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Hello Adventurer!

Welcome to the PheonixBlazing server!

Endeavour on your Pixelmon journey with us at your side. Whether you are looking to play competitively or for fun, this is the server for you! We have an amazing, friendly community who always help each other out (Not to mention our awesome staff!). We are constantly working hard to add more features to the Pixelmon server whilst also hosting engaging events with prizes to be won!

Features: RaidDens,Daycare,Shards,PlayerGyms,Gyms&Cities,MiniGames,Events,Pokehunt,
BattlePass,MMOSKILLS,And So much more (actually ran out of room)

Be sure to bring along your friends as we always have room for more!


118server Anarchy Cavesandcliffs Chat Friends Latestversion New Newserver Server Smp Survival Teams Vanilla


DarkxCraft : caves and cliff update 1.18

DarkxCraft is a new survival based server providing a fun enviroment for players to enjoy, our server isnt and will never be pay to win and we will be updating to caves and cliffs update on the hour for players to enjoy the new version and features within minecraft, We provide a fun enviroment for all types of players,

Survival Mode: Our survival mode is a semi-vanilla survival world , we hope to do many pvp events in future to win different types of prizes, we have 0 hacking allowed and it will result in a 7 day ban for anyone seen cheating. DarkxCraft will have many other fun features to create a more enjoyable experience, griefing,raiding, killing and free speah will be allowed on the server.

Players can create teams with friends or anyone they meet to teamup and have a private chat to talk and plan their journey together!




-private chat

-no admin abuse

-anti hack

-not many rules



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Scylla’s Rock

Have you ever played on a SMP where everyone live so far apart that it’s almost like playing single player?
That’s a common problem, especially on raiding allowed servers.

Here at Scylla’s Rock we’ve set out to fix the common issues faced by many servers out there while giving it our own unique touch.
Our plugins and design encourage player interaction. When you join the server, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join one of three existing
teams, more will come in the future. All teams are lead by regular players. Two of which are seeking new leadership.

Here’s a few of the things that make us special:

  • Custom plugins, including team mechanics better than factions.
  • Community-based
  • No Pay to Win {non-for profit}
  • Increased difficulty!
  • Lore & Role-play that isn’t in your face
    Staff applications welcome.

    **Currently re-designing new player welcome areas, and gearing up for season one, hope you’re ready!**

    Hardcore Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Multiplayer New Newserver Smp Survival Teampvp

    Encrypted LifeSteal

    Give our new LifeSteal Minecraft server a try! Vote for our server on different websites to earn rewards! You’re allowed to grief, team, spy, on others, set bounties, and you can VC with other players in our discord server! Make sure to check out all rules when you join.

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    Simply Survival SMP



    Craft, build, survive, vanilla.
    A fresh and simple semi-vanilla survival experience with teleportation, grief prevention, trading, and shops!
    Come meet our community, and start your adventure!


    Player Warps | Set your very own warps that others can visit!
    Vanilla Economy | There is no virtual currency, just like vanilla minecraft!
    Teleportation | Easily teleport to other players around the world! No more coordinates!
    Traders | Trade emeralds with merchants for various items!
    Grief Prevention | Protect your builds from other players!
    Smith Shop | Combine rare items to create powerful tools & armors!

    Bedwars Events Freeranks Friendlycommunity Friendlysurvival Mcmmo Needbuilders Needhelp Needplayers Needsstaff Needstaff Needstaffnewserver New Newlyopened Newserver Nogrief Ranks Roleplay Survival

    🛡️ Dragon Shield 🛡️ • Custom Bedwars and Friendly Survival • 24/7 (Newly Opened)

    Welcome to DRAGON SHIELD
    Opened 11/11/2021
               We we’re an old community that closed down 2 years ago now we’re back and stronger than ever!
    We offer you a fun and custom experience from other servers our current
    gamemodes are Bedwars and Friendly Survivall

    Key features:
    ➤ Land Claiming – Claim land & live with friends
    ➤ No griefing and no hackers!
    ➤ MCMMO – Level up Sword, Axe, Mining, fishing Skills! etc.
    ➤ Economy – Grind money by killing mobs or Questing
    ➤ Player Trading – Trade with others securely.
    ➤ Chest Locking – Use a sign to lock chests and keep people out!
    ➤ Free ranks – Everyone can have one in survival!
    ➤ Stream Events – Custom Events streamed by Justy135.
    ➤ Player Shops – Run the economy with your very own shop!
    ➤ Auction House – Have bidding wars on special items!

    ➤ Custom coded Bedwars!
    ➤ Custom built Islands
    ➤ Premium Experience with 1.8 PVP!
    ➤ Pets, Prizes and rewards!
    ➤ Leaderboards and monthly prizes!


    117server Anarchy Grief Hard Newserver Other Survival

    Waffle anarchy

    Anarchy, No rules 24/7 Dedicated. go to for fourms for the server! please leave comments good or bad will always help!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Bedwars Comzombies Minecraftserver Newserver Parkour Squidgame Survival Survivalgames

    GamerCloud Game Network | NEW Server!

    GamerCloud Game Network is a new 2021 Server that Offers a Variety of FUN. Our Goal is to provide players with an enjoyable time offering Minigames such as Survival, Bedwars, Call of Minecraft Zombies, Infinite Parkour, and The worlds Famous Squid Game. Along with GamerCloud Custom Arenas and Lobbies, Our Network HUB is one of a Kind! Come join and meet new players, party up with friends and play your favorite games. GamerCloud Offers a Beneficial VIP Rank which gives the player access to perks such as a fully configurable GUI System including Pets, Player Particles, and So Much More!
    24/7 Servers

    Anti-Cheat System

    Custom GamerCloud Arenas/Maps

    Rewarding Treasure Chests

    Streamer Friendly

    English Language Server

    Website linked is our discord!

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    Greedy NetWork

    Hello. Are you looking for unique experiences with great players? The AVARUS community can give you the best sensations! This community was opened a few days ago, so we are still at the beginning of the road. Join us and you will not regret it! Available sections: GREEN SURVIVAL 1.17, BLUE SURVIVAL 1.17, PRISON and SKYBLOCK CUSTOM

    Countries Economy Guns Nations Newserver Newworld Survival Towny Vehicles Wars Worldbuilding

    Allania Minecraft Worldbuilding Server

    Allania MC is a new worldbuilding server where you can create a town and a country and start wars and make alliances with other players, become a global superpower and colonize the world, Join Allania MC Today!

    Allania MC Discord:

    NOTICE: We are having issues with the guns and vehicles so they will be added later this year or next year.

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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    Minecraft is good for your brain?! Well, at least according to Google.

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    Is Roblox more popular than Minecraft?

    Is Minecraft better than Roblox?

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    2b2t has a griefing problem?

    2b2t has a griefing problem?

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