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Hat Gang Whitelisted Middle School

Welcome to the Hat Gang SMP!

We are a small, whitelisted survival server that offers a friendly semi-vanilla experience that is inspired by popular communities like HermitCraft and Empires SMP!
While being whitelisted may seem intimidating, you can join Hat Gang by filling an application. Application review usually takes a day at most, so we promise not to leave you hanging for too long πŸ™‚

Join our discord for important server announcements and chit chat!
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Before filling out an application, you can get to know more about how we play here!
On our server, we want to deliver the cozy experience of a group of friends playing the game together. This is also why our server is whitelisted, because everything is better when you can build a bond of trust with other players, and have fun without having to worry about griefing, theft, cheating or aggression.
Hat Gang is currently on Season 3!
From what first started as a casual group of friends trying to host a small server that they can enjoy for a little while, we eventually upgraded our server and more people joined, and now in the early third season we’ve decided to open up for new player applications from the public! You can find screenshots of creations from Season 1 in the images list at the top of the page, but we don’t talk about Season 2…ο»Ώ
ο»ΏWhat plugins/additional features do we have on Hat Gang?
ο»ΏWe like keeping our server similar to the Vanilla Minecraft experience, so we don’t have any plugins that are over-the-top or too different to how you normally play the game. However, we do have a few changes on our server from the Vanilla features. For example, you can build freely shaped nether portals, use wood in stonecutters and craft paper from bamboo, as well as a togglable Treefeller plugin that makes trees break completely when you break one of the logs.
We also have a Creative Mode universe for building/testing with WorldEdit and creative mode whenever you feel like it using a command to go from/to the Survival mode worlds. This command also saves your last position on both universes so you can continue where you left off, as well as separate inventories for each universe!
And last but not least, we also have a plugin that connects our server chat to our Discord Server! So you can chat with players on discord while playing even when they aren’t online on the minecraft server, as well as Geyser, which allows crossplay between Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition users on our server, with support for linking accounts!

[​Hats are not 100% guaranteed]

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Cosmos SMP


Are you looking for an easy modded experience to enjoy with friends and I mean ALL your friends, even if they are on Bedrock, easily playable without fiddling with mods and incompatibilities for hours, while also providing a fresh experience with an online map, a dynamic economy, custom mobs and items, crates and levelable skills that increase HP and other things? Well I have just the solution.

Are you also looking for a 1.19 Server to explore the new update with friends?

I present Cosmos!

Cosmos is an SMP that sees to replicate to the best of its abilities the euphoric modded experience without needing to download mods, or compromising on who can play. We have a custom coded plugin that does just that! We also have a discord!

(Java 1.19 / The Latest Version Of Bedrock Edition)


Port *For Bedrock*: 25565


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Welcome to ForceSMP! This server is a Semi-Anarchy server. So Griefing, Robbing and Stealing are all allowed. The server includes many unique features Like CustomPvP Arenas, Customized shops with custom items. And custom dungeons all made by the server’s admins. This Server is a Cross-Play one, So bedrock and java can play on the same server. If you have any questions Pay our discord a visit. Otherwise, Join the server. Enjoy your stay! And give us a feedback on it. Good Luck!

*Side Notes:-

– This server has online mode Off. That means that cracked players are able to join.

– This server isn’t family friendly. So swearing isn’t punishable. So we hope not to find any players that are below 13 y/o!

– Being annoying to the staff team is Highly Punishable. That includes Begging for unbans/ranks and pinging the staff team for fun.

– Visit Our Discord! As it’s very important to do so. All of the announcements/polls will be there, Discord Link:

Anarchy Bedrock Crossplay Semivanilla Survival is a 1.19 anarchy server. It strives to be the best anarchy server by utilizing anticheats, exploit patches, and ZERO admin interference (except in the case of lag machines or server stability). The server is cross compatible with Bedrock edition, just use the same IP and port 19132.

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PLAY.OFUNNY.WORLD – SMP CITYBUILD MINIGAMES – DISCORD: offers several awesome game types within a large server network via cross-play for Java and Bedrock clients.

We’re not like other server admins, we don’t patronize you and don’t ban anything that’s fun – our server is made by players for players, so new ideas can always be suggested directly on our discord server:

Β» Survival ++
Lands protection including wars, nations and more.

Β» Citybuild
PlotSquared based building server – build the best plot.

Β» Minigames
Several mini games like Skywars, Arcade (constantly being updated).

Β» Anarchy
Coming soon!

More than 530+ items can be unlockedsuch as Hats, Animated Hats, Particles, Suits, Gadgets, Pets, Miniatures, Morphs, Banners, Emotes & Cloaks.

Live Minecraft maps:


(default port 25565)

(default port 19132)

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The RoseSMP is a new survival server, We have jobs, player warps, custom enchantments, and claims. Come build and play exactly how you like, we have a community on discord and they are very welcoming and will be happy for anyone to join us. You can join the discord server at

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Regix | Java & Bedrock

Regix server is all the time online 24/7 and run on the fastest servers.The server runs on Minecraft Bedrock edition and Minecraft Java edition at the same time) the addresses are both the same: , port is default

Minecraft Java: 1.13 – 1.19
Minecraft bedrock : 1.19

Regix is a fantastic server that was made with a lot of effort and is still being updated with cool new events), we have a great and friendly support team) at our Discord

Our server gives the player a heavy dose of reality in gameplay. Weight of someone’s gear may prevent them from running or swimming normally. Freezing temperature could inhibit motion or even lead to death. Drinking water to replenish one’s thirst should be done so from a bottle or else the thirst just gets worse. These are but a small portion of what you can find on Regix server.

Our main features/Maps on server :
– Survival world
– Big PVP Map
– Mini Games like big parkour, explore the corrupt world of players
and horror/adventure maps etc…

Join Discord:

119server Bedrock Crossplatform Crossplay Friendly Java Minigames Survival

πŸ’€ DeadMine 1.19 πŸ’€ | Friendly Survival Server | Minigames πŸ’€

DeadMine is a new Minecraft server being developed in Ukraine. Its a survival 1.18 and 1.19 server with Java/Bedrock crossplay. Play with friends wherever you are. The server is open to both premium and cracked players!

– 11 Minecraft MiniGames
– Awesome Cosmetics
– New world
– CrossPlay for bedrock and java
– Skin system
– Powerful Skills
– Stable TPS
– Grief Protection

What are you waiting for? Join now at:


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1.19 NO RULES Survival/Creative

This is a 1.19 Survival/Creative server with NO RULES. Choose between two servers in the central hub, one with full creative mode access and the other with basic survival mode. Both servers run smoothly and have NO RULES. Bedrock compatible with port 19132 and the same IP.

Crossplay Economy Grind Mcmmo Pvp Survival

Ideal SMP

Perfect balance between grind and pvp, with mcmmo and balance to compete for the most money and mcmmo skill points but with OP abilities removed that would take away the vanilla pvp too keep it as fun and skill based as possible.
It is also Semi-Anarchy with the only major gameplay rule being no hacking!