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Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

Aus Aussie Australia Australian Customenchants Enchants Faction Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Mineau Obsidianbreaker

[AUS] MINEAU 1.16.1 | Factions | McMMO | Custom Enchants

MINEAU is a Minecraft server located in Melbourne, Australia, This means low pings for Australians!

MINEAU Factions –
Create a team, claim land, build a base and destroy your enemies in Factions and gain experience & level up with mcMMO! Join now!

Enjoy an improved PvP experience and craft some unique custom enchants.

Blow up obsidian and check it’s durability with a stick!

Not located in Australia? Don’t worry, you will find the connection just as good, if not better than most of your local servers. Currently we are running a pretty beefy set up that will handle connections globally.

No whitelist, anyone can join. 99.9% Uptime.

Server IP:

Ausmc Aussie Australia Survival

TrueAus MC

TrueAus MC

Brand new survival server, basic plugins, just starting to get a few members playing, with big ideas on the horizon

Looking for a few staff to moderate the chat etc, wont just pick anyone willy nilly, enquire after youve played on the server for some time

We are 24/7 No Lag, hosted in AUSTRALIA! 

Anti Aus Aussie Australian Best Craft Donators Essentials Factions Games Grief Logblock Magiccarpet Minecraft Mini Modified Permissions Protected Pvp Register Server Survival Thanks 24/7 Survival Aus 1.16.1

Welcome To
Over 7000+ Members
Plugins we use:
– Essentials
– PermissionsEX
– Lockette
– MagicCarpet for donators-Trusted
– Grey list perks if register to Forums
– WorldEdit
– WorldGuard
– Core Protect
– Colorportals
– Back pack
– Craftbook
– Fram protect
– Undead horse’s Donator perk
– MondoChest
– Vote me
-30+ plugins all up
Server Running
Bukkit 1.8.0
-Slots 32
-Vip slots
-Kinda Whitelist you will need to Sign up on the forums to get member -rank/builder
will expand slots with Donations
Additional NotesCoreprotect, Region protected and more

Aussie Australia Australian Creative Friendly Mcmmo Minecraft Protections Ranking Staff Survival

AusCraft | Australian Minecraft | Survival »


Join us today!

Jump on Discord, sign up to the forums and you’ll be welcome to our amazing community!

Aussie Australia Economy Mcmmo Movement Quests Slimefun Survival Vanilla

AusVerse Network

Ausverse Network currently consists of two servers below
is a brief description of each server and some key features.


Our survival server takes a big focus on adding new content to the game like 8 new ores, power and cargo systems. In total it adds over 400 new items, and only requires a resource pack and optifine.


  • Player shops in spawn.
  • 400+ new items
  • 8 new ores to find
  • Economy with Admin Shops.
  • PvE
  • Auto Crafters
  • Grief prevention ( Golden Shovel claims )
  • Emoji’s every where signs,chat & item names
  • Adventure:

    Our Adventure server is a PvP server with an RPG feel it includes Quests , Skills and ability’s as well as enhanced movement such as sliding and wall jumping.


  • 13 skills and Ability’s.
  • Quests
  • Npc Shops
  • Auction House
  • Advanced Movement.
  • Grief prevention ( Golden Shovel claims )
  • Guild system.
  • No Phantoms.
  • Categories
    Aussie Australian Community Mcmmo Semivanilla Survival Vanilla

    GummySharp Servers

    Welcome to GummySharp Servers (GSS)
    GSS is a semi-vanilla survival server based in Australia.
    We are a community-friendly server

    Opened 28th March 2020, GSS was made to be a small Australian community server.


    Aussie Australia Australian Australianhosted Creative Dedicated Events Mcmmo Minigames Prison Skyblock Skywars Survival

    FruitServers – Australian Survival, Skyblock & Prison



    Aussie Australia Australian Australianhosted Customenchants Customplugins Dedicatedserver Events Games Skyservers Survival

    Sky Servers – Survival – Australian Hosted

    Spoiler – click to reveal

    1152server 115server 115servers 115survival 247server 247survival Antigrief Aus Aussie Australia Australian Ausworld Awesome Claim Community Custom Decent Fun Good Jobs Land Landclaim Landprotection Minigames Mmorpg Network Nogrief Pewdiepie Popular Premium Quests Ranks Rankup Rpg Skyblock Smp Staff Survival Survivalmultiplayer Unique

    ♦ AusWorld Survival [1.15.2] ♦


    Server IP Address:
    Server Website:
    Sign up on the website to be a member today and receive the Citizen Rank and other benefits!


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