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Kingdoms, Caves & Cliffs | Roleplay | Survival | Events

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The Kingdoms, Caves & Cliffs server is a roleplay survival server consisting of six different kingdoms. These kingdoms interact with each other through trade, alliances and war. These interactions are done and decided by the player base, so the storyline is in the control of the players! Next to player-based roleplay, there are also events to tell certain stories. We have had an event for the opening of the nether, including a boss fight and since then we have had quite a lot of other events! Each kingdom is tasked with building up its cities along the lines of its lore and creating its own lore as well. The kingdoms will face many difficult challenges from events such as plagues and dark magic, and there will be full-scale wars with other kingdoms. Every kingdom will have more than 20 active players attempting to grow their kingdom to full size and dominate the other kingdoms. The lore and roleplay of these kingdoms will be played out in chat and also be recorded by YouTubers and streamers.

A short description of every kingdom:

Aquifer Desert:
The Aquifer Desert used to be a rich religious kingdom that was eventually burned down by banished civilians and barbarians. The entire land burned down, leaving nothing but sand and ash, and some believe the land has been cursed by the Gods to never grow again.

The Flowerhill is a peaceful kingdom that sits atop a hill full of flowers. The kingdom is not interested in warmongering with other kingdoms, but instead looks for a peaceful and easy life and aims to spread warmth and love across the continent.

The Frozen Regions:
The Frozen Regions are part of the largest kingdom to date. It used to be a great kingdom with a big royal family, but eventually, the family turned on each other and the kingdom got divided into small villages and settlements that now all fight against each other. The kingdom can be described by words such as divided, aggressive, and resentful of each other.

Tunnel Centre:
Tunnel Centre is a kingdom within a large cave system that is as old as time itself. Refugees from old wars dug down into the earth and started hiding from the violence underground. The refugees did indeed escape war, but there is still tons of violence with the underground monsters always looking to kill the miners.

Turtle Bay:
The Turtle Bay is an old trading colony from another continent. After its original kingdom fell down, the bay was the only part of the kingdom left. It is known for its great cavalry and its ability to craft horse saddles. Along the coastline, the kingdom is now planning to create a beautiful harbour.

The Holy City of Concordia:
The sixth and newest kingdom is the Holy City of Concordia. Made up of refugees from the other kingdoms, this kingdom is all about religion. The Holy City looks beautiful as it has magnificent architects to celebrate the religion. The story holds that a person from Turtle Bay once left the kingdom to find sacred land where he settled Concordia.

We cannot wait to start playing with you and we want to welcome everyone to join us as we’re always looking for new players, always willing to hire new staff, and we are still looking for extra YouTubers to spice up the roleplay content of the kingdoms. You can also join our discord here.

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Valiant SMP (Whitelisted)

Casual Vanilla SMP (Java Edition)

Note: You must join the discord provided below in order to get whitelisted into the server

I recently started a Java Minecraft SMP with a few friends and randoms and would like more people. I am looking to have an always expanding player base to interact with one another and make the server feel alive. I’ve had issues in the past with greifers and speedrunners and am looking for casual players. The server is very community centered, with almost all players living around spawn, making shops, and interacting. As of now, we have around 7 active players, and at any given time there’s 2 people online. I would love to bump those numbers up so I can put on server wide events and competitions. If you’re interested please join the discord with the link provided so I can get you whitelisted

I hope to see you on the server.


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Cam & Cayleb SMP!


Welcome to Cam & Cayleb SMP! We are a small community run by youtubers! Sometimes with a bit of trolling! >:D but we love to have fun! WE also love our amazing community! We opened very recently. I’ll also be starting a YouTube series on the sever! Staff applications are open. We’d appreciate you joining but thanks for taking time to read this!

ItsCaylebGames, Server Owner.

Owner’s YouTube:

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The Mooshroom minecraft server 1.19

hi welcome to the mooshroom survival Minecraft server form page this a very new Minecraft server so don’t worrie about the player size! we would be happy to have a tone of new members on the server we might even add some new admins! we also have nations! when you join you will get 24 oak logs to get you started and I will personally give you a tour after you can go mining build or even build a castle the sky’s the limit! and our 1. priority is that you have fun JOIN THE DISCORD

PS: this server is new we started 6 days ago please join
also if we hit 35 members this i will allow pvp and war to an Essent

-hope to see u around!

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The Mooshroom smp

hi welcome to the mooshroom survival Minecraft server form page this a very new Minecraft server so don’t worrie about the player size! we would be happy to have a tone of new members on the server we might even add some new admins! we also have nations! when you join you will get 24 oak logs to get you started and I will personally give you a tour after you can go mining build or even build a castle the sky’s the limit! and our 1. priority is that you have fun JOIN THE DISCORD

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Explosion SMP (Whitelist)

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Dedi Prison (OP PRISON)


Welcome to the new opening of Dedi Prison. Unlike most Minecraft networks, we’re a fully dedicated prison server development team. We value community feedback with the highest priority to ensure your stay at Dedi Prison is as intuitive and of course as fun as possible!

You’ll find…

  • Creativity
  • Friendly Community
  • Dedicated/Awesome Staff
  • Lots of ranks! (25+ and much more to come…)
  • Plotworld
  • Prison mines
  • Parkour
  • Custom builds
  • Prestige’s

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    Lord of The Realms – No Mods Needed –

    Copy and pasted boring servers have negatively affected the minecraft community. It can take hours to find a good one, however, Lord of the Realms is beyond quality and is now starting to set the standard of what a good server is. Custom bosses, terrain, and plugins are all used to give a unique PvE and PvP experience without the requirements of any mods. The bloodmoon puts fear back into veteran players, to give them the same experience they had their first night playing the game. Players can create towns and band together to fight the new horrors of the night and defend their territory, or lay siege to rival towns and claim their territory. The server also features beautiful terrain that was purposely designed with unique trees, custom finds, and rewards for exploration. Once players become strong enough, they can attempt to unravel the mysteries of the bloodmoon by attempting a high risk reward maneuver and taking on one of the many dungeons. These dungeon can give unique armor sets, weapons, and abilities that make easier to take on progressively harder dungeons. The uniqueness of said dungeons are incredible as one even has you travel back in time to fight dinosaurs. Overall, an amazing bond building experience. Admins have also been recorded to assist in the lore of multiple player’s town. For example, a town member can find a cave with a vast amount of gold. Understandably, he would take it back to his town. A few moments later, a giant dragon attacks in a fit of rage because the player stole from his den. Eventually through banding together, the town was able to stop the attack. If Elden Ring and minecraft came together, this will be it. Please feel to join their discord, and write your own story.

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    Pixel Dungeons – Dungeon PvE, Economy, 100’s of items! [1.18]

    === Custom crafting! ===
    === Crazy weapons! ===
    === Epic armor! ===
    === PvP! ===
    === Cool mobs! ===
    === Hard bosses! ===
    === Player economy! ===

    Join today for a new experience!

    Join Pixel Dungeons for a new unique experience! Fight through tons of custom dungeons, slay bosses, and craft tons of custom items! Each dungeon is gives a unique experience, so try each one out!

    Join our Discord if you want to talk to us, because your feedback is important to us!

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    TrophySMP [Whitelisted] [Hermitcraft-like] [Community]

    Are you on the hunt for a BRAND NEW SMP Well, you’ve found the right place. Whether you’re more technical, into redstone, or love creating majestic builds, TrophySMP is the place for you. We have a few datapacks to spice up the vanilla experience, but other than that, our server is 100% vanilla. We always have room for new players and our welcoming community makes everyone feel at home. We are heavily inspired by hermitcraft and their community as a whole. We have proximity chat and an installation guide for it. This gives us a much larger sense of community. Of course, proximity chat is optional and isn’t forced. We are whitelisted and we have a way to apply. We strive to be the best SMP one could ask for. With our expanding staff and playerbase, we’re always looking for new friends.

    Server Version: Paperspigot 1.18.1

    Join discord to apply!