SN Craft is a multiplayer server on Minecraft with numerous game modes like Survival, Skyblock & Hardcore

➤ Features
• Complete player-based economy & Auction House, run and changed by you – the player!
• Custom Items, Weapons and armour sets to craft and find! :sword:
• Custom vehicles, to assist you with farming, digging and mobility! :mcbeespin:
• Custom made market to purchase and sell necessary items! :minecraft:
• Custom ranks that you are able to purchase if you wish! :blobminecrafttotemofundying:
• User friendly GUI’s :minecraftirongolem:
• Both Java and Bedrock are able to join the server! :jebspin:

• You don’t need to install any mods! All of our custom items and features are completely configured on our end!

Hardcore Pve Pvp Survival Survival Games Vanilla

One World – One Life

One World – a Minecraft Server with a Twist: If you die, you’re tempbanned.

One World One Life is a project to encourage critical survival thinking inside of virtual worlds – possibly creating civilisation, politics and a world order in a world without fundamental rules.

The server’s difficulty is set to ‘Normal’. The current tempban period is 3 days.