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!! SUMMER update is already on the servers !!

▬▬ IP: Port: 19132

➠ Version: 1.1.X

➠ Auto-donate:

➠ WITHOUT LAGS, Always a discount for donations, very low prices! No cheating on commands!

➠ Lots of Cool Plugins (Mobs; Weapons; Magic; Runes; Auto Parkour; King of the Hill; Clans; Weddings; Casino; Shop; Donat Cases; PvP Cases; Coins; God’s Armor; God’s Weapon; Effects; Pets; Levels; Prefixes ; Houses; Warps; Friends; Honest PVP; Quests; Loader work; Cooking; Many Many things!


► Kind admins appreciate and wait for all players! Connect and good luck playing with us!

► We are waiting for you on our server! Good luck :)► Server group ➠

► Frequent server updates; We do not wipe as often as some, we respect the players!

▬▬ server from the developer! ▬▬

➠ We do not have merged plugins, we are working on the project ourselves, we have many different interesting teams of plugins and events.

➠ 100% quality hosting allows you to play without lags!

➠ Many opportunities for donators and no cheating! Everything is fair!

➠ By opening a donat case, you pay off 100%, since the donation falls no lower than the cost of the case and even the top privilege!

➠ We keep all the privileges of the players since 2017 and have never deceived anyone!

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[1.19.2] The CraftXp Network:

[✵CraftXp Network✵]
The CraftXp Network is a small Minecraft server that focuses on core elements of friendly SMP with light quest and exploration themes. We use plugins to highlight and enhance the vanilla-esque play style.

Our Survival server features include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizable Land Protection
  • Opt-in PVP
  • Server Economy
  • Ranked Survival
  • And more!!
  • Our ranking system drives players to complete more of the minecraft advancements, acting as an extra level of challenge for Minecraft veterans, and a guide for new players!

    (All ranks must be earned IN GAME – NO PAY TO WIN RANKS OR KITS)

    Rank up to earn in game perks such as:

  • Nether and End access!
  • More Land Protection
  • More Homes!
  • Kits!
  • More Player Shops!
  • Special Realms Access!
  • Special Quests Access!
  • and more!
  • Bring on your friends, add members to your land protection, and work your way up to earn the coveted title of HERO as you build your own empire here on CraftXp!

    Our server has a developing Adventure hub world full of shops and NPC’s where we will be adding content for players to explore and enjoy in an adventure type play style. It is there we will also host events, provide access to quests, and special Realms.

    Test out your build ideas or just flex on other players with your building skills on our Creative super flat world! As players rank up, they will unlock more creative server plots to build on and protect!

    We also have a small Discord community (linked below). Link your discord account to your Minecraft account to get your in game rank reflected on Discord. We also have Discord-Minecraft chat, so players can chat while offline. Linked players can also utilize Discord proximity voice chat in game!

    Our Discord: Click Here

    Our Youtube Channel: Click Here

    Our Twitter: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Instagram: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Website:

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay on The CraftXp Network!
    – CraftXp, Ival70, Otterer (The Devs).


    EU AndromedaMC – Minecraft server



    Shop for land minecraft server

    The owner of the “Shop for the Earth” server has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

    Economy Entity Graves Jobsreborn Lootcrates Medieval Modded Npcshop Plugins Pvparena Pvpsurvival Shops Survival Vanilla


    Join the newest survival server. Pure survival, pvp, shops, jobs and many more to be added. We also have a discord were you can buy plots of land in the shopping district and build your own shops with a proper NPC shopkeeper. And we will be hosting events pretty often. If you want an old school survival Minecraft but a little modernized join us 🙂

    Server is always online

    Join our discord

    247server Pvp Shops Survival

    CreeperCraft Survival

    CreeperCraft Survival Server


    I used to host servers about 10 years ago. Decided I would start one again.

    KirdZa (why microsoft decided to change my name to that, i do not know)

    Creative Discord English Shops


    EN – Welcome to the NeighbourMC shop.

    NeighborMC is a bilingual server, both Dutch and English. On the server you can play together with other players. Also join our discord. ( Here you can be helped by one of our active staff members with all your questions. or share your most beautiful buildings and work together with another creative person.

    EN – Welcome to the NeighbourMC shop.

    NeighbourMC is a bilingual server both Dutch and English. On the server you can play together with other players. Join our discord. ( Here you can be helped by one of our active staff members with all your questions. or share your most beautiful buildings and work together with another creative.

    Discord Shops Survival

    Amethyst Community

    Introducing Amethyst SMP, A newly released server in Sri Lanka. This is a Whitelist Server, so You should join to our Discord server and request to join by submitting a whitelist request form provided by us.
    we have Great Admins and Friendly Staff support all the time. You can play Hardmode Survival with latest SlimeFun 4.
    come and take a experiance with us.

    • Version 1.19.2 (Can Join from Any Version)
    • Hard Mode Survival
    • SlimeFun 4 latest updates
    • Unique Server Shop
    • Bank System and Auction House
    • Rank system with cool features
    • 24 hours active staff/discord


    • Java (PC) –

    Discord – https://

    YouTube –
    Store –

    Bedwars Chestshops Creative Economy Faction Pvp Factions Fun History Jobs Lootcrates Mcmmo Minigames Needsstaff Needstaff New Paper Playershops Plugins Pvp Ranks Roleplay Rome Shops Small Smp Survival

    Verona SMP (NEW) (needs staff) (ancient Rome) | 1.19 | economy, survival, mcmmo, jobs, ranks, minigames, shops, factions, pvp
    Looking for a small community of friends to join?

    Welcome to Verona!10f863a6ad0133572ec7ac423bc7d0419c6a4691.png

    We are a BRAND NEW survival server with a small, welcoming, and growing community.

    We are looking for new members & staff!

    Set during the time of Ancient Rome, we currently offer a wide selection of fun (40+ plugins) ranging from player chestshops, an economy, jobs, McMMO, plots, a creative world, lootcrates, factions, PvP, a welcoming community, tons of minigames, and more!

    Earn money to rank up and dominate Roman society!

    Rome SMP (NEW) (needs staff) | 1.19 Minecraft Server

    BedWars, Paintball, TnT Run, Spleef, Parkour, Casino, and more to come!

    Server IP:

    NoCheatPlus, WorldGuard, CoreProtect, AntiXray, WorldEdit/FAWE & more!

    Come join our small and growing community today!

    Rome SMP (NEW) (needs staff) | 1.19 Minecraft Server44dc5e11ee23c20b94c54375bdab4a7dde0630dc.png

    Anarchy Creative Free Mini Games Plugins Shops Skyblock Survival Vanilla

    GMGame Server Minecraft

    Construction – survival server.

    Friendly team.

    We try to stick to vanilla, for the most part.

    No privates and mini games.

    Without anarchy, wipes and donat shop.

    Administration 18+

    Adminka, Opka and other similar things are not distributed or sold!

    WhiteList is installed on the server

    We adhere to democratic principles and everyone can influence the development of the server by offering a worthy idea.

    The server is free.

    The server has three game modes:

    – Survival:

    Login through the whitelist, to add to the whitelist, you must leave a request on the website

    Reception from sixteen years old (exceptions are allowed for adequate players who will tell in detail about themselves and share examples of buildings).

    — Creative (Creative):

    Free admission. Server based on the PlotSquared plugin. The best building plugins are also used: FAWE, goBrush, goPaint, Arceon, Builder’s Utilities.

    — Skyblock (SkyBlock):

    Free admission. Temporarily closed for renovation.

    – Installed Simple Voice Chat

    – You can share emotions with Emotecraft



    Server map: