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Sapphire is a brand new earth survival server with super fancy features like an economy, crates, teams, dynmap, cool streamers and lots more <3 Join up at (Any 1.20 version works <3)

Earth Smp Survival

PixelEarth | BEDROCK & JAVA

Welcome to PixelEarth – a world where creativity knows no bounds, and the vibrant tapestry of Minecraft comes alive in a unique multiplayer experience! Our SMP server is a thriving community of dedicated players who share a passion for exploration, collaboration, and ingenuity.

Whether you’re an architect, redstone engineer, adventurer, or a bit of everything, our server caters to a diverse range of playstyles.
Join a supportive and friendly community where players work together to build awe-inspiring structures, establish bustling towns, and conquer challenges. Engage in cooperative projects, trade resources, and forge alliances with fellow players to create a world that reflects the collective imagination of our community.

On PixelEarth, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity. Whether you prefer to construct towering skyscrapers, intricate redstone contraptions, or simply explore the vast landscapes, there’s always something exciting to discover. Regular events and quests ensure that every day brings new opportunities for fun and achievement.

Our dedicated team of staff ensures a safe and enjoyable environment, while also fostering a sense of community among players. With a commitment to fairness and inclusivity, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive and contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of our Minecraft Earth SMP.

Join us at PixelEarth and become a part of a dynamic, player-driven world where your imagination is the only limit. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer looking to embark on your first adventure, there’s a place for you in our growing community.

Earth Earthmap Earthsmp Lifesteal Survival

MineHeart (Official)

MineHeart is a Quality Public Lifesteal & Earth SMP Server that is available for both Java & Bedrock. It is a one of a kind Gamemode that allows users to steal hearts from one another, once you hit 0 Hearts, you will be banned from the server for a set period of time.

IP =
Bedrock Port = 19132

Earth Empires Roleplay Stoneworks Survival Worldbuilding

Outside – Evolution M

What is this server in basic words?
This is a ROLEPLAY survival minecraft server server, based on the idea of evolution and wars/empires.

Can you explain to me what this is about in a bit more detail?
The idea of this server is based on evolution, if you invest in charisma, you can level up your camouflage ability, making you invisible in specific biomes, or go for some horns, making you charge at the enemy and deal massive amount of damage! why not combine them? and became a brand new creature?
Now, imagine that everyone is making their own kind of creature, you build cities together, form empires and make brand new history! Conquerer the world, or became a peaceful farmer, its up to you!
The world is constantly evolving around you, and you just have to join into the fun and evolve yourself.
The server is vanilla and has:

Seasons, Shops, land claiming and wars
Roleplay and worldbuilding

Earth Economy Parkour Pve Pvp Survival Survivalgames

Trap Earth

This is a NEW earth server you should come try it out!!!




Earth Fun Map Plugins Smp Survival Towny

Minecraft Earth and Towny SMP Ip to join is

Minecraft Earth and Towny SMP Ip to join is make sure to use this ip and not the one given the reason is because it wouldn’t work with actual Ip to see the world map of the server type into google

Earth Minecraft Skyblock Surival Survival

SniCraft | Surival | SkyBlock | 1.20.1 | and more!

Welcome to SniCraft!

Claim your own land and build magnificent structures that reflect your unique creativity. Our land claim system ensures the safety and preservation of your creations, allowing you to focus on unleashing your imagination without griefing.

Prepare for an adrenaline rush as we introduce an upcoming collection of thrilling minigames. Test your abilities, compete with friends, and immerse yourself in exciting quests and battles. Adventure awaits around every corner soon!

Discover the excitement of opening crates filled with valuable rewards. Unveil rare items, unique cosmetics, and surprises that will enhance your Minecraft experience. Our server ensures a balanced and rewarding crate system for all players to enjoy.

Join our server and become part of our friendly and supportive community. Whether you’re a Minecraft veteran or new to the game, we invite you to join us. Don’t forget to connect with like-minded individuals and stay up to date by joining our Discord server.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Join our Friendly Minecraft Network today!


Cannons Earth Earthmap Economy Geopol Geopolitical Nations Siegewar Smp Survival Towny

Terrapol MC

🌍 Welcome to Terrapol MC: Your Ultimate Earth and Beyond Adventure! 🚀

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey? Terrapol MC is where the magic happens! Our server IP is, and the most exciting part? We’re launching this Saturday at 11 PM EST.

What sets us apart? A one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience featuring a 1:1000 scale Earth map that spans across Europe and parts of the Middle East, leaving out certain regions, but we’re open to adjustments as our world evolves. 🌐

Our community is not just lively; it’s thriving! Together, we’re forging nations, cities, and lifelong friendships, all while exploring, conquering, and writing our own stories.

🌟 Features You’ll Love:

🌍 1:1000 Scale Earth Map with a Twist: Explore, build, and conquer our vast, realistic map. Stay tuned for potential updates to expand our horizons!

🏘️ Towny & Dynmap-Towny Integration: Create your town, establish a nation, and expand your territories as you navigate the complexities of governance.

⚒️ Jobs Reborn: Choose your profession, earn your keep, and thrive in this dynamic in-game job market.

🛠️ Movecraft: Take to the skies and seas! Customize, create, and set sail with ships and airships of your own design.

💥 Cannons: Defend your lands with powerful cannons that pack a punch when it’s time to protect your kingdom.

🗣️ DiscordSRV: Stay connected with our vibrant community through seamless in-game chat synchronization with our Discord server.

🛡️ Anti-Cheat: Enjoy a fair and just gaming environment with advanced cheat detection to keep things honest.

🛍️ EconomyShopGUI: Shop till you drop with a user-friendly, intuitive in-game graphical interface.

⛏️ VeinMiner: Accelerate your mining endeavors with this time-saving plugin, so you can focus on what really matters.

Join Terrapol MC today and embark on an epic adventure with players from Europe and the Middle East, and beyond! Forge alliances, face formidable foes, and etch your mark on the pages of our ever-evolving community. Whether you’re a builder, an adventurer, or an entrepreneur, there’s a place for everyone in Terrapol MC! 🛰️🏰


Earth Economy Geopol Geopolitical Guns Movecraft Survival Towny Townysurvival Vehicles

Krieg Earth Geopolitical [1.18-1.20] Guns, Vehicles, Movecraft!

//1.18.2 Geopolitical Earth server with Movecraft plugin//
-Votifier enabled
CONQUER LAND AND CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES! Move across the waters with battleships and your airforce, in this server the choice is yours!

Dailyrewards Dynmap Earth Movecraft Survival Towny

EarthScape╏1:180 Earth Map ╏Towny

Welcome to EarthScape, a Minecraft Earth server like no other! Dive into a world where the Earth itself is your playground, at an impressive 1:180 scale, and experience the thrill of Towny, Movecraft, and much more. Join us on this journey to explore, build, and conquer the Earth, as you’ve never seen it before.

Server Release:

We are thrilled to announce that a brand new chapter in the EarthScape Minecraft journey is about to begin. With our upcoming release scheduled for the start of November, we’re all set to take you on a captivating adventure around the world!

Server Overview:

  • Earth at 1:180 Scale: We’ve taken the Earth and scaled it down to a massive 1:180 ratio, offering you a world of unparalleled realism. Witness iconic landmarks, vast landscapes, and natural wonders like never before.
  • Towny Plugin: Forge alliances, build your town, and participate in a thriving economy. Engage in epic wars for dominance or enjoy the peaceful life of a thriving community. Towny adds a new layer of strategy to the EarthScape experience.
  • Movecraft: Navigate our meticulously crafted world using custom-built Movecraft vehicles. Sail the high seas, take to the skies in airships, and explore the world like a true adventurer. Create your own custom vehicles or use pre-existing ones to traverse the Earth’s vast terrains.
  • Features:

  • Economy: Buy and sell resources, collaborate with other players, and establish trade routes. A thriving economy is at your fingertips.
  • Dynmap: Stay updated with a live map, allowing you to keep track of your location and plan your adventures accordingly.
  • Community: Join a vibrant and welcoming community of Minecraft Earth enthusiasts. Connect with players from around the world and embark on epic adventures together.
  • Anti-Griefing Measures: Your hard work is safe with us. We employ strong anti-griefing measures to protect your creations.
  • Join Us Today:
    If you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, join EarthScape today. The Earth at 1:180 scale, Towny, Movecraft, custom biomes, and a welcoming community await you. Whether you’re a casual builder or a dedicated explorer, there’s a place for you on EarthScape. Discover the Earth like never before!

    Discord: EarthScape Discord Community

    Join us, and together, we’ll make the Earth our playground in the world of Minecraft!