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Fruity Falls |


Fruity Falls is a fun and friendly Survival community! We have tons of fun and
unique features that stand out from other servers! Keeping you busy and

πŸŽ‰ FREE RANKS? You can earn free ranks through playtime!

➟ UNIQUE, SIMPLE, FRESH, CHILL, and most of all a FRIENDLY survival experience.
  - Player Economy
  - Player Warps
  - Player Shops
  - Unique Crates, Cosmetics, Pets
  - and so so much more!!!!

We offer a Survival Experience like no other. We have quests, jobs, land claims, and so much more!
We’re always excited to welcome new members, with open arms.
Win donor perks through in-game progress!
We have tons of quests, a player economy system- and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Come alone or bring your friends, all are welcome. Join our community, create your own community with friends, or play alone.

πŸŽ‰ SEE YOU SOON!➟[​VERSION] Version: 1.19.1➟[​IP] IP:➟[​DISCORD] Discord:

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Skydistricts – Skyblock [NEED STAFF MEMBERS]

Skydistricts is a Skyblock server that just opened its doors with a different approach than other skyblock servers.

This will give you a unique experience from the moment you play on this server. Experience it yourself and give us a chance. Try our server today and give us feedback.

We are currently in a beta phase, so your review really still counts! With your advice we can only improve our server and we can build a nice community together.

Staff applications are open.

Economy Faction Factions Pvp Skyblock Voting

Upvaded Factions

Wanting to play a factions server still in the making? Mcmmo, /rankup, Rewards, and more! Soon to be making Skyblock and more sub servers! We are also in need of staff! /apply in game.

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Snowy Community

Bedrock IP:

Welcome to our 1.18.1 new Snowy Network with Survival SMP & Creative!! Come hang out & chill with us on the server!!

Java and Bedrock CrossPlay supported server!

Creative Plots // MyPet Plugin! // McMMO // Parkours & Mazes! // Donor Ranks // Free Ranks & Daily Rewards // /SetHome, /nick, /back, /tpa // Backpack on the go! // LandClaim // Buy & Sell items to eachother!
And many more useful commands to make the experience more enjoyable & fun without breaking the Survival Gameplay feeling!
Our goal with this server is to create a friendly & fun community where everyone can become friends!

Very friendly staff, we are friends, not the police πŸ˜€

Join our Discord to chat & banter with the chill community or win giveaways!
You can always write suggestions in our discord to help us improve the server further!

Thanks for reading & hope you have an awesome time on our server! Its only going to get better! ;D


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KushPvP – $100 PayPal FTOP Join our discord!

KushPvP – Network

Please join our discord for updates!

Map #1

IP –
Versions – 1.8 to 1.18

Factions Realm
5 Man (10 Man Roster)
2 Week Maps
100 power per player (plus power bonus upgrades)

Gapple/Crapple PvP
$10 Cane Top
Custom Enchants
Farm2Win Eco
Custom Bosses
Raiding Outpost
Flawless Printer
Good Cannoning
Mob Chests
Mob Coins / Mob Coin Shop

Factions Top Rewards
$100 Paypal all together

(( Enjoy the map! Please report any bugs! ))

If donation goal isnt reached paypal reward will be halfed.

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Grave Lotus SMP

Welcome to Grave Lotus SMP.
A world of Lands and Wars.

  The goal of Grave Lotus is to have something for everyone! PvP isn’t the main focus of the server but it isn’t against the rules. Here are some of the features:

Go somewhere random with “/RTP go”

Level up skills and gain abilities by simply playing the game!

Server Shop
Buy many items in game by simply typing /shop

Silk Touch Spawners
Mine a spawner with silk touch and take it for yourself!

Cross Platform
Have a friend that only has Bedrock? Simply have them join with the port 19132 (Some features may not function properly with console versions, but you can still play)

Have you ever died and couldn’t find your body? Of course you have. If you ever need to, type “/gravestonesplus teleport” to find your grave!

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Purity-MC is a semi-vanilla that focuses on simplicity of gameplay. This server is meant for people who want to enjoy the game in a risk-free setting.

  • Keep inventory is enabled everywhere but the PvP arena
  • Mob griefing is disabled
  • McMMO
  • Vote Crates (not OP)
  • Creative world (available after 2 hours)
  • Chestshop
  • Lands (Grief prevention)

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    If you’re on this page, you’re either considering joining our community or just browsing to get a grasp of what is like. I should, therefore inform you that we at strongly promote a semi vanilla gameplay. We strive for no pay to win advantages and take cheating very seriously with top quality anti cheat measures. Our community is welcoming, we dont award toxicity or other negative behavior. We have custom made plugins to enhance this idea of a open and welcoming community. Help us achieve our goal of running the absolute best minecraft survival server out there!
    McM is a server dedicated to the players, with you as our priority.

    For any further questions please join our discord community at!

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    Jungle Village

    Jungle Village is a chill survival server with all sorts of fun plugins for a unique survival experience. You can play with friends, create a town, buy & sell items to other players, use proximity voice chat in-game, and more!

    We have: Simple Voice Chat, A Server Map, Jobs, Player Warps, Player Shops, Trading, Fishing, and Events!

    We’re always striving to keep the community a friendly place to hangout. If you’re interested and looking for a fun survival server, give us a shot! We’d love to have you!

    Join our Discord to learn how to use in-game voice chat!:

    Port: 8184

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    TrapSMP [2.0] Custom Mobs – Enchants – Need Staff – Quests – Skills – Ability’s – Mines

    What are we?

    We are a brand new SMP server (Semi-Vanilla) just looking for regular players to come and enjoy playing minecraft!

    There are many custom features including Custom Mobs, Custom Mines (NOT OP), Dungeons, Quests, Skills!
    The server updates are managed by the players what the players want they get its decided in discord with polls,
    we are always looking for ways to improve the server and make it more fitting to the players playing and new players
    looking to find a place to enjoy minecraft as a general!

    We are a free-to-play server meaning we are not pay2win meaning that everything in the store is obtainable in-game with no
    purchased rank/item how minecraft should be!

    Why do we offer paid item?

    Servers aint free to have running unless you use your own pc but then you still have to factor in Eletricity bills/Having good hardware ect,
    we have ranks and keys and pets in our item store (all obtainable in-game, apart from ranks) to help pay for our server monthly costs
    this includes: Enjin, Server Hosting, Web Hosting and Developer fees its unfortunate minecraft runs like this but its not costly only costing around $40 a month n i pay for it myself mosts months xD but i enjoy hosting my SMP for the players and the community!

    Server IP & Version: – Version: 1.16 – 1.17.X