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Liberland Freebuild

Howdy! We’re Liberland Freebuild, a creative freebuild Minecraft server where the only limits are your imagination. We’re looking for passionate builders and lovers of creative Minecraft to join our community of 200 players. We’re offering all the tools and resources you need to build anything you may wish for.

This includes WorldEdit, ArmorStandEditor, HeadDatabase, and many more to give you the best possible creative Minecraft experience. We have no plots, meaning you can build anywhere you want. We have a custom multitool, which you can access by right clicking a clock, which gives you easy access to barriers, light blocks, invisible item frames, and more.

We have a great vast variety of worlds for you to choose from, so you have the greatest possible choice of choosing the environment where you build. Looking for a vanilla Minecraft world? The two normalgen worlds are for you. Looking for a sandbox where you don’t want to deal with terrain? Try our superflat world.

So come check us out, our server can’t wait to see your creations.

Join our Discord at Once there, we can whitelist you through our whitelisting bot.

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Tellurian Network

Tellurian Network

Tired of searching for a friendly Survival Multiplayer community? Well look further! Tellurian Network features two separate gamemodes — Incendium and MCEarth!

MCEarth: Featuring a 1:2000-scale map of the Earth, space travel, skills, Towny, and numerous other features, we provide a wholesome community and geopolitical action for players! Get in on the action now, with our simplistic and easy-to-learn economy system! Not only that, but our Space Travel system allows you to go to custom celestial bodies and fight custom monsters and bosses, featuring custom items and mob models/textures! (CUSTOM RESOURCEPACK REQUIRED!!!)

Incendium: Featuring custom nether and end generation, with new, unique bosses and structures throughout the dimensions, allowing you to explore to your hearts content

And feel free to check out our Discord!

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Apollo smp 1.18.2 [Land claims] [world border] season 2 starting soon

Welcome to Apollo nations smp,

this is a community-run semi-vanilla server

the main goal of this server is to create and rule a mini-empire with limited resources

the world border is set to 25k blocks, which means that you will have to fight nations and small clans for land and power, griefing of buildings will not be allowed, but scavenging items from chests will be allowed due to limited resources

Alliances with other factions and nations will benefit you greatly

This is a public server, however there are a few requirements that we have for everyone’s saftey


Must be 13+

Must have a paid Minecraft account, no cracked clients

Staff info: We are hiring staff for any active players that would like to contribute to the moderation

Other questions: for any other questions please message Burpleguy#0001


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Welcome to shrimp craft
our server ip is
We are a community driven minecraft server with owners as dedicated to having a fun experience. We offer survival, hemlocke, pixelmon, creative. All our worlds are linked so all you need is to connect! With the exception of Aethei’s special world Hemlocke.
You can check that out here!
Survival Server
A server where all are treated equal with focus dedicated to proving your worth by building up your city, becoming a merchant king by ruling the economy, or just working the day away as a simple farmer. With mcmmo and jobs you’ll never get bored!Don’t want to tear up your beautiful area or surrounding ones? Head on over to the resource world in survival spawn to gather resources to your heart’s content!If you have any issues be sure to contact this world’s designated staff!

Creative Server
It is what it is. Find a place make your town and build. Vote to earn in game money for more claim blocks
Pixelmon 1.12.2
The thing everyone knows and loves currently in beta on our server! No promises on progression kept untill we get everything all wrapped up.

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HomelyCraft – SMP

Are you looking for an engaging experience in an SMP server?

Well look no further! HomelyCraft has loads of things to keep everyone entertained! From bosses, to location discoveries, we have it all! That’s not it though, because we offer multiple ways for people to get the most out of the server with custom plugins, spawn shop, player warps and so much more!

Soon we will be opening an RPG world for players to join! This involved hundreds of custom builds, missions, npcs and a full storyline to play along with. In addition, we will be adding a serverwide passive ranking system, which will function in all the worlds.

We’ve recently added discoverable graveyards to the main survival world, just to spice things up a little and we will soon be adding custom “Randomly generated” structures and cities as well.

We have loads of new updates on the way and will continue to improve this server in everyway possible. Join us on the journey today!

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Moonglow Adventures

If you want to join our Server pls go to and write an application. If you fit in, you will become a member.

We started in July 2021 but unfortunately a lot of people aren’t playing anymore so we decided to restart and give other people a shot.

What we offer:

  • GriefProtection
  • Advanced Teleport
  • Chestshop Plugin
  • Multiverse (Not connected to Public yet)
  • Dynmap
  • Who we look for:

  • Long-term and active players with great ideas
  • Play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of his/her ability
  • People who enjoy trading with others!
  • Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones
  • Participate in community events and activities(not always mandated)
  • Interact with other people in a mature way
  • 18+ year old players only!
  • English only!

  • Categories
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    ExternalCraft SMP

    ExternalCraft has a really friendly player community with weekly or daily updates custom plugins made by us and a lot more!!!
    ExternalCraft is just not any Minecraft server it’s a SMP Server with the most advanced economy and beauty, we have a total of 3 worlds to choice from and that is purple and green and also red and even a pvp arena that’s in our second amazing hub, we also provide custom items like swords and armours and even crates we listen to our players for armour and sword and even crate ideas to deliver happiness and fun times we also deliver a claim and home system and town system to make players connect and make towns and grow, but that ain’t it we also deliver the best staff team with 24/7 support and make your gaming experience on the the server the best, we also have a lot of special items for your advantage, and also we have a level system that has some very special perks every time you level up like ores to even items.

    We would love to see you in our community.

    Join us via discord

    Or through our IP

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    OrdinaryWonders 21+ Mature Minecraft Server

    Taking 1.17 applications now! It is a great time to join us as we update the server to 1.17! Visit to get started!

    We are an adult 21+ semi-vanilla SMP Minecraft server, built to be a laid-back and a drama-free place to unwind, get creative, and have a little fun.

    In order to play on our server you will need to visit our website and follow the application process.

    You can visit the server as a guest upon request… as a guest you can look around and talk to everyone, but you won’t be able to build until your application is approved. Please message EternityMine on Discord (EternityMine#50133) if you wish to visit.

    Take a look at our Dynmap link to see our worlds at

    And you can check out our Discord (Ordinary Wonders Minecraft) to learn more about our plugins and datapacks.

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    (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ━━✯.*・。゚ * GAMEON | PvP|PvE – Aussie Hosted | 80 Plugins 1.17.1 | Join Us!

    (Zu.◕‿‿◕.) Zu
    ▬|▬▬ﺤGameOn━━✯.*・。゚ *

    JoinNow! –> IP:


    Scroll Down For Information!
    Join The Discord!

    Other Server I Admin On. Larrylith

    LarryVille Middle School

    (Zu.◕‿‿◕.) Zu
    ▬|▬▬ﺤGameOn━━✯.*・。゚ *
    **Server Features:** Version 1.17.1 NEWSPAWN IN PROGRESS
    -Lots of worlds to explore
    -FPS style maps
    -Bender fashion
    -Magic Beginner Wand
    -Magic Custom Items
    -NPC Traders in Spawn
    -Help Join Item Menu
    -BlepFishing Tournaments
    -McMMO RETRO Mode
    -McMMO Party Mode
    -Fishing 36 Custom Fish
    -Deep Storage Chests
    -Infinity Stones
    -Jobs Pay To Play
    -Auto Play Time Ranks
    -Discord Proximity Voice Chat
    -Player Plots
    -Starter Kit
    -Advance Achievements
    -More Ores
    -Armored Elytra
    -Lots of Commands
    -Friendly Owner
    Awesome Community To much to mention + Forever Evolving.

    Any Problems See
    Active Owner.

    Need help?. Join Our GameOn Discord:

    L4RRYtv -California Streamer, Server Admin and all around nice guy!

    ___MrCrazy___ -Australia Streamer, Server Admin (also a nice guy 😉 )

    Larrylith Discord Server:

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    Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would be like in the dark? Well, that’s exactly what this server is about. It’s a dark, spooky place. With powerful monsters lurking in the shadow…