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CubeCraft (Hermitcraft like)

Join Our Hermitcraft like server with a awsome community and lots of shops

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FuZ_Lord Modded SMP

Please join the discord before joining the server as it has all info you need if you have any inquires you may DM me on discord or email me Discord: FuZ_Lord#3401 Email [email protected]

Cool Fun Nicestaff Survival


We here at Perfect Survival pride ourselves on making a hard survival experience! . But be careful getting the best gear, another player might want it for themselves.. 🙂

What we offer:

100% Custom End World!

Land Claiming!

Great small community and a active Discord!

A unique and custom economy!

No resets planned until 1.17!

No griefing!

no cheaters!

build big houses!

no lag machines!

and that’s all!

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The Atlas Network

Join The Atlas Network, a 1.16.3 server with Earth, Kitpvp, and Creative Plots!
– Fictional and Non-Fictional nations
– Wars
– Bustling Economy
– Quests and Lore Events
– Warp Envoy & custom plugins
– Large plots
– Cosmetics
– Large Kitpvp Arena
– Weapon Upgrades

IP: TheAtlas.Network

Active Activecommunity Activeowner Activestaff Awesome Build BuildCraft Builders Building Buyandsell Cool Cosmetics Crates Create Creation Creative Creativeplot Creativeplotme Creativeplots Creativeserver Creativeworld Creativity Discord Disguise Disguises Eco Economy Esports Event Events Fun Funny Inventoryminigames Minigames Paper Paperspigot Pcmasterrace Popular Ranks Spigot

Creative Haven

If you like the high quality banner, you’ll love this high quality server! Welcome to The Creative Haven Minecraft Server! This server is a creative plot server with several custom features like economy, cosmetics, large plots, crates, utilities, inventory minigames, leaderboards, and more! This Server is not only for people to build and have fun if they choose, it is also the making of a competitive building server to promote builders!

Cool Minecraft Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvival Pog Poggers Popular Survival Survivalserver


The best survival server ever! You can grief and more! Stay pog 🙂 Discord server:

Cool Funny Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Mapart Maptool Meme Memes Peepohappy Slimefun Smp Smpanar Survival Whitelist Whitelisted Widepeepohappy


smpAnar is a Whitelisted SMP server with some plugins like slimefun and maptool.

PvP is on, mobgriefing is on, keepInventory is off, the world border is 5000.

Server goes down around midnight PST every night and will go back up when i feel like it.

To apply for whitelist go to this google forms link. Link

1. No hacking
2. Dont spam that much
3. No slurs, hatespeech, etc
4. No harassment
5. Respect pronouns
6. The server is 13+
7. No nsfw builds/maps
8. Obey admins

Cool Hermitcraft Semivanilla Smp Staff Survival Vanilla

EmeraldCity Multiplayer Survival

Hey Guys!

Welcome to this page!
We are currently working on a semi-vanilla survival server and we are very dedicated to have the best playing experience for you guys. We are still working on everything! Our goal is to achieve the best playing experiences and the best community ever! You can expect nice and smart staff, fun events & cool plugins. And trust us, we’ll keep it as semi-vanilla as possible!
Have fun playing!

– EmeraldCity staff team

Discord server:

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420 Weed Minecraft Server

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Cool Fun Good Soup Survival


Welcome To SoupSurvival

We are a Survival server with a full economy, AuctionHouse, and more!

We sell RANKS!
VIP: $5.00
MVP: $10.00
ELITE: $20.00
“Not Available Yet”

Enjoy Playing!

UA MC girls only server.

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I really like smoking weed in public with my girlfriend. When I'm at the bar I smoke weed, and even ...
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