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Reichan is a brand new Survival focused server currently running on version 1.20.4!

• ESTABLISH YOUR LEGACY: Stake your claim to the world and protect your land as your own using GriefPrevention. Invite friends to your claim and create an own town together. (Soon.. Towny)

• QUEST AFTER QUEST: New Quests every week, twice the amount for Champions. Well developed and thoughtout Quests give your Survival experience an extra touch of fun.

• RENT, SELL, PROFIT: In the world of Reichan, everyone has the unique opportunity to rent exclusive Markets, providing you with the privilege of independently selling the resources you’ve gather.

Collaborate, compete, and create stories. Reichan openes for it’s very first Season of many to come…

Kind Regards,

Enchantments Quests Survival

Loko Enhanced Survival

Welcome to Loko Enchanced Survival. Where you can start quest and explore the big Loko Enhanced World. There are Public warps to get around and it is a great environment to start your own community. If you thinking about donating there will only be one rank for this server since its new!

Antigrief Claim Claiming Claminland Customenchantments Customenchants Eco Economychestshop Economyserver Economysurvival Jobs Landclaim Parkour Pve Quest Quests Spawners Spawnerupgrading Survival

Mystical Aurora | Economy SMP | Jobs | Quest | Milestones | Fishing | Mining | ๐Ÿ”ฅand so much more!๐Ÿ”ฅ

Welcome to Mystical Aurora!
We are a 1.20.4 Economy SMP server!

Join us today to conquer a fresh new world. We offer over 50+ features for your enjoyment. Here’s a quick list!

Spawners: Players can upgrade spawners to improve them. They can also be changed using Mob Spawn Eggs!

Custom Enchantments: Spend your EXP to have a chance at some WILD custom enchants for your tools, weapons and armor.

Quests: We offer over 500+ quest for players to complete for EXP, Money, Crystals(Custom Currency) and Crate Keys. Some quest even offer OP Tools!

Rank System: We have rank system of 21 ranks that offer donator-like perks for completely free.

Fishing: Earn money from fishing, obtain custom fish enchantments and more!

Mining: Earn money for mining, fight bosses to acquire custom enchants for your pickaxe, and more!

Player Report System: Report rule breakers directly to all staff, even if they’re offline!

Custom Items: Obtain custom items, such as, but not limited to, Infinite Torch, Glass Breaker, Stat Trackers, Protection Ingot, and so much more!

Player Claims: Claim your land to prevent grief! We also offer a way for staff to see who griefed or stole from you, if it were to happen!

We offer a lot more, but why should we spoil everything?
Come join us now with the information BELOW.

Server Information
Discord: Click Here
Store: /buy in-game
Wiki: Click Here
Server IP:
Version: 1.20.4
Release Date: 5/6/2024

We do plan to update to 1.20.6, skipping 1.20.5. However, this will take some time to allow plugin developers to update their resources.

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FutureMC | 1.20.4+ | Open world | Guns | Heavily Custom

FutureMC is a server which contains heavily custom features and gameplay including, weapons, transportation, futurama inspired map, custom crafting, recipes and more.

Adventure Code Custom Quests Rpg Rpgsurvival Smp Survival

โš”๏ธ EterniaMC โš”๏ธ SMP ๐Ÿ”ฎ Custom RPG Survival ๐Ÿ”ฎ Dungeons, Quests, Clans and much more!

Welcome to EterniaMC – Your Ultimate Minecraft Adventure Awaits! 🚀
About Us: EterniaMC is not just another Minecraft server; it’s a dynamic universe where endless adventures await! Dive into our immersive RPG experience and discover a world like no other. With custom code and features tailored to provide the ultimate gaming experience, EterniaMC is the place to be for Minecraft enthusiasts of all ages!


  • 🌟 Custom Code: Experience Minecraft like never before with our custom-coded features and enhancements.
  • 🛠️ 25+ Custom Professions: Choose from over 25 custom professions and tailor your gameplay to your unique playstyle.
  • ⚔️ RPG SMP Experience: Immerse yourself in a rich RPG experience with a thriving SMP community.
  • 🖥️ Cross-Platform Support: Whether you’re playing on PC (Java) or console/mobile (Bedrock), EterniaMC welcomes all players!
  • 🎯 Complete Randomly Generated Quests: Embark on epic quests that are randomly generated for endless excitement and challenge.
  • 🏗️ Master the Art of Engineering: Craft custom machines and engineering marvels to shape the world around you.
  • 📈 Progression System: Level up your player, professions, or machines to unlock new abilities and achievements.
  • 🏰 Start Your Own Clan: Band together with friends and start your own clan to conquer the realms together.
  • ⚔️ Epic Dungeon Crawls: Delve into treacherous dungeons filled with danger and mystery.
  • 🐉 Fight Legendary Bosses: Challenge mighty bosses and claim legendary loot as your reward.
  • 🏆 Leaderboards: Compete against others and climb to the top of the leaderboards for glory and recognition.
  • 🧙 Unlock New Skills and Masteries: Hone your skills and become a master of your craft with our skill-based progression system.
  • ✨ Powerful Magic System: Cast powerful spells and harness the forces of magic to overcome your foes.
  • 🛡️ Craft Over 200 Custom Items: Explore endless crafting possibilities with over 200 custom items at your disposal.
  • Join Us Today: Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Join us on EterniaMC and become part of our growing community! With endless possibilities and adventures waiting to be discovered, there’s never been a better time to join the journey.

    IP Address:

    Discord: Join our Discord community

    Website: Visit our website

    Trailer: Watch our trailer

    Join us today and let the adventure begin!

    Customitems Custommobs Customterrain Quests Survival

    TamedSMP Survival Server

    TamedSMP Network is a newly established Minecraft Network, striving to provide you with a new survival experience. We have custom weapons, armor, and tools for you to obtain. We also have quests and custom map for you to explore!

    Bosses Custom Customitems Custommobs Dungeon Dungeons Dungeonsanddragons Economy Freeranks Lore Npc Npcs Questing Quests Ranks Roleplay Rpg Story Storyline Survival Survivalplus Vanilla Vanillaish Worldbuilding

    ๐ŸŒน ROSEFALL ๐ŸŒน 1.20.1 Fantasy RPG | Custom Enemies ๐Ÿ—ก๏ธ | Custom Textures โญ๏ธ | Quests & More!

    Welcome to Rosefall 🌹
    We’ve taken the classic Minecraft experience and added a touch of magic. Explore a world filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, hidden secrets, and the enchanting ambiance of twilight. Discover towns and villages, each with its own charm and character, waiting for you to explore and claim as your own.

    Whether you’re a lone wanderer, a budding architect, or a valiant hero- Rosefall offers something for every adventurer. Engage in epic quests, uncover the mysteries of the land, and build your legend. The choices are yours to make, and the possibilities are limitless.

    Step into the world of Rosefall, where the roses bloom under the twilight sky, and embark on an unforgettable Minecraft journey. Your destiny awaits you.


    🌹 Custom Vanilla | Our server has a custom vanilla experience. Play Vanilla enhanced with custom materials, items, and weapons to fight off custom enemies.

    🌹 Dungeons and Quests | Help protect Rosefall and uncover the mystery that shrouds the town. Fight through dungeons and complete quests to advance the storyline- Or just collect cool loot!

    🌹 Player-Driven Economy | Rosefall’s shops are limited. Players can trade and make their own player shops anywhere in the world.

    🌹 User-Friendly Land Claiming | Protect your property with ease- Golden Shovels are given to you from the start!

    🌹 Free Ranks | Collect ranks for playing on the server and progressing! Each free rank comes with individual perks.

    🌹 Friendly Community | Although we are a new server, we encourage our future players to be mature, respectful, and friendly!

    🌹 Custom Textures | Enhance your gameplay with custom cosmetics, weapon skins, pets and more!

    Christian Community Custommobs Dungeons Dynmap Gold Mcmmo Mcmmosurvival Pve Quests Rpg Smp Survival Warps

    The Lands of Valdora

    Hi all.

    Here is the link to a server I have built :3. I need more friends to join the community:


    Server Information:
    – Christian Community SMP PVE server (PVP is allowed when both parties agree – or when banter is involved :3)
    – McMMO (Levels cap at 100, and experience curve is exponential). A non-McMMO skill has been coded into the game using command blocks; Dungeoneering.
    – Dungeons: Players may explore dungeons which grant rewards of gold, xp, custom items, and other mysterious loot. There is also an integrated “Dungeoneering” skill tracks players mastery over the dungeons. Currently dungeons are in dev. “Dungeon I: The Fall of Man” is near complete – with a boss level at the end ;).
    – Only one rule: Do good and be good – Remember Who is always watching.
    – Small community server <3
    – Custom Vanilla Enhancements
    – Gold Economy
    – Crate Keys
    – Armor and Weapon Tiers
    – Custom Items

    – DynmapLink:

    – No Server Reset: World grows bigger and more complex for ever! (maybe)
    – Removed Herobrine

    Please join I need more mates <3

    God Bless,

    Adventure Anarchysurvival Bounties Economy Quests Roleplay Smp Survival



    Hosted by SINISTERVERSE network


    Bedrock Joingate: ITSAWORLDSMP

    Java Joingate:


    💸 Economy SMP

    ⚔️ PVE Arena

    🌍 Expanded Vanilla

    📜 Quests

    👑 Clan Domains

    🗡️ Clan Wars


    – Respect is everything you’ll need and you’ll be as good as welcome!


    Coins Crates Faction Pvp Factions Koth Levels Pve Pvp Quests Skins Survival

    PharmLabs (Formally DrugRun)

    🎉 Welcome to the official full release of our Faction Server on PlanetMinecraft! Prepare yourself for an unparalleled gaming experience as you embark on an epic journey through our meticulously crafted worlds and features.

    🏰 Immerse yourself in our stunning spawn, meticulously designed to capture your imagination from the moment you step foot in our server.

    ⚔️ Engage in thrilling battles across three distinct worlds: Survival, Nether, and End. Each world presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for exploration.

    ⭐ Progress through our innovative Levels system, unlocking exclusive perks and items tailored to your playstyle as you ascend the ranks of our server hierarchy.

    💼 Choose your path by joining a job and start earning money and points, allowing you to carve out your niche in our vibrant community.

    ⛏️ Customize your tools with ToolSkins, allowing you to express your individuality and style as you traverse the diverse landscapes of our server.

    💰 Visit the CoinShop to spend your hard-earned wealth on exclusive perks and items, enhancing your gameplay experience and standing out from the crowd.

    🎁 Claim free rewards available hourly, daily, and weekly, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your time on our server.

    🛡️ Test your mettle in adrenaline-pumping PVP battles within our meticulously crafted Arena, where only the most skilled warriors will emerge victorious.

    🔍 Embark on an epic quest featuring over 500 challenging missions, promising rich rewards and endless adventure for those brave enough to undertake them.

    📚 Delve into our server’s features with our comprehensive server guide, ensuring you make the most out of your time in our vibrant and welcoming community.

    Join us now and experience the thrill of faction gameplay like never before. See you in the game

    Active Best Build Building Craft Custom Developed Discord Faction Factions Fun Job Jobs Kit Kits Land Lands Map Mcmmo Mine Minecraft Mmo Multiplayer New Play Player Protection Pvp Rank Ranks Rol Roleplay Rpg Server Servers Simple Smp Survival Unique


    Delphicraft is among the best minecraft servers, combining factions, survival and mcMMO for a unique minecraft multiplayer experience.

    Building on SMP and survival servers, Delphicraft adds the best from minecraft factions with a simple menu-based system giving you complete protection and control over your faction server lands and members.

    Delphicraft also adopts the best of mcMMO servers with integrated, well-developed skill trees and bonuses, player jobs, ranks and unique custom kits for immersive minecraft RPG and roleplay server fun!

    If you’re looking for new minecraft servers, visit Delphicraft at

    Join us in Minecraft at
    Join the Delphicraft Discord Server:
    View the Delphicraft Live Map:

    Active Arena Arenas Build Class Craft Dedicated Diamond Eco Econ Economy End Fac Faction Factions Friendly Games Hunger Games Join Lag Lol Map Mine Minecraft Mob New Play Player Players Pvp Raid Raiding Safe Server Shop Survival Tnt Vote War

    Thrownalive Factions TNT Minecraft

    Server Address:

    With Hunger Games and Mob Arenas!

    Nothing Beats TNT Raiding and Warfare!

    Minecraft 1.6.4 Truly Dedicated, Privately Hosted Server, PVP/TNT Survival with Hunger Games, Arenas, Factions, Economy and Shop.
    New Map! Dedicated, Lo-lag, non-Hamachi, 24/7, PVP Minecraft Server with with Factions and Economy. Come and check us out!

    There is NO Wait to Build! Just Come on in and once outside of safezones, build, raid, join a faction or… even actually MINE! lol We have friendly Ops, lots of RAM, slots and Arena Prizes for players.

    Action Active Class Craft Enjoy Experience Fac Faction Factions Forums Free Fun Game Games Gaming Grief Help Hunger Hunger Games Mad Mmo Mod Moderator Moderators Online Play Player Players Pro Pvp Rol Server Smp Survival Multiplayer Vis Whitelist

    Madcraft Gaming

    Madcraft Gaming – Factions – Hunger Games – PVP



    Madcraft Gaming Server is a fun-loving server which aims to provide the most trouble-free experience for all of our players. Moderators are always online and help whenever possible. Grief checks are very common, and grief roll-backs are compulsary so you don’t have to worry!

    Visit our forums at: http://mad​craftgamin​

    Madcraft Gaming Server was made for the people, and only for the people. We do not gain anything out of running the server apart from the pleasure of knowing you enjoyed it!

    Action Active Anti Arena Arenas Ars Art Ass Cheat Class Craft Drop Eat Event Events Fac Faction Heat Inecraft Lag Mine Minecraft Mob Mobs Nolag Nolagg Party Partys Pvp Raft Survival Multiplayer Version War Wars

    FLIP MineCraft 1.4.2

    MineCraft 1.4.2 Version,Anti-Cheat,PVP,ARENAS,MOBS,EVENTS,DROP partys,NoLagg,FACTION WARS!

    Action Active Admin Admins Awesome Class End Fac Faction Factions Forums Friendly Game Help Ill Large Make Mca Mcmmo Mmo New Pie Play Player Players Plugin Plugins Pve Pvp Quest Rank Ranks Red Riendly Server Servers Website


    we are a new Factions and PvP server with friendly admins and awesome players! we have many plugins and will soon be getting MCMMO to add to your PvP expieriance. By donating or helping outwe are a new Factions and PvP server with friendly admins and awesome players! we have many plugins and will soon be getting MCMMO to add to your PvP expieriance. By donating or helping out the server, you can get a large list of ranks! While donating is not required, it is encouraged to keep the server unnig for our wonderful players. If ouhave any questins or comments about our server youcan use the contact us page on our website! And make sure to register on our forums!

    Ark Ass Class Com Dark Darkness Enjin Follow Ked Mine Mines Nks Noop Open Prestige Ran Rank Ranked Ranks Style Survival Multiplayer Top Way


    Over 40 Ranks & Mines. Rank up all the way to the top.
    Like to mine? Already ranked up to the top? We got 10 Prestige.


    Active Army Ass Build Castle Class Dom Ice King Kingdom Lit One Pol Politics Rad Rat Real Realm Stone Survival Multiplayer Tool Tools Trade Travel War

    Midgard Realm

    Do you have what it takes to build your own kingdom in a realm of war and politics? Can you turn a set of stone tools into a magnificent castle, a restless army, or thriving trade federation? The Midgard frontier awaits you, traveler. Fortune and Glory!

    Abilities Ace Animal Ask Bee Class Combat Create Death Emo Enchantments End Going Good Ill King Lit Military Mission Need New Noop Old Open Parties Peace Pro Rank Ranking Real Regeneration Special Story Survival Top War Who Zombie

    Kronic Zombie Survival

    The Infection has been going on for a long time. This was a Laboratory Discovery that was taken over by the Military. What was the Discovery you ask? The Discovery was going to save lives, cure wounds and more. A particle was Discovered. in our universe now named O.N.I.C. This particle was found to have regeneration properties, memory storage and more.

    In short the Discovery was taken over by the Military when they found out that it could regenerate combat victims. What they didn’t know is how old and what O.N.I.C. really is. The Military did some of there own test and found that by adding Kinetic Energy to the O.N.I.C. they could create some new Combat Enhancements. Their project was called Project K.R.O.N.I.C.

    They used the Kinetic Enhancements in an attempt to win a War and Bring Peace. They sent Troops injected with there Enhancements into a War that was already started. They told the Troops that with these injections they would not even need to fear death. The Troops mission was to stop the War and bring peace to all parties involved. The Enchantments worked for the most part.

    When a bullet would hit any Injected Troop. The wound would just heal itself after the damage was done. After about 30 mins of the Troops healing they noticed that their blood was turning black and the wounds that healed, didn’t look so good. The Enchantments had also seamed to be spreading to everyone around them, even the animals had seams to start changing.

    Not all have been infected the same way from the War. The ones who don’t die off from the kronic infection end up learning and gaining some very special abilities. You can earn these abilities by ranking up. Oh, and K.O.R.E. only Accepts Vip’s.

    Story will Continued in KZS2.0


    Active Arena Ball Ban Bank Banking Class Community Craft Crafty Date Emo Features Fun Game Games Ill Invite Join King Mini Games Mob Old Ortal Play Portal Portals Retro Ring Server Survival Time Town Towny Unique World Worlds

    Craftyn Retro

    Craftyn Retro is a throw back to ole times. With a community that dates back to 2010, we aren’t just some “run of the mill server”. Our main focus is our community and ensuring we all have fun. With that includes several features such as Towny, a unique banking system, mini games (Mob Arena, Dodgeball, etc) coming soon, portals to old worlds/memories, and much more on the way! We invite you to come and join our community, we would be delighted to have you!!

    Admin Ander Ass Ban Class Com Creative Dutch Eat End Erver Follow Game Ken Login Mine Minecrat Mission Missions Nen Noop Open Permissions Plugin Plugins Rat Server Style Tnt Zen

    [DutchServer] = CREATIVE =


    Dit is een beginnende server met al enkele leden,
    1admin en 3-4 spelers. Spelers kunnen /tpen en nog enkele andere permissions. Ook is TNT verboden dus je werken jullie niet ontploffen ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ook is er een login plugin, zodat niemand je naam kan stelen. De admin kan spelers bannen maar ook bevriezen dat ze niet meer kunnen bewegen.

    wij zijn ook nog opzoek naar 1 admin.

    Hopelijk tot snel



    Active Build Cities Class Craft Custom Dedicated Dungeon Eco Econ Economy End Great Join Map Mine Minecraft Mod Modded Multiplayer Open Play Player Pvp Rewards Server Servers Shop Smp Survival Survival Multiplayer Town Towns Towny War Who Wns World


    SMP – 24/7 Dedicated – Backups – Towns – War – PvP – Economy – Live Maps – Semi RP

    LegendsMC is a SMP(survival multiplayer) server. We are relatively heavily modded, allowing for a very custom Minecraft experience. We are a PvP enabled server! PvP is enabled EVERYWHERE with exception of major key cities. PvP is not punished. It is rewarded! But it is also very possible to go be out on your own and away from the hustle and bustle of active PvP life.

    LegendsMC differs from other servers in that we are a completely open world. You do not HAVE to join a town, or pick a class, or become a tree harvester, or builder, you can do any and all of it. You are limited in no way in what you want to do or become! Found a town, open a shop, become a materials supplier, dungeon crawler, any and all of it without restriction. Doing it all is a definite possibility, but, for those of you who wish to specialize in one thing or another, great rewards can be yours with time and dedication to your craft.

    Active Ass Class Com Conomy Craft Creative Day Eat Eco Econ Econom Economy Erver Exp Experiment Explore Inecraft Ita Join Lit Lore Mine Minecraft Pro Professional Pvp Raft Server Survival Multiplayer Today Tom Unique

    Split An Atom

    The Spilt An Atom Minecraft server is a unique creative experiment, founded by creative professionals. PVP and economy. Join the server today and explore!

    Active Adventure Areas Ass Build Building Cities Class Conomy Dventure Eco Econ Econom Economy Erver Home Mc Server Obsidian Ops Owner Server Shop Shops Survival Multiplayer Venture

    Obsidian Cities MC Server

    Building and adventure server. Locks, economy, shops, /home, and owner restricted building areas.

    Action Age Class Community Craft Diamond Diamonds Dungeon Dungeons End Experience Fac Faction Factions Friendly Fun Game Games Geo Help Helpful Lit Ming Money Ops Pro Pvp Quest Riendly Ring Server Shop Shops Short Staff Vote Voting


    Brikcraft is a server full of possibilities. Its got Factions, shops, games, dungeons and much, much more. (coming soon)
    Our community is very friendly, the staff is helpful. r U short on money? Voting is available every 24 hours.
    We focus on factions PvP and we try to keep it a perfect experience for everyone. For questions you can always

    Have fun.

    Brikcraft is een server vol mogelijkheden. Het heeft onder andere Facions, shops, games, dungeons en nog veel meer. (komt eraan)
    Onze community is heel vriendelijk, de staff heel helpvol. Te weinig geld? Voten kan elke 24 uur en je krijgt er geld, diamonds en spullen voor.
    We focussen op factions PvP en proberen het een leuke ervaring voor iedereen te houden. Vragen?

    Veel plezier.


    Active Cat Class Conomy Craft Erver Essential Essentials Home Iconomy Ill Inecraft Lockette Make Mall Mcmmo Mine Minecraft Mmo Pvp Rank Register Rules Server Slots Small Star Start Survival Multiplayer Swe Sweden Talk Time Town Towny

    Bjal server

    A small server just started by me. server IP:
    20 slots for now mostly to see what the server can handle. Its a home server with as close to 24/7 run time as possible. I have set up a forum for server talk and ideas for changes on the server.
    The server is located in Sweden.

    Will make changes as we go so give it a try.

    To get a members rank you have to register at the forum and read server rules.

    Active Ass Bukkit Chest Chests Chestshop Class Craft Dynmap Erver Hestshop Job Jobs Kit Map Mcjobs Mcm Mcmmo Mmo Mon Multi Multiverse Owny Plus Raft Server Shop Sit Site Sts Survival Multiplayer Town Towny Vis Website


    Bukkit 1.2.5 server [Towny] [mcMMO] [mcjobs] [ChestShop] [dynmap] [Multiverse] plus others visit our website for more information.

    Awesome Ban Banner Block Class Community Craft Creative Custom Eco Emo Fac Faction Factions Factionspvp Forge Game Ill Inecraft Mine Minecraft Mission Mod Network Noop Open Play Pro Professional Pvp Sign Sky Skyblock Skywars Vanilla War Wars Website Youtube


    For more information, take a look at our website:

    – Our banner is professionally designed by GetsieFX ( commissioned by Club Exclusive Network.


    Action Active Arena Ark Base Based Best Build Building City Class Construction Craft Dcraft Fac Faction Factions Grief Griefing Hack Hacks Has Head King Mob New Plugin Plugins Pvp Server Sky Star Start Survival Multiplayer This Xray


    Server Ip:
    Podcraft is a brand new PvP server that is under contruction. Start out now to be ahead of the others! This server is a griefing pvp server that has no limit to griefk Up until factions.

    We are adding the Mob Arena soon!! We do NOT tolerate any HACKS such as: xray,auto spams,auto aim etc!

    By under construction, we are building and adding plugins to put this server to the best! We have the main city, Arkenstone and are currently making an Egyption based City and Sky City!

    Active Adventure Build Chest Class Craft Different End Experience Explore Fac Faction Factions Grief Home Ill Kill Land Lockette Lore Plugin Plugins Pro Protect Rules Server Spawn Stand Standard Survival Survive Tea Team Vanilla Venture World

    Standard Survival

    Standard Survival is a 24/7 survival server set up to be an immersive vanilla-like experience. As a result, all teleport commands such as /tp, /home, /spawn are disabled, but you can still set a different spawn by sleeping in a bed.

    The world is yours to explore. You can build, craft, kill, survive and do anything else you want, there are no rules. You can defend against griefers by protecting your land and chests using the Factions and Lockette plugins. So team up with others or go lone wolf and start an adventure on Standard Survival.

    Active Capture Class Craft Creative Emo Experience Fac Faction Factions Flag Game Games Hunger Games Inecraft Kit Kitpvp Lag Lit Mine Minecraft Mod Network Paradise Play Pvp Server Sky Skyblock Survival Survival Games Survival Multiplayer War Warrior Warriors Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

    Paradise Minecraft

    ParadiseMC is an experienced minecraft server offering quality minecraft gamemodes for you to play (occasionally with your favorite youtubers!)

    Currently, our network has:
    Survival Games
    Hunger Games
    Capture The Flag
    The Bridges
    Skyblock Warriors
    Operation Havoc

    Check us out today! You won’t regret your visit.

    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and new Minecraft servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!