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Skywalker SMP

Fun all around SMP server! Come Join! Just Created today so come have some fun surviving in Skywalker SMP! Economy and selling and soon with a auction House! Separate world for PVP and Other such activities! McMMO !

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Malevolynt – Survival | Towny | mcMMO | Creative Plots | Mob Arena | Bosses | Dungeons

Welcome to Malevolynt, where adventure and community thrive in the world of Minecraft! Embark on a journey like no other in our dynamic survival server, rich with features designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

Join our Discord community at for fellowship and updates. Dive in now and start your epic journey!

Server Features:

🏡 Create or join towns with Towny
⚔️ Level up your skills with McMMO
💼 Earn rewards with Jobs
💰 Player-driven economy with Auctions
👾 Conquer bosses, arenas, and dungeons

Join us today and become part of our ever-growing community of adventurers, builders, and dreamers. The world of Malevolynt awaits – are you ready to embark on your next great adventure?

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SkyHub – Skyblock

SkyHub is a classic Skyblock server with just a few extras
  • Create an island and play with up to 50 team members!
  • Improve your skills by farming, mining, fishing and much more!
  • Trade with other players”
  • Create auctions
  • Become the richest!
  • Set up to 5 homes!
  • Get custom items
  • Vote daily and get fantastic rewards
  • IP:
    Version 1.20.1 (older versions also work)

    Note: Server is still under development. More game features will be added soon…

    Auction Auctionhouse Community Customenchantments Customenchants Discord Discordserver Dungeons Dungeonsbosses Economy Graves Gravestones Hard Jobs Jobsreborn Keepinventory Landclaim Lands Lottery Magic Mcmmo Mmorpg Mobarena Nodonations Nogrief Rpg Runescape Safarinet Semivanilla Survival Survivalrpg Towny Vehicles

    Ethernal Realms

    Hey there!

    Got no time to read? No problem.
    Here’s a list of what we have:

  • NO Pay-to-Win or Admin “Cosmetic” Shops
  • Pure Survival RPG
  • Custom Weapons, 450+ custom enchants
  • Custom Levelled and difficult Mobs
  • Custom Dungeons, Bosses, MobArena
  • mcMMO and Jobs
  • Towny-like
  • Vehicles
  • In-game purchasable Cosmetic Ranks
  • Discord integrated and Minecraft
  • Chat Auctions, Auctionhouse, Lottery
  • Player-made Shops, and a Stockmarket-like Admin Shop
  • mcMMO and JobsReborn
  • Keep Inventory
  • And more…
  • If you are interested or want more information, I’ll be glad to tell you!

    Welcome to Ethernal Realms, a server dedicated to unlocking the full potential of Survival RPG Minecraft, enhancing and expanding its gameplay for an immersive experience. At Ethernal Realms, we believe in a fair and balanced environment – no pay-to-win tactics, no cash shops for “cosmetics.” Everything you achieve is earned solely through in-game efforts.

    Immerse yourself in a world filled with challenges and rewards. Explore dungeons and face formidable mob bosses, brace yourself for tougher nighttime mobs, and discover over 450 custom enchantments, custom weapons, magic, and the ability to claim and rent land. To make your Minecraft journey even more exciting, we’ve integrated mcMMO and Jobs Reborn, providing a balanced approach to gameplay so you can focus on building your kingdom, gathering gear, and engaging in epic battles within our custom mob arenas.

    Economy enthusiasts, rejoice! Access and explore player-made auction houses, effortlessly create one-click chest shops for a tangible store experience, participate in online chat auctions, and navigate our dynamic Admin shop where prices fluctuate every minute.

    Showcase your achievements in the chat and on Discord with a server-ready command designed to broadcast your triumphs. We’ve created a vibrant community where players can share their awesomeness effortlessly.

    Join us at Ethernal Realms, where the spirit of authentic and rewarding Minecraft adventures awaits. No shortcuts, just pure, unadulterated fun. Come, be a part of our journey! If not, you have a wonderful day.

    And if so, we hope to see you soon!
    – Ethernal

    Auction Backpack Economy Mcmmo Proximityvoicechat Quests Shop Survival


    friendly new server with many enjoyable plugins! some of the plugins are mcmmo, quests, auctions, shop, land claims. there is a giant arena dedicated for those pvp enjoyers. there is no way to raid a claim when its been claimed so you wont have to worry about griefers. enjoy our world with proximity chat and enjoy spawn as there are some speakers around that play some music!

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    Nexus-Craft | Survival, Creative, One Block, Build Battle, Prison! | Economy, Crates, Teams, Claims, and much more!


    Explore Nexus Craft, your ultimate Minecraft destination with Java and Bedrock crossplay. Dive into a thriving economy, toggle PvP, and enjoy a range of fun plugins like Better Teams and Chest Shop. Engage in epic minigames, protect your land, and trade safely. Our server offers reliability and exciting features.


    Discover the exciting world of Nexus Craft – your ultimate Minecraft destination! We offer Java and Bedrock crossplay, fostering a unified gaming community. Dive into an immersive experience with a thriving economy and player-run shops. Engage in epic PvP battles or opt for a more peaceful existence with the ability to toggle PvP on or off.

    Customize your adventure with an array of fun plugins that elevate gameplay. Level up your skills, earn money for PvP encounters, and list items for sale through the Auction House. Create teams, wage wars, and protect your territory with land claims. Safely trade with other players, all while enjoying the thrill of minigames such as Survival, Creative, One Block, Build Battle, and the upcoming Lifesteal mode.

    Our server is powered by a selection of awesome plugins, including Better Teams, Chest Shop, Better RTP, and many more, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience. We’re constantly evolving and planning to introduce exciting features like voting rewards, a Lifesteal game mode, server events, and community-suggested improvements.

    Nexus Craft offers reliable performance, with servers hosted on Apex with ample CPU power. If you experience any issues, our support channel on the Nexus Discord is there to assist you. Join us at, Bedrock players can connect using a port 25565. As a new server, we appreciate your help in spreading the word and building our community. Join our official Discord server here and embark on your Nexus Craft adventure today!

    Auction Custom Customenchants Dungeons Economy Fishing Modified New Skills Smp Survival Trading Vanilla

    Varlix Survival

    If you’re looking for a new survival server with custom content then come give Varlix a try! Our goal is to offer a survival experience while also providing great quality-of-life features and other unique content to improve the overall world of Valronia. We are a friendly, mature community but all are welcome as long as the rules and players of the community are respected.

    Just a few reasons to join:

  • Economy
  • Unique Content
  • Dungeons
  • Custom Farming
  • Custom Fishing
  • Events
  • And More!
  • Give Varlix a try Today!
    Server IP:
    Discord: Link

    Activecommunity Activestaff Auction Auctioneconmy Auctionhouse Battlepass Beanpass Citizens Coreprotect Cosmetics Discord Economy Essentials Hats Live Mounts Nogrief Nosteal Npc Quests Season2 Skins Smp Spigot Survival Survivalserver Survivalsmp Twitch Vanilla Youtuber

    Smulbeana Vanilla+ SMP SEASON 2! | Cosmetics: hats, mounts, and more! [NO GRIEF] [NO STEAL] [NO HACKING] – 1.20+

    Welcome to, we’re a vanilla survival server for both Java and Bedrock editions! Our server is dedicated to creating a friendly and trustworthy community where griefing, stealing, and cheating/hacking is strictly prohibited. Our goal is to create a community built on kindness and trust, making it a safe, fun, and enjoyable place for all players looking to play multiplayer survival.

    To enhance your experience, we’ve added quality-of-life features such as fast leaf decay, harvest crops with just a right click, sleep percentage so the whole server doesn’t need to sleep, and much more. At the spawn city there are many NPCs with different quests to gain BeanPass XP. Levelling up in the BeanPass gives you money, more sethomes, and many cosmetics like hats and mounts! There’s also a auction house where you can spend the money you’ve earned by completing quests and supporting Smulbeana, since by watching her streams you get BeanPass XP every minute you watch! You also get BeanPass XP by voting for the server here!

    Most importantly, our server has no land claims, we have a robust system in place to monitor all actions on the server and revert any rule-breaking behavior. So, if you’re looking for a fair and enjoyable survival server where you can trust who you’re playing with, join us today! Don’t forget to join our discord where you can report any rule-breaking behavior you encounter and be a part of the bean community!

    ✖ NO hacking or xraying
    ✖ NO racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
    ✖ NO stealing from or destroying other’s homes
    ✔ DO use common sense and make some friends

    PORT: default -> 25565(java) / 19132(bedrock)


    Smulbeana’s Minecraft server is hosted by DedicatedMC
    Get your server at for 15% OFF using code “Smulbeana”

    Smulbeana Vanilla+ SMP SEASON 2! | Cosmetics: hats, mounts, and more! [NO GRIEF] [NO STEAL] [NO HACKING] - 1.20+ Minecraft Server

    18pvp 247uptime Alwaysonline Auction Chestshop Claiming Customenchants Customterrain Darkauction Graves Jobs Landclaim Leaderboards Mcmmo Playerwarps Quests Resourceworld Survival

    UnknownRealms [1.18-1.20.1]

    Join the new SMP and experience an entirely community driven server with player ran shops, warps, and jobs! New players can claim a FREE booster pack. (Booster packs are not for sale)

    Play on Java and Bedrock

    – Lands plugin
    – a resource world
    – Grief protected world
    – Earn money with Jobs
    – Quests with rewards
    – Fully setup McMMO
    – Free rewards from voting
    – Chill community
    – 1.8 Combat
    – Custom enchants
    – GUI based commands
    – No p2w (Pay to win)

    More Gamemodes coming soon!
    Join the Discord!

    Auction Economy Lands Mcmmo Shops Survival

    Manifest SMP | 1.19.4


    Server launched on 06/27/2023

    Server IP

    Come join us on our adventure to start an amazing minecraft smp server. We are
    currently brand new, and we need some help. If you would like to be a staff
    member and help the server grow. Join our discord and just ask!

    ‘-._.-”-._.-”’ Features ”’-._.-”-._.-‘

    Buy and sell items to the shop as a basic way to
    earn some starting cash. You will need to do this becaus
    the next feature requires some money.

    Protect your land from other players. It costs you money
    every day that you own the claim though so you will have to have
    a source of income to own some property.


    and more to come!

    Free Gamemodes Mc Minigames Other Server

    Welcome to our fantastic Minecraft server!

    Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Our server offers a wide variety of exciting gamemodes and minigames, all available to you for free! Whether you’re an experienced player or a newcomer, you’ll always find the perfect challenge with us.
    Our server is not only free, but we also provide a specially developed resource pack to make your gaming experience even more immersive. Dive into a world full of creativity and fun, where you can compete with friends or simply relax and enjoy the many features we have to offer.
    One of the best things about our server is the strong sense of community. We believe that Minecraft is more fun when played together, and we’ve created a welcoming and friendly environment where players can make new friends, form teams, and embark on adventures together. Our community is made up of players from all around the world, each bringing their unique skills and creativity to the game.
    Our server is regularly updated with new content and features to keep things fresh and exciting. We listen to our players and continuously work to improve the server based on your feedback. Whether it’s new gamemodes, special events, or additional enhancements to our resource pack, we’re always striving to make your experience better.
    In addition to our engaging gamemodes and minigames, we also host various events and competitions where you can showcase your skills and win amazing prizes. These events are designed to challenge you and provide a fun way to interact with other players. Whether it’s a building contest, a treasure hunt, or a survival challenge, there’s always something exciting happening on our server.
    Our dedicated team of moderators and admins is always on hand to ensure the server runs smoothly and to help you with any questions or issues you may have. They are passionate about Minecraft and committed to making our server a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Whether you need assistance with a technical problem or just want to chat about the game, our team is here for you.
    Joining our server is easy. Simply connect using the server IP provided below and you’ll be transported to a world of endless possibilities. Make sure to download our custom resource pack to fully enjoy all the unique textures and features we’ve created for you.
    We can’t wait to see you on our server and join you in creating unforgettable Minecraft memories. Gather your friends, bring your creativity, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.
    Server IP:
    Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime on our Minecraft server!

    Economy Roleplay Skyblock Vanilla

    Healtz Craft


    MINECRAFT JAVA and BEDROCK – 1.8 to 1.20
    > Balanced Economy.
    > Vip Free para todes.
    > Active Players.
    > Dungeon System.
    > Daily Events.
    > Pets system with Skills.
    > Clan System.
    > Mission System.
    > Fragment System.
    > Sistema de Spawners.
    > And much more…



    HearthCraft is a no-griefing economy SMP with a 0% pay-to-win store (verify for yourself [**here**]( that has been making the best experiences since **October of 2018**. We're experts in bringing people together. Have a sneak peek [here](!

    * **The server will never reset. Ever. World dates back to July 2019.**
    * **No pay-to-win paid perks**
    * Resource worlds (resets monthly)
    * [Live map](
    * Zero tolerance for any form of hate speech.
    * Pet system
    * Level-up System based on playtime, mcMMO, and economy.
    * Land Claiming
    * mcMMO
    * Active and healthy economy system that includes player shops, player warps, auctions etc.
    * Marriage plugin
    * /wild (random teleport) command
    * Leaderboards with a wide range of categories from blocks mined and mobs killed to cake slices eaten and pig distance!


    * Runs on a dedicated Ryzen 5 5800X machine in Virginia
    * Uses Purpur
    * Block logging with CoreProtect and inventory rollback, for rare cases in which the server is clearly at fault, with InventorySaver.
    * /pl is public
    * No keep-inventory but /back is enabled and drops are locked (i.e. no one can take them except you) by default.
    * Difficulty = Hard
    * Main world is 90,000 * 90,000. All other worlds are 20,000 * 20,000.
    * No automatic farm limitations such as mob stackers, entity cullers, and the like.


    * Website: [\](

    * Discord: [\](

    * Rules: [\](

    * IP:
    * Statistics:


    Cozy Corner

    Cozy Corner is looking to expand our community! We are a 21+ community with a Minecraft Java server!

    We plan to not reset the server ANY time soon and try to keep a relaxed environment.

    We have backpacks, /spawn, /home, dynmap and typical datapacks from Vanilla Tweaks. We also have core protect for peace of mind!

    Our discord community is all about building lasting friendships through gaming and similar interests. We do have a small but quick application process right when you join the discord but otherwise we really would love for you to check us out! More info can be found in our discord welcome page for the community or you can comment or message me directly!

    Please keep in mind we are cozy game centred, but a lot of us love a lot of different genre of games. Right now our minecraft server is a bit quiet as we are busy with lives, but the discord can often have daily good conversations or others playing different games!

    We are looking for active community members to chat with as well as game with! We don't have requirements in staying active but we do go through the member list every few months.

    Feel free to message me with any questions!

    Other 1.20.6Your new CityBuild server! 1.20.6
    Your new CityBuild server!


    Our CityBuild server is whitelisted and can be accessed through a real money purchase on
    the website to keep trolls away from the server!Welcome to!

    This server was born out of an idea to start a project with the community of streamer HousemeisterHD. We have now tackled this and brought the MeisterBuilder server to life.

    The server runs on version 1.20.6 and is therefore very up to date.

    MeisterBuilder is an exciting Minecraft citybuild server that allows players to express their creativity and building skills in a virtual world full of possibilities. The server offers a variety of exciting features and activities that allow players to create and manage their own unique cities. At MeisterBuilder, players can choose from different building styles and themes to design their city the way they want. From modern skyscrapers to medieval fortresses, there are no limits to players' creativity. In addition, players can also establish trade relations with other cities to exchange resources and further expand their city.

    Another highlight of MeisterBuilder is the opportunity to take part in various competitions and events. Whether it's blueprint battles, PVP tournaments or treasure hunts, there's always something to do and discover on the server. Players can compete with other players and prove their skills to win great prizes and rewards.

    In addition, MeisterBuilder also offers a friendly and active community that allows players to find new friends and work on projects together. Players can organize themselves into clans to work together on large construction projects or compete in competitions.

    Overall, MeisterBuilder offers a unique and fun experience for all Minecraft fans who want to show off their building skills and create their own virtual city. With a variety of features, competitions and a vibrant community, MeisterBuilder is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the world of city building and unleash your creativity.

    – CityBuild
    – Ranks
    – Booster
    – Ingame-Shop
    – Perks
    – Chat colors
    – uvm!

    Anarchy Awesome Best Cool Fun Geyser Survival Sydney Vanilla Voicechat Voicechatmod

    Underground Antics Vanilla Anarchy [1.20.6] Australian / JAVA & BEDROCK / Simple Voice Chat Compatible


    Underground Antics Vanilla Anarchy


    Bedrock Port: 19133 Note: No port needed for Java


  • No Hacks / Exploits.
  • PvP and Griefing allowed.
  • Join our discord!



    Our Minecraft server offers the most unique and stunning world generation you've ever seen, with biomes you've never encountered and over 200 custom structures scattered across the landscape. Survive, explore, and build your dream town. Plus, our persistent server approach means your progress is never reset, no seasons, no wipes for updates, no more losing everything you've worked hard for. Watch out for our powerful custom bosses that spawn naturally throughout the world. Defeat them to earn valuable fragments to forge crate keys. All crates are accessible through gameplay—no need to spend real money for the best items. Our unique town system is a breeze to use, with a clean and beautiful interface, making it easy to manage everything. Discover a world like never before, make new friends, and create the town of your dreams. We’re launching this Saturday, June 15. We can’t wait to see you there!


    Teaser: TikTok

    Allthemods Allthemods9 Atm Atm9 Forge Magic Modded Moddedserver Pve Smp Survival Tech Technology

    China Unlimited ATM9

    Welcome to our ATM9 Minecraft server, where adventure awaits at every turn! Dive into the ultimate modded experience with AllTheMods 9, where the possibilities are truly endless. Explore a vast array of mods curated to bring you unparalleled excitement and creativity. From futuristic tech advancements to magical realms of mystique, there’s something for every player to enjoy. Engage in thrilling quests, master intricate machinery, and unleash your imagination like never before. Join our community of passionate players and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with discovery and camaraderie. Whether you’re a seasoned modded Minecraft veteran or a newcomer eager for adventure, AllTheMods 9 offers an unparalleled gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more. Come join us and discover the limitless possibilities that await in the world of ATM9!


    Modern Anarchy

    🔥Welcome to Modern Anarchy🔥 – A Dedicated Community of Anarchy Enthusiasts!

    🌐 Server IP:

    👾Anarchy at Its Finest with a Dedicated Community:

    • Hack like a pro, build empires, survive the chaos.

    • No bans ever – only mutes for hate speech, hard slurs, or chat spam.

    ️🕹️ Forge Your Path in a Pure Vanilla World:

    • Experience the true essence of Minecraft with no vanilla altering plugins or meddling admins.

    • Reach your potential in this survival wasteland with no resets ever.

    🌍 World Exploration Extravaganza:

    • Discover a vast 3×3 million block world border.

    • Respawn within 500 blocks of 0 0, allowing you to redefine your survival journey.

    • Explore and exploit the nether roof.

    🔒No Teleports, No Shortcuts: Authentic Vanilla Anarchy

    • Hard Difficulty, No Compromises: Test your survival skills in the toughest conditions.

    • Uncover the mysteries below spawn – good luck!

    💬 Shape the Future with Direct Input: Join our Discord and engage with the community.

    • Server owner, Vorlice, is available for technical queries.

    ️• Launched in July 2023, always synced with the latest version (1.20.4).

    • Powered by robust hardware in New York for a lag-free experience.

    💎 Support the Chaos:

    Vote or donate to color your name in chat and stand out in the vibrant community.

    🌐 Server IP:





    Origins: This server is sequel to Union SMP after it was shut down by the owner while it still had an active community. It happened to be shut down right before the very anticipated server update to 1.20 leading to the creation of this server. Union SMP was notable due to it being promoted in a Youtuber named Salc1's video where he tried to ask for OP on Minecraft servers.


    • Community Decided Features
    • A Robust Claim System
    • Homes
    • Paid Cosmetics
    • Graves
    • Discord Connectivity
    • Some Vanilla Tweaks
    • A Player Economy

    Market: The only item that you can sell to the server are diamonds which sell for $100 each. There is a market at spawn where players can create shops and sell items to other players using this money. We also have an auction house for one time sales.

    Ranks: We have a few ranks on the server that help pay for server costs. They only provide cosmetic benefits as we are Anti Pay-to-Win. More info can be found at our webstore or by doing /ranks on the server.


    Owner – Go_ing

    Admin – Foxy75, Splooshie

    Moderator – Nix_Quinn_Dem


    Onyx SMP


    A Minecraft Java server with the perfect blend of vanilla experience enhanced by QoL features and exciting datapacks such as crafting tweaks, additional structures, improved advancements, and more!

    Our greatest inspiration is the Hermitcraft server, and we put a lot of focus on fostering a tight-knit community. Whether you're a seasoned builder, competitive fighter, humble farmer, or simply looking for a place to call home, Onyx SMP offers something for everyone.

    Our server has an array of enticing features! From special districts (think shopping, minigames…) to monthly building challenges, quests, special events, and even an MCC-inspired championship!



    Onyx SMP is a semi-vanilla server, meaning it doesn't require you to download any mods but still offers a plethora of quality-of-life plugins and game-enhancing datapacks.

    The most notable are:
    – CoreProtect
    – Graves
    – Anti-creeper grief
    – EssentialsX
    – VanillaTweeks
    – Dynmap
    – DiscordSRV
    – HeadDatabase
    – Blaze&Caves Advancements
    – Brewery
    – new structures
    – new towns
    – and more!



    Nothing out of the ordinary:

    • be kind and respectful, this is a place where people are meant to feel safe and welcomed. basically, don't be a dick.

    • no stealing, griefing, cheating, or abusing exploits. With our plugins we can revert any damage and catch the culprit, meaning there's no way people can get away with it.

    • to be able to join the Onyx SMP you must own a Java version of Minecraft, speak English, and be over 17 years old.

    • no big mob and redstone farms, this is not a technical server, and we wish to retain a stable economy.

    • more in our Discord server!



    Since the Onyx SMP is all about fostering a tight-knit, safe, and creative community, we will only be accepting great applications. We are looking for effort, passion, and care when we read your application. You get out what you put in. Keep that in mind.

    Click here to apply

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


    Mildew RP Prequel

    "The sky is far from a limit. So why don't we paint the stars?"

    Mildew RP is a new and developing Minecraft roleplay server based around the already existing lore of Minecraft with a spin on it. You will play your character based off of one of eight species. All species have different mobs you can use to inspire your character. With the lore being based off of the game itself, your builds are NOT limited to any specific time period.
    That means your imagination is your only limit!

    What we offer:

    – A Safe Space!

    We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind.
    (This carries into the RP aspect as well: If your character's entire personality is to be rude and hateful towards others 24/7, this is not the world for them.)

    – A world You help shape!

    Mildew is a world your character wakes up in one day, no clue on the how or the why. It is yours for the molding! You decide the story!

    – Squaremap!

    No risk of getting lost!

    – Friendly and Active staff!

    If there are any questions or issues, the staff members are quick to help in any way they can. If the issue is with a staff member themself, the server owner can be trusted to be unbiased.

    – A variety of Character Options!

    When joining the discord, you get access to the full list of the species you can base your character on. At the time of writing we have 8 species, with over a total of 50 sub-species between them!
    All 8 species also comes with their own perk (for example, Haste or Speed 2), which will be given to you at the moment of joining the server!

    – No client-required Mods!

    We do recommend having OptiFine or CIT Resewn or any other mod that allows you to see custom textures, but it is not a requirement!
    For the above reason, there is a Resource Pack for those interested, but again definitely not a requirement to have!

    – A couple of server-side mods:

    Ledger (to help staff in griefing disputes etc.), Discord Integration, FSit, Gardener's Dream, Grind Enchantments, No Shield Delay, Spawn Animations.
    We also have Fast Leaf Decay, for those who enjoy a speedy deforesting!

    – NO END

    The End Dimension does not exist in this world. However, do not fret, we have implemented some custom recipes to still get End materials!
    (Yes, there is even one for Shulker Shells!)


    Mildew RP is currently in its pre-launch phase. This means if you join you will be part of it's prequel. As of right now RP is not fully required but still encouraged. Our goal as of right now, as a community, is to establish out player base and to establish a couple key locations on the server. We are in need of builders and storywriters, if you think you can do that then we urge you to apply.

    Join the Discord:

    We hope to play with you soon!



    QuasarsSMP is a small semi-vanilla Minecraft SMP, with the perfect balance of enhanced gameplay and the timeless Minecraft feel. Forget about seasonal resets; we’re all about lasting builds and forming enduring friendships here. We're aiming for a group of 15-20 active players who value creativity and community. If that sounds like your kind of server, we’d love to see you there. Join our Discord today:


    LSVanilla MK3

    are you tired of joining a server, building a base, progressing with friends, but before you know it you're burnt out, bored, and looking for more action? to be honest, me too. that's why i made this server.

    inside this simple smp lies:

    • a completely custom made currency system to give players more ease when in trade; this is also to give players more options on what to do, and allow for more complex situations.

    • an optimized lifesteal system; if you join this server, always be watching your back, because players will not only be in the pursuit of better armor, but more hearts. and don't worry, environmental deaths don't take hearts, only other players.

    • a discord team system, so you can form complex bonds with other groups of players and strive to be the best amongst your peers, building a civilization with your team and trading for money within it. join a team and help it rise to the top of the server, or go rouge and work solo.

    here are some basic rules:

    -no hacked clients, like meteor for example

    -no xraying

    -no alt-farming

    ip (whitelist):

    Anarchy Bedrockjavacrossplay Questcraft Semivanilla Smp Survival Vivecraft Vrsupport

    BlazeVR [BRAND NEW | VR | VOICECHAT | HIRING] Bedrock + Java

    For bedrock use port 19133

    Welcome to our amazing Minecraft adventure! Get ready to explore a world where you can play on a regular screen or with cool VR headsets like QuestCraft and ViveCraft. Whether you’re using virtual reality or playing on your computer or console, the fun never ends!

    Explore vast landscapes, build epic structures, and survive together with your friends! Our server is all about teamwork and having a blast.

    Stay connected with your buddies through our easy voice chat. Need to meet up with them? Just ask to teleport with /tpa, and you’ll be right there beside them in no time!

    And the best part? You can create your very own cozy home sweet home with the command /sethome, home! Decorate it however you like and make it your perfect hideaway in the Minecraft universe.

    So, what are you waiting for? Join us on our amazing VR Minecraft journey, where excitement and adventure await around every corner!



    CrabCraft 🐚

    A whitelisted, community-focused vanilla survival.

    Season 2️⃣ commences 15th June, on 1.21

    CrabCraft are looking for active community members to join us.

    🦀 VPerfection ring! We put emphasis on keeping the vanilla feel of Minecraft alive, taking inspiration from HermitCraft gameplay

    🔊 Voice Chat We use Simple Voice Chat and require all members to have this mod installed

    💬 Thriving Community! Join a close-knit group of fellow players who share the same passion for Minecraft

    ⌨️ Active Discord Our Discord server is used frequently by fellow members as a way of communicating with everyone

    🛡️ Whitelisted Security Our server is protected with a whitelist, ensuring a safe and friendly environment for all players

    💾 Chunk Backups In case of any intentional malicious activity, we can roll-back chunks

    📃 How to join?

    Pop a message stating your interest in our Discord welcome channel and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!


    Big Papa SMP

    🎮🌟 **Join Our Brand New Minecraft SMP! [18+ Community] 🌟🎮**

    **About Us:**

    We're a tight-knit community of adult Minecraft enthusiasts. Your skill level doesn't really matter, as long as you're on here to have fun and mess around with friends you're more than welcome.

    🌐 **Server Details:**

    • **Minecraft Version: 1.21** We'll be running the latest version of Minecraft
    • **Launch Date: June 17th** Don't miss the grand opening fellas

    We have a few quality of life plugins mostly coming from Vanilla Tweaks, and some other minor things like more advancements.

    💬 **How to Join:**

    Fill out the link at the bottom of this post to apply, we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a response & discord invite

    Looking forward to crafting, building, and surviving with you all! 🌲⛏️🏡


    🍃 CubeCadia

    Server supports 1.20.6! Find cherry biomes, have sniffer pets, and so much more!




    IP: Bedrock Port: 19132




    CubeCadia is the ultimate Minecraft experience, with custom plugins, unique features, and a friendly community of players. Whether you're looking to build your dream home, explore new worlds, or level up in the dungeons, CubeCadia has it all.


    Features Offered


    🏰 Dungeons – This includes a storyline, custom items, and custom mobs / bosses to fight!

    💰 Player Warps / Shops – Make your own shopping district or your own warp!

    👑Custom Items – We offer over 200+ custom SMP enhancing items! Check them out!

    🎣 Custom Fishing – Level up your fishing and compete in tournaments

    🌾 Custom Farming – Gain special crops to grow in growth stations and level up your farms!

    ⛏️ Custom Mining – Mining gives rewards like special gems, artifacts, and other luxurious items

    💎 Rewards – Many reward systems such as daily, streak, and playtime rewards!

    😈 Daily Bosses – We have daily bosses that spawn for you to kill and get rewards!

    🎯 Quests – We have daily quests, challenge quests, special quests, and even holiday quests!

    👷‍♂️ Jobs – Earn money from everyday tasks! Also progress job skill trees to unlock special loot

    🎮 Cross Play – You can play our server on PC, Pocket Edition, Xbox, Switch, or even PlayStation!







    Bedrock Port: 19132

    Version: 1.19 – 1.20.6

    Cross-Play Kitpvp Lifesteal Mini Games

    Piyush Network

    Welcome to Piyush Network, your ultimate Minecraft destination! Immerse yourself in three exhilarating game modes designed to challenge and entertain. Engage in fierce battles of skill and strategy in KitPvP, where every move counts. Explore the thrilling twist of Lifesteal mode, where each strike not only deals damage but also replenishes your health, adding a strategic layer to combat. And for a change of pace, jump into the action-packed Minigame: Football, where teamwork and precision passing are your keys to victory. Join us on Piyush Network for endless adventures and unforgettable moments!

    Survival Vanilla

    crax SMP

    This is the crazy smp

    We are a brand new minecraft server


    Can’t wait to see you there

    Minecraft Servers to Join

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    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and new Minecraft servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

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    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!