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Server based on Avatar The Last Airbender, where you can control elements and survive the dangers of survival.

Unseen minigames, variety of skills and content.

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QuestCraft Beta v0.1 – Anarchy & Mmorpg! New Server!

Brand new MineCraft server! QuestCraft – Come see if you got what it takes to become the greatest adventurer our server has! Our Server main focus is RPG Style to become a MMORPG server! Trying to build partly another game inside of MineCraft! Come see everything unfold.

I am the server Owner Dan, In-Game: FB_D_Gaming I have alot of coding experience working with MineCraft & Runescape Servers, This server is created for FUN only! Not profit! Please feel free to contact me In-Game.

(Server is a work in progress was created on 13/05/2022 Will be online 24/7)
Start this server off by choosing your first quest from Hydra! Rewarded with Items, Xp, Quest Points from quests! Choose a Starter Kit to help you begin your adventure but remember choose wisely. Make sure you hide your base & don’t build so close to spawn! Remember this is ANARCHY aswell! *Server Rules Below*

1. No Bullying, Racism or Hate Speech!
2. No Spamming Chat!
3. Do not obstruct Admins or Building from completing tasks!
4. Have Fun

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NO WORLD RESETS!!!! NO WHITELIST!!!! MATURE adult players!!! DISCORD Channel for adult players!!! No penalties upon death and KEEP INVENTORY ON!!! Love DIABLO STYLE LOOT???? Want FREE FLYING and other FREE PERKS most servers require donations for??? Looking for a MATURELY RUN server??? Want to see BLOOD effects when you attack mobs??? Want to LEVEL and CUSTOMIZE your CHARACTER’s class PERKS and ATTRIBUTES? Want to CAST SPELLS from a WAND? Want to earn INTEREST on your in game MONEY when ONLINE AND OFFLINE?? Want to LEVEL UP YOUR PET?? Want to brew and drink BEER? Want to SMOKE Pipes and craft your own PUFFWEED?? Tired of having nobody to sell all your loot to??? Enjoy player vs. environment???

Come check us out at

PolsonRim is a lite RPG survival server that is filled with NPC initiated quests, dungeons, custom lore, an emerald based villager economy (villagers sell custom items and buy custom items), loot chests with respawnable cooldowns, boss fights, as well as tougher random spawning hostile mobs to provide a rewarding experience that balances with the custom armors and weapons.

All enhancements, such as MCMMO, custom mobs, or custom items are set up in such a way to add to the overall vanilla survival style with an RPG twist that doesn’t overpower or make things too easy. Players are able to build anywhere they like that isn’t claimed by an admin or other player plot. Players also get free pets, which can be changed at any time and leveled up!!

Players also have the ability to choose a custom class, such as the ranger, warrior, or mage. Equipable gear is also based on what profession you choose, such as archer, spellsword, pikesman, knight, etc. Players then earn attribute points by leveling up their class with experience points from completing quests or killing hostile mobs. The attribute points can then be used to upgrade stat attributes like additional health, stamina, damage, mana, etc. Players also cast spells from a wand that they can upgrade to cast more powerful spells!

List of Installed Plugins:

Cracked Custom Customcrates Customenchants Customitems Custommap Custommobs Customplugins Customterrain Customworld Economy Essentials Landclaim Mcmmo Mythicmobs Questing Quests Slimefun Slimefun4 Slimexpansion Smp Survival


ArtiseMC is a 1.18.2 Next Generation Minecraft Survival server focused on high-quality Content. Our server is a unique Minecraft server, that offer a unique gameplay that is above other servers. What make us stand out? Artise stans out for its custom 1.18.2 genration, Bedrock Compatible, custom plugins + scripts, dungeon bosses, slimefun, balanced economy and much more!! we also allow cracked players!!

Bedrock IP: : 19132

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AxolotlMc | Survival | 1.18.2

AxolotlMC is an tight-knit community that loves to welcome all new members and give each other a hand. Were highly community oriented and value the opinions of our playerbase. We offer a lot to our community including donor items through our special in-game rank up system! We have listed and detailed some of our biggest features we have to offer!

Rank System – We have 100 ranks that can give you unique items, perks, and accessories that you cant get any other way.
Player Shops – Open to the community to sell and trade with others in creative ways.
Quests – A unique way to get in-game money and rewards for completing tasks.
Special Hoppers – These can gather all of your crop or mob drops in a chunk.
Discord – An active community that allows our players to keep up with events, giveaways, and server updates

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Mine Slayer

MineSlayer is a brand new SMP server. Loaded with tons of amazing features and plugins to make your survival experience even more fun! Things like Custom Enchants to enhance gameplay when fighting players or mobs, player vaults for storage on the go, safari nets to transport any mob you’d like, an auction house to sell your valuables to other players, more than 15 different crates, and so much more! With a lovely community that’ll welcome everyone with a friendly gameplay, and an amazing volunteer staff team to help and take care of you as a player, we guarantee a great time while playing MineSlayer!

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Mythic EcoCraft

Welcome to Mythic EcoCraft! Our server aims to enhance and expand upon Vanilla Minecraft gameplay to create a more dynamic gaming experience and encourage player interaction! Be a part of a budding community and claim your place on our map, that we plan to NEVER reset, so you’ll never have to grind to reclaim your place among Server Royalty!

We’ve made a point to preserve all Vanilla gameplay mechanics while adding plugins to enhance gameplay and interactivity, as well as longevity/playability. Come join our new community and help us build a great server!

Start your Empire now! CLICK HERE To Join Our Discord!

SERVER IP::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Land Claim: We’ve added land-claiming so you can have a higher level of protection for your bases! Stake your claim, expand your land, create a Nation, add members to your faction, declare war on other Lands… Let the rivalry begin!

Economy: The server has an “upgraded” economy, including its own currency which can be used at server shops and with other players. You will earn currency for basic tasks like breaking blocks and killing mobs, and you’ll also be able to sell items to the server or to other players!

You will need server currency to purchase permissions (like land claiming, job posting, auction site access, etc…), buy space for your land claims, purchase items from server shops and other players, and play server games built around the map!

However, you will still have the option to play with the classic item economy by trading for your item of choice with players at the Trade Hall. If you purchase/win a “Villager Market” egg, you can create your own shop at your base and choose to sell items for other items or for server currency!

Teleport Commands: After purchasing the necessary permissions at the Spawn Mall, you’ll be able to use Home and TPA commands, allowing you to easily travel to your bases and to other players! (edited)Factions: After creating a land, you can add members to your land through the plugin interface! Grow your ranks, your wealth, and your land, and become the wealthiest Nation on the server!

Custom Items: Save up enough to purchase rare, custom items that can be used to add something new to existing equipment. Each item is carefully designed to be balanced with Vanilla items so as to not give players with bigger bank accounts an unfair advantage. For the most part, it’s just a cool toy you can show off to your friends 😉

Selling/Trading: On our server you have numerous options to sell your items. Rent a villager market at spawn, buy/win a villager market egg and spawn them anywhere on the map, Buy membership to “eTrade” (Global Market Chest) and post/purchase items through a global auction site, or trade the old fashioned way at the trade hall!

Jobs: Job boards allow you to search for and take jobs created by other players. After purchasing an Employer’s License, you’ll be able to post your own jobs to the job board! No one selling 1,000 dirt? Post a job on the job board requesting 1,000 dirt for X dollars and see if anyone takes on the task!

Quests: We will be adding multiple “quests” to the server that give you tasks to perform for some extra money or a special item! If you want to take a break from mining and crafting, give questing a shot!

Games: There are numerous games on the server that you can play to win money or items! Check out the challenges at the Spawn Mall, visit The Lucky Star Casino, and explore the more elaborate challenges located outside of Spawn! Wanna get rich quick? Try your luck on the lottery!

Stock Markets and Cryptos: There are multiple locations around the server where you will be able to purchase various different “Stocks” that can be traded for gold/money. The Stock system uses ENTIRELY Vanilla Redstone mechanics to randomize the value of stocks daily!

Ranks: There are over 30 Ranks to achieve on Mythic EcoCraft! Players can receive promotions for earning Gameplay Levels, by earning playtime, winning games, and by finding special items that provide promotions!

As players rank up they will gain certain perks. By ranking up, players will increase their Land Claim limits, the number of sethomes they can have, the amount they earn from tasks, and more! The first few ranks will come quickly, but it will soon become very challenging to reach a higher rank!

We will continue to try and develop a new and more enjoyable experience for the players!! Come join us!! :D

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Project: Shiba Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2




Project: Shiba provides a unique Pixelmon experience! Our server features raids, a massive safari, pokemon invasions, battletower, gyms, pokestops, crates, and poketokens! We also feature chat games! Earn poketokens by answering GEN. 1 trivia or winning a chat typing challenge.

Other features:
– Starter Kit with Shiny Item
– Keep inventory
– Daily Quests
– Playtime contests
– Mining world
– MMO-type Skills
– Admin Shop
– Materials Shop
– Time/Weather Menu
– Biomes ‘o Plenty Overworld
– custom textures
– EV training
…and more!

If you need help, join our Discord!

Pixelmon: Reforged brought to you by the reforged team:

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GravenFall – Towny 1.18

GravenFall is a Towny server centered around community.
Our plugins were carefully selected and configured to give you the best experience possible.
We are also constantly adding new content to keep things fresh.

Primary Features:

  • Towny Claiming System
  • Siege Wars (Nation vs Nation PvP)
  • Stunning Custom Terrain Generation (Terralith and Incendium)
  • Tons of custom bosses to fight and items to find
  • Tons of classes to level up and explore
  • Gold based balanced economy
  • Playtime rankup system
  • Real time live server dynmap
  • Synchronized discord relay chat
  • Mob arena
  • Quests

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    PERNOCRAFT server:

    The perfect server to play with your friends and have a good time on the server of our favorite streamer Pernogames

    What will you find on our server?

    In PernoCraft you will be able to play a survival with mods where the possibilities are endless, do the customized missions to earn coins that you can spend in stores with the economy system, attend events that will be held from time to time.

    How can I play the server?

    To play is very simple, just join the discord and follow the instructions of the “Pernocraft” Channel
    Link del discord:
    Twitch de Pernogames: