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Arcadia ✨ | Australian Hosted 🐨 | [1.8 – 1.20.2] Quests, Claims and Community

Arcadia ✨ | Australian Hosted 🐨 | [1.8 - 1.20.2] Quests, Claims and Community Minecraft Server

Welcome to Arcadia Minecraft – The Ultimate Aussie Minecraft Experience!
G’day fellow Minecrafters! If you’re looking for an epic Java Minecraft server, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Get ready to embark on a journey into a land of adventure and creativity with Arcadia Minecraft – proudly hosted in the heart of Australia. Our server is now running on the latest Minecraft version 1.20.1, bringing you the most up-to-date gaming experience.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ve got so much more in store for you! Our server boasts an array of custom features and a thriving community that makes every day a new adventure. So, let’s dive into the world of Arcadia and discover what makes us unique.
Custom Quests and Texture Packs

Imagine a world where every step you take leads to a new adventure, and every corner you explore uncovers hidden treasures. At Arcadia, we bring you custom quests that will challenge and thrill you. These quests are designed to keep you engaged and excited, as you conquer new horizons and complete daring missions. Can you rise to the challenge and become a legend in our world?

To further enhance your experience, we’ve crafted a custom texture pack that transforms the Minecraft universe into something extraordinary. Dive into a visually stunning world that’s uniquely tailored to our server, adding a level of immersion you won’t find elsewhere.
24/7 Hosting with an Active Community

Our server is up and running 24/7, so you can join the adventure at any time that suits you. We understand that Minecraft never sleeps, and we’re here to ensure your gaming experience is seamless. Our community is teeming with friendly and helpful players who are always eager to lend a hand and make new friends. Join us to share your creations, tackle challenges, and explore the vast possibilities of our server.
Extensive Claims System

Safety and security are paramount in Minecraft, and we’ve got you covered. Our extensive claims system allows you to protect your hard-earned creations. Whether you’re building a majestic castle or a cozy cottage, your builds are safe from griefers and malicious players. Focus on your creative endeavors without worry.
Australian Host for an Aussie Community

As an Australian-hosted server, we cater to the local community with minimal latency, ensuring a smooth and lag-free experience. Our server is the perfect place for Aussies to unite and create unforgettable memories. Join hands with fellow Aussies to explore, collaborate, and conquer Minecraft together.
Playtime Rewards and a Thriving Marketplace

We value your dedication and time invested in Arcadia. To show our appreciation, we offer exciting playtime rewards. The more you play, the more you earn! Collect rare items, exclusive cosmetics, and valuable resources to boost your gameplay.

Our thriving marketplace is where you can buy, sell, and trade items with other players. It’s a hub of commerce where you can find that elusive item you’ve been searching for, or perhaps you want to sell your own unique creations. The economy is driven by players, allowing you to make your mark in the world of trade.
Join Arcadia and Start Your Adventure!
So, what are you waiting for? Join us at Arcadia and embark on an incredible adventure. Create, explore, and conquer the Minecraft universe alongside a fantastic community of players. With custom quests, a unique texture pack, an extensive claims system, and a bustling marketplace, you’ll find no shortage of excitement.

Our server is proudly hosted in Australia, making it the ultimate destination for Aussie Minecraft enthusiasts. Start your journey today, and let’s make memories together in the land down under.
Connect with Us


Join us and be a part of the magic that is Arcadia. We can’t wait to see you in-game!

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APES MC is an Australian based Minecraft server that is run by an active team.
we have spent the last week building this server and are excited to release for everyone 🙂
come and say hi and play some minigames with us.

This server includes:

– Basic Survival (Including Helpful Features).
– Bedwars
– Economy system including (shops and auctions)
– Crates for those who wanna have a little extra excitement
– PVP Arena and Bosses

Discord For Everything:

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The Sequel to our First Server is here! We welcome new and returning players

to become part of this amazing online family!

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Bazookas server

G’day and welcome to my server. It is a vanilla server (no plugins etc) and currently can have up to 20 people but can change that in the future. We are a 1.16.4 Java server with a welcoming community. The server is hosted in Australia and Americans claim to get good connections so that’s cool <3 Server Also has 10gb ram dedicated but will upgrade that for when the server needs it in the future because I physically own the server. (no monthly bills!!). There is also a discord so feel free to join. (

Just the basic rules apply:
1)No griefing
2)No hacking/cracked accounts
3)No child exploitation material of any kind for the obvious legal reasons….
Some things are however allowed:
1) you can swear.
We are a mature audience and don’t want to be running a day care center.
2) though it is normally frowned upon, it’s the players responsibility to hide their property to reduce theft.
3)Pixel art of graphic content is allowed as we do not hinder the creative potential of the players as that reduces the games experience overall.

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Alteria Survival 1.15.2 – Australian Hosted

AlteriaMC [​PVE] {Economy} {McMMO} {Quests} {Version 1.14.4}

Survival IP:

Creative IP:

Vanilla IP:

Discord – Come join us and say hi! We don’t bite 🙂
Website – This is our website, Be sure to join to show your support for our server
AboutOur server began about a years ago, and has remained more of a close and friendly community-minded server since. Most of our community have come back together after the collapse of a previous server. We are welcoming new members to our community.We are not a P2W Server (I don’t even accept Donations) Everything you earn is via in-game currency. We highly promote the time spent on building farms etc.Our server is managed by 4 staff members, Dmcnally1, Ripteron, Industrial2424, and benymitch. If you need anything, please reach out to us on our forums, Discord or in-game!We are a fun and mature-minded community; our ages range dramatically but we don’t look into that too much. As long as you don’t be a jerk then age is irrelevant.CommunityAs mentioned above, Our community is tight-knit. Most of us are from Australia, We welcome anyone and everyone providing you follow our rules. We would really like to see some new faces on our server and also take suggestions on where we could improve to make it more enjoyable for others.RulesWe need your cooperation in following our few simple, important rules. Please make sure that you read through all of them carefully! Any incomprehension or confusion regarding our rules is to be brought immediately to staff members. “I didn’t know/understand the rules” is NOT grounds for release from punishment. It is your job to keep up with the rules and to not break them. There will be no excuses of “Oh, but I didn’t get a warning.” as warnings are given by the jurisdiction of the staff member.
​ If you do not get muted after 30 days from your previous mute, your mute history will be cleared. This does not apply if you have been permanently muted.

– No Advertising Advertising server IPs or website URLs. Includes global and local chat, private messages and mail, signs, books, and builds. – No Griefing The intentional destruction of another’s build – No Harmful Hacks/Mods Using harmful hacked or modded game clients. Shaders/resource packs, optifine, and TabbyChat are permitted. You may be banned for admitting to hacks as well as being seen using them. – No Inappropriate Builds Builds which violate our server rules, such as those showing inappropriate statues, strip clubs, 9/11 builds, concentration camps, slavery, religious/racially offensive builds, cursing, or inappropriate speech, etc. – No Inappropriate Skins Nude and/or graphic player skins will result in a permanent ban until the skin is changed. – No Inappropriate Usernames Usernames which violate server rules will result in a permanent ban until the name is changed. Includes inappropriate speech,cursing, drug references, and advertising other servers. – No Inappropriate Roleplay Roles Roleplay roles which violate server rules will result in the creator of the roleplay name being banned – No Inappropriate /home Names /home names which violate server rules will result in the creator of the /home being banned.

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