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Universal Law Enforcement

Crusader Universalis is a medieval geopolitical server.

Main features include:
– 1:350 scale map of Eurasia
– Towny
– War mechanics
– Cannons
– Constructible moving ships (Movecraft)
– Custom weapons and armor
– Ability to brew alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks (Brewery)


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Velvet SMP

Welcome to Velvet!

Make sure you join our discord so we can give you some extra perks!


Velvet is a small, server network run by the Velvet Community, bringing new, exciting, and interesting game-play mechanics to the realm of Minecraft!

We have additions like vein miner, custom cave generation, MCMMO (an RPG leveling system!), and more!

We change what it means to be a Minecraft server, beware of the trees, make lots of friends, and have fun in our small and friendly community!

Earth Lifesteal Towny

Unreal Craft

Unreal Craft provides epic gameplay! EarthSMP combined with LifeSteal makes it all the fun! Create towns, expand nations, go to war, and trade money at the World Trade Center! Buy vehicles, bomb enemy towns, and more! Track where you are going with our live map! Join Unreal Craft’s EarthSMP x Lifesteal today to start your journey today!

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Stonecutter Earth

Stonecutter is a server dedicated to Geopolitical Factions since 2021!. We’ve had five seasons, with our current season in full swing.
We pride ourselves on our custom war plugin, and our experimental nature.


Earth Pvp Roleplay Survival


A unique and custom survival experience, want to play with your friends and have custom funny hats! Join us now!

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Terra Arcana

Terra Arcana is a geopolitical earth server. We use a 1:500 scale earth map, with many custom features! You can build a town, or even a nation, and conquer real-world locations. Want to become dictator of New York, or president of London? Unite in server spanning empires, and wage war!
The server runs many highly customized plugins, and features many custom recipes! For example, Bundles and sculk sensors are both obtainable, using just 1.18!
You can join with 1.18, 1.18.1, or 1.18.2, and all non-cheat clients are allowed.
Check out the dynmap!

Join us on discord!


No hack clients. This is not an anarchy server, and we run a robust anticheat. Cheaters will be banned.

Don’t harass people, discriminate, or use slurs. Be remotely decent people to each other.
Breaking this rule can resort in anything between a temp mute and a ban.

Cursing and vulgar language are still allowed, but have some basic decency, ok?

Don’t exploit any dupes, glitches, or loopholes. This isn’t to say there are any, but things happen.

Don’t spam chat, you will be temporarily muted for this.

Don’t exchange in-game items for real world money.

No string claiming a town.

Don’t claim-block a town for longer than one week. If you want to ruin a town, siege them directly.

Other rules can be viewed in-game using /rules.

Want a little bit more?
Premium! It’s not p2w, and premium is mostly a way to support the server. Premium players get access to the following commands:
+1 extra sethome
Colored name in chat
Priority queue
/nationcolor (for nation leaders)

As you can see, premium is not p2w. The tp cooldown is quite long, and normal players still have access to tp to normal town spawns via /n spawn.

Earth Economy Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival

NightSound Survival

100% In Spanish 1.16.5 NP
Bank System
Items Custom
And much more….

Earth Parkour Pvp Skyblock


Greetings to all of you guys, we are with you again on this SkyBlock server road that we have been out many times before. Our server is here again with its rare map and brand new systems to give you a quality experience for our quality players!

Earth Factions Pvp Roleplay Survival


NationsGlory is the world’s first Earth server since 2013.
The world is a reconstruction of Earth, you can join or create a lifelike country and develop it into an Empire !

Discover exclusive content:
– Military Arsenal, Missiles, Space rocket, machines…
– Energy, agricultural vehicles, more planets
– 2000+ new blocks and entities

NationsGlory is available in JAVA and Bedrock Edition

Join a community of over 400,000 players since 2013!


Cannons Cavalry Customwar Earth Europe Movecraft Roleplay Survival Towny

MC Europe | Movecraft + Towny + Custom Wars!

Hello and Welcome to MC Europe!

This server is my passion project based on my love for Movecraft, the intricacies of land battles from the Napoleonic Era, and a disappointment at the lack of use for this plugin in Major PVP.

I hope you’ll join us and help create something truly special. I’ll also be playing daily/bi-daily so feel free to ask questions, give input, trade in game, etc!

Get a view of the map! Simply copy paste the address to your browser