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Minecloud Skyblock

Minecloud is a new skyblock server with quality plugins to make your experience better.You will start on an island where you will have to strive for the best, you have options where you can upgrade your island to become better and produce more things. There are various areas where you can start mining to get money that will help you buy things from the shop. There are skills, the opiums will give you various rewards and you will become even stronger, there are also jobs, the opiums will give you money.
We will be very happy to see you,See you soon!

Jobs , Auctions , Skills , Votes , Crates!

Economy Shops

DeliciousWorld server Minecraft

We invite you to a wonderful balanced classic server with a lot of features!
═══ஜ IP:
═══ஜ PORT: 20026

═══ஜ[❌Наши преимущества:❌]ஜ═══

═══ஜ Round-the-clock work of the server and online administrators 24/7!
═══ஜ An insanely large number of slots for you and your friends – 950!
═══ஜ Balanced donation, all players extract resources with their own labor!
═══ஜ A huge number of warps for an interesting pastime!
═══ஜ All the amenities for a comfortable development: car mines, car distribution, luck rooms!
═══ஜ Cases with privileges for play money!
═══ஜ Ability to buy and sell regions through tablets!
═══ஜ Developed economy: shops, money, jobs, quests, and business!
═══ஜ Frequent events on the server, as well as drawings in the group!

═══ஜ[❌Наши контакты:❌]ஜ═══
═══ஜ VK group –
═══ஜ Autodonat –

Active Claim Community Diamond Discord Economy Java Landclaim Lush Lushsurvival Mcmmo New Playereconomy Playershops Pve Pvp Semivanilla Shops Survival Town Vanilla

Lush Survival | 🏠Land Claim | 🏪Player Shops | ⛏️mcMMO | 🗺️Server Map | 💵Economy |

🏠Land Claim
🏪Player Shops
💎Diamond Based Economy
🐦Fly in claims
⚔️Toggle PvP
❌No Crates
🛒Auction House
📦Chest, Inventory, & Hotbar-Sorting
⛅Vote for Time & Weather
✅EULA Compliant (Not Pay to Win)

Economy Essentialsx Roleplay Shops Staff Survival

R3SS Server

WE DO NOT SUPPORT [ viaversion ] the only version is 1.9 for some reasons
1.9 is the version but updates does not make you feel bored never !!
-Builders team ( for players )
-Daily challenges and events and minigames at the end of the day
-lovely friends
-Marriage system
-Various abilities – custom abilities –
-Custom ranks
-Dragon Slayer role!! and rewards!
( Many things either join us! )

Custom Discord Fun Shops


Splashcraft is a server with a unique experience with a lot of custom items that make the experience of playing much more fun these items can be obtained by playing you can join the server by using 1 of the following Ips:
More info on how to join the server in the discord

Bedrock Bedrockedition Community Coreprotect Discord Economy Economysurvival Friendly Griefprevention Hardcoresurvival Java Javacrossplay Javacrossplaybedrock Javaedition Lgbtfriendly Lgbtqfriendly Mcmmo Nametags Npcs Pcmc Playershops Playstation Protection Quests Shops Survival Switch Towns Villages Xbox

Neon Dynasty SMP (Java & Bedrock Crossplay)

Neon Dynasty SMP
Part of the Neon Dynasty Gaming Community

Neon Dynasty SMP provides you with a friendly community, accepting of all. We have a well established community of over 1000 members on our Discord Server, with Neon Dynasty SMP being the latest edition.

Join our Discord

What our Minecraft server has to offer:

  • Hardcore Survival (more monsters!)
  • MCMMO (skills and levels)
  • Custom seasons! Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter (more info on our Wiki)
  • Quests (even with NPCs)
  • Shops (NPC and player shops)
  • Economy with Jobs (will you be a high-roller?)
  • Towns & Villages (create your own with land protection)
  • Land Protection & Rollback (we’ve got you covered!)
  • Nametags and other cool loot!
  • Active community of over 1000 other gamers! (join our discord)
  • How to Connect:

    Connect via PC

    Minecraft Java Edition
    Multiplayer > Add Server

    Server Address:

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition
    Play > Servers > Scroll down to Additional Servers > Add Server

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Connect via Consoles

    Nintendo Switch
    Follow this YouTube guide.

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Follow this YouTube guide.

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Follow this YouTube guide.

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Fun Shops Survival

    Atlasmo Craft

    Atlasmo Craft is an awesome & beginner-friendly Minecraft survival server. It comes with lots of cool features like Guilds, Jobs, Shop, Achievements & more. Hurry up and join so you can start having fun on Atlasmo Craft as soon as possible. Good luck & have fun.

    118server Bedrock Casino Claims Crossplay Dynmap Economy Java Javabedrockcrossplay Javaedition Jobs Jobsreborn Mailbox Mcmmo Money Pvp Shops Starmail Survival

    Booty Lifts R Us

    PVP Wilderness
    Shops (more coming soon)
    …and MORE!!!

    Java IP:

    Bedrock IP:
    Port: 59507

    Dynmap: §a§l B§2§lo§a§lo§2§lt§a§ly§2§l L§a§li§2§lf§a§lt§2§ls§a§l R §2§lU§a§ls§r §3§o1.18 Survival§r – §6Claims§r – §cJobs§r – §aCasino§r- §dShops

    Buildingcompetitions Crates Customenchants Customizedexperience Customplugins Keepinventory Playershops Rewards Shops Survival Survivalmultiplayer Survivalserver Town Towny

    The Dark Side of the Moon [Towny] [Custom Survival]

                Create. Craft. Customize.

    The Dark Side of the Moon, or most commonly referred to as “DSOTM”, is a Java Minecraft server developed in 2019.
    The aim of the server is to run a custom survival Minecraft environment, that spans over multiple platforms and caters
    to all types of Minecraft players. While staying family friendly, expansive, and intertwined.

    Inspire others while inspiring yourself

    “We are all creatives in this world, and deserve a free place to express that. -Kickroqs 2019”

    Addition information expected soon.


    Shop for land minecraft server

    The owner of the “Shop for the Earth” server has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.