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Minelands is a community-centered survival server that features several popular gameplay additions, including McMMO, a built in economy, and customized enchants!

Join our discord:

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Emberfall 1.16.4 – GRAND OPENING

Lucfours here,

Welcome to Emberfall MC – a Towny, RPG and SMP all together! If you’re looking to group up with your friends to take down some of the toughest bosses, to build some of the biggest empires or to have the most immersive Minecraft experience. Then Emberfall is the place to be.

When I set out to design this server, I wanted to incorporate all the features of a large-scale server network SMP world, but keep it community focused where everyone works together and knows the server inside out. We have everything you could find on another server, and then some – mix that with our Grand Opening this weekend and our awesome Community so far and you can’t go wrong.

Our community is prized on our friendly players and our Staff Team who love to get involved. With our fresh world. Amazing custom bosses. Awesome Towny alongside golden shovel claiming there is a style of living for everyone.

Rather than me writing paragraph on paragraph here, check it out yourself on our Features page from the official Emberfall site:

And hop in our Discord to ask us any questions you would like to have answered and meet our people:

Can’t wait to see you in game,

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Stathford Towny – The BEST Upcoming Towny Server (LOOKING FOR STAFF)

Welcome to Stathford Towny!
The BEST Upcoming Towny Server!
Includes our very own CUSTOM 4k by 4k Map!
VERSION: 1.12.2
We offer many exciting plugins and features for you to check out!
Plugins you will enjoy:
CustomEnchants (200 Custom Enchants)
AuctionMaster – Auction House
Custom Crates (Voting Crates, Rank Crates etc)
MyPet – Custom Pet Store!
OldCombatMechanics (1.8/1.7 PvP)
Player Particles (Custom Particles)
Player Vaults (More Storage!)
A FULLY config’d Anti-Cheat with machine learning to stop any cheater
Voting for extra rewards!
Wild Plugin to travel around our custom map at no expense!


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SkyHaze Skyblock – Versions 1.8.x – 1.16.x – Minigames Server – Custom Plugins – & MORE!

About SkyHaze.

SkyHaze started off as an idea on a document a while ago, since then we have turned it into a big project. At first it was just an idea, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put all of the work into owning a Minecraft server.I knew it was a lot of work and that it was very challenging maintaining a server but I thought I should try. I have made other servers in the past, one of them becoming semi-successful, but sadly I was not able to keep it going due to the lack of donations. However, that was then and this is now. Today I have a steady source of money and I’m able to really focus on the server without having to worry about being able to pay for next months services. My staff and I have been working on this server non stop for months waiting for the release day and now it is finally here, so I introduce to the community, SkyHaze!

Why Skyblock?

Simple, it’s my favorite gamemode in Minecraft. Why make a server you aren’t going to play on? Money? Power? Fame?I really don’t care about any of those. In fact, I’m not even going to be accepting donations until we have a healthy player base and I feel that I deserve donations in the first place, because that’s all they are, donations. Though the server is a Skyblock server, our main focus has been everywhere. From PvP to configs to balancing everything on the server, it’s been a hell of a task, I’m not gonna lie. However it has been a lot of fun working with new people trying to build everything as nice and fast as possible, and really that’s been the best part of making the server so far.The other reason is the community. Any Skyblock community I have been a part of has been amazing. I think the nice part of the community has a natural pull to Skyblock servers */s*, but really I have not been on onetoxic Skyblock server and I think that all comes from the fact that at the end of the day, all you’re really doing is talking and working with other players to complete your goals. I think that’s key to a successful Minecraft server. It takes out a lot of the toxicity you would find in say a factions server. Plus who doesn’t like just a chill and organized community they can log into every night to end the day?

Applying for staff.

Thank you so much for considering a staff position on our server, it really means a lot that you want to help me personally, and a lot of other staff members keep this an ideal server for everyone to play on! To make sure the staff are fit for their role, I personally look at every application I get and only accept the ones that stand out to me asa person who’s pure intentions are playing on and helping the server. That being said, you can always apply for staff in our Discord if you gointo the #applications channel and read the instructions. We look forward to seeing you in game and thanks again for your efforts to keep the server clean. Without staff, we wouldn’t be anywhere at all.**The future of SkyHaze.**The future is looking bright for SkyHaze! Right now we are on a very affordable host and from the looks of it the server is not going anywhere. In fact, we will be adding more servers very slowly to the server list but for now, only Skyblock as the name implies.

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SurvivorNation is a new network which we are happy to finally release to you! We welcome everyone to come to check us out and grow this new community.

Our Prison server is the most developed with tons of custom features/enchants as well as including guns, kits, gangs and loads more! We also have a large selection of cosmetic items/pets!

Skyblock is still in Alpha, it is playable but still requires attention, We are looking for help to get this finished sooner.

BedWars is all playable, we currently have a few maps and plan to add a few more very soon!

We have a discord server @ Here you can talk to the staff and interact with the community.

We look forward to watching this community grow!

Hope to see you join us! 🙂

– SurvivorNation Team

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Galaxies Horizon

Star Wars! in Minecraft!
We offer a custom storyline for you to follow, bounties, side-quests, etc.

But to give you a reason to do that?


Complete Bounties to gain money to upgrade yourself or maybe dominate the galaxy…

With custom weapons abilities to turn you into a mandalorian, or lightsabers to become a force wielder…or maybe even guns to become a clone, rebel, you know the deal!

Oh you can also explore over 10 planets!


Beta Release is Christmas 2020, join the discord for more info!

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Oakheart Survival (1.16.4) | FREE RANK, USE CODE PMC

Welcome to Oakheart! This is a server that gives players the opportunity to have a vanilla like survival experience. We focus on things that don’t change the gameplay too much but are more like an addition to it to make the server more interesting to play on, so if you want a server like that, then this is the server you’re looking for! The aim is to be community driven and therefor the whole community gets a say in what should and should not be added to the server.

Custom Enchants
We have a few custom enchants that feel and look vanilla like and is obtainable the same way you would normally obtain enchants.
We’re open to suggestions if you find certain enchants should be changed or removed entirely.

There is a possibility to create a land and claim chunks to prevent it from grief, but we also have a no grief policy on this server. This means that if you didn’t claim your stuff, people are still not allowed to grief your belongings.
You can use the command `/lands help` to get started with lands.

You can buy and sell items in `/shop`, here you can find lots of different ways to make coins and spend coins.
The Economy is subject to change.

We have 4 different crates, Old, Antique, Ancient and Mythical. You can warp/tp to the crates with `/warp crates` or find them upstairs in spawn. You get an **Old Crate Key** every time you vote for the server.
You can do `/vote` for more information.

If you’re not familiar with MCMMO, it’s a level system for different activities, such as mining, excavating and killing mobs. You can find more information about it by typing `/mcmmo`.

Upstairs in spawn we have 3 different leaderboards that you can compete in, if you’re competitive.
You can use `/warp HallOfFame` to get there easily.

You can find the rules by using the command `/rules` in-game.

Use code PMC at checkout for free Apprentice rank.

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CrypticCraft Mianite

CrypticCraft is a new semi-op survival roleplay server based on the popular series Mianite with our own unique twist!

With tons of fun plugins such as slimefun, custom server based enchants, etc custom events, a constantly changing storyline,
pvp events and many more unique experiences you are bound to have some fun!

What god will you follow? Will you be evil like Dianite? Righteous like Mianite? Will you wish for balance and follow Ianite?
Or maybe choose the path of the magician and create your own fate?
Whatever you choose, you better be ready to fight.
The Crypt has many secrets.. will you uncover them traveler?

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Hello, I am CatzX_ the server Owner of CatBlockMC!

Here at CatBlockMC we want to give you the best skyblock experience.

Quests that you can complete for Money & Skycoins (other server currency)
Skycoins are the 2nd currency we have on the server, use them in the shop to buy special perks and items.
Custom Enchantments are special enchantments better than the normal ones in minecraft
The Mine Hub contains mines (4) that you can upgrade to obtain better ores.
You will see more features on the server, not just the ones listed here.

Minions are little companions to help you on your island.
Autosell signs are signs that sell items in a chest every 90 seconds.

We are in beta so expect some bugs/glitches to occur!
We hope that you enjoy our server! 😀

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Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.16.4)


Hidden Sanctuary is 1.16.3 SMP like you have never experienced it before. By staying true to the nature of the game, but adding and subtracting many rules we aim to create something unique.

For example all commands you would usually find on minecraft servers are all implemented in custom items. We believe typing commands break the immersion of the game.

Delve into the most immersive community driven experience. Gameplay can be put to words, but it is better to experience it first hand. Trying us out is free of charge, and we will provide you a warm welcome! <3 Desire more information?

Join us now @


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