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A 1:1000 Minecraft Earth Server. This server is a towny/economy server where you can recreate civilizations and form your own government with our Earth Map.

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1:750 scale Earth map Dynmap – live updating webpage with a map of the world, includes town and nation details and borders!

Towny – create a town and nation, claim land

Economy – spend and earn in-game currency by buying and selling basic to other players!

Jobs – earn in-game currency by completing challenges.


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CrucifiX Earth

CrucifiX Earth is a 1:500 Geopolitical PvP/Roleplay server! 🌍

Our Discord link is:
Our Shop link is:
Our Map link is:
Our Server IP is:

We hope to see you there!CrucifiX Earth Minecraft Server

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[TLS] Official Earth SMP

Do you want to join an Earth SMP without waiting for towny well join [​TLS] Official Earth SMP its a map of the earth but in a Minecraft server form! Have fun with your friends rebuild the earth in Minecraft with your friends! build a town rebuild society in your own image! Join Today!!! PS its also crossplay compatible with bedrock change the port in your add server list to 25565! you can also check the dynmap of the earth here

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Welcome to DTerra!

We’re a brand new towny server based on the earth map (1:500), our server uses a custom resourcepack wich allows guns and vehicles as well as many other custom items to be in game without any mods!

you can create a town and even whole countries, you can go to war with guns and tanks or on horseback and rise to glory!

The server is new and expanding, expect new updates and new features every week!


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United Lands

✨Welcome to United Lands! We are a Towny-based Earth SMP that strives to bring a unique experience to everyone. We accomplish this by integrating peace, war, roleplay and economics into one cohesive system. ✨

🌎 There are no limits for your creativity here, settle anywhere on our beautiful 1:500 Earth map or join an already existing Town and play with others. Develop your land into thriving nations and empires that span the globe!

🎉No two sessions are the same – we often hold events on our Discord and Minecraft server ranging from talent shows to limited time gameplay events.

⬆⬆Become as strong as you want with our upgrades system, you can spend in game money to buy new abilities and privileges.

💰There are many methods to increase your wealth: Join a job, beat others at chat games or even win a war. All revenue streams have been carefully balanced to provide both a challenge and enjoyment to the player.

⚒ The server is always changing, keep an eye out for frequent updates that always come with new bugfixes and enhancements.

📦 We are not the typical vanilla experience, with our server comes several unique and functional custom items that provide completely new game play experiences. Grow amazing custom trees, use our new guns or brew delicious alcoholic beverages – you can even change the biome you’re standing in with some tools!

🖥 Take a look at our handcrafted website that provides incredible insight into the server with pages dedicated to towns and players with real time map locations!

⛰Team up with your friends to fight in the all new dungeons system! Immerse yourself in a unique storyline and exhilarating combat before taking on a fearsome boss. Your prize will be unique and powerful gear sure to bring envy to your enemies…

👥 Our server is not just limited to Java players only. With our parity system Bedrock players can join in the fun too! See our website linked below on how to do that.

If you’re looking for a server with distinctive features, a friendly community, and an active development team then United Lands is the place to be!

📑 IP┋ 📑

💻 Website┋ 💻

💬 Discord┋ 💬

🗺 Map┋ 🗺

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ZedarSMP ✨ 1.17 Survival SMP with LifeSteal, Earth Survival and More!

ZedarSMP Network 1.16 – 1.17+

This server is brought to you by the YouTuber with a 500k+ following! Many of his fans play on here!

What do we offer?

– Best survival realm experience with so many features!

– Amazing and fun hub with PvP and Parkour!

– The perfect 1v1 Clan War experience!

– Seeking for Staff/Youtuber/Twitch streamers to get their own rank!

– Friendly Staff

Discord ->

Server IP ->

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SilverearthMC Movecraft server!

Welcome to one of the friendliest servers ever! Silverearth is an earth server with the addition of Factions and Lovecraft where you can pilot your own ship airship or whatever you desire and fight other nations, Protect your own or just stay peacefully! but of course, raiding is encouraged!

Discord server :

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SHIBACRAFT NETWORK - SURVIVAL EARTH MAP |  SKYBLOCK |  SKYWARS | [1.8 - 1.17] +NoPremium Minecraft Server

SHIBACRAFT NETWORK - SURVIVAL EARTH MAP |  SKYBLOCK |  SKYWARS | [1.8 - 1.17] +NoPremium Minecraft Server

What is Shibacraft?

Shibacraft is a Minecraft Network with several modes that include Skyblock, Skywars, Vanilla, Creative, Parkour … and the mode par excellence, the mythical Survival (with economy and the map of planet Earth at 1: 100 scale, let’s go, one pass !, that is, you can literally build your house in your house and protect it from other users as well as be part of cities) and much more!

In addition to the cities around the world, we have indicative maps where the materials can be found:

SHIBACRAFT NETWORK - SURVIVAL EARTH MAP |  SKYBLOCK |  SKYWARS | [1.8 - 1.17] +NoPremium Minecraft Server

This is so because the creator of the map made sense to do it this way, as for example the diamond is mostly found in Africa. (all information in discord)

We also have mini-games (wipeout, arena, etc), shop, auction shop, lottery, web map of course, custom plugins, anti-cheat system which has few servers and many more things, and you know what? this is the beginning only in our journey with Shibacraft the best is yet to come.



Discord : IP-Server: Site map:

Version: 1.8 – 1.17


– Is it a free server or do you have to pay to play?

The server is made to play without having to pay for vips, memberships, typical web stores etc, but we have a section for vips with exclusives for a better experience and thus maintain the server with improvements and good maintenance for the future.

– I have a bedrock, can I come in?

Yes, our server supports versions from 1.8 to 1.17 in addition to bedrock.

– Will the server shut down in 2 months like many others?

If the server was created for something, it was to maintain it for a LONG time, right now it is standing for 1 year with a dedicated server with one of the best CPUs on the market, so you can worry about when you enter the game if the server is there online or has closed and if it is lagged or not lagged.

– I have the pirate launcher, can I play?

Yes of course, one good thing it has is that it is a NoPremium server with its respective login which is quite secure.

Earth Economy Geopolitical Pvp Survival Towny War


Republica is a 1:1000 scale Geopolitical server with custom vehicles!Join the server for additional information as-well as our discord link to join Republicas community.We look forward to having you!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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