Cobblemon Pokemon Survival


PokeGlade is a Pokemon themed Modpack for 1.19.2. Featuring the brand new Cobblemon mod, this Modpack brings the world of Pokemon to Minecraft and now with an official server. (Developed by AffinityStudios)

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PokeGlade Discord (AffinityStudios) –>

Modded Pixelmon Pokemon Staff Survival

PixelLegends – 1.12.2 – (Hiring Staff)


Embark on an adventure in a world inhabited by Pokemon!

Work hard to level up your team and take on the Gym Challenge.

Fight in the ANNUAL Pokemon League to become the Server Champion!

Pixelmon Generations:

Biomes O’ Plenty:


The Survival gamemode is the place to embark on an adventure and survive the wild with a team of Pokemon! Build your own base. Build your own town. Build your own gym and become a gym leader. Tackle the gym challenge to fight in the Annual Survival League!


> All available starters from Gen 1-8.


> Available at EVENTS.

> Mythicals are extremely rare AND events.


> Players can create their own town. If they apply to set up a gym at their town then they can have their town marked on the map as a key location for the Gym Challenge.


> Gyms are set up by Admins to be run by players. You must apply to gain Gym Leader status.

> Once 8+ gym badges are collected players can enter the league just like the games.

> Gym Leaders may use up to 3 Pokemon. 6 during a rematch.

Newminecraftserver Pixelmon Pokemon Survival


Welcome to PixelRoost! BRAND new Pixelmon server being built as we speak! Come be among the first to experience PixelRoost and help us build it from the ground up! We are looking to build an active, fun, friendly community!
Pixelmon 1.12.2 | GTS | Crates | Wondertrade | Weekly Events | Raid Bosses


Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Pokemon Survival


Pixelmon plus is a new region, or at least, server to play on

It will come out someday, im just really busy right now
But i think this server will be good. or extremely fail.

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Toxel Lodge Pixelmon

A hand-built world recreating the rpg you know and love with additional content, quests, crates, and more.

Hosted by:

FoxesVenom (
CactusKai (

Discord: [url=(Link removed)][/url]

Toxel Lodge Pixelmon Minecraft Server

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Sammy’s Pixelmon Adventure!

Check out the Discord for instructions on installation!

Welcome to our custom Pixelmon modpack server! Are you ready to put your skills to the test in our challenging gyms and battle against the Elite Four?

But that’s not all – our server also features unique custom towns, each with their own distinct personality. Imagine building your own home in a bustling city or setting up shop in a quiet countryside village. The possibilities are endless!

As we grow, we want to create a welcoming community of players to populate the cities and explore the vast world of Pixelmon. You can even purchase your own property to buy, sell, and trade with other players.

And if you’re looking for something to do, grab your camera and go on a Pixelmon hunt – snap some amazing pictures of the creatures you encounter!

Join us now and be a part of our exciting server adventure.

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Pixelmon Community Server

🌜 | Pixelmon Community Server | 🌛
#1 Pixelmon Experience for the Pixelmon Community
Latest Pixelmon Version | Minecraft 1.16.5

☄️Server IP –>

🌟 Discord –>

✨ Classic Pixelmon Survival |
✨ 18 Gyms |
✨ Pokemon Hunts |
✨ Pokemon Bingo |
✨ Warps & Safari |
✨ Events |
✨ Crates |
✨ GTS |
✨ Pokedex Rewards & Ranks |
✨ Bosses |
✨ BattlePass (Basic & Premium) |
✨ Battle Towers |
✨ Economy |
✨ Shop |
✨ Quests |
✨ Adventure Map |
✨ Bosses |
✨ Poke Builder |
✨ Friendly Community |

Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Pokemon Survival

Ac Pixelmon

AC Pixelmon is a very small but friendly server. We
are a week old and have 5 to 10 players, but we have a fresh 9.1.0
Pixelmon map and a few benefits that we are proud of~

1: We have 0 pay to win features, no paid ranks, no loot crates.

2: Joining to play is very simple, just download the Pixelmon Reforged
9.1.0 modpack on the Curseforge app and join!

3: We have boosted legendary spawn and shiny spawn rates (40% L spawn up
from 30% default, 1 in 3k S spawn, up from 1 in 4k default)

4: We have a few sidemods that work with pixelmon such as JEI crafting
menu, daily catch bingo cards that give great rewards, claims so that
you can protect spaces from griefing, and Vaults for extra storage on
the go.

5: Shiny starters!

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Novoro | A Hybrid Survival/Adventure Pixelmon Experience | 1.16.5

Novoro is a Survival/Adventure hybrid server, offering a custom made region, and a separate survival world. This server will appeal to many different kinds of trainers, with an emphasis being placed on:
Region Exploration | Pokedex Completion | Exploration | Competitive Battling | Community Events

Novoro Region:

The Novoro Region will function the same as a standard Pokemon game would. After choosing your starter, your journey will begin. The main goal will be to collect all 8 Gym Badges and then challenge the Elite 4 (NPCs). There will also be loot scattered all around the map, and mysterious structures offering tantalizing rewards. Dynamic Events will also be occurring, so be on the lookout for those!

Survival World:
The Survival World will be where your Minecraft experience takes place. We will be using a world generated using the Biomes You’ll Go mod, which will provide players with breathtaking biomes, and gorgeous locations to build bases in. This world, as well as the other dimensions, will all have a world border.
Overworld: 10,000×10,000
Nether: 7,500×7,500
End: 7,500×7,500
Ultra Space: 7,500×7,500
The Overworld may expand with each update, while Nether/End/Ultra Space will be periodically reset. After the Overworld has been mostly discovered and looted, a resource world (BYG) will be created which will also periodically reset, giving newer players the opportunity to loot and explore fresh terrain.

Novoro will place a large emphasis on competitive events, often offering exclusive and unique rewards which make participating worthwhile.
Tournaments – PvP Competitions which will have format/rules be selected via player voting. These will usually be comprised of Smogon formats and rules, but will also have custom formats for more casual players. Participation Prizes will also be given out.
BattlePass Competitions – Whenever a Battle Pass is released, players will compete against each other to be amongst the first to reach a certain milestones via leveling up skills (/skills).
Building Contests – A Build theme will be announced, and players will be given the opportunity to create masterpieces, either in a group (max 2) or alone. Participation Prizes will also be given out.
Hide & Seek – A statue(s) will be hidden somewhere around the Novoro region. Players will be in charge of finding them, with hints being given out periodically until they are found.

IP and Links:
IP: (Currently whitelisted until Beta Survival release, read below)
Donation Store: N/A

As of the time this is posted, we are not yet public but our Beta Survival Server is very close to launching (within the next couple of days)!

Join the discord to stay up to date =)

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NitroMon [Fresh Map]

NitroMon is a unique world within Pixelmon. Bringing Pokémon to Minecraft using the modpack Pixelmon Reforged. Using this pack we have poured our soul into building and developing a unique experience for you to explore and find hidden secrets throughout the world while having fun and making friends along the way. Some notable features we have include Custom Textures, Safari zones, Player/NPC gyms, Events, Crates, and Pokedesigner/Pokebuilder. Join us today and become a NitroMon Master!

Requires Pixelmon v9.0.11 and Oh the biomes you’ll go!