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PanayMC Community

An SMP server made from the heart of the Philippines.

Adventure Awaits, my friend. Join PanayMC and represent your nation!

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BadApples – Survival | Creative | Skyblock | 1.16.3

𝕑𝕝𝕒π•ͺ.π•“π•’π••π•’π•‘π•‘π•π•–π•€π•žπ•”.π•”π• π•ž



Survival server for 1.16 – ever expanding world
with fun plugins that keeps the game as pure as possible,
but enhances all the best bits of minecraft!
Brand new Map for 1.16 – with ALL the added bits,
bees, the new nether and more!


Server Economy
Grief Prevention
Auction House!
Amazing Menu’s and GUi’s
Vote Rewards

Towns, cities and much much more,
and more always added!


100% Vanilla

No plugins
No protections
Totally and 100% pure

π•π• π•šπ•Ÿ 𝕆𝕦𝕣 π”»π•šπ•€π•”π• π•£π••!

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voted best server by the people who play it.

BlueMountainMC is a survival mmo server with an economy based around rare enchantments and GodItems from places unknown.

Join us and show your skill in a place that true effort and skill reap the highest rewards. No more AFK farms to win. Only the strong and smart claim thrones here.

GriefPrevention to stop theft and well…griefing. Build a castle or monuments with the easiest plot claiming plugins around. Make cities with friends or mansions of your own. Dont hide your glory under ground or under obsidian squares.


Basepvp Building Chill Claims Easy Griefprevention Survival


Use to connect.

Place a chest down to claim the land around it. You will be given a youtube link with more info, watch that and it explains almost everything about land claims.

/giftpet to give your pet to another player. Right click with empty hand on a stair block to sit on it. Stand up by sneaking.

No cheating, no griefing, no x-raying, no botting. Minimaps are OK to use.

PvP is enabled but it works completely differently from what you think. It requires zero skill (this used to be a no-PvP server). Every player has a “base” which is the average location that the move around while playing. Usually that will be near their actual house/base/castle/whatever. When an player attack connects with another player, the damage is applied randomly to either the attacker or the defender. The closer one is to their base, the less probable it is that the damage will be applied to them. That means that fighting near your base and far from someone else’s base will give you an enormous advantage. Compasses point towards your base and will also tell you how far you are from it. Keep in mind that the distance that compasses give you from your base is the effective distance and not a straight line distance. The effective distance is what is used in PvP calculations and will be affected not only be the real distance between you and your base but also from how much you’ve recently moved your base around.

TL;DR: PvP is completely based on luck and not on skill and it favors a lot those that fight closer to their base.

Try not to do things that lag the server.

Griefprevention Promotion Streamers Survival Twitch

Legendary SMP

Join Legendary SMP, we are survival server with grief prevention. We have a plugin for streamers that we will select that best represent the server and their viewers can earn items in game just by being in their stream. We don’t have many rules other than don’t be a crappy person. We will be holding regular events. So join the community today.

Griefprevention Nogrief Slimefun Survival


Welcome to my yonville! i hope you enjoy your time, we have slimefun and griefprevention and we like building and having fun, there is more information ingame in the spawn room, have fun!

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Turtlecraft [1.16.4] [SMP]

Server IP:
Turtlecraft Official Trailer: Here
Server Spawn Reveal: Here
Discord Server: Join

Welcome to Turtlecraft, which offers multiplayer fun for everyone! Feel free to hang out on this SMP and build, explore, socialize, and generally just have a good time! This server has no whitelist, either, so as long as you agree to follow the rules, you and any friends or family members are welcome to join the game and write your own legend!

– A small but beautiful spawn filled to the brim with turtles (obviously)
– Plugins to claim land, monitor player activity, and get rid of trouble-makers
– Simple commands like /tpa, /sethome, /home, and /spawn to get around more easily
– A 10,000 x 10,000 block map, all pre-rendered and with a Dynmap, so you never get lost
– DiscordSRV, so you can stay connected even when you’re not in-game
– A custom resource pack for every season, switched accordingly with (Northern Hemisphere) seasons in real life (current pack is Autumn)
– No whitelist, meaning anyone can join at any time without having to apply!
– A day/night cycle twice as long as in a vanilla world- A sleep plugin that advances the night faster the more people are asleep (instead of 1 player sleeping and it instantly turning to daytime)
– A toggleable inventory/chest sorting system so you don’t have to spend all your time organizing your belongings!
– An efficient system for getting rid of trouble-makers (first strike is a warning, second strike is a ban)

1.) Be respectful and civilized (in Discord and in-game).
2.) Use common courtesy in-game and don’t cheat/exploit the game or other players in any way.
3.) No prohibited content.
4.) Follow Discord’s TOS and Community Guidelines.
5.) No spamming (unless you’re in #spam).
6.) No advertising.
7.) Stay on-topic.

These rules are elaborated upon both in our Discord server’s #rules channel and in an in-game Rulebook you receive upon joining.
Come say hi and vibe with us on the Discord server and in-game!

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-=A Sweet Escape=- A Super Enhanced Survival Economy Server For Adults By Adults – No Pay To Win

Come and enjoy playing the game without having to find your wallet.

With our basic rules, friendly community, and helpful staff we promise that you will love spending time on A Sweet Escape!

We take delight in our close community and having an atmosphere you can chill in! Come build, farm, and experience meeting new friends! Don’t want to be in the same old Minecraft daily grind? Use our helpful plugins to automate some of the more tedious duties!

Check us out! We are certain that you will enjoy your stay!

– Free Fly
– Free Ranks & Perks for Playtime
– Calm Playing Experience
– Fun, Friendly Atmosphere
– Respectful Community
– Reasonable Staff
– Super Enhanced Survival
– Epic Plugins- Farming, Hoppers, Chests, Auto Crafting, & Fishing. Make Bridges, Gates, Elevators, and Bee Farms, and so much more!!
– /shop To Buy and Sell
– Grief Prevention – The golden shovel
– Anti-grief with Rollbacks
– Awesome Discord

SERVER VERSIONS: 1.7 to 1.16.3 although its suggested you play on the more recent MC versions.

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Simple Minecraft/ Factions/ Grief Protection

Simple vanilla like minecraft with factions as the main goal

1163server Citrine Citrinenetwork Economy Griefprevention Randomteleport Survival Turkey Turksunucusu

Citrine Network – Realistik Survival Deneyimi

Sunucu IP adresimiz:
Discord Sunucumuz:
Δ°nternet Sitemiz: [

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