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TimeMC My New Server That Will Never Reset Like 2b2t But With Few Rules!

This is my new anarchy server like 2b2t, but it’s modern and it only has a few rules. Don’t worry, duping is allowed.

  • Don’t hack.
  • Don’t be racist or sexist.
  • Don’t self-advertise.
  • Here are some of the fun things about this server:

  • It has the lifesteal plugin.
  • It has ranks.
  • Duping is allowed.
  • The server will NEVER EVER RESET.
  • Keep in mind that the server is in beta, so join today to be one of the first! You can join from 1.16 up to 1.20, but 1.20 is recommended for the best and lag-free experience.

    Hope you have fun!

    We also try to keep the server as simple as possible for a better lag free server

    -note we also have ddos protection-

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    Smulbeana Vanilla+ SMP SEASON 2! | Cosmetics: hats, mounts, and more! [NO GRIEF] [NO STEAL] [NO HACKING] – 1.20+

    Welcome to, we’re a vanilla survival server for both Java and Bedrock editions! Our server is dedicated to creating a friendly and trustworthy community where griefing, stealing, and cheating/hacking is strictly prohibited. Our goal is to create a community built on kindness and trust, making it a safe, fun, and enjoyable place for all players looking to play multiplayer survival.

    To enhance your experience, we’ve added quality-of-life features such as fast leaf decay, harvest crops with just a right click, sleep percentage so the whole server doesn’t need to sleep, and much more. At the spawn city there are many NPCs with different quests to gain BeanPass XP. Levelling up in the BeanPass gives you money, more sethomes, and many cosmetics like hats and mounts! There’s also a auction house where you can spend the money you’ve earned by completing quests and supporting Smulbeana, since by watching her streams you get BeanPass XP every minute you watch! You also get BeanPass XP by voting for the server here!

    Most importantly, our server has no land claims, we have a robust system in place to monitor all actions on the server and revert any rule-breaking behavior. So, if you’re looking for a fair and enjoyable survival server where you can trust who you’re playing with, join us today! Don’t forget to join our discord where you can report any rule-breaking behavior you encounter and be a part of the bean community!

    ✖ NO hacking or xraying
    ✖ NO racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
    ✖ NO stealing from or destroying other’s homes
    ✔ DO use common sense and make some friends ❤

    PORT: default -> 25565(java) / 19132(bedrock)


    Smulbeana’s Minecraft server is hosted by DedicatedMC
    Get your server at for 15% OFF using code “Smulbeana”

    Smulbeana Vanilla+ SMP SEASON 2! | Cosmetics: hats, mounts, and more! [NO GRIEF] [NO STEAL] [NO HACKING] - 1.20+ Minecraft Server

    Adult Adultfriendly Build Builders Building Contentcreators Established Hermitcraft Letsplay Longterm Longtermserver Lucid Lucidsmp Lucidsmpoffical Megabuilds Minecraftserver Redstone Scicraft Smp Smpsurvivalserver Survival Survivalsmp Tech Tmc Vanilla Whitelist Whitelistapplication Whitelisted Whitelistedsmp Youtube Youtubechannel Youtuber Youtuber In Server Youtubers Youtubers Needed Youtuberserver


    APPLICATION PROCESS. Go to our discord and fill out the form.
    Apply Here:

    Long-term server, we don’t reset the map for years, so build your mega-base, city, industrial area, organics, terraforming, or start an epic redstone project. Whitelisted Server. Version 1.20.1

    Hermitcraft/SciCraft style of SMP. We like creating amazing builds, making friends, and having a good time while making content for YouTube. Chill Vibes. No PVP without consent. Focus is on building and projects. There is a trial period before becoming a full member.

  • Looking for Youtubers
  • Required: have some videos published on your channel.
  • Non-content creators with something to contribute to the server are sometimes considered if you have a portfolio/pics of builds/projects.
  • Age restriction: 18+ server
  • Family Friendly Content & Creators
  • Builders and Technical MC content creators are encouraged to apply.
  • java / carpet / fabric
    Version 1.20.1

    Vanilla Minecraft
    -Proximity voice chat
    -Single-player sleep
    -More Mob Heads
    -Player Heads
    -Mini Blocks
    -Anti Enderman Grief
    -Double Shulker shells
    -Armor Stand book

    Application Process Here:

    120server Crates Skills Smp Survival Survivalserver Survivalsmp Voting Youtube Youtuber


    This is a survival server owned by Sneazy we have amazing plugins to enhance the survival experience:)

    Also live a few times a week just to chill and relax

    Discord Economy Essentials Friendly Isnotimportant Livestream Multiplayer Nogrief Paper Smp Spigot Streamer Survival Teleport Twitch Vanilla Voicechat Youtube Youtuber

    Vibe Central SMP | Bedrock + Java Support [NO GRIEF] [NO STEALING] [NO HACKING] – 1.19+

    If there are any issues please join the Discord and ping me, I will work on fixing it as soon as possible!
    The goal of this server is to bring people together. No matter your skin colour, sexuality, looks, or ethnicity. None of it matters! In this server we all vibe as one and we all just exist as humans!
    Da’ Rules
    1. Try not to swear, like no hard swears like slurs.
    2. Don’t be rude/bully.
    3. If anyone asks for help please help them! (Don’t force help upon someone though).
    4.No NSFW
    5. We love jokes but please understand when it is not okay.
    6. Don’t spam.
    7. Follow the rules or you will be banned.
    8. Hacking or any other form of cheating will result in a permanent ban.
    9. Please do not abuse your rank’s power.
    10. Racism and sexism are not tolerated.
    11. Please try and speak English, if you can’t see if there’s anyone on the server who can translate what you’re saying
    12. I know people do this one a lot but, don’t forget to have fun!

    Current WIP:
    Voting Plugin

    Challenge Discord Fun Multiplayer Smp Stream Streamers Streams Survival Twist Twitch Whitelist Whitelisted Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

    Lucid SMP

    A WHITELISTED MINECRAFT SMP WITH A SPECIAL TWIST!! The server version is set in 1.19.2 and there are special abilities the players can choose from upon joining the server!

    Join the discord for more:

    Black Creative Cru Exclusive Mc Server Oce Ocean Rank Ranks Rui Ship Ships Uber Youtube Youtuber

    Black Star Line

    Black Star Line is a MC Server where you can build ships like ocean liners and cruise ships.


    Exclusive Ranks:

    600 Ash Cell Farm Flash Grand Grandma Griefers Pvp Randm Shoot Uber Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

    MINEGRIEF Grief Server Minecraft server

  • Server for Griefers! Pvp 1.12.2, Excellent Administration, Youtubers, Youtuber Flash here shoots! Kill players, farm grandmas and become the best!!!

    250 500 Conflict Economy Minecraft Youtube Minecraft Youtuber Minecraft Youtubers Mini Games Pvp Survival Sword Uber Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

    Sword SMP Public

    Ever wanted to play on a Minecraft Server full of Youtubers? Well your in luck because this is the Sword SMP Public! This is a server full of Wars and conflict. And you can play with Minecraft Youtubers!

    000 500 Jihita Oneblock Release Released Rich Skyblock Sub Subs Survival Uber Ubs Youtube Youtuber



    Port: 19132

    Play with YouTuber Jihita (500,000+ Subs)

    Skyblock, Survival, Oneblock, and much more.

    The best community server around, you’ll love the time you spend on here!