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Minecraft Gang

Open custom world with pvp enabled everywhere and multiple tier of loot chests to get gear from.

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Escapade – Enhanced Survival

Welcome to Escapade!

We are a survival multiplayer server (1.15.2) with a focus on enhancing the vanilla experience and fostering a friendly community. Come join us!


  • SlimeFun mechanisms
  • Custom enchantments
  • Online Dynmap
  • Weather events
  • Diseases/Health
  • Thirst
  • Furniture
  • Brewery
  • Custom food and drinks
  • Crate rewards
  • Clans
  • Marriage
  • Emotes/Feelings
  • … and more!
  • Additional credit to VerySmolBirb!

    Edit: Please don’t ask us for staff or builder, as we already have a great staff team! Thank you!

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    SUGUnion | 1.13.2 – 1.15.2 Network

    Our community is expanding and always improving. We do this for the players, and we are constantly adding new ideas.

    Features :

    – Factions!
    – Skyblock!
    – KitPvP!
    – Creative!
    – Survival!

    One of the most passionate and extending communities over planet Minecraft. We’re a network with active and friendly staff and an amazing community. Our network is unique because we bring an experience of Survival you won’t forget…

    Come check us out today!

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    Fuego Errante

    El mejor Survival RPG en español: En nuestro survival tenemos un sistema economico avanzado, basado en una moneda propia y el comercio entre jugadores mediante tiendas y la AdminShop, mazmorras únicas con bosses muy epicos para poder conseguir items Ops únicos, un sistema de rangos y clases con características únicas para cada uno de ellos, magias increíbles que te ayudarán en el combate, curas, vuelo, etc, mascotas (pets), clanes, creación de ciudades, guerras entre clanes y mucho más. 0% LAG asegurado y Staff 100% imparcial.

    Estamos activos desde el año 2014… ¡6 años! Con algunas temporadas de vacaciones, claro está. xD

    Contamos con página web y foros con Fichas de mazmorras y un amplio abanico de tutoriales y videotutoriales explicativos, que nos servirán de ayuda para manejarnos dentro del survival RPG. ¡Tenemos más de 150 plugins funcionando, muchos de ellos, propios.

    También contamos con asiduos jugadores respetuosos y que siempre están dispuestos a echar una mano a los que llegan nuevos a nuestro servidor. Esto es lo mejor que tiene Fuego Errante, su comunidad.

    ¿A qué esperas para probar?


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    OG Clans – MC Factions – PVP – Custom [ALL Versions]

    OG Clans is an oldschool Factions Server, with new-age technology. We have everything you love about advanced minecraft servers, and everything you love about old school factions. We use premium hardware, and premium plugins, ensuring you the best gaming session’s possible.

    We Feature things like:

    Plenty of Kits
    Free rank for everyone who wants one
    3 Homes for player with just a free rank!
    Max 10 people per faction, so individual factions aren’t ever to strong.
    Skilled, kind, capable, and hard working staff brings you security that your fair play is protected.

    Join us on IP :

    Clans Community Craftbook CTF Custom Dedicated European Fast Fly Logblock Lwc Notch Plugins Powerful Pve Pvp Ram Roleplay Simple Skyland Stable Survival War Worldedit Worldguard Zombies

    JR Craft – Survival

    Join one of the longest running Minecraft communities. Starting a new survival Journey…

    – New map
    – Quests (in progress of creation)
    – No lag
    – Ability to switch off pvp if not wanted (off by default – /pvp)
    – PVP Arenas (use /duel)
    – MobArena (/ma join)
    – Updated plugins
    – Fast server
    – No bulls***
    – Great community

    Plugin info and Server News:


    We do have a donator rank, this will give you some in game benefits. This is to help pay for our ever growing expensive servers.


  • Unlimited Griefprevention blocks
  • Have multiple homes
  • Keep xp on death
  • Use /fly and /flyspeed
  • Have a pet /petblock
  • Have 99 homes
  • Create and use chat groups /group
  • Use Chat colors
  • Use a nickname /nick
  • Use vanish /vanish
  • Use playertime /ptime
  • Repair items /repair
  • Feed yourself
  • Heal yourself
  • Do not need to sleep like other users to change server time to day
  • Use /firework
  • Use /workbench
  • Use /back
  • Use /compass
  • Use a hat
  • Join the server if it is full
  • Unlimited Shopchests
  • For more information please look at:

    Claims Clans Economy Metro Staffneeded Survival Teams Voting

    MetropolisMC Survival – 1.8-1.15.2

    MetroMC is a fun survival server with many fun features to offer! We support versions 1.8-1.15.2!

    > Claims, Crates, Treasure Chests
    > AuctionHouse, Shop GUI
    > OPTIONAL PvP arena
    > Professional Staff Team
    > The overworld is PVP FREE and GRIEF FREE. PvP is only enabled at /warp pvp
    > Silk Spawners and custom mob drops join today!


    Auctions Clans Class Crates Events Jobs Koth Magic Mcmmo Pvp Quest Ranks Shop Survival

    World of Clans

    World of Clans is a Minecraft server based on Survival / PvP with clans and classes. There are two classes on the server, Angel and Demon. You have the opportunity to choose only one class.

    Custom Enchants, Craftings, Claims, Shops, Ranks, Boss, Mob Coins, Kits, Crates, Events, KoTH, Quests, Auctions, SellWands, CropHoppers, Tradings, Lottery, Jobs, and much more !

    Join us now!

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    Lostshard is a NON-PAY2WIN, fully survival, PvP server built on a fully custom code.

    On Lostshard, pvp and surviving is the name of the game. Our server is the perfect place for anyone looking to experience a NON-PAY2WIN minecraft server, and we feature a plugin code built up from the ground that includes:

    🔮 Simple Magic

    ⚗️ Mana & Stamina

    🚩 Capture Events (Hostility & Havok)

    ⚒️Custom MCMMO Skills


    🕉️Karma system (Worthy, Criminal, Murderer)


    💰Player-based Economy


    ⚔️1.8 PvP (shields disabled, no hit timer)


    Version: 1.15.2 (with 1.8 pvp) (shields disabled, no hit timer)

    Releases: June 6th, 2pm EST

    Youtube: [b=false][/b]

    Discord: [b=false][/b]
    Help page: [b=false][/b]

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    ChaseCraftX Faction Server [1.8 – 1.15] $100 F-TOP Prize (OldPvP Mechanics)

    ChaseCraftX is a Factions Server With Fully Configured Plugins
    – PvP logging system
    – Raiding breaks obsidian in 6 TNT Hits
    – GUIShop /shop for fast convenient shopping
    – McMMO-
    – Voting Rewards
    – AntiCheat
    – PlayerVaults
    – Pets
    – Custom Tags /Buy
    – Customized Spawners

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