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ZanderCraft returns 8 years later! on this occasion to stay and with more desire than ever. On the server we have survival, clans, kitpvp for the moment. We will be expanding the server as possible with more entertainment for the players. A small community where you can focus on having a survival role or being the deadliest on the server.

We will wait for you!

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Lostshard RPG [Custom] [Magic] [Spells] [Skills] [PvP] [SMP] [1.16.5]

Lostshard, a Minecraft RPG server and revival of the original Lostshard.


Discord: click here to join

MC Version: 1.16.5Welcome to Lostshard – on our server you will find a completely custom RPG / MMORPG type experience loosely based off Ultima Online.

Insane PvP, and skill, class, magic, plot, clan + economy systems built from scratch.

No mods required but completely reinvents how Minecraft can be played

And for people who played on the original Lostshard, welcome back!

Come join our discord:

Pictures below to offer a glimpse of what Lostshard is like – come check it out

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Valhalla Kraft ~ SMP ~ VIKING ~ Custom Biomes ~ MCMMO

Valhalla Kraft ~ SMP ~ VIKING ~ Custom Biomes ~ MCMMO Minecraft Server

We are Valhalla Kraft!
We bring you the following features!

– Viking Theme
– Custom Biomes
– Realalistic Seasons
– Custom Bosses
– Custom Blocks
– Custom Enchants
– Auction House
– Anti Griefing
– High performance Anti Cheat
– Custom Mobs
– Economy
– Easy to use claim system (with GUI)
– Dedicated staff

We are a Java only server at this time!

Discord: (Click Me)
TikTok: (Click Me)


Clans Economy Elements Landclaim Survival


Ladies and gentlemen, are you tired of playing on boring Minecraft servers with no excitement or challenges? Are you ready to take your Minecraft experience to the next level? Well, look no further, because BlockClub is here to deliver!

BlockClub is a unique Minecraft server where you can fight using magic and have a plot of land to yourself. That’s right, on BlockClub, you can wield powerful spells and engage in epic battles with other players. And with our state-of-the-art land claiming system, you can protect your creations and build your own kingdom.

But that’s not all! BlockClub also offers a friendly and welcoming community, where you can make new friends and share your experiences. And with our dedicated staff, you’ll always have someone to help you out or answer your questions.
So why wait? Join BlockClub today and start your adventure! Whether you’re a seasoned combat veteran or a newcomer to the magic scene, BlockClub has something for everyone. Join us and be a part of the most exciting Minecraft experience out there!

mcBlockClub does its best to cater to everyone�s needs. That being said, the server supports everything above 1.17.1 just to make sure there is nothing missing from the new updates!
You can play Survival, SMP, Economy, PvP, PvE on the mcBlockClub server!

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Oger Labs

Looking for a unique / 24/7 Server? :Potion1:


✎ Oger-Laboratories is a Minecraft Server. The Server is mainly RPG, which is work in progress but will soon be released. In RPG we make Experiments and Products! Our goal is to have a friendly Community.

:Verified: No lag!
:Verified: Online 24/7
:Verified: PvP
:Verified: Unique Discord Server!
:Verified: 6-10 Online Players every day!
:Verified: Amazing Staff!
:Verified: Easy to play
:Verified: Free AFK Rewards
:Verified: Many Minigames!
:Verified: Clan Support!
:Verified: Music
:Verified: Duels

✎ IP:
✎ Bedrock Port: 19132

Clans Survival

Kinkers SMP

KinkersSMP is a fun Minecraft SMP Server with fun players and a non toxic community! We have a clan system that requires you to create a ticket in our discord for a clan | Survival 1.19.4 | Good development server | Professional and respectful staff members

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RolePlayMc [Cracked]

Welcome to this server! This server offers you everything that a premium server would offer you!

We have the following points for you:

  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • plots
  • Adminshops
  • player shops
  • Banks
  • pets
  • Clans
  • Trains
  • elevators
  • Various minigames:
  • Hungergames
  • Football
  • Paintball
  • OneBlock
  • SkyBlock
  • AcidIsland
  • Chess
  • Spleef
  • It is also possible to play from the Bedrock Edition! (Bedrock from PC or from mobile)
    However, port 19132 is required for the Bedrock Edition!

    On our server you have different possibilities to get money:

  • accept a job
  • complete quests
  • play minigames
  • build store
  • Store money in the bank and earn interest
  • Buy land and then rent it out
  • All mobs and monsters also drop money when you kill them
  • Of course there are also rewards for voting, which can sometimes be money and sometimes items!

    Create or join a clan! Clan wars are also possible!
    Both in the survival world and in the PVP arena! The system
    recognizes which clan you belong to and thus gets points! No
    fear, clan members can not harm you! So uninhibited
    off to battle!

    There are also weekly events!
    These can look different… be it a huge labyrinth where the
    first 3 players who escape this get a nice reward,
    or be it in the form of a football tournament. Now and again
    but we can also give you the good fortune to build a plot of land
    to hide many different items in this, and you are allowed to do the whole thing
    demolish property! and of course keep the collected items!

    The pets are normal mobs and monsters that you can buy. each
    Pet has its own pros and cons, so think about it carefully
    what you want!
    Of course you can too
    sell it and buy another one, but then you lose it
    Levels you have already reached with the old one! And the levels are
    important for pets! The higher the level of the pet, the better
    greater is the advantage it brings you!

    We also have a discord server where you can create a ticket, which is
    then look at the admins or the owner himself and try best
    possible to solve your problem!
    You can also use these tickets to make suggestions or wishes!

    There is also a channel for applications on the Discord server! So
    if you like the server and want to be part of the team,
    then just have a look at #application!

    We look forward to you! See you soon!

    Your RolePlay team 😀

    Clans Customitems Nolag Nopay2win Nopaytowin Pvp Quests Survival

    Cattleya – NO P2W Survival

    Why are you wasting your time on Pay-to-win, unfair and boring survival servers?
    Stop doing that!
    Join Cattleya for an actually fun server that cares about its community, and values your time and fun!

    What makes us different?
    • Unique items, created only for our server
    • Quests with awesome rewards
    • Clans, alliances & wars
    • Claimable areas
    • A chat on which you can say “mean words”
    • Different economy system
    • No /tpa, /back or /fly
    • 0% Pay-To-Win
    • Community events
    • An actual identity
    • And much more…

    What are you waiting for? An invitation?
    There you have it!

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    The Havok Server [ Java & Bedrock ] Minigames / Survival / Factions / Chat Commands

    Come join the Havok Server! The Havok Server has a survival area, and factions commands like /kits, /sethome, /home, /clan create, /tpa, /rtp, /mute ( username ), /buy ( item ) ( amount ), /sell ( item ) ( amount ) and more! There is also Minigames like Spleef, Skywars, TNT RUN, Pakour, Hunger Games, mazes and more! The server has tons of features, and any command you see when you type / bar you can use. The server is meant to be super simple, with books with instructions on how to the server features that is subjectively easy to understand. It is not like those complected servers where it feels so overwhelming because of how many features they have. Getting out of spawn is not a hassle either, and there are tons of things to do! There is also a huge physical shop in case you do not want to use slash ( / ) commands like /buy and /sell. Come join the Havok Server today and be apart of our awesome community, with active staff and voting every Friday where we vote on policy issues, proposals and more !

    The discord link War
    The server is cross platform ( Supports Java and Bedrock ) and almost every version of Minecraft

    There is also support for other languages as well! Of course English, German, Japanese and Spanish and more languages coming soon!

    Bedrockedition Bedrockjavacrossplay Clans Griefprevention Hardcore Hungergames Javabedrockcrossplay Javaedition Pvptoggle Rankup Revive Semihardcore Smp Survival Survivalgames Twitch Vote

    Zatiejo’s Semi-Hardcore SMP (Twitch Server)

    Welcome to my official Semi-Hardcore SMP!
    This is my official Twitch based SMP server! We are both JAVA and BEDROCK compatible!

    Java and Bedrock Crossplay
    Got a friend you want to play with, but can’t because they don’t play Java Edition, and only have Bedrock Edition? Well, today is your lucky day!

    Both Java AND Bedrock players can join my server. Not only that, but Bedrock players DO NOT need a Java account or UUID to join the server!

    Here’s how you can get your Bedrock buddies to join:
    1. Go to the ‘Servers’ Tab
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the Server list, and select ‘Add Server’
    3. Type in anything you want for the Server Name
    4. For Address and Port… Type in ‘’ for Address. Type in ‘25584’ for the Port. After that, click either ‘Play’ or ‘Save’ (Save is recommended.)
    5. Feel free to join, and have fun!

    We can’t wait to invite and welcome our new upcoming Bedrock community!

    Ranks and Permissions
    First of all. I just want to point out that I’m gonna remake the permissions as of writing this, as the current permissions in the ranks is a mess.
    There will still be a rankup system!
    It’s almost similar to our last rankup system, but more simplified and less OP.
    – The default rank.
    – Will have basic starter perms such as /sethome, /tpa, etc…

    Citizen (requires 5 minutes of playtime, and 64 cobble)
    – Permission to change nickname /nick
    – Earn 1 Diamond

    Cleric (requires 5 hours of playtime, and 64 cobble and 64 coal)
    – Have 2 sethomes.
    – Earn 1 Diamond

    Knight (requires 12 hours of playtime, and 64 cobble, 64 iron ingots)
    – Permission to /craft or /workbench
    – Earn 1 Diamond
    – Earn +100 claim-blocks

    Grandmaster (requires 1 day of playtime, and 64 cobble and 64 gold ingots)
    – Have 3 sethomes.
    – Earn 1 Diamond, 1 Totem of Undying

    Regent (requires 5 days of playtime, 64 cobble, and 64 diamonds)
    – Permission to use /enderchest or /ec
    – Permission to chat in colors
    – Permission to rename items with /itemname while holding the item
    – Earn 2 Totems of Undying

    You can also Donate to get the donor heart! Once you donate, you’ll have a little heart in front of your prefixes!
    Donors have:
    – Nickname permissions
    – Colorful chat permissions
    – Use /workbench or /craft
    – Change and Disguise into mobs

    Hardcore Changes
    We’re using a revive system! Players, whether in a clan or not, can revive other players that are dead/still in spectator.

    However, if you’re in spectator, make sure you’re not in the ground once you get revived.

    Players can revive dead players by doing /revive while holding a totem of undying!

    Won’t this be an issue with raid farms?
    Don’t worry, we got that covered! We have put a raid cooldown on the server to prevent such. We will also kindly ask that you don’t use any exploits or insanely OP farms to gain massive amounts of totems of undying.