Cross-Play Economy Hardcore Mcmmo Survival Towny


Bedrock port:19132
● Towny
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Do you want an adventure?
Inspired to make your own town?
‘Well, We just have the right server for you, Fell free to join us.

Economy Hardcore Lifesteal Skyblock Survival


At Komplx Network…
We are a NEW & enjoyable server, offering a fun 1.19 SMP LIFESTEAL experience, along with SkyBlock, a less competitive game.

We also offer fun features! For example Luckyblocks, LifeSteal, and booze! That’s right, alcohol in Minecraft!

**Giving out exclusive ranks to dedicated players!**

Join with –
Find our website with –
Find our discord with –

Hardcore Pvp Raiding


Welcome to APEIROPHOBIA! A Beta testing backrooms server thats basically a horror game. we have: 30 levels and 12 sublevels, A Sanity, thirst and bleeding system, if your sanity drops to 0, a wretch spawns, which is very dangerous! if you get hit, you can bleed, entities only get harmed by bleeding, you must drink water to survive. If you die, your sent back to level 0, set up a base, and survive the backrooms.

Economy Hardcore Mini Games Pve Pvp Raiding Skyblock


Due to our server being extremely customized for the best experience we recommend you play with OPTIFINE 1.18.2 (That specific version)

Fight custom mobs in massive dungeons, Level up three classes alongside a custom professions system with unique item crafts. Battle difficult bosses in epic duels that challenge the limits of unmodded Minecraft. Loot the treasures of the dungeon to craft custom weapons and armor, reaching new heights of power. The original hardcore Minecraft boss battle experience returns play TODAY!

Deathban Hardcore New Pvp Semianarchy Smp Survival

💥 RadarSMP 💥 | 1.19 | 30 Minute Death Ban | Semi-Anarchy |

Welcome To RadarSMP!
If you die by ANYTHING you will get a 30 minutes death ban automatically.


Stealing & Griefing is all allowed
There is no limit to teaming
Hacking/Cheating isn’t allowed you will be banned for 7 Days
Swearing is ok keep it mild
Spamming isn’t allowed you will be muted

Bedwars Creative Hardcore Kitpvp Skyblock Skywars Survival


Welcome to the Art Naif server. Would you like to join me? Call me on Instagram

Factions Hardcore Pvp


Come and play a little KitMap! I just started this first map yesterday come and check it out. you can use the ip address, come and play with your friends!

» Discord:
» Store:
» Twitter:

Hardcore Lifesteal Survival Vanilla

Happy Cubes

Happy Cubes is an Ultra Hardcore SMP. But what does Ultra Hardcore mean? Server was created for those, who think that normal survival is too easy. It provides features that make the gameplay challenging and more interesting. If you want to check your Minecraft skills, grab a pack of friends or join alone and face the Ultra Hardcore!

Server features:

Hardcore Lives – Each player starts the game with 5 lives. Lose life when you die. You can trade lives with other players or buy additional using items in game. If you lose all your lives, you can ask another player for a revive, buy it from the itemshop or wait 3 days.

Lifesteal – Lose one heart everytime you die. Killing other players gives more hearts. If you prefer not to fight, you can also get your health back by buying it with items.

Kill streak – Fight with other players and get Kill Streak points with every kill. The higher kill streak you have, the better bonuses you earn (also get visual auras!)

Longer Nights – Survive throug the 30 minutes long nights! Then have only 10 minutes to rest during the day.No regeneration – Health does not regenerate naturally. To recover your missing hearts, use consumables like golden apples or regeneration potions.More detailed information can be found in-game using /info command.

No regeneration – Health does not regenerate naturally. To recover your missing hearts, use consumables like golden apples or regeneration potions.

More detailed information can be found in-game using /info command.

Cross-Play Factions Hardcore Lifesteal Oneblock Raiding Survival


The TOC SMP is a fun and active Minecraft Network with multiple gamemodes to play, including Earth, OneBlock, Survival and more… Our server is also Java and Bedrock crossplay so you can play with your bedrock friends on the TOC SMP. BEDROCK AND JAVA CROSSPLAY – JAVA IP: – BEDROCK IP: PORT: 25581 – 1.18.2 to 1.19 are supported.


Anarchy Hardcore Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

Five Lives

Heart SMP is a semi Hardcore multiplayer server where you have only 5 lives to live. Once you die five times, you get sent into spectator mode and your only option to play again is to have your friend have you revived by a netherite block or a netherite ingot. You can make slaves from your enemies or make new friends to ensure your safety, have a wall of heads for display? Possibilities are endless…