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Icarus Craft – Kingdom/RP – Wh

Hello, we are a fresh starting kingdom/RP server with future expanding plans. The server will be English only. There will be weekly events, active staff,
playershops, NPCs and more.

We are still looking for new kings to control an upcoming kingdom, every kingdom will get their own kind of ranks by ur choise but with our confirmation. To apply for this will be explained in Discord.

Roleplaying is not a must but would be fun if everyone joins IF ur kingdom gets asked to join. (Recording is ur own choise)

There will be rules around war, declaring war, raiding, TNT, breaking/griefing and allies.

Some items will be restricted like diamond armor and Notch Apples due game balancing.

There will be a whitelist, you can apply for the server on our Discord server:

Hopefully we see you soon.

Greetings Icarus Craft staff team

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Economy Ranks Shops Survival Vanilla

Blox Universe

Blox Universe is a new survival vanilla server with a few extras to add to the experience.

Key Features:
– Land Claiming
– Economy
– Jobs
– Over 1000 Quests
– mcMMO
– Player Shops
– Server Shop
– Cosmetics
– Pets
– Ranks

Join our community today. We are a friendly group enjoying the survival experience.

Mini Games Minigames Parkour Ranks Shops Survival

⭐ Vulture ⭐ Survival ⭐ Mini-games 1.8-1.16.4 Minecraft server

✑✑ Our Site for buying donation –

✒✒ Our IP –

✑✑ Our group in VK –


✏ Mini games

-ʘ CS GO

-ʘ TNT Wars

✏ Game Currency – $

✏ Money for the spent time – $

✏ Clans

✏ Ranks, awards

✏ Cases with donation

✏ Random teleport

✏ Shop by Interface – / shop

✏ A beautiful spawn built with your own hands!

✏ And also a convenient menu – / menu

✏ Weddings

✏ Parkour

✏ Drugs


☑ High guarantees in buying donut

☑ Best Tech Support

☑ Low prices for Donat


Free Parkour Ranks

BottleCraft server Minecraft

Hello dear friend! Our server is called BottleCraft. We recently opened, so the map is empty! Manage to build your super-duper house and demolish the pedestal of this server while there are few players on it!) Here is a cheap donation from 5 rubles, a free donate for completing tasks and a donation for game currency! Auto parkour with award case! Works, titles, ranks and so on!) Come to our server and play! Don’t forget to invite your friends)

Creative Discord Free Ranks


Building Blocks is the best Creative 1.16 server.

Do you want to build epic creations? Join then our Creative Plots server. This is a 1.16 Creative server (joinable with 1.7.x-1.16.x) with all the tools you need.

Server Futures:
-Free Build Tools: World Edit, Voxelsniper and much more. ALL FREE AND UNLIMETED
-Huge Plots: 320×320
-Build Ranks: Build epic builds and get a better build rank.
-Build Events: Join an event and win prizes.

Discord Plugins Ranks Rules Survival Vanilla

FAIR CRAFT Minecraft server

I present to you a new project – FAIR CRAFT. This is a vanilla server built on the principle of fair play, equality of all before the established rules and freedom from annoying donation! Here you will not buy yourself super abilities and will not be able to develop using cheats and dupes. We have some of the best paid anti-cheat and security plugins installed, which are used by large projects with hundreds of players. Ranks are issued over time in the game and do not give “space” privileges. Adequate and fair administration. The server has the ability to privatize the territory with special blocks, which you can craft on the workbench. If you are a fan of classic survival in Minecraft and are tired of cheaters developing like “leaps and bounds” – then FAIR CRAFT is glad to see you on the server. Come in and play!

Creative Economy Pvp Ranks Survival

⚡YouCrafts.Ru »Virtual Russia, without donation ⚡ Minecraft server

The whole map of Russia, significant historical objects, systems of ranks and pumping, quests and much more!
YouCrafts.Ru »Your Minecraft Server!

We are available to play from all devices! 1.15.2 – 1.16.4 for computers, as well as the latest up-to-date version of PocketEdition!
Yes, you can play with us both from your computer and from your phone!

  • We have no donation
  • Real survival, with nice bonuses
  • Economy, warps, jobs
  • Cities with a passport system that you can hold in your hands
  • Truly stable work
  • Project team with over 7 years of experience in the field of Minecraft servers
  • The whole map of Russia in the game
  • Lots of significant historical objects in the game
  • Unique quests
  • Leveling up your character without boring RPG
  • We are looking for good, adequate and ideological players to create a real cohesive community.
    If you are also pissed off by constant mentions of donation, PVP with 1000+ enchantments and a bunch of players with creative and dup, we need you!

    Discord Ranks

    StrogijMC Minecraft server


    Our private server is for people

    who want to find like-minded people

    and create one big industrial world together.

    Here you are not ON the project, here you are IN the project.

    You will become part of our team and contribute

    your contribution to the realization of great ideas.

    You can also bring your brilliant idea)


    Empathetic and sociable.

    Strict but fair.

    Always responsive and

    goes to meet you!


    Our community consists only of people of a conscious age.

    Intolerant of griefers, cheaters, or inadequate.

    Light people who take the same into the family!


    Modifications can be changed by

    the request of the players, so you can

    ask us to install the mod,

    which is not on other servers!

    We are waiting for your application to join our ranks!

    We will be very glad to see you, thank you!

    Applications are accepted on our Discord server:

    You can also get to know us right in the game:

    (Whitelist is off, but you won’t be able to play until you apply)

    See you on the server buddy!

    Custom Economy Ranks Shops Survival Towny

    SolsticeMC – SMP

    SolsticeMC is a brand new, one of a kind survival, towny, and economy server.
    We have a very friendly community and welcome everyone. Join Today.

    -Live Dynmap
    -Custom Jobs
    -Player Warps
    -Player Warps
    -No Grief
    -Resource Worlds
    -Holiday Events
    -Chest Shops
    -Custom Gear
    -Custom Salvaging
    -Refer a friend rewards.
    -Much Much More.

    Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Free Ranks Shops

    Skyfront – Quarantine Edition

    Skyfront has been around since 2014
    – World and Ranks are reset
    – Featuring 220+ new enchantments.
    – Stores items into chests upon death.
    – Faction claim power increased by 20 instead of 10.
    – All players receive /back /enderchest and 4 /sethomes
    – 12 New jobs to earn money.
    – Auto replant after harvesting crops.
    – 3 TnT breaks obsidian.
    – Easy / shop integration.
    – Friendly staff and veteran players.
    – Owner that listens to the players.
    – Players are able to get /craft /fly /nick through free to play.
    – Mcmmo
    Server is online 24/7 – Dedicated Server – Running on an SSD server: Speed up to 33Gb per minute


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